Simple HTML Editor (SHE) version 2.9

"SHE, the grandmother of all Macintosh-based HTML editors."

About the Editor

Simple HTML Editor (SHE) is just that, a simple editor for creating hypertext markup language (HTML) documents. It is in the form of a HyperCard stack, and therefore, it requires HyperCard or HyperCard Player, as well as a Macintosh.

The latest version (2.9) of the Editor can be found at If you have a Macintosh with a small, 9" monitor, then you may want to the "Small SHE":


SHE supports:

Using the Editor

First, you may want to compose your text outside HyperCard, and then use SHE to open the resulting file and markup your document. This is suggested because your editor may have features like spell check, a larger editing area, et cetera . SHE just cannot do these things at this time. Furthermore, this method requires you to think more about the content of you text and less about its format; this method, in my humble opinion, allows you to create well written documents.

Second, if you didn't compose your text outside SHE, then use the New... command to create a new document. Otherwise, use the Open... command and import your previously created text.

Third, mark up your text. In most cases you will select some text to be marked up and then choose a markup option from the HTML menu.

For your convenience, SHE includes a palette. This palette provides immediate access to common markup options. The SHE includes a graphical description of the palette options.

the palette of Simple HTML Editor (SHE)
the palette of Simple HTML Editor (SHE)

Fourth, save your document using the Save... command. At this point you can preview your document using the Open Local... command in Mosaic for Macintosh. (Unfortunately, until the Macintosh version of Mosaic supports forms, you will not be able to see any of the forms you may have created.) New with version 2.9, if you have MacWeb or Netscape, then you can preview your document pressing command-E.

Repeat steps #3 and #4 until you are satified.

Lastly, quit.

Help Texts

The Editor contains a number of help texts. First there is "A Beginner's Guide to HTML" ( With the advent of version 2.5, SHE also contains text describing the creation of forms, "Mosaic for X version 2.0 Fill-Out Form Support" ( You can get an overview of Netscape's enhanced functionality at

Finally, much of SHE itself is documented with Balloon Help.

Release notes

Version 2.9

Version 2.8

Version 2.7

Version 2.6

Version 2.5

There are a number of improvements in this release:

Version 2.4

For the most part, this new version contains mostly cosmetic changes.

For example, the menus have been totally revamped to make the stack look more like an editor. All hiearcheal menus have been removed, a couple of command keys have been changed, and Balloon Help has been added to the menus.

Functionally, a Find as well as a Find and Replace... feature have been added. Find works great, but there is no intuitive Find again. Find and Replace... works too, but it does not support verification.

Also new menu option, Normalize, has been added. When copying and pasting from Mosaic the formating of the browser are retained (i.e. things are bold, underlined, italices, in large fonts sizes, et cetera ). Normalize removes this formating.

Additionally, the Editor now comes with an AppleScript droplet allowing to you drag and drop a text file and thus open that text file with the Editor.

Known bugs

Undo still doesn't always work quite right. This is because the Editor uses a function called "the selection".

The Editor still is not WYSIWYG. Sorry.

The Editor is still limited to opening text file less than 30,000 characters in length. This is a limitation of HyperCard's fields. "I could fix this, but the Editor would no longer be 'simple.'"

Users of the HyperCard Audio Home Stack will get have their Edit menu properly formatted.

Creator: Eric Lease Morgan <>
Source: This software was never formally published.
Date created: 1994-03-21
Date updated: 2004-12-09
Subject(s): HTML (Hypertext Markup Language); computer programs and scripts; HyperCard;