Infomotions, Inc.To The Lord Generall Cromwell May 1652 / Milton, John

Author: Milton, John
Title: To The Lord Generall Cromwell May 1652
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                     TO THE LORD GENERALL CROMWELL MAY 1652
                                 by John Milton
            To the Lord Generall Cromwell May 1652
            On the proposalls of certaine ministers
         at the Committee for Propagation of the Gospell

  Cromwell, our cheif of men, who through a cloud
    Not of warr onely, but detractions rude,
    Guided by faith & matchless Fortitude
    To peace & truth thy glorious way hast plough'd,
  And on the neck of crowned Fortune proud
    Hast reard Gods Trophies, & his work pursu'd,
    While Darwen stream with blood of Scotts imbru'd,
    And Dunbarr feild resounds thy praises loud,
  And Worsters laureat wreath; yet much remaines
    To conquer still; peace hath her victories
    No less renownd then warr, new foes aries
  Threatning to bind our soules with secular chaines:
    Helpe us to save free Conscience from the paw
    Of hireling wolves whose Gospell is their maw.


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