Infomotions, Inc.Lines Rhymed In A Letter From Oxford / Keats, John

Author: Keats, John
Title: Lines Rhymed In A Letter From Oxford
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                                 by John Keats


            The Gothic looks solemn,
            The plain Doric column
        Supports an old Bishop and Crosier;
            The mouldering arch,
            Shaded o'er by a larch
        Stands next door to Wilson the Hosier.


            Vice- that is, by turns,-
            O'er pale faces mourns
        The black tassell'd trencher and common hat;
            The Chantry boy sings,
            The Steeple-bell rings,
        And as for the Chancellor- dominat.


            There are plenty of trees,
            And plenty of ease,
        And plenty of fat deer for Parsons;
            And when it is venison,
            Short is the benison,-
        Then each on a leg or thigh fastens.

                        THE END


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