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  1. Present at a Hanging and Other Ghost Stories [electronic resource] / by Ambrose Bierce
    author: Bierce, Ambrose, 1842-1914?
    title: Present at a Hanging and Other Ghost Stories
    pagination: [none specified]
    publisher: Project Gutenberg, 2003
    notes: Project Gutenberg Present at a Hanging--A Cold Greeting--A Wireless Message--An Arrest--A Man with Two Lives--Three and One are One--A Baffled Ambuscade--Two Military Executions--The Isle of Pines--A Fruitless Assignment--A Vine on a House--At Old Man Eckert's--The Spook House--The Other Lodgers--The Thing at Nolan--The Difficulty of Crossing a Field--An Unfinished Race--Charles Ashmore's Trail--Science to the Front Freely available. Electronic text
    subjects: Ghost stories, American Horror tales, American