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This is a blog named Infomotions Mini-Musings.

Eric Lease Morgan Professionally speaking, I consider myself to be a librarian first and a computer user second. My professional goal is to discover new ways to use computers to provide better library collections and services. To this end, I will endeavor to keep this blog — a modern-day journal as it were — because I have learned that committing things to writing accomplishes two things. First, it forces me to articulate in words some of my thoughts and ideas. Second, writing is a communications process that literally transcends space and time. By writing things down it is possible to “speak” to people who are remote from me both physically and temporally.

Only time will tell, but this blog — Mini-Musings — is intended to be different from the Infomotions Musings on Information and Librarianship. These entries are intended to be shorter, more timely, and focus on Infomotions-related things. Examples might include:

  • descriptions of hacks I’ve written
  • short travelogues
  • article reviews
  • thoughts on things happening on the ‘Net
  • announcements of Infomotions additions

Things you will not find here, which are intended for Infomotions Musings, include: longer travel logs, handouts for workshops & presentations, or full-blown articles & book chapters.

Keeping a blog can be a laborious process. It only works if it is regularly updated. Only time will tell whether or not this particular blog is successful. Wish me luck.

Eric Lease Morgan <eric_morgan@infomotions.com>
May 26, 2008 (Memorial Day, Observed)

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