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Lists of customizable interfaces to Internet resources as well as compilations of articles

  1. CampusPortals.org
    Author: Ali Jafari
    Description: A website about campus portals.

  2. Innovative Internet Applications in Libraries
    Author: Leeds, Kathy
    Description: Innovative Applications in Libraries outlines and links to new and interesting ways libraries are making use of the Web (form and content).

  3. MyLibrary Bibliography
    Author: Pat Leamon
    Description: This is a list of mostly journal and magazine articles pointing describing the idea of customizable interfaces to collections and services of libraries.

  4. MyLibrary Interface[s]
    Author: University of Leicester

  5. Other My Library Projects
    Author: Ghaphery, Jimmy

  6. Portals
    Author: Yahoo!
    Description: A list of portals and portal applications

  7. User-Customizable Library Portals
    Author: Information Technology and Libraries (ITAL)
    Description: This theme issue of ITAL includes six articles and one editorial on the issues surrounding customizable interfaces to collections of Internet resources.

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