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Hotlist and URL utilities

Capturing and managing your URLs and hotlist can often seem like a juggling act. This section reviews utilities helping you keep control of these items.

As you browse and search the Internet, you are going to find resources you would like to visit again. Each of the browsers support a hotlist function allowing you to keep a list of the items you like. The tools described here will help you manage your collection of hotlinks. Some of these tools (Hotlist Sorter and Hotlist2HTML) directly manipulate your hotlist files. URLKey is a nice utility used to open up URLs from within any application that supports the clipboard.

The other tools represent alternatives to hot lists and allow you to save URLs as files and open them up directly from the Finder. Be forewarned about some of these utilities. Applications like CyberFinder and CyberLink create separate, distinct files for every URL you save. These files are small, usually less than a few bytes in size. But because of the way your hard disk may be formatted, these tiny files will occupy much more than a few bytes of disk space. Consequently, it is very possible to fill up our hard disk with many tiny files when these files are not being stored effectively. This is why applications like Clay Basket, GrabNet, or Internet Site are more efficient since they store all your URLs into one or more files, making better use of your hard disk space.

  1. Clay Basket
  2. Cyber Link
  3. CyberFinder
  4. Duke of URL
  5. GrabNet
  6. Hotlist Grabber
  7. Hotlist Sorter
  8. Hotlist2HTML
  9. Internet Site
  10. URLKey

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