Infomotions, LLC

Infomotions provides consulting, teaching, and computer programming services to libraries, librarians, and other library organizations.

With more than twenty years of experience, Infomotions can assist you, your staff, and your fellow employees learn about, create, and maintain digital library collections and services that are usable, scalable, sustainable, and relevant to your patrons.

The purpose of this website is to describe, illustrate, and demonstrate the values of Infomotions as well as our abilities. For example, Infomotions has been practicing open access publishing and open source software distribution for more than fifteen years. All of our articles, presentations, workshops, handouts, travel logs, and software are freely available through our Musings on Information and Librarianship. Two of the more significant items are the workshops XML In Libraries and Open Source Software in Libraries. A randomly created link to one "musing" is here:

The ability to search in an important component of any information system. By combining well-structured metadata with open source indexing techniques it is easy to find things in our collections. For example, try searching the Musings for articles, librarians, libraries, and librarianship, presentations, or travel logs.

This site also hosts a number of other collections including our:

  1. Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts - a collection of "great" American and English literature as well as Western philosophy
  2. Mr. Serials Collection - a set of library-related electronic serials
  3. Electronic texts - bunches o' books in digital form
  4. Mini-Musings - a blog
  5. Sandbox - the place where we do our applied R&D such as: MyLibrary, Infomotions' Gutenberg Index, Infomotions' Library of Books, as well as other half baked goodies

If you think Infomotions can assist you and your organization with your digital library collections and services, then don't hesitate to drop us a line. We love to get email.

Eric Lease Morgan
(574) 485-6870

Date created: 2000-05-19
Date updated: 2014-12-12