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HTML Special Effects

HTML Special Effects is another useful utility for setting the colors of your "Netscape-aware" HTML documents. It allows you to do four things: set the default font size of your document, create a marquee from the document's title, automatically create a fade in from black or white to your document's background color, and select colors of each of your document's text elements.

To use HTML Special Effects open the application and begin by choosing the colors of your document. By selecting one of the radio buttons (Background, Body text, Link text, etc.) you can then click on the color wheel and choose a color. HTML Special Effects then displays your selection in a preview window. If you are not satisfied with the color, then you can fine tune it using the plus (+) and minus (-) sign buttons. The other three options (default font, marquee, and fade) are provided through simple checkboxes and radio buttons; they're no-brainers. Once you have made your selections you can save the options wherein you can open the resulting document and use it as template for further HTML markup.

HTML Special Effects is a nice utility. The ease in which you can create colorized documents is directly proportional to the easy in which you can create true ugly and difficult-to-read documents. You have been warned.

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