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I would like to take time out to acknowledge the people who have made this work possible.

This book would not have happened without the support of my wife, Mary Grey. She has demonstrated unusual tolerance while I type away on my computer trying to finish up "just one more thing."

I would also like to acknowledge Steve Cisler and Monica Ertel, both of the Apple Computer Library. It was Steve who first proposed I write this book and Monica who supported it through the Apple Library of Tomorrow program. Steve and Monica have helped me with my career more than they know.

A special thank you goes to David Cherry. David is a friend from my childhood and the creator of the Tricks illustrations. As I was considering the addition of graphics for the book, naturally I wanted pictures of dogs performing tricks. I searched my memory and the first person I thought of was David. By happenstance, I was able to get in touch with him at just the right time and he agreed to offer his talents. I think the illustrations add a lot to the manuscript's "readability."

Last, but not least, I acknowledge the following people who have contributed ideas and suggestions during the creation of this "book":

Jonathan Ryan Day, Brian A. Sullivan, Carles Bellver, David Habermann, Chuck Shotton, Nathan Gasser, Scott [Guthery?], Colleen Thompson, Jon Wiederspan, Chris Tacy, Jeffrey A. See, Jim Mitchell, Tom Sankey, Hartmut Joh. Otto, Guy Gatien, Paul Kent, Jon Stevens, Bob Cope, Diana Osborne, Henk Schotel, Alan Oppenheimer, Joel Haspel, Kurt S. Harlan, Brian Beckett, John Edward Hill, Bessie Carrington, Lisa Schattner, David Cramer, Patrick Coin, Jim Harrison, Yoshi Ishikawa, Larry Reynolds, Mark Beatty, Bao Chu-Chang, Isabelle Saint-Saens, Daniel Scherly, Dave Kosiur, Katy Agnor, Larry W. Virden, Chang Sheng Kuoh, Gregory S. Combs, Jouni Miettunen, Bill Melotti, Volker Stahlschmidt, Bill Maloy.

Thank you, one and all!

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