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Server enhancements and evaluation tools

This chapter reviews various CGI program and utilities enhancing your ability to maintain a WWW server.

After you have your WWW server up an running, you will want to keep it that way. Not only will you want to keep it running smoothly, but you will want to add features to your service that the server application can not provide. The programs listed here will help you achieve these goals.

Most of the programs below are implementations of common gateway interface (CGI) scripts. Some of them create indexes to your server's directory structure. Others are substitutes for the error.html file returned when a file is not found on your server. Email.cgi provides the ability to get feedback about your server (or just about anything else) via email. Others are statistic programs or hit counters, counting the number of times particular pages where read by remote users.

  1. Annotate
  2. Count WWWebula
  3. Email.cgi
  4. folder_list2
  5. Index CGI
  6. Kelly's Error.acgi
  7. MacHTTP AppleGuide
  8. Randomgif.acgi
  9. Redirect.acgi
  10. ServerStat Lite
  11. WebStar/MacHTTP Indexer
  12. WebStat

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