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Diaries, 1909-1969

Family Papers, 1860-1970

General Correspondence, 1907-1970

Subject File, 1908-1970

Speech, Article, and Book File, 1909-1964

Miscellany, 1833-1970



Carl W. Ackerman Papers

A Finding Aid to the Collection in the Library of Congress

Prepared by M. Paul Claussen, Jr.


Collection Summary

Creator Ackerman, Carl W. (Carl William), 1890-1970
Title Carl W. Ackerman Papers
Span Dates 1833-1970(bulk 1931-1956)
Abstract: Journalist, educator, and public relations consultant. Correspondence, diaries, speeches and writings, family papers, scrapbooks, clippings, and other papers relating chiefly to Ackerman's career as a journalist and dean of Columbia University School of Journalism.
Extent: 60,000 items227 containers plus 1 classified and 1 oversize86 linear feet
Language: Collection material in English
Identification: MSS50039

Biographical Note

Date Event
1890, Jan. 16 Born, Richmond, Ind.
1911 A.B., Earlham College, Richmond, Ind.
1913 B.Litt., Columbia University, New York, N.Y.
1913-1914 Correspondent, United Press Associations, Albany, N.Y., and Washington, D.C.
1914 Married Mabel L. VanderHoof
1915-1917 Correspondent, United Press Associations, Berlin, Germany
1917-1918 Contributor to Saturday Evening Post; trips to Mexico, Spain, France, Switzerland
1918 Published Mexico's Dilemma. New York: G. H. Doran Co.
1918-1919 Correspondent for New York Times in Siberia, China, and Japan
1920-1921 Organized and served as chief of Philadelphia Public Ledger Foreign News Service, London, England
1922-1928 Corporate public relations work as president of Carl W. Ackerman, Inc., Editorial Research Association, and ERA Publications
1924 Published Dawes-the Doer! New York: Era Publications
1927-1930 Public relations work for the Eastman Kodak Co.
1930 Published George Eastman. New York: Houghton Mifflin Co.
1930-1931 Assistant to the president, General Motors Corp.
1931-1956 Dean, School of Journalism (1931-1935) and Graduate School of Journalism (1935-1956), Columbia University, New York, N.Y.
1932-1954 Secretary, Pulitzer Prize Advisory Board, Columbia University, New York, N.Y.
1935-1936 World trip
1937 Trip to Venezuela
1938 Organized Maria Moors Cabot Prizes for Latin American journalists
1943-1945 Founder and administrator with others of Post-Graduate School of Journalism, Chungking, China
1945 Toured Europe and Asia as member of the American Society of Newspaper Editors World Free Press Mission
1947 Trip to Venezuela
1956 Retired from Columbia University, New York, N.Y.
1970, Oct. 9 Died, New York, N.Y.

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Scope and Content Note

The papers of Carl William Ackerman (1890-1970) span the years 1833-1970, with the bulk of the material concentrated in 1931-1956 when he was dean of the School of Journalism and Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University. The collection constitutes an important source for the history of twentieth-century journalism as well as for some of the public questions in which he took an interest, most notably freedom of the press and journalism education. The papers also include documentation of Ackerman's activities as a news correspondent during and after World War I, the scene of which ranged from Germany in 1915-1917, to Siberia in 1918, to American labor unrest in 1919, to the Irish rebellion in 1920-1921. In addition, there are papers concerning his activities as a public relations consultant from 1921 to 1927. The collection consists of Diaries; Family Papers; General Correspondence; Subject File, Speech, Article and Book File; Miscellany; Oversize; and Classified series.

Ackerman enjoyed the acquaintance of many prominent newspaperman, editors, authors, educators, and statesmen. Significant correspondents include Nicholas Murray Butler, William R. Castle, Kent Cooper, William Cullen Dennis, George Eastman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Frank Diehl Fackenthal, Douglas Southall Freeman, James W. Gerard, Edward Mandel House, Roy Wilson Howard, Arthur Krock, David Lawrence, Joseph Pulitzer (1885-1955), Ralph Pulitzer, and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The collection includes items from the years 1915-1917, when Ackerman served as United Press correspondent within the Central Powers. There are notes, research materials, and scrapbooks relating to the hundreds of dispatches he filed from Berlin, many of which appeared as front-page stories in the American press. Diaries for this period are scant, but letters to various family members by both Ackerman and his wife, Mabel VanderHoof Ackerman, provide a narrative of the life of an American correspondent in wartime Europe.

After the break in United States diplomatic relations with Germany in 1917, Ackerman served as a special correspondent for the Saturday Evening Post and gathered material in Switzerland, Mexico, and elsewhere concerning political events in the years 1917-1918. While working for the Post, Ackerman served simultaneously as a confidential reporter to Edward Mandell House, President Wilson's adviser, and began an exchange of letters that ended only with House's death in 1938. At the end of World War I, Ackerman and House corresponded on such subjects as the League of Nations, press censorship, Russia, and Japan. On July 16, 1919, House wrote Ackerman: "I shall always regret that you were not in Paris during the Peace Conference. You would have been helpful in many directions and I constantly missed your not being here." Subject files for Switzerland and Siberia contain copies of reports written by Ackerman for House and the United States Department of State.

One of the most dramatic episodes in Ackerman's career was a trip to Siberia for the New York Times in the fall of 1918 to investigate the reported execution of Czar Nicholas II of Russia and his family. Ackerman's papers document his slow journey of five thousand miles across the Trans-Siberian Railway to the village of Ekaterinburg, where he interviewed eyewitnesses to the event and lived in a hired railway boxcar. Subject files for Siberia and the New York Times include some of Ackerman's notes and dispatches. Correspondence concerning Siberia is in files for Newton Diehl Baker, Herman Bernstein, Felix Cole, Allen W. Dulles, Abram I. Elkus, William Sidney Graves, and Hugh Wilson. Reminiscences are to be found in some later speeches, articles, and letters. There are also subject files for China and Japan dating from this period.

A large group in the Subject File series concerns the Philadelphia Public Ledger Foreign News Service, which Ackerman organized and headed from 1920 to 1921. These files concern the activities of the dozen or so correspondents under his direction in Europe and the Near East, as well as his own writing. There is much about the European scene, including a group of Ackerman's own dispatches filed from the League of Nations Assembly in Geneva in 1920, but the most interesting episode is Ackerman's coverage of the Sinn Fein rebellion in Ireland. The British Government allowed Ackerman to make a number of trips from his base in London to Dublin to seek out Michael Collins, the militant leader of the Irish Republican Army, for a rare series of interviews. Ackerman was guaranteed safe passage in return for sounding out the Irish leaders on possible peace terms. There is correspondence with Sir Basil Thomson, chief of the intelligence services of Scotland Yard, and with Collins himself. Much of Ackerman's diary for 1920-2921, his "London Notes," deals with the Irish question; it also includes his observations about Colonel House, who was then a member of Ackerman's Public Ledger staff.

In 1921, Ackerman left newspaper reporting to become a public relations consultant, and there are subject files for firms and organizations with which he was associated, including the American Valuation Association, the Eastman Kodak Company, the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America, Inc., and the Washington Cathedral.

In 1930, the largest of Ackerman's five published books appeared, the biography George Eastman, based on extensive interviews with Eastman's papers. As in the case of many of Ackerman's writings, there are accompanying files of source material and correspondence.

By far the largest group of subject files concerns Ackerman's twenty-five year tenure as dean of the Columbia University School of Journalism. The files contain correspondence, memoranda, reports, and printed material relating to internal changes and controversies at Columbia under the presidencies of Nicholas Murray Butler, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Grayson L. Kirk, as well as documentation of Ackerman's own innovations in the School of Journalism.

During his Columbia years Ackerman corresponded with a great number of public figures. fellow journalists, and Columbia alumni, many of whom were scattered throughout the world. Much of this correspondence deals with the effect of national and international events upon journalism and the relation of governments to the press, especially in matters of censorship and propaganda. There is material in the Columbia University subject files and in files for the American Newspaper Publishers Association and American Society of Newspaper Editors concerning the possible effect on press freedom of certain provisions of the National Industry Recovery Act of 1933, the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, and the Lend-Lease Bill of 1941.

Some fairly typical exchanges of correspondence are as follows: in 1939-1940, Ackerman corresponded with William R. Castle about President Roosevelt's foreign policy and potential American involvement in the European war; in 1945, with General George S. Patton (1885-1945) about freedom of expression; in 1946, with William Benton, assistant secretary of state, concerning the government's international information program; in 1948, with Westbrook Pegler on the subject of journalism education; and in 1959, with the Turkish journalist Ahmed Emin Yalman shortly after the latter had been sentenced to prison for articles criticizing the Turkish Government.

The Speech, Article, and Book File includes speeches and articles by Ackerman during his years at Columbia, accompanied by correspondence that provides a sampling of public reaction. There is such a file in the case of his speech of October 21, 1942, "Freezing the Press," delivered in the wake of a Justice Department suit against the Associated Press and 1,275 daily newspapers, in which Ackerman asserted his belief that wartime government restrictions on news were dangerous. A correspondence file also accompanies a 1953 article on civil liberties entitled "Is Political Conformity Forced upon Students?"

One interesting subject file is that for the Pulitzer Prize Advisory Board, of which Ackerman served as secretary. There are memoranda, correspondence, and minutes documenting the selection of some award winners and controversies within the board. Also included are transcripts of correspondence as early as 1921, antedating Ackerman's tenure on the board.

Ackerman was instrumental in organizing and administering the Maria Moors Cabot Prizes in inter-American journalism, and the subject file for the Cabot Prizes includes much information concerning Latin American journalism. Additional materials on Latin America, including correspondence and scrapbooks, are in subject files dealing with Ackerman's frequent trips to the Southern Hemisphere. Similar subject files deal with his trips to the Far East, as well as with his role in establishing the Post-Graduate School of Journalism in Chungking, China, in 1943-1945.

A subject file for the Oberlaender Trust of Philadelphia, of which Ackerman was a trustee, contains information on the trust's work in financing the relocation of displaced German scholars and students in the United States after the rise of Adolph Hitler. In 1932 the trust was the first philanthropic organization in the United States to grant a stipend to Albert Einstein.

Another subject file concerns Ackerman's part in a 1945 three-man mission of the American Society of Newspaper Editors that made, with the approval of the government, a forty thousand mile world tour to promote freedom of the press in the postwar settlement. Of particular interest are Ackerman's lengthy letters to his wife, written almost daily, that record his observations on the political and social situation in over a dozen countries in the last months of World War II. The originals of these letters are in the Family Papers series; they are also compiled as the typescript of an unpublished book, The Right Road to Peace in the Speech, Article, and Book File.

Ackerman's last major writing was an anecdotal and critical history of Columbia University, chiefly concerned with the presidencies of Nicholas Murray Butler and Dwight D. Eisenhower. Entitled “Eisenhower in Wonderland,” it was completed in 1958, following Ackerman's retirement from Columbia, but not published.

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Selected Search Terms


  • Ackerman family.
  • Ackerman, Carl W. (Carl William), 1890-1970.
  • Ackerman, Carl W. (Carl William), 1890-1970. George Eastman. 1930.
  • Ackerman, John F., -1942. John F. Ackerman papers. 1860-1942.
  • Ackerman, Mabel VanderHoof. Mabel VanderHoof Ackerman papers.
  • Ackerman, Robert V. (Robert VanderHoof). Robert V. Ackerman papers.
  • Baker, Newton Diehl, 1871-1937--Correspondence.
  • Benton, William, 1900-1973--Correspondence.
  • Bernstein, Herman, 1876-1935--Correspondence.
  • Butler, Nicholas Murray, 1862-1947--Correspondence.
  • Butler, Nicholas Murray, 1862-1947.
  • Castle, William R. (William Richards), 1878-1963--Correspondence.
  • Cole, Felix, 1887-1969--Correspondence.
  • Cooper, Kent, 1880-1965--Correspondence.
  • Dennis, William Cullen, 1878- --Correspondence.
  • Dulles, Allen, 1893-1969--Correspondence.
  • Eastman, George, 1854-1932--Correspondence.
  • Eastman, George, 1854-1932.
  • Eisenhower, Dwight D. (Dwight David), 1890-1969--Correspondence.
  • Eisenhower, Dwight D. (Dwight David), 1890-1969.
  • Elkus, Abram I., 1867-1947--Correspondence.
  • Fackenthal, Frank Diehl, 1883-1968--Correspondence.
  • Freeman, Douglas Southall, 1886-1953--Correspondence.
  • Gerard, James W. (James Watson), 1867-1951--Correspondence.
  • Graves, William Sidney, 1865-1940--Correspondence.
  • House, Edward Mandell, 1858-1938--Correspondence.
  • Howard, Roy Wilson, 1883-1964--Correspondence.
  • Kirk, Grayson L. (Grayson Louis), 1903-1997.
  • Krock, Arthur, 1886- --Correspondence.
  • Lawrence, David, 1888-1973--Correspondence.
  • Patton, George S. (George Smith), 1885-1945--Correspondence.
  • Pegler, J. Westbrook (James Westbrook), 1894-1969--Correspondence.
  • Pulitzer, Joseph, 1885-1955--Correspondence.
  • Pulitzer, Ralph, 1879-1939--Correspondence.
  • Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945--Correspondence.
  • Thomson, Basil, 1861-1939--Correspondence.
  • Wilson, Hugh Robert, 1885-1946--Correspondence.
  • Yalman, Ahmet Emin, 1889- --Correspondence.


  • American Society of Newspaper Editors.
  • American Valuation Association.
  • Columbia University.
  • Columbia University. School of Journalism.
  • Eastman Kodak Company.
  • Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America.
  • Oberlaender Trust.
  • Pulitzer Prize Board (Columbia University)
  • United Press Associations.
  • United States. Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938.
  • United States. National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933.
  • Washington Cathedral.


  • Censorship.
  • Freedom of the press.
  • Germans--United States.
  • Government and the press.
  • History, Modern--20th century.
  • International organization.
  • Journalism--Awards.
  • Journalism--Study and teaching--China--Chongqing.
  • Journalism--Study and teaching--New York (State)--New York.
  • Journalism--Study and teaching.
  • Journalism.
  • Labor--United States.
  • Lend-lease operations (1941-1945)
  • Public relations--United States.
  • Universities and colleges--New York (State)--New York.
  • World War, 1914-1918--Mexico.
  • World War, 1914-1918--Switzerland.
  • World War, 1914-1918.
  • World War, 1939-1945--United States.


  • China.
  • East Asia.
  • Europe--History--1918-1945.
  • Germany--Emigration and immigration.
  • Germany--History--1871-1918.
  • Ireland--History--War of Independence, 1919-1921.
  • Japan.
  • Latin America.
  • Middle East--History--1914-1923.
  • Russia.
  • Siberia (Russia)--History--Revolution, 1917-1921.
  • United States--Economic conditions--1918-1945.
  • United States--Emigration and immigration.
  • United States--Foreign relations--1933-1945.


  • New York times.
  • Philadelphia public ledger.
  • Saturday evening post.


  • Educators.
  • Journalists.
  • Public relations consultants.

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Arrangement of the Papers

The collection is arranged in eight series:

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Container List

Diaries, 1909-1969

Diaries, diary notes, and address books kept by Ackerman and his wife, Mabel VanderHoof Ackerman.

Arranged chronologically.



1911, 1915

1920-1921, "London Notes" Includes attached correspondence of: Michael Collins, G. F. N. Macready, and Basil H. Thomson









Mabel VanderHoof Ackerman (wife)

Diary notes, 1915







Address books

Family Papers, 1860-1970

Letters sent and received between family members.

Arranged chronologically within each file. Includes Ackerman's correspondence with his wife, Mabel VanderHoof Ackerman, and their correspondence with their respective families. Also included are the personal papers of Ackerman's father, John F. Ackerman, and his son, Robert V. Ackerman. Letters of condolence on the death of several family members are arranged alphabetically by correspondent within each file.

Correspondence with Mabel VanderHoof Ackerman, 1917-1954, undated

Mabel VanderHoof Ackerman

Correspondence with Edith M. Smith, 1910-1945

Miscellaneous correspondence, 1917-1954, undated

Miscellaneous papers

Miscellaneous papers, 1952-1954, 1959

Condolences on death of, 1954


Q-Z and miscellaneous

Correspondence with Ackerman family

Charlotte Ackerman

Douglas VanderHoof Ackerman

Douschka Sweets Ackerman

Everett Ackerman

Henry Sweets Ackerman

John F. and Mary Ackerman


1916-1942, undated

Mary Lester Ackerman

Michael Lester Ackerman

Rhea Ackerman

Sallie Blair Ackerman

John F. Ackerman

Papers, 1860-1942

Business papers

Miscellaneous personal papers

Richmond, Ind., miscellany

Condolences on death of, 1942

Correspondence with VanderHoof family

Douglas VanderHoof, 1917-1957, undated

Emma F. VanderHoof

1902-Sept. 1915

Oct. 1915-Dec. 1921

1922-1936, undated

Nancy S. VanderHoof

Emma F. VanderHoof miscellany

Correspondence with son, Robert VanderHoof Ackerman


1943-1958, undated

Robert V. Ackerman

Correspondence concerning education of

Miscellaneous correspondence

Miscellaneous personal papers

Student papers

Student papers

Student papers

Student papers

Condolences on death


Sweets, Henry H., correspondence, 1939-1949

Family history miscellany

General Correspondence, 1907-1970

Letters received and copies of letters sent, memoranda, and miscellaneous attachments. .

Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent and therein chronologically

"A" miscellaneous

Abbot, Willis J.

Addington, Sarah

Anderson, Dwight

Angel, John

Armour, Norman

Auchincloss, Gordon

"B" miscellaneous

Baillie, Hugh

Baker, Newton Diehl

Barbey, Daniel E.

Barton, Bruce

Batchelor, Bronson

Batchelor, C.D.

Bemis, Samuel Flagg

Bernays, Edward L.

Bernstein, Herman

Bickel, Karl A.

Bidwell, Mary

Bingay, Malcolm W.

Borah, William Edgar

Borglum, Gutzon

Boyd, Julian P.

Braden, Spruille

Bretherton, Cyril H.

Brown, James Wright

Brown, Sevellon

Bryce, James

Bullitt, William C.

Butler, Nicholas Murray

"C" miscellaneous

Cabot, Godfrey Lowell

Calhoun, Crede H.

Carter, J. F. C.

Castle, William R.

Chadbourne, William M.

Cole, Felix L.

Cooper, Kent

Cowles, John

Curley, Edward W.

Curran, Thomas R.

"D" miscellaneous

Daniels, Freeman J.

Daniels, Josephus

Davis, Edgar B.

Dawson, William

deCourcy, Kenneth

DeGaulle, Charles

Dennis, William Cullen

DeVault, V. T.

Devol, Edmund

Dewey, Thomas E.

Dieli, Anne

Donegan, Horace H. B.

Dowling, Noel

Dreyfus, Louis G.

Dulles, Allen W.

"E" miscellaneous

Early, Joseph J.

Early, Stephen T.

Edwards, C. Bland

Eichelberger, Robert L.

Elkus, Abram I.

"F" miscellaneous

Farley, James A.

Feeger, Luther M.

Fellers, Bonner F.

Finger, John W.

Finley, John H.

Fleisher, B. W.

Forrest, Wilbur

Foulke, William Dudley

Frankfurter, Felix

Fraser, Leon

Freeman, Douglas Southall

Fritchey, Clayton

Furnas, Paul J.

"G" miscellaneous

Gannett, Frank

Garside, Charles

Gellhorn, Alfred

Gelpi, Sergio G.

Gerard, James W.

Gibson, Hugh

Glenn, C. Leslie

Glynn, Martin H.

Goodrich, James P.

Gordon J. Bennett

Grant-Smith, U.

Graves, William S.

Grew, Joseph C.

Grimm, Peter

"H" miscellaneous

Hadley, Clyde M.

Hamilton, J. R.

Hanson, Elisha

Harriman, W. Averell

Harris, George W.

Harris, Julian LaRose

Hassett, William D.

Hawkins, William W.

Hillman, William

Hoelscher, Gustave H.

Hogate, Kenneth C.

Hohenberg, John

Hoover, Herbert

Horinouchi, Kensuke

House, Edward Mandell

Howard, Roy Wilson

Howe, Louis McHenry

Howell, Clark

Huergo, Maria Constanza

Hull, Cordell

Hunt, Edgar W.

Hymans, Paul

Izakov, Boris R.

"J" miscellaneous

Johnson, Howard

"K" miscellaneous

Kander, Allen

Keller, James

Kelly, Robert L.

Kennan, George (1845-1923)

Kennedy, Joseph P.

Kerr, Philip

King, Willard V.

Knollenberg, Bernard

Knox, Frank

Kospoth, B. F.

Krock, Arthur

"L" miscellaneous

La Guardia, Fiorello H.

Landon, Alfred M.

Lansing, Robert

Latimer, S. L., Jr.

Lawrence, David

Lay, Julius G.

Lee, Ivy

Lehman, Robert

Levine, Isaac Don

Lewis, Edwin N.

Lindbergh, Charles A.

Lloyd George, David

Lochner, Louis P.

Long, Breckenridge

Lorimer, Mrs. George Horace

Lynd, Robert S.

"M" miscellaneous

MacAlarney, Robert Emmet

McCleary, J. T.

McGill, Ralph

McIntyre, Marvin H.

McKelway, B. M.

McNally, J. C.

Madden, Alec

Mallon, Mary Boland

Manca, Albino

Manning, William T.

Marcosson, Isaac F.

Mason, Edward F.

Mellon, Andrew W.

Merz, Charles

Meyer, Ernest L.

Meyer, Vincent

Miles, James

Miller, Paul

Miller, William E.

Millikan, Robert A.

Monroe, Arthur F.

Moore, Paul

Moran, John E.

Morgenthau, Henry (1856-1946)

Morley, Felix

Morris, Frederick M.

Moyers, Bill

Murray, Robert H.

"N" miscellaneous

Niblack, A. P.

Nicholson, Jane

Nicholson, Ralph

"O" miscellaneous

"P" miscellaneous

Parker, G. B.

Patton, George S. (1885-1945)

Payne, George Henry

Pegler, Westbrook

Phillips, William T.

Pike, James A.

Pinci, A. R.

Polk, Frank L.

Poole, DeWitt C.

Powell, Thomas Reed

Pringle, Henry F.

"R" miscellaneous

Reid, Helen Rogers

Rhine, J. B.

Roberts, Kenneth L.

Roberts, Roy A.

Robinson, Geroid Tanquary

Robinson, O. P.

Roosevelt, Franklin D.

Ross, Charles G.

Ryskind, Morris

"S" miscellaneous

Saito, Hirosi

Samborski, M. Robert

Sanger, Elliott M.

Scarlett, William

Schuster, M. Lincoln

Scott, Roderick

Seaman, Frank

Seymour, Charles

Shaw, Charles Gray

Sherman, M. S.

Sidener, Merle

Sloan, Alfred P.

Smith, Grace P.

Southam, W. M.

Speller, Robert

Sproul, William C.

Stagg, Jerry

Steinhardt, Laurence A.

Stettinius, Edward R.

Streit, Clarence K.

Strozier, Robert M.

Sulzberger, Arthur Hays

Swift, Otis Peabody

"T" miscellaneous

Taber, Grieg

Taft, William H.

Talbert, Ansel E.

Tebbel, John

Thams, Christian

Thompson, E. N.

Thompson, John

Thompson, S. A.

Thomson, Basil H.

Tisserant, Eugene Cardinal

Tobin, Richard L.

Tong, Hollington K.

Towns, Charles B.

Trexler, Samuel G.

Truman, Harry S.

Tumulty, Joseph P.

Tucker, Henry St. George

Twohey, James S.

Tyson, Levering

"U" miscellaneous

"V" miscellaneous

"W" miscellaneous

Waite, Clark F.

Walker, Harold

White, Andrew D.

Wilbur, Ray Lyman

Willert, Arthur

Williams, Gaar

Williams, Maynard Owen

Williams, Talcott

Wilson, Edward C.

Wilson, Hugh R.

Wilson, Margaret Woodrow

Wiseman, William

Wrzos, Konrad

"Y" miscellaneous

Yalman, Ahmed Emin (Ahmet Emin)

Zelenko, Alexander V.

Unidentified, undated, and fragments

Subject File, 1908-1970

Correspondence, memoranda, newspaper clippings, notes, printed material, and scrapbooks.

Arranged alphabetically by subject and therein chronologically. A partial list of correspondents is provided for some of the subjects.

Ackerman (Carl W.) Inc., correspondence concerning discontinuance of public relations activities, 1927

African wild game, motion picture of, 1924-1927, undated

Eastman, George

Klein, A. J.

Roosevelt, Kermit

Thams, Christian

American Arbitration Association

American Club, London, England

American Committee for Devastated France, 1923

Morgan, Anne

American Committee for Relief of German Children, 1923

American Institute of Public Opinion, 1936-1937, 1957

Gallup, George

American Newspaper Publishers Association, 1933-1950

Davis, Howard

Hanson, Elisha

Harris, E. H.

McCormick, Robert R.

Olson, Kenneth E.

American Society of Newspaper Editors, 1933-1965

Howard, N. R.

Kirchhofer, A. H.

Lawrence, David

Marvin, Dwight

Wallace, Tom


World Free Press Mission

Great Britain, Jan. 1945

France, Jan. 1945

Belgium and Luxembourg, Jan. 1945

Italy, Feb. 1945

Greece, Feb. 1945

Egypt, Feb. 1945

Palestine, Feb. 1945

Iran, Mar. 1945

USSR, Mar. 1945

China, Mar.-Apr. 1945

India, Mar.-Apr. 1945

Philippines, Apr.-May 1945

Pearl Harbor, May 1945

United Nations Conference, San Francisco, Calif., May 1945

Correspondence, Nov. 1944-Sept. 1945, undated

Bickel, Karl A.

Bloom, Sol

Brown, Sevellon

Butler, Nicholas Murray

Connally, Tom

Cooper, Kent

Ellard, Roscoe

Forrest, Wilbur

Forrestal, James

Howard, Roy Wilson

Knight, John S.

McGill, Ralph

MacLeish, Archibald

Marshall, George C.

Roosevelt, Franklin D.

Stettinius, Edward R.

Wiley, Alexander

Wrzos, Conrad



Notes, miscellaneous

Report, final

Travel documents

Truman, Harry S.

American Valuation Association, 1921-1927

Fordney, Joseph W.

Morrison, A. Cressy


Printed matter


"The Tariff Reform Movement"

Arizona Publishing Co. v. D.C. O'Neill, Harold L. Cross

Armenia, 1920

Associated Press


German surrender story, 1945

Managing Editors' Association

Association of Producers of Petroleum in Mexico, 1926

Atlantic Monthly, 1922-1941

Barber, Joseph, Jr.

Sedgwick, Ellery

Austria-Hungary, 1914-1918

Banshees Silber Lady Award, 1944-1967

Belgium, 1914-1915

Bernstein, Herman

Bolivar, Simon

Bolshevism, 1919

Borah, William Edgar, speech, 22 Sept. 1935

Bradford, William (1663-1752)

Brazil, trip to, 1950-1951

Brazil, University of

Johnson, Herschel V.

Vargas, Getulio (interview with)

Wrzos, Conrad

Bretherton, Cyril H., Lusitania claim, 1923

Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corp.


Clippings book

Oct.-Dec. 1923

Jan.-June 1924

June-Oct. 1924

Brucker, Herbert

Cabot, John M.

Cabot (Maria Moors) Prize

Correspondence and clipping book

Vol. 1, 1939

Berle, A. A. (1895-1971)

Braden, Spruille

Brown, Sevellon

Dreyfus, Louis G.

Duggan, Laurence

Frost, Wesley

Hull, Cordell

Ridely, C. S.

Rowe, L. S.

Weddell, Alexander W.

Vol. 2, 1939

Butler, Nicholas Murray

Cabot, Godfrey L.

Cabot, John M.

Dreyfus, Louis G.

Gollan, José Santos

Quesada, Luis Miró

Vol. 3, 1940

Bowers, Claude G.

Butler, Nicholas Murray

Cabot, John M.

Dennis, William Cullen

Edwards, Agustin

Gollan, José Santos

Howard, Roy Wilson

Miller, James I.

Santos, Enrique

Valle, Rafael Heliodoro

Vol. 4, 1941

Bettencourt, Paulo

Bettencourt, Sylvia

Cabot, Godfrey L.

Davila, Carlos

Rivero, José Ignacio

Roosevelt, Eleanor

Clipping book

Vol. 5, 1941

Correspondence and clipping book

Vol. 6, 1942

Bohigas, Angel

Canham, Erwin D.

Lasplaces, Alberto

Vol. 7, 1943

Butler, Nicholas Murray

Cabot, Godfrey L.

Cue, Pedro

De Llano, Rodrigo

Tomlinson, Edward

Vol. 8, 1944

McGeachy, Albert Victor

Ortega, Carlos Mantilla

Pinto, Miguel

Correspondence and clipping book


Aramayo, Carlos Victor

Camargo, Alberto Lleras

Vela, David


Bracker, Milton

Carvallo, Alfredo Silva

Castillo, José Santiago

Dantas, Orlando Ribeiro

Jones, Joseph L.

Larreta, Eduardo Rodriguez

Sanchez, Manuel Cisneros


Miscellany, 1953-1955

Award to Ackerman, 1956

Miscellany, 1956-1965

Programs, 1939-1952

Caribbean, trip, Daniel E. Barbey, trip


Century Association

Chastenet, Jacques

Chemical Research in American Industry

Survey of origins, 1929

Returns to questionnaires covering years




Miscellaneous returns to questionnaires

Printed matter


Correspondence, 1955-1956

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune annual spring luncheon, New York, N.Y., 1937-1953

Chile, visiting journalists from, 1941

China, Republic of



1919, 1931-1943, 1964

Order of the Brilliant Star award, 1946, 1949, 1954-1955

Post-Graduate School of Journalism, 1943-1945 See also Classified

Ackerman, Robert V.



Chungking Reporter

Correspondence and memoranda, 1943-1948, 1960, 1963

Baker, Richard T.

Gilbert, Rodney

Tong, Hollington K.

Weart, D. L.


Scrapbook, 1943-1944

Trip to, Dec. 1918-Jan. 1919

Clemenceau, Georges, visit to the United States, 1922


Columbia University, New York, N.Y.

Ackerman portrait fund, 1953-1970

Advisory Board Handbook, 1946

Alumni affairs, 1941-1966, undated

Alumni directories

1939, 1947


American Assembly

American Press Institute




1917-1918, 1930-1935


Baker, Richard T., A History of the Graduate School of Journalism,


Bliss, Robert Woods

Cooper, Kent

Barrett, Edward W.


1960-1968, undated

Brucker, Herbert

Butler, Nicholas Murray

Correspondence, 1930-1945

Printed matter

Coggeshall, Reginald

Columbia Associates

Correspondence and clipping book

Vol. 1, 1931

Appointment as dean, messages of congratulation

Butler, Nicholas Murray

Cunliffe, J. W.

Eastman, George

Fackenthal, Frank D.

Gordon, J. Bennett

Howard, Roy Wilson

MacAlarney, Robert Emmet

Reid, Howard C., "Impressions of a Hero"

Sloan, Alfred P.

Vol. 2, 1931

Cooper, Charles P.

Finley, John H.

Hurst, Fannie

Lorimer, George Horace

Manning, William T.

Ochs, Adolph S.

Parker, G. B.

Pulitzer, Ralph

Roosevelt, Franklin D.

Sidener, Merle

Vol. 3, 1932

Bellamy, Paul

Butler, Nicholas Murray

Cooper, Charles P.

Cooper, Kent

Draper, Arthur S.

Hawkes, H. E.

Howard, Roy Wilson

James, J. L.

Lawrence, David

MacAlarney, Robert Emmet

Markel, Lester

Pew, Marlen

Pitkin, Walter B.

Pulitzer, Joseph (1885-1955)

Pulitzer, Ralph

Vol. 4, 1932

Armstead, George B.

Astor, Nancy

Bingay, Malcolm W.

Brown, James W.

Rukeyser, Merryle S.

Wiley, Louis

Williams, Maynard Owen

Vol. 5, 1933

Armstead, George B.

Bingay, Malcolm W.

Butler, Nicholas Murray

Draper, Arthur S.

Frankfurter, Felix

Howe, Louis McHenry

Pulitzer Prize, 1933

Weston, Samuel P.

Vol. 6, 1933

Abbot, Willis J.

American Newspaper Publishers Association

Bickel, Karl A.

Bingay, Malcolm W.

Butler, Nicholas Murray

Collins, Edward H.

Dabney, Virginius

Dennis, William Cullen

Erskine, John

Finley, John H.

Freeman, Douglas Southall

Gordon, J. Bennett

Harris, E. H.

Haskall, Henry J.

Krock, Arthur

Lowell, A. Lawrence

Mathews, William R.

Moley, Raymond

National Recovery Administration

Pennington, Levi T.

Reid, Albert T.

Vol. 7, 1933

Barr, Stringfellow

Bellamy, Paul

Harris, E. H.

Hughes, Charles E.

La Guardia, Fiorello H.

McCormick, Robert R.

Mathews, William R.

Mayo, Charles H.

National Recovery Administration

Spargo, John

Sulzberger, Arthur Hays

Woollcott, Alexander

Yost, Casper S.

Vol. 8, 1934

Abbot, Willis J.

Atwood, M. V.

Fleming, Frederic S.

Fraser, Leon

Harris, E. H.

Hearst, William Randolph

House, Edward Mandell

Luce, Henry R.

Manning, William T.

McCormick, Robert R.

Miles, Walter R.

Moley, Raymond

Vol. 9, 1934

Butler, Nicholas Murray

David, Howard

Hoover, Herbert

McCormick, Robert R.

National Recovery Administration

Pew, Marlen

Pulitzer, Joseph (1885-1955)

Pulitzer Prize, 1934

Ruhl, Robert W.

Vol. 10, 1934

Armstead, George B.

Bryan, John Stewart

Freeman, Douglas Southall

Hanson, Elisha

Harris, E. H.

James, Edwin L.

Lawrence, David

McCormick, Robert R.

National Recovery Administration

Streit, Clarence K.

Sweetser, Arthur

Von Wiegand, Karl H.

Wilcox, Grafton S.

Vol. 11, 1935

Armstead, George B.

Bender, Robert J.

Butler, Nicholas Murray

Freeman, Douglas Southall

Harris, E. H.

NRA newspaper code

Sedgwick, Ellery

Shotwell, James T.

Waymack, W. W.

Williams, Samuel M.

Vol. 12, 1935

Butler, Nicholas Murray

Cooper, Kent

Freeman, Douglas Southall

Harris, E. H.

Hawkes, Herbert E.

Kalina, Antonin S.

McCormick, Robert R.

McKenzie, Vernon

Montague, Gilbert H.

NRA newspaper code

Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill.

O'Hara, John F.

Pew, Marlen

Pulitzer, Joseph (1885-1955)

Pulitzer, Ralph

Pulitzer Prize, 1935

Richmond, University of, Richmond, Va.

Streit, Clarence K.

Vol. 13, 1935

Bretherton, Cyril H.

Butler, Nicholas Murray

Early, Joseph J.

Fleming, Frederic S.

Gordon, J. Bennett

Grew, Joseph C.

Howard, Roy Wilson

Knox, Frank

Lehman, Herbert H.

Morrison, C. M.

Vol. 14, 1935-1936

Barrett, James W.

Butler, Nicholas Murray

Cooper, Charles P.

Deutsch, Eberhard P.

Emin, Ahmet (Ahmed Emin Yalman)

Harris, E. H.

Millikan, Robert A.

O'Hara, John F.

Vol. 15, 1936

Baker, Frank S.

Donovan, William J.

Hirota, Koki

Meyer, Eugene

Mott, John R.

Vol. 16, 1936

Fleming, Frederic S.

Freeman, Douglas Southall

Howard, Roy Wilson

Knox, Frank

Meyer, Eugene

Vol. 17, 1935-1936

Cabot, John M.

Dennis, William Cullen

Fraser, Leon

James, Edwin L.

McCormick, Robert R.

Meyer, Eugene

Pulitzer Prize, 1936

Vol. 18, 1936

Baker, Frank S.

Barber, Joseph, Jr.

Dennis, William Cullen

Emin, Ahmet (Ahmed Emin Yalman)

Gunther, John

Harris, E. H.

Hoover, Herbert

Hough, Elizabeth Bowie

House, Edward Mandell

Hutchison, Charles F.

Kirchhofer, A. H.

Knox, Frank

Lawrence, James E.

Marvin, Dwight

Pew, Marlen

Poole, DeWitt Clinton

Roberts, Roy

Schuster, M. Lincoln

Swope, Herbert Bayard

Thomas, Wilbur K.

Tyler, Charles A.

Williams, Maynard Owen

Correspondence, miscellaneous


1944-1969, undated

Coykendall, Frederick, 1933-1945

Cunliffe, J. W., 1921, 1930

Development, Office of

1948-1951, Davis, Paul H.

1952-1955, undated

Dodge, M. Hartley, 1933-1958

Douglas, Archibald, 1932-1941

Eisenhower, Dwight D., 1947-1953, undated

Fackenthal, Frank D., 1930-1956

50th anniversary celebration, 1963

Letters of congratulation


Financial report, 1931-1956


Independent Journal, 1933-1939

Jacobs, Albert C., 1947-1950, undated

King, Willard V.

Ackerman correspondence, 1930-1942

Papers of, 1909-1950, and miscellaneous

Butler, Nicholas Murray

Eisenhower, Dwight D.

Fackenthal, Frank D.

Kirk, Grayson, 1949-1968

Krout, John A., 1950-1955

Memoranda, 1933-1956




1950-1967, undated

Pitkin, Walter B., 1931-1950

Retirement as dean, 1956

Correspondence and memoranda

Faculty resolution, 21 May 1956

Messages of congratulation


Taylor, Floyd, 1943-1946

World trip, Oct. 1935-Jan. 1936


Country Gentlemen, 1918

Crosman, Ralph L., 1945

Cuba, trip to, 1944



Curtis, J. Montgomery, 1967

Curtis Publishing Co., 1966

Czechoslovakia, 1918, 1946-1949

Dewey, Thomas E., 1939

Dodd, Mead & Co., 1917-1919

Dothan Eagle, 1960-1963

Doubleday, Page & Co., 1918

Dutch Treat Club, New York, N.Y.

Correspondence, 1956-1959




Earlham College, Richmond, Ind.

Correspondence, 1915-1962, undated

Bolling, Landrum R.

Dennis, William Cullen

Edwards, David M.

Kelly, Robert L.

Printed matter

Student correspondence, 1908-1911

Student papers

Eastman, George, 1927-1932, 1944, 1952, 1954, undated

Gerard, James W.

Solbert, Oscar N.

Eastman Kodak Co.


Chrystal, Eugene

Cotsworth, Moses B.

Winton, Roy W.


Winton, Roy W.

Printed matter

80th birthday, messages of congratulation, 1970

Eisenhower, Dwight D., 1952-1960

Erskine, John

Everybody's Magazine, 1919

Fair Labor Standards Act, 1938-1941

Federal Communications Commission, 1939

Flight Safety Foundation, 1959-1966, undated

Fairchild, Sherman

Talbert, Ansel E.

Foreign Press Association, 1943-1946

France, miscellany, 1914-1918, 1937

Gallegos, Romulo, 1948, 1955

General Motors Corp.

Correspondence, 1931

Sloan, Alfred P.

Stettinius, Edward R.

Miscellany, 1930-1931, 1938

Gerard, James W., 1917-1951







Notes, World War I

Ration coupons, World War I

Ginzburg, Benjamin, Rededication to Freedom, 1958

Great Britain



1915-1922, undated

Greater New York Fund, 1939

Blaine, James G.

Gridiron Club, Washington, D.C.


Harding, Warren G.

Harper and Brothers

Harper's Magazine

Hawaii, trip to, 1962

Hoover, Herbert, The Problems of Lasting Peace, correspondence, 1942

Gibson, Hugh

Hoover, Herbert

Hoover Library on War, Revolution, and Peace

Houghton Mifflin Co., 1930

House, Edward Mandell

Hutchins, Robert M.

Independent, 1917, 1919

Indianapolis Star, 1909-1910

Industrial unrest, miscellany, circa 1919

Institute of American Business, Bronson Batchelor, 1921-1925

Institute of Pacific Relations

Inter-American Federation of Working Newspaper-men's Organizations, 1962

Inter-American Press Association, 1956-1957

International Cultural Cooperation Committee, 1963


Imperial family





Nineteenth-century history, Oswald Garrison Villard

Printed matter

1911, 1923-1937



Kahn, Otto H., 1923-1926, undated

Kennedy, John F., Blauvelt family genealogy, 1962

King, Willard V., Franklin D. Roosevelt

Korea, 1918

La Guardia, Fiorello H.

Latin America

Miscellany, 1914-1958




Vols. 1-2

Vol. 3

Dec. 1941-Jan. 1942, miscellany








Puerto Rico


Cabot, John M.

Cabot (Maria Moors) Prize

Columbia University, New York, N.Y.


League of Nations

Correspondence, Arthur Sweetser, 1921

Dispatches from Geneva concerning, 1920-1921


Lend-Lease Bill (H.R. 1776), 1941

Danaher, John A.

Wallace, Tom

Wheeler, Burton K.

Liverpool, England, trip, 1911

Lotos Club, New York, N.Y., 1917-1934

MacAlarney, Robert Emmet, 1914, 1945

McCloy, John J., 1949

Manchester Guardian, 1921

Marquis Who's Who, Inc., 1962-1965

Mayes, Herbert R., 1948

Mexico, 1917-1921


Printed matter

Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America, Inc.


Hays, Will H.

Klein, Julius

Zukor, Adolph

Printed matter

National Observer, 1962

National Press Club, Washington

National Industrial Recovery Act, National Recovery Administration See Containers 73,-7476-79

National Sponsoring Committee, 1923

New York Herald Tribune, 1963, 1966

Lindsay, John V.

Whitney, John Hay

New York Standard, 1963

New York State Legislative Correspondents Alumni Association, 1960-1966

New York State Newspaper National Defense Committee, 1941

New York State Society of Newspaper Editors, 1939, 1956-1963

New York Times, 1917-1967


Grasty, Charles H.

James, Edwin L.

Ochs, Adolph S.

Selden, Charles A.

Van Anda, Carr V.

Wiley, Louis

Expense accounts, Siberia, Oct. 1918-Feb. 1919

Letters of introduction, cards, Siberia, 1918-1919

New York Tribune, Garet Garrett, 1917

New York World's Fair, New York, N.Y., 1939

Newsweek, 1963

Nicholson, Ralph



Niebuhr, Walter, 1917

Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill., 1934-1935

Noyes, Pierrepont B., 1923

Oberlaender Trust (Carl Schurz Memorial Foundation, Inc.)

Mar. 1931-June 1932

Oberlaender, Gustave

Thomas, Wilbur K.

July 1932-Dec. 1933

Jan. 1934-Dec. 1935

Jan. 1936-Dec. 1937

Jan. 1938-June 1939

July 1939-Dec. 1940

1941, 1946, 1952-1953, 1956, undated

Overseas Press Club of America, Inc., 1940-1959

Pan American Union, 1917

Panama, trip, Jan. 1964

Pegler, Westbrook, 1948-1956

Pep, 1918-1919

Philadelphia Public Ledger, 1917-1919, and Philadelphia Public Ledger Foreign News Service, 1920-1921

Bretherton, Cyril H.

Carew, F. H.

Clippings, miscellaneous

Conger, Seymour Beach

Curtis, Cyrus H. K.

Emanuel, Guglielmo

Expense accounts, miscellaneous

Foreign correspondents, lists

House, Edward Mandell

Kospoth, B. F.

Lee, Morris

Letters of introduction

Martin, John C.

Memoranda, London, 1920-1921

Miscellaneous correspondence, London, England

News dispatches, miscellaneous

Nicholson, Ralph

Pilcher, George

Printed matter (advertisements)

Smiley, David E.

Spurgeon, John J.


Jan.-July 1921, undated

Streit, Clarence K.



Expense accounts

Stuart, John M.

Thatcher, Sidney L.

Tour of the United States, 1919

Tyler, Charles A.

Watkins, John Elfreth

Williams, Wythe

Phillips Memorial Hospital, Lambertville, N.J.

Poland, embassy, Washington, D.C.

La Prensa, 1951

Princeton University, Princeton, N.J.

Publicity file, printed matter


1926-1937, undated

Puerto Rico, trip, 1952

Puerto Rico, University of, proposed school of journalism, 1952-1953, undated

Pulitzer, Joseph, centennial, 1947

Pulitzer, Joseph, centennial, 1947

Correspondence and clipping book

Pulitzer Prize

Advisory Board correspondence and memoranda


Butler, Nicholas Murray

Cooper, Kent

Fackenthal, Frank D.

Finley, John H.

Harris, Julian LaRose

James, Edwin L.

Krock, Robert

Lathan, Robert

Pulitzer, Joseph (1885-1955)

Pulitzer, Ralph

White, William Allen


Choate, Robert

Cooper, Kent

Fackenthal, Frank D.

Kent, Frank

Krock, Arthur

Perry, Stuart H.

Pulitzer, Joseph (1885-1955)

White, William Allen

Typescripts, 1921-1956, undated

Firkins, O. W.

Frost, Robert

Lewis, Sinclair

Marsh, Margaret Mitchell

Nevins, Allan

Pegler, Westbrook

Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan

Saroyan, William

Award winners, correspondence

Lippmann, Walter

Price, Byron

50th anniversary, 1966


Nevins, Allan, Grover Cleveland

Printed matter



The Quaker, 1921

Quezon, Manuel L., luncheon in honor of, 1937

Rand, James H., Jr., 1927


Research Corp.

Retirement at age sixty-five, practice of, 1955-1958

Bowman, Karl M.

Lee, Maurice du Pont

Richmond, University of, Richmond, Va., 1935

Russia, miscellany, 1914-1921, 1959, undated

Russian Information Bureau in the United States, 1919

St. John's Church, Washington, C. Leslie Glenn

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Joseph Pulitzer

San Marcos de Lima, Universidad Mayor de

Saturday Evening Post, George Horace Lorimer, 1917-1933, undated

Sayre, Monell, 1923

Science Service, Watson Davis, 1931, 1937-1938

Scribner's (Charles) Sons, 1919

Scripps-Howard newspapers, John H. Sorrells, 1948

Seiberling Rubber Co., F. A. Seiberling, 1926-1930

Siberia, 1918-1919, 1931

Czecho-Slovak National Committee in Siberia, 1918-1919

Graves, William S., 1931

Miscellaneous correspondence


Notes, memoranda, fragments

Robinson, O. P.

United States Department of State, memoranda for

Sidener and Van Riper, Indianapolis, Ind., 1911-1912, 1959

Sigma Delta Chi, 1922-1963

Society of the Silurians, Inc.

Sons of Indiana, 1957

Spier, Lester, 1960

Stagg, Jerry, 1963

Steffanson, Haakon B.

Stevenson, Adlai E. (1900-1964), presidential campaign, correspondence and clipping book, 1952

Streit, Clarence K., 1944-1956


Correspondence and memoranda, 1918

Miscellany, 1917-1918

Time magazine, Henry R. Luce,

The Times (London), Stanley Morison

Tong, Hollington K., 1957

Trinity Church, New York, N.Y.

Correspondence, 1938-1969

Fleming, Frederic S.

Heuss, John

Printed matter

United Press

United Press Associations., 1913-1917, 1934, 1940


Hawkins, William W.

Howard, Roy Wilson

Printed matter

United Press International

United States Brewers Association

Advertising Review Panel





1966-Sept. 1968

Oct. 1968-1970 and miscellaneous

United States Department of Justice, Tom C. Clark, 1946-1948

United States Department of State, 1917-1918, 1945-1948


Bliss, Robert Woods

Lovett, Robert A.

International Information Program, 1945-1946

Benton, William

Voice of America, 1947-1948

United States Office of Censorship, Bryon Price, 1941-1945

University Club, New York, N.Y., 963-1969

Unwin (T. Fisher) Ltd., 1917

Venezuela, Central University of, 1947, 1955-1956

Bauman, Everett

Cardenas, Horacio

Jimenez, Marcos Perez

Venezuela, Social Service Commission to, 1939

Drought, James

Venezuela, trip, 1947


Vol. 1, Apr.-July 1947

Vol. 2. Sept.-Dec. 1947


Miscellany, 1947-1948, 1954

Von Wiegand, Karl H.

Wagner, Robert F., 1953, 1963

War Department, Bureau of Public Relations, Robert C. Richardson, Jr., 1941

Washington Cathedral, Washington, D.C., 1923-1963, undated

Bratenahl, G. G.

Freeman, James E.

Lewis, Edwin N.

Rhinelander, Philip M.


Printed matter, 1919-1957, undated

Washington Post, Eugene Meyer, 1934-1956

White House Correspondents Association, 1938, 1964

Willkie, Wendell

World trip, 1935-1936

Clippings concerning Ackerman


Correspondence and clipping book


World War I



Notebook, circa 1918


Washington, D.C., 1914

Berlin, Germany, 1915-1916

Speech, Article, and Book File, 1909-1964

Handwritten and typewritten drafts, proofs, printed copies, notes, research material, and correspondence relating to speeches, articles, books, reports, and miscellaneous writings by Ackerman.

Arranged by type of material and chronologically within each file. A partial list of correspondents is provided for some files.


"Progress in Journalism," Ionian Literary Society, Earlham College, Richmond, Ind., 12 Nov. 1909

"The Causes of the Present Industrial Unrest," National Hardware Association of the United States, 16 Oct. 1919

"Dawes' Prosperity Plan," American Hardware Manufacturers' Association, 16 Oct. 1924

"Do It in the United States of America," American Hardware Manufacturers' Association, 16 Oct. 1924

"Journalism in the 'Machine Age,'" annual chapel service, School of Journalism, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 16 May 1930

Remarks, School of Journalism dinner for John W. Cunliffe, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 29 Apr. 1931

Talk to Copyreaders' Club, New York Herald Tribune, 30 Apr. 1931

Chapel talk, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 14 May 1931

"The Growth of Journalism," School of Journalism, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 26 Sept. 1931

"Co-operative Advertising," Advertising Club of New York, News York, N.Y., 28 Oct. 1931

"Life Is Action," Riverside Church, New York, N.Y., 2 Feb. 1932

Eastman, George, correspondence

Address at convention of Inter-Collegiate News Association, Haverford College, Haverford, Pa., 16 Apr. 1932

NBC Broadcast on anniversary of the founding of the Boston News Letter, 24 Apr. 1932

"The Relationship of Discipline and Control to Education," 18 May 1932

"The Newspaper in Public Affairs," Advertising Federation of America, 21 June 1932

Introduction of John H. Finley, 14 Nov. 1932

"Balancing the Newspaper Budget," Institute of Citizenship and Georgia Press Institute, Emory University, Atlanta, Ga., 10 Feb. 1933

"The Newspaper in International Affairs," Institute of Citizenship and Georgia Press Institute, Emory University, Atlanta, Ga., 10 Feb. 1933

"Challenge to the Press," American Society of Newspaper Editors, Washington, D.C., 29 Apr. 1933

"The Press of Today," University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo., 2 May 1933

Chapel talk, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 19 May 1933

"The Last Proving Ground for Democracy," Commercial Club of Chicago, Chicago, Ill., 24 Nov. 1933

"The Philosophy of Journalism," Yale University, New Haven, Conn., 8 Jan. 1934

"The Leadership of the Press," New York State Publishers Association, 12 Jan. 1934

"The Recovery of Youth," New York State Newspaper Publishers' Association, 17 Jan. 1934

Address, Ohio Newspaper Association, 9 Feb. 1934

"Liberty and Living," Brotherhood of St. Andrew, Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York, N.Y., 22 Feb. 1934

"A New Approach to Peace," NBC broadcast, 23 Feb. 1934

Correspondence, George Seldes

"The Treaty of Peace with the Press," New York Conference of Business Paper Editors, New York, N.Y., 28 Feb. 1934

"Journalism in World Affairs," Association of Foreign Press Correspondents, 19 Apr. 1934

Remarks at dinner for Pulitzer Prize winners, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 7 May 1934

"More Freedom for Business," City Club of Portland, Portland, Oreg., 20 July 1934

"Freedom of Opinion Makes Public Opinion," California Newspaper Publishers Association., 3 Aug. 1934

"The Church and the Press," Annual conference for clergy of the New York Diocese, Lake Mahopac, N.Y., 3 Oct. 1934

"Press Radio, an Experiment in Public Service," NBC broadcast, 19 Dec. 1934

"Intellectual Endowments in International Education," Alumni Day, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 12 Feb. 1935

"Education and Society," chapel service, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 13 May 1935

Remarks at luncheon given by George B. Dryden in honor of Ackerman, Chicago Club, Chicago, Ill., 14 June 1935

"The Test of Citizenship," National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Seattle, Wash., 16 July 1935

"The Press," roundtable conference on "The Press and Crime Prevention," 2 Oct. 1935

"Invest in Youth," 1935

Miscellaneous lecture notes, world trip, Oct. 1935-Jan. 1936

"Freedom of the Press," Sorbonne, Paris, France, 7 Jan. 1936

"The Press in World Affairs,"Sorbonne, Paris, announcements, clippings, 14 Jan. 1936

"The Source of Our Liberties," Advertising Bureau of the American Newspaper Publishers' Association, 23 Apr. 1936

Speech, American Society of Newspaper Editors, Apr. 1936

"Leadership in a Democracy," Earlham College, Richmond, Ind., 15 June 1936

"The Freedom to Advance Knowledge," Faculty Club of Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 8 Oct. 1936

Remarks, memorial service for Marlen Pew, 18 Nov. 1936

"Workshops for Public Opinion," Newspaper Institute, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N.C., 15 Jan. 1937

Father-and-son dinner, Columbia College, 12 Feb. 1937

"The Doctor and Public Opinion," Medical Society of the State of New York, Rochester, N.Y., correspondence, 25 May 1937

"The Role of the Press as a Factor in Public Opinion and Economic Change," National Industrial Conference Board, 27 May 1937

Address at University of LaPlata, Argentina, 25 Aug. 1937

"The Newspaper Guild," New York Herald Tribune Forum, 4 Oct. 1937

"Is a Constitutional Amendment the Price of Peace?" First Presbyterian Church, Buffalo, N.Y., correspondence, 20 Mar. 1938

"Editors, to Arms," American Society of Newspaper Editors, Washington, D.C., 22 Apr. 1938

"The Leadership of the Pope," Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, Ind., 4 June 1938

"The American Axis," University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb., correspondence, Brett Homer, 6 June 1938

"Receptivity, the Key to the Universe," Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 29 Sept. 1938

"The Central Problem of Democracy," National Conference on Government, National Municipal League, Baltimore, Md., 1 Dec. 1938

"Freedom in the Market Place," Washington Cathedral, Washington, D.C., correspondence, 11 Dec. 1938

"The University of Tomorrow," Columbia Alumni Club of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Calif. 5 Jan. 1939

"Should Educators Declare War?" Columbia University Alumni Club of Essex County, N.J., correspondence, 2 Mar. 1939

Dennis, William Cullen

Dodge, M. Hartley

Ludlow, Louis

Myers, William Starr

Wasson, R. Gordon

"Journalism in the United States," 4 May 1939

"What Is Past Is Prologue," service in St. Paul's Chapel, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 15 May 1939

"The Arena of Public Opinion," luncheon in honor of Cabot medalists, National Press Club, Washington, D.C., 10 Nov. 1939

"The Land of Our Future," First Presbyterian Church, Lambertville, N.J., 1 Dec. 1939

"The Internationalism of Christianity," Church Club of New York, New York, N.Y., correspondence, 31 Jan. 1940

"Propaganda Blitzkrieg Over the United States," Columbia University Club, New York, N.Y., 9 May 1940

"Psalm of Youth," annual chapel service, Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 14 May 1940

"War Propaganda," CBS broadcast, 5 June 1940

"Keeping the News Lines Open," 18 Apr. 1941

"The Freedom of Printing," CBS broadcast, 6 May 1941

Remarks at luncheon in honor of the 175th anniversary of the opening of St. Paul's Chapel, Bankers' Club, New York, N.Y., 30 Oct. 1941

Address to Rotary Club of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 28 Jan. 1942

"Will Our Southern Flank Become a Southern Front?"

Kiwanis Clubs of Lambertville, N.J., and Doylestown, Pa., 31 Mar. 1942

"Watchmen! Be Clear and Accurate!" service, St. Paul's Chapel, Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 11 May 1942

Address at farmer-businessmen's picnic, Hunterdon County, N.J., 24 June 1942

"Freezing the Press," Fourth Accounting Institute banquet, New York, N.Y., 20 Oct. 1942

Correspondence and clipping book

Bickel, Karl A.

Castle, William R.

Cooper, Kent

Hoover, Herbert

Landon, Alfred M.

Moore, John Bassett

Clipping book

"The Relation of News to Global Peace," Haverford College, Haverford, Pa., 12 Jan. 1943

Address at memorial service for Alexander Woollcott, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 28 Jan. 1943

"A Salute to Reporters of War," annual chapel service, Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 10 May 1943

"The Mobilization of Civilian Brain Power," Earlham College, Richmond, Ind., 21 June 1943

"Welcome to New York," luncheon in honor of six visiting Latin American journalists, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 13 Apr. 1944

"On the Eve of Invasion," chapel service, Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 8 May 1944

"The Education of a Hemisphere," University of Havana, Havana, Cuba, 15 July 1944

Talk to students before embarking on world trip, Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 5 Jan. 1945

Radio interview concerning American Society of Newspaper Editors, World Free Press Mission, Chungking, China, 30 Mar. 1945

Radio broadcast to Japanese journalists, Manila, Philippines, 27 Apr. 1945

Radio broadcast, Philippine Hour, Manila, Philippines, 29 Apr. 1945

"The Big Four in the News World," Flag Day exercises, Sons of the Revolution in the State of New York, 14 June 1945

Remarks, American Society of Newspaper Editors, annual meeting, Washington, D.C., 20 Apr. 1946

Address, 33rd annual chapel service, Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 17 May 1946

"Industrial Journalism, A New Opportunity," E. I. Du Pont de Nemours and Co., Wilmington, Del., 25 June 1946

"The Need for Leadership," Grace Church, New York, 20 Oct. 1946

"Pictures Can Be More Informative Than Type," American Press Institute, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 28 Oct. 1946

Remarks, editorial seminar, American Press Institute, 20 Jan. 1947

Remarks, Joseph Pulitzer Centennial ceremony, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 10 Apr. 1947

Remarks at American Press Institute opening, 5 May 1947

"The Foundation for a School of Journalism," Central University of Venezuela, 11 June 1947

"The Future of the Press," Association of Army-Navy Chaplains, Governor's Island, N.Y., 8 Mar. 1948

Remarks presenting Romulo Gallegos for honorary degree of Doctor of Laws, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 9 July 1948

"The Pen Can Be as Mighty as the Sword," 165th anniversary of the birth of Simon Bolivar, 23 July 1948

Remarks at dinner for German publishers and editors, Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 13 Sept. 1948

"What Makes a Happy City," American Press Institute, seminar for city editors, 11 Apr. 1949

"The Inside of a Newspaper Should Be Like the Inside of the Home," seminar on women's pages, American Press Institute, 6 June 1949

Remarks at American Press Institute, seminar on management and goals, 12 Sept. 1949

Opening Talk to Students, School of Journalism, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 28 Sept. 1949

Remarks at National Conference of Editorial Writers, 20 Oct. 1949

Remarks at Maria Moors Cabot convocation, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 11 Nov. 1949

Remarks at opening of the Japanese seminar, American Press Institute, 3 Jan. 1950

Remarks at American Press Institute, seminar on management and costs, 22 May 1950

Address to Austrian journalists, American Press Institute, 2 June 1950

"Do Not Be Discouraged," International Press Institute conference, 18 Sept. 1950

Remarks at Maria Moors Cabot convocation, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 10 Oct. 1950

Radio interview with Robert McKee, "Views of the News," 15 Nov. 1950

"The Zeal To Live," University of Brazil, 16 Dec. 1950

Remarks on Joseph Pulitzer's 104th birthday, 10 Apr. 1951

Remarks at dinner for Grantland Rice, Links Club, New York, N.Y., 1 May 1951

"A Sermon on a Mountain," All Saint's Episcopal Church, Leonia, N.J., 20 May 1951

Remarks at the Education Writers Association, 28 May 1951

Remarks to the Association for Education in Journalism, 26 Aug. 1952

Address to the class of 1953, Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 25 Sept. 1952

"The Importance of Contacts," 21 Oct. 1952

"What Religion Means to Me," Trinity Church, New York, N.Y., 7 Jan. 1953

Comment on address of Jose Cafe Filho, "A Tribute to the Brazilian Press," Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 4 Dec. 1954

"Life in an Ivory Tower," Overseas Press Club, 24 May 1956

"The First Benjamin Franklin Journalism Scholarships," 14 June 1956

"The Ivory Towers Are Cracking," undelivered lecture, correspondence, William Bentinck-Smith, 1956

"Let's Prepare for the Twenty-first Century," undelivered lecture, outline, 1956

"Our Greatest Reservoir of Power," undelivered lecture, outline, 1956

"Public Opinion Rules the World," undelivered lecture, outline, 1956

Remarks at Dean Ackerman Night, Overseas Press Club, New York, N.Y., 24 Feb. 1959

Speech at opening of 50th anniversary celebration, Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 10 Apr. 1963

"Black Markets in News," undated

Speeches and lectures, correspondence concerning, 1917-1922, 1939, undated

Miscellaneous correspondence concerning lectures, W. Colston, 1956-1957

Miscellaneous notes and source material for lectures

Speeches and lectures, miscellaneous printed matter


"Indiana Girl, Sculptor for John D. Rockefeller, Confirms Fairy Story of East," Indianapolis Sunday Star, 12 Jan. 1913

Articles for the New York Press, Mar.-May 1913

"Reviving the Land Bank in America," Feb. 1914

Articles for the United Press, Berlin, Mar. 1915-Dec. 1916

Message to Indiana City Editors' Association, Richmond Palladium, Richmond, Ind., 15 July 1916

Articles for the United Press, Berlin, Germany

Jan.-Feb. 1917, undated

Mar. 1915-May 1916, scrapbooks

Articles for Le Journal, Paris, France, Feb. 1917

Articles for New York Tribune syndicate, Feb.-June 1917, undated

"What's the Matter with Germany?" Independent, 28 Apr. 1917

"What Wartime Germany Does with Printers' Ink," Pep, June 1917

Articles for Saturday Evening Post, 1917-1923 (bound vol.)

"The Bernhardi of the Seas," Saturday Evening Post, 2 June 1917

"What Is New Orientation?" Saturday Evening Post, 9 June 1917

"The Men Who Made Militarism," The Independent, 16 June 1917

"The Kaiser and the Blackbird," Saturday Evening Post, 16 June 1917

"Kaiser Must Go and Germany Be a Republic before War Can End," New York World, 24 June 1917

"The Black Flags of Hungary," Saturday Evening Post, 17 July 1917

"The Submarine Post Office," Saturday Evening Post, 11 Aug. 1917

"Pigs and Victory," Saturday Evening Post, 25 Aug. 1917

"Germany, the Next Republic?" published serially in Philadelphia Evening Ledger, Sept.-Oct. 1917

"The War of Words," Saturday Evening Post, 8 Sept. 1917

"Mexico-Enemy or Ally?" Saturday Evening Post, 15 Sept. 1917

"Rebels and Revolution," Saturday Evening Post, 22 Sept. 1917

"Rising or Setting Sun in Mexico?" Saturday Evening Post, 6 Oct. 1917

Letter concerning articles by Charles W. Eliot and H. G. Wells, Philadelphia Evening Ledger, 13 Oct. 1917

"The Last Spy Offensive," Saturday Evening Post, 10 Nov. 1917

"United We Win" Lessons from the German Drive," Saturday Evening Post, 1 Dec. 1917

"The Coming Disaster," Saturday Evening Post, 29 Dec. 1917

"Germany's Last Trump," Saturday Evening Post, 2 Mar. 1918

"The Nightmare of Peace," Saturday Evening Post, 9 Mar. 1918

"The U-Boats off Spain," Saturday Evening Post, 18 Mar. 1918

"Tales of the Refugees," Saturday Evening Post, 23 Mar. 1918

"Fighting for a Free Press," Saturday Evening Post, 6 Apr. 1918

"Making Flanders Goose-Step," Saturday Evening Post, 13 Apr. 1918

"The Street Parliaments," Saturday Evening Post, 27 Apr. 1918

"Reform or Revolution," Saturday Evening Post, 4 May 1918

"The Omnipotent Five," Saturday Evening Post, 18 May 1918

"Bolsheviking the Swiss," Saturday Evening Post, 25 May 1918

"The Whirlwind in Austria," Saturday Evening Post, 15 June 1918

"Germany's Policy in Russia," Saturday Evening Post, 17 Aug. 1918

Articles for the Philadelphia Evening Ledger, Aug. 1918

"The Lusitania Aftermath: What Will the German Navy Do?" Saturday Evening Post, 14 Sept. 1918


Daniels, Josephus

Articles for the Saturday Evening Post

Miscellany, 1917-1918

Articles written from Siberia for the New York Times Oct.

Oct. 1918-Jan. 1919

Miscellaneous typescripts, Oct. 1918-Jan. 1919

Copies of dispatches cabled to the New York Times from Siberia, Oct. 1918-Jan. 1919

Interview with the President of China, New York Times, 17 Jan. 1919

"Diary Record of Tsar's Last Days," Japan Advertiser, 23 Jan. 1919

"Civilization a Mockery in the Rusia of Today" and "Across Siberia from Vladivostok," New York Times, 26 Jan. 1919

"Is the Czar Dead?" New York Times Magazine, 23 Feb. 1919

"China and the League of Nations," New York Times, 2 Mar. 1919

"Trouble With Japan Averted Before the Armistice," New York Times, 16 Mar. 1919

"Japan's Ambitions in Siberia," Current History, Apr. 1919

"Co-operative Unions Halt the Bolsheviki," New York Times, 18 May 1919

Articles for the Philadelphia Public Ledger syndicate, 1919

Articles for the Philadelphia Public Ledger Foreign News Service

Jan. 1920-June 1921

Scrapbooks, Feb. 1920-May 1921

"Inside of Irish Parley," New York Times, 7 Aug. 1921

Amos A. Fries, "The Future of Poison Gas," Current History, Dec. 1921

"Keep the Home Stacks Smoking," Columbia, Mar. 1922

"Ireland From a Scotland Yard Notebook"

Atlantic Monthly

Part 1, Apr. 1922

Part 2, "The Irish Education of Mr. Lloyd George," May 1922

Part 3, "Janus-Headed Ireland," June 1922

"How the President Keeps Well," Saturday Evening Post, 5 May 1923


Typescript edited by Warren G. Harding

"Russia and Japan Manoeuvring for Basis of New Partnership," New York Times, 1 July 1923

Editorials for Advertising Club News, July-Aug. 1923

"Recovering Gold From Smoke," Journal of the American Bankers Association, Aug. 1923

"The Dream of Ireland's Lincoln," Hearst's International, 1923

"How My Wife Has Helped Me," letter to New York Telegram and Evening Mail, 16 May 1924

"The Sheik Should Stay on the Farm," Toledo News-Bee, June 1926

"Responsibility in Journalism," North American Review, 1931

"George Eastman, Benefactor of Education,"

Technology Review, Apr. 1932


Eastman, George

Killian, J. Rhyne, Jr.

"Looking Ahead," Columbia Journalist, 1932

"To Robert Underwood Johnson," The Earlhamite, Jan. 1933

"Balancing the Newspaper Budget" and "The Newspaper in International Affairs," Emory University Bulletin, Mar. 1933

"Students Under the 'New Deal,'" Columbia Journalist, 1934

"The Press at the Hauptmann Trial," Hunterdon County Democrat, 31 Jan. 1935

"Public Opinion and Peace," Philippines Herald, 16 Nov. 1935

Statement, Columbia Journalist, 1935

"Free Trade in International News," Sanj Vartaman Annual, Bombay, India, 1937

"Anniversary," Independent Journal of Columbia University, 1937

"Pulitzer Prizes for the Cinema," Cinema Arts, July 1937

"How the Government Dominates Business and the Press," Public Relations, Apr. 1938

"'Marse Henry' Up to Date," Letter to the editor, New York Times, 4 May 1939

"Rethinking Education," Talks, Apr. 1939

"Journalism," The Idol, Union College, Schenectady, N.Y., 17 Nov. 1939

"Psalm of America," Cathedral Age, Spring 1940

"Vital Relation of News to Global Peace,"

Everybody's Weekly section of Philadephia Inquirer, 14 Feb. 1943

"How University Journalism Course Operates in United States of America," The Newspaper World, 27 Jan. 1945

"United Nations and a United Church: Essentials for a New World Order," The Churchman, 15 Sept. 1946

"Is Political Conformity Forced Upon Students?"

Bulletin of the American Society of Newspaper Editors, 1 Apr. 1953

Correspondence and clipping book

Bliss, Robert Woods

Fulbright, J. William

Grew, Joseph C.

Kennan, George (b. 1904)

Lamont, Corliss

Pringle, Henry F.

"The Desire To Live," The Leaflet of St. John's Church, Washington, 24 Jan. 1954

"Newspapers and Civic Responsibility in a Crisis," Vicksburg Sunday Post-Herald, 30 Sept. 1956

"Laughing Gas for People Over 65?" Lifetime Living, Sept. 1956

Articles for the Dothan Eagle, 1962

"Pioneering in Journalism," Journalists in Action, 1963

Review of Raymond Swing's Good Evening, 1964

Article, Dothan Eagle, 1964

"On the Line," guest column for Bob Considine, undated


Germany, the Next Republic? 1917


Galley proof


Reviews, notices

Mexico's Dilemma, 1918


Reviews, notices

“A Vision of Victory: Germany in the Fifth Year of the War” (unpublished), fragments, 1918

Trailing the Bolsheviki, 1919

Galley proof



Reviews, notices

Dawes, the Doer! 1924


Reviews, notices

“The Art of Management” (unpublished book for General Motors Corp.), 1930


Outline and notes


“Newspapers in Public Affairs” (unpublished), 1934



George Eastman, 1930


Burkhart, Harvey J.

Eastman, George

Flexner, Abraham

House, Edward Mandell

Hutchison, Alice K.

Scaife, Roger L.

Seligman, Edwin R. A.


Notes, drafts

First draft (typescript)

Research material (1 folder)(1 folder)

Reviews, notices

Translation into Chinese (excerpts)

"The Evolution of Chemical Research in Industry in the United States" (unpublished appendix)



"Mr. Smith" (unpublished chapter)

“The Right Road to Peace” (unpublished), 1945

“Eisenhower in Wonderland” (unpublished), 1956-1957

Typescripts, 1957

Miscellaneous drafts

Original draft

Final draft


Bohemian Club, San Francisco, Calif.

Byrnes, James F.

Esberg, Milton H., Jr.

Hillman, William

Solbert, Oscar N.

Correspondence with publishers

Correspondence, miscellaneous

Research notes and drafts, 1956-1957

Bohemian Club, San Francisco, Calif.

Early history of Columbia University, New York, N.Y.

Eisenhower, Mamie

Freeman, Douglas Southall

Future of Columbia University, New York, N.Y.

"The lighter side," clippings

"Shh! This Is Columbia" demonstration, Oct. 1940

Miscellaneous research notes

Miscellaneous research notes and drafts

Miscellaneous printed matter and clippings used in research

Reports, Columbia University, New York, N.Y.

Report of the Dean of the School of Journalism

1932-1935 (4 folders)

Public Opinion Around the World: A Report by Dean Carl W. Ackerman of the Graduate School of Journalism, 19 Dec. 1936

Report of the Dean of the Graduate School of Journalism

1936-1937 (2 folders)

Supplement, 1937: The Black Plague of the Twentieth Century

Correspondence, 1937-1938

Miscellany, 1937-1938


Supplement: The Refuge of World Opinion

1939-1943 (5 folders)

The Chinese Post-Graduate School of Journalism, Mar. 1943-Aug. 1945: Report of the Dean of the Graduate School of Journalism

One Million for the Advancement of Journalism, 1948

Gist, Sept. 1950 (annual report of the Dean of the Graduate School of Journalism)

Annual report, 1951, typescript

The Dawn of the XXI Century, 1955

Miscellaneous writings; unpublished and unidentified typescripts

"Interview with Count von Bernstorff," 8 Jan. 1914

"In 1849 Victor Hugo Prophesied a United States of Europe," circa 1914

"The War and Our Next Election," circa 1914

"Uncle Sam and the War," Jan. 1915

"Methods and Organization of the Censorship in Germany," 1 May 1917

"Spy or Die; Scenario of a Five-act Play on Germany," 1917

"The Bear of Pontarlier," spy story, 1918

"The New American Ambassador: Colonel George Brinton McClellan Harvey, LL.D.," 1921

"Reporting for the Main Street Journal," outline of proposed book, circa 1921

"Gooding Has the 'Goods,'" American Valuation Association, circa 1925

"The Prophecy of the Vicar of Greenwich," 1927

"Our Economic Hereafter," circa 1927

Statement, "The Press and World Peace," 1931

Introduction to Headlines and Deadlines, 1933

Statement, "The Freedom of the Press," 15 Aug. 1933

Statement, American Society of Newspaper Editors, Report of the Committee on the Press and Public Relations, Washington, 19-21 Apr. 1934

Statement on transition to a graduate school of journalism, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 1935

"Decision of the United States Supreme Court in the Louisiana Tax Case," submitted to the New York Times, Feb. 1936

"The New Deal Abroad," circa 1936

"Journalism in the United States," 4 May 1939

"Periodismo en los Estados Unidos," 4 May 1939

Statement, "The End of World Wars," 30 Mar. 1940

Open letter to Dr. Samuel Harden Church, 2 May 1940

"Letter to the Press and Radio," uncirculated, 22 May 1940

Round robin letter to students, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1 Jan. 1942

Introduction to David Hinshaw's Journalism-Today's Third Estate, 1943

"Mexican Russian, and British Activities in Latin America," 1944

"The Greater Miracles," 1954

Notes for article for This Week magazine, 1956

"Pulitzer Prizes Versus Ivy League Colleges," outline of unpublished article

"The Baby Plague in Germany," by Mabel VanderHoof Ackerman

"14 Points for the Mellon Plan"

"Germany Is Preparing Another Peace Drive"

"The Molder"

"Poison Gas and the Washington Conference"

"Scarlet Letters"

"Scarlet Letters of Suspicion"

"Vagabonding in Siberia; the Pot Puri of Russia"

Miscellaneous typescripts concerning China, 1918-1919 (fragments)

Miscellaneous typescripts concerning Germany, 1914-1918 (fragments)

Miscellaneous typescripts concerning Russia and Siberia, 1918-1919 (fragments)

Miscellaneous unidentified typescripts (fragments)

Card index to writings, 1928-1956

Miscellany, 1833-1970

Newspaper clippings, printed matter, and miscellaneous personal papers.

Arranged alphabetically by type of material.

Ackerman, Carl W., miscellaneous clippings and printed matter concerning


1936-1970, undated


Awards See also Oversize

Birthday souvenirs

Calling cards

Certificates See also Oversize

Charitable appeals received

Christmas cards sent




















1951-1969, undated


Employment proposals

Financial papers








1956-1970, undated


Jackson, Andrew; Edward Livingston; and Roger B. Taney, signed patent letters, 18 Feb. 1833

Licenses, permits

Medical papers



Press credentials

Printed matter



1962-1964, undated

Programs, menus



Student papers, circa 1904-1913, undated


Travel documents

Correspondence and miscellaneous papers

Passports, visas

Unidentified papers


Awards, certificates, and related miscellany.

Organized according to the series and container from which the material was removed.


Awards, certificates, and other miscellany (Container 195)


Classified item described according to the series, file, and container from which it was removed.

Subject File

China, Republic of

Post-Graduate School of Journalism, 1943-1945 (Container 63)

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