Eric Lease Morgan's Water Collection

This is my water collection.

When I was younger my family did not go to the beach for vacations. "It's too sunny, hot, and sandy!", my Mom would say. Since most of my friends went to the beach at least once a year, many of them were surprised to find out that I had not seen the ocean. Consequently, upon graduation from high school, one of my best friends, Marlin Miller, said he was going to take me to see the ocean. We planned our trip, and one night, after working the second shift at the carpet factory, we set off for Ocean City, MD. At 2 o'clock in the morning, my first impression of the ocean was its sound. It was loud. In the light of day I was impressed with its size. Resolving myself to being able to see the ocean whenever I wanted, I bought a deformed bottle for 59 cents and filled it with water. Thus, my water collection was born.

Since then I have collected water from all over the world. Much of it I have collected myself. Others have also contributed. You too can see my water collection. Use the links on this page to browse and search the collection. Have fun with it. It is simply a particular implementation of a particiular image database.


Date created: 2002-07-06
Date updated: 2014-09-07