Bath Creek at Bath, NC

Bath Creek at Bath, NC
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NameBath Creek at Bath, NC
Collector(s)Eric Morgan
DescriptionOn our annual family vaction we went to the North Carolina Outerbanks. I had three goals: 1) sit on the porch, drink a beer, and watch the ocean, 2) eat lots of soft shell crab, and 3) look for Blackbeard's treasure. I accomplished Goald #1 a number of times. I accomplished Goal #2 by eating the freshest seafood of my life. It included soft shell crab. I accomplished Goal #3 by traveling to Bath, NC. I learned that Bath is the oldest incorporated town in North Carolina founded in 1705 or so. It is also the home of the oldest public library in North Carolina. While there I saw lot's old homes, but most importantly I went to the historial center, found Spanish dubloons, and not only looked for Blackbeard's treasure but found it as well.
Location35.4725ºN -76.8152ºW

Date created: 2002-07-06
Date updated: 2012-08-27