Corvallis and Mary's Peak (Oregon)

punching bag sculpturePortlan Public LibraryGuild Theatorskyfirst OSU libraryfirst OSU librarysexy spinsterbuilt-in siloValley LibraryValley Librarycommunications closetorderly networked spaghettiValley Library cowLinus PaulingLinus Pauling's chalk boardcounty courthousesheltering evergreen treehummingbirdscaptured ball sculpturehanging basketsglorious pine treesMary's Peak springMary's PeakgrasshopperMary's PeakMary's PeakMartin and Eric on Mary's Peakdried wild flowersMary's PeakMary's Peaktree mossscary woodseverygreen detailMary's Peakwhite wild flowersMary's Peak waterself-portrait

Creator: Eric Lease Morgan <>
Date created: 2001-01-01
Date updated: 2010-05-22