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WebDoor Publisher

WebDoor Publisher could be considered an HTML editor, yet its feature set is so limiting that it is more like a utility. Open Door Network's goal is to make publishing on the World Wide Web easy. That it most certainly has done, but to really express yourself in the ways you want, you might as well learn a full-blown HTML editor.

WebDoor Publisher is a template in the form of a HyperCard stack. The template looks like a simplified WWW browser. You begin by filling in fields like the title bar, which ultimately becomes the contents of the <title></title> tags. Next, by clicking on a button you can select a graphic image to be inserted into your file. Third, you give your page another title. Fourth, you enter (or paste) what you want to communicate into the body of the template. To incorporate hypertext links and more graphic files into the body of your text you mark the locations of these items with asterisk/number symbols (**1 for example) and underlined text. Fifth, you sign your document with your email address.

Once you have finished writing your text you "create" your HTML document by clicking the Create button. The HyperCard stack then generates HTML codes for you based on the contents of the template.

By definition, because a template is being used to generate your HTML code, all of your HTML will have the exact same look and feel. In many ways, this is a sign of good graphic design. On the other hand, your pages will not be distinctive when compared to everybody else's using WebDoor. Consequently, you may want to edit the resulting HTML file anyway.

Another feature that makes WebDoor different from everything else described here is its ability to actually have your document made available on the World Wide Web without the use of your own World Wide Web server. Instead, this service can be provided to you through Open Door Networks. If you have a modem, then you can establish an account with Open Door Networks. After creating an account, you can connect to their AppleShare server, upload your documents, and instantly publish your pages on the Web. Of course they provide all these services for a fee.

Open Door Networks has come up with an easy to use method of putting your pages on the World Wide Web at the expense of direct control over your own documents. This approach will be satisfactory for many people, but for you, the readers of this book, you may find their solution a bit limiting.

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