Electronic Texts

These directories contain sets of public domain electronic texts. Only "classic" texts -- items that have stood the test of time -- are included here. They are used as the raw material for the Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts. The collection emphasizes American and English literature as well as Western philosophy.

With the exception of the Project Gutenberg texts, each item is saved alphabetically by file name in a directory representing the century it was written. Each file name is divided into three parts: the last name of the author, the first word of the work, and a local accession number. For example, Shakespeare's Hamlet has been saved as shakespeare-hamlet-23.txt. Simple RDF/XML versions of the texts have been created allowing the texts' metadata to be explicitly "married" to the text itself. This also allows the files to be displayed in a manner (somewhat) suited for printing. The RDF/XML files have the same naming structure as their plain text counterparts but are given a .rdf extension. For example, the RDF/XML version of Hamlet is available as shakespeare-hamlet-23.rdf.

The Gutenberg texts are saved in their original form using their original directory structure. (Ick!) Only plain text items have been mirrored here. The items included in the Alex Catalogue are the items with the .rdf and .htm extensions.

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