Caribbiean Sea at Robins Bay, Jamaica

Caribbiean Sea at Robins Bay, Jamaica
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NameCaribbiean Sea at Robins Bay, Jamaica
Collector(s)Eric Morgan
DescriptionI collected this water on a long walk through a "rain forest" in Jamaica. Mary, Alexandra, and I stayed in Robin's Bay, Jamica at a place called Sonrise Beach Resort. I was in Jamaica to give a three-day, hands-on workshop on MyLibrary. To say that the town was small is an understatement. There were about fifty (50) people in the town in a radius of about five (5) miles. One morning I got up early and took a long walk along the "road" to the Black Sands Beach. Along the way I visited with Rastafarians, got soaked in a few showers, say banana trees and other tropical plants, a goatherd, and a person driving a mule. It was very humid. I could have fallen, lost my way, and not been found for days. While swimming at the Beach I collected this water. A nice memory.
Location18.5255ºN -77.8425ºW

Date created: 2002-07-06
Date updated: 2012-08-27