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GrabNet is a URL collecting utility that works very closely with your WWW browser. In its main window can be placed folders. Within these folders you can save URLs. Once the URLs are in your "catalog", you can click on them and open the URLs automatically. Consequently, you can use GrabNet to save and organize a large number of URLs within one single application.

URLs can be entered manually, from your browser's menubar, or via a button from the GrabNet palette. Once you have collected your URLs, you can edit them, give them comments, or view them in a wide variety of ways. GrabNet also provides the ability to export your GrabNet catalogs in the form of HTML documents and/or GrabNet files. These features provide the means of sharing your URLs with others.

GrabNet's interface takes just a bit of time getting used to, but after a bit of practice and after reading the documentation and AppleGuide help, GrabNet may become one of our most valued WWW sidekicks.

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