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Cyber Link

Cyber Link creates files containing a single URL. These files can then be opened from the Finder and thus automatically opening the URL with your WWW browser. The interface is simple enough, just choose New from the Cyber Link's File menu and you are prompted for a new file name. Cyber Link then extracts the URL of the page presently displayed on your WWW browser and saves the file.

Additionally, Cyber Link also contains two menu options automatically opening a URL for company or school names. By selecting either one of these options you are prompted for a name (apple, ncsu, bethany, sony, etc.). Cyber Link then creates a URL for you in the form of "" or "" and sends the URL to your browser. Obviously, this only works if the remote host is accessible via such a URL.

Last, Cyber Link is designed to work with an application called Virtual Meeting, a technology enabling multiple people to "meetings" through WWW-browsers. More specifically, Cyber Link includes and option to send URLs to the WWW browsers other the other people in the meeting.

Cyber Link does what it is suppose to do, but creating new Cyber Link files a bit tedious and not as well integrated into the Finder. On the other hand, unlike some of the other application in this category, Cyber Link does not require you to enter any information about the URL in question since it reads this information directly from the WWW browser itself.

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