Infomotions, Inc.A memoir of the Rev. Cotton Mather, D. D., with a genealogy of the family of Mather. By Samuel G. Drake. / Drake, Samuel Gardner, 1798-1875

Author: Drake, Samuel Gardner, 1798-1875
Title: A memoir of the Rev. Cotton Mather, D. D., with a genealogy of the family of Mather. By Samuel G. Drake.
Publisher: Boston, C. C. P. Moody, printer, 1851.
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The succession of eminent men by the name of Mather, 
through a period of above one hundred years, was enough to 
make that name conspicuous for several ages or generations, after 
those who gave the impression had passed away. The subject of 
this notice, (though by no means the last of the Mathers,) was 
the last of the three great men of the name, who so indelibly 
impressed his fame upon the age in which he lived, that no 
length of time is likely to obliterate it ; and it is worthy of remark, 
that the three Mathers should have followed each other in impor- 
tance in unbroken succession. Not that the successors were better 
men than their predecessor, but there seems to have been an accu- 
mulation of fame attached to each, something in proportion to the 
amount and n umber of their literary productions ; for, while the first 
of the series, the Rev. Richard Mather, published but very few 
works, perhaps not above eight or nine, yet there have not, probably, 
lived in New England to this day, any three men of one name 
and family, who have been authors of an equal number of publi- 
cations. Those of our author alone number three hundred and 

In what we shall have to say in this brief memoir of Dr. Cot- 
ton Mather, it is not proposed to enter at all into an examina- 
tion or exhibition of his religious views and theories ; those can 
be best understood by a perusal of his writings ; while, at the 
same time, we hold it to be our duty to rebuke those, who, we 
conceive, have calumniated him. 

It may be justly said of Cotton Mather, that he was one of 
the most remarkable men of the age in which he lived ; not only 
remarkable on one, but on many accounts ; and for none, perhaps, 
more than for his wonderful precociousness, or the early intuitive- 
ness of his mind. His memory was likewise very extraordinary. 
The acquirement of knowledge seems to have been with him ac- 
complished almost without effort ; and his writings show that 
they were generally drawn from the storehouse of his mind, 
where, from reading and observation, they had been from time to 
time deposited. Authors who write from this source alone, are 

* The figures refer to the notes at the end of the Memoir. 

4 Memoir of the Rev. Cotton Mather, D.I). 

generally diffuse, and wanting in those very essential and minnte 
particulars, which in these days constitute so important a part of 
every man's writings. His style is very peculiar ; and no one 
who is acquainted with the writings of the " famous Thomas- 
Fuller," can hardly doubt that Cotton Mather attempted to make 
that writers composition a model for his own. Still he falls con- 
siderably short of Fuller in his attempts at witty conceits ; in them 
the latter is always happy, while the former is seldom so. Yet we 
do not hesitate to give it, as our opinion, that a volume might be 
made up from his writings, which would be well entitled " Curi- 
osities and Singularities of Cotton Mather," equal if not superi- 
or in interest to anything of the kind that has ever appeared. 

His ability for acquiring languages has probably been surpass- 
ed by but very i'ew, and he is said to have been master of more 
languages than any other person in New England in his time. — 
Those, especially the Latin, it must be confessed, he made a most 
unreasonable use of, bringing in passages from them at all times, 
as though every body understood them, as well as himself. 

So far as we now remember, Dr. Douglass seems to have been 
the author of the fashion or practice, so much of late years in 
vogue, of reviling Cotton Mather. It has been carried to such an 
extent in some quarters, that any one who presumes to mention 
his name, does it at the peril of coming in for a share of obloquy 
and abuse himself. Some not only charge him with committing 
all sorts of errors and blunders, but they bring against him the 
more serious charge of misrepresenting matters of fact. Now it 
would be well for those who bring those charges, to look well to 
their own works. It may be, if they cannot see anything pe- 
dantic, puerile or false in them themselves, others may come in 
contact with errors even worse than those of stupidity. 

It is not to be denied that the mind of Dr. Mather was 
strangely and wonderfully constituted ; and whoever shall under- 
take an analysis of it, will find a more difficult task, we appre- 
hend, than those have found, who content themselves with nothing 
further than vituperative denunciations upon the fruits of it. We 
owe a vast deal to Cotton Mather ; especially for his historical and 
biographical works. Were these alone to be struck out of existence, 
it would make avoid in these departments of our literature, that 
would probably confound any who aflfecl to look upon them with 
contempt. Even Dr. Douglass, although he has written it down 
for truth, that, to point out all the errors in the Magnalia, would 
be to copy the whole book, is nevertheless, very much indebted 
to him for facts in many parts of the very work in which he has 
made that statement ; hence it would be very bad logic that 
would not charge Dr. Douglass with copying errors into his work, 
knowing them to be errors. It would be very easy for us to point 
to some writers of our own time equally obnoxious to the same 
plain kind of logic. And a late writer of very good standing, has 
with great apparent deliberation said, that, "it is impossible to 
deny, that the reputation of Cotton Mather has declined of late 

Memoir of the Rev. Cotton 3 father, D. D. 5 

years." This, of course, was his belief; but it strikes us as very 
singular, that that same author, should, at the same time, make 
the largest book on the life of a man, in such a state of decline, 
that had hitherto appeared ! But we are under no concern for 
the reputation of Cotton Mather, even in the hands of his ene- 
mies, and we have no intention of setting up a special defence ot 
him or his writings. We are willing the latter should pass for ex- 
actly what they are worth. All we design to do, is to caution those 
a little who need caution, and save them, if we may, from having 
the windows in their own houses broken, by the very missiles 
they themselves have thrown. 

The genealogy subjoined to this notice will give the neces- 
sary statistical facts of births, marriages, &c, in the Mather fam- 
ily, and we shall proceed at once to notice some of the prominent 
events in the life of Cotton, one of its important members. 

Cotton Mather graduated at Harvard College in 1678, being 
then but 16 years of age. At this early period he drew up sys- 
tems of the sciences and wrote remarks upon the books which 
he read. In 1684, at the age of 22, he was ordained minister of 
the North Church in Boston, as colleague with his father. Two 
years after he began his career as an author. His first publica- 
tion was " A Sermon to the Artillery Company in Middlesex. 
From this time to his death, namely, from 1686 to 1727, no year 
passed in which he did not publish something; thus in a period 
of 41 years were produced 283 books and tracts ; giving to each 
year, on an average, nearly seven works. He understood 
one or more of the Indian languages, and published some books 
in one or more of them. He also published some in Spanish, 
and some Latin. 

In 1692, Dr. Mather published his " Wonders of the Invisible 
World." This was his account of the witchcraft cases of that 
time. In this he laid himself open to the charge of credulity, 
which, it cannot be denied, has been pretty well sustained ever 
since. But we arc willing to allow that something more than 
bare credulity possessed his mind in those times ; it would seem 
that he was as much under the influence of witchcraft as any to 
whom that "sect," as Douglass calls it, was imputed. 2 

Many have reproached Doctor Mather, as though he was the 
author 'of that dismal and awful delusion. This is singularly 
unjust. He was himself one of the deluded; and this is the 
only charge that can lie against him relative to it. All the world 
then believed in witchcraft, and people entered into it according 
to their temperament and circumstances. The delusion was not 
a native of New England, but an exotic from the father land ; 
and it had been well if this had been the only one imported 
thence. Even when prosecutions had ceased, there was not a 
cessalioirof a belief in the reality of witchcraft ; its progress was 
stayed from a very different cause, as is now too well known to 
be entered Into or explained. Even to the present day there are 
thousands who believe in its reality; and that belief can only be 

6 Memoir of the Rev. Cotton Mather, D. D. 

extirpated by the progress of genuine knowledge. Within our 
remembrance, we could ride from Boston in a single day, with a 
very moderate horse, into a New England town where The belief 
in witchcraft was very general, and where many an old horse shoe 
could have been seen nailed to half the bedsteads in the town to 
keep away those vile miscreants who came riding through the 
air upon broomsticks, or across the lots upon the back of some 
poor old woman, who perhaps from some malady had not left her 
house for years. How much short of a day's ride by steam or 
otherwise it would now be necessary to take to reach a place 
where the belief existed, we shall not undertake, but leave for 
others to determine. 

Cotton Mather was undoubtedly the most prominent author 
who wrote on witchcraft, and in the full belief of it, in his time, 
in this country; this circumstance accounts for his being singled 
out by " one llobert drfef" who attacked him with some suc- 
cess, in his book which he called " More Wonders of the In- 
visible World," &c, which he published in London, in a quarto 
volume, in the year 1700. In his book, Calef styles himself 
" Merchant, of Boston in Nezo En t iland." Now in the absence of 
proof to the contrary, it may not be unfair to presume, that Calef 
issued his work quite as soon as he dared to, and quite as soon 
as public opinion would tolerate a work which had for its aim a 
deadly blow against a belief in the imaginary crime of witchcraft. 
For we know that as soon as Calef 's book did appear, some of 
Dr. Mather's friends came out with another work against that 
author, from the title of which alone its contents can pretty well 
be judged of. It is "Some few Remarks upon a Scandalous 
Book written by one Robert Calef.'' But this book and its 
authors are alike almost unknown, while Calef occupies a con- 
spicuous place among the benefactors of mankind. 

The foreign correspondence of Dr. Mather was very extensive; 
" so that (says his son) I have known him at one time to have above 
fifty beyond sea." Among his correspondent were many of the 
most learned and famous men in Europe ; as Sir Richard Black- 
more, Mr. Whiston, Dr. Di:sa<. fliers, Mr. Pillionere, Dr. 
Franckius, Wm. Waller, Dr. Chamberlain, Dr. Woodward, 
Dn. Jurin, Dr. Watts, &c., &c. In a letter which he wrote in 
1743. Dr. Watts says, "he had enjoyed a happy correspondence 
with Dr. Cotton Mather, for near twenty years before his death, 
as well as with the Rev. Mr. Samuel Mather, his son, ever since." 

In 1710, came out a book from the pen of our author, which he 
entitled " Bon/facius: An Essay upon the Good to be devised by 
those who would answer the great End of Life." In this work 
are many good maxims and reflexions, but its popularity has prob- 
ably been very much enhanced by what Dr. Franklin has said of it. 
Dr. Mather was well acquainted with Franklin when the latter 
was a young man; and when Franklin was an old man, in the 
year 17S4, in writing to Samuel Mai her, son of our subject, he 
thus alludes to it in his happy style; — ' ; When I was a boy, I met 

Memoir of the Rev. Cotton Blather, D. D. 7 

with a book entitled '■Essays to do Good, 1 which I think was writ- 
ten by your father. It had been so little regarded by a former 
possessor, that several leaves of- it were torn out; but the remain- 
der gave me such a turn of thinking, as to have an influence on 
my conduct through life ; for I have always set a greater value 
on the character of a doer of good than on any other kind of re- 
putation." In the same letter is to be found that often told anec- 
dote of an interview he once had with Doctor Mather. This 
too, that it may lose nothing at our hands, we will give in its 
author's own words. " You mention being in your seventy- 
eighth year; lam in my seventy-ninth ; we are grown old to- 
gether. It is now more than sixty years since I left Boston, but 
I remember well both your father and grandfather ; having heard 
them both in the pulpit, and seen them in their houses. The last 
time I saw your father was in the beginning of 1724, when I 
visited him after my first trip to Pennsylvania. He received me 
in his library, and on my taking leave showed me a shorter way 
out of the house through a narrow passage, which was crossed 
by a beam over head. We were still talking as I withdrew, he 
accompanying me behind, and I turning partly towards him, 
when he said hastily, ' stoop, stoop ! ' I did not understand him, 
till I felt my head hit against the beam. He was a man that 
never missed any occasion of giving instruction, and upon this 
he said to me, '•You are young, and have the world before you; 
stoop as you go through it, and you ivill miss many hard thumps.'' 
This advice, thus beat into my head, has frequently been of use 
to me ; and I often think of it, when I see pride mortified, and 
misfortunes brought upon people by their carrying their heads 
too high." This moral, so essentially good in itself, does not need 
the high recommendation of a Franklin, though but for him, it 
would not, probably, have been brought to the knowledge of every 
youth who has learned, or may yet learn to read. 

It may be too much a custom for us to dwell on the errors 
and misfortunes of people while living ; and to err, on the other 
hand, by making their characters appear too well after they have 
passed away ; especially if they have been sufficiently conspicu- 
ous in life to require a written memorial of them after their 
decease. Though Dr. Cotton Mather had enemies while liv- 
ing, his memory has been pursued with more malignity since 
his death, than has happened to that of most men ; and as we 
conceive, without sufficient reason, and which could only be 
warranted by the most undoubted proofs, that he has purposely 
led us into errors, and that he acted falsely on the most important 
occasions ; and that, finally, he was too bad a man to make any 
acknowledgement of all this, though conscious of it when he took 
his final departure with the messenger of his last summons. 

Nobody will charge the Rev. Thomas Prince with insincerity 
in what he has said of his co-laborers, and he says, " Dr. Cotton 
Mather, though born and constantly residing in this remote cor- 
ner of America, 3 has yet for near these forty years made so rising 

8 Memoir of the. Rev. Cotton Blather, D. D. 

and great a figure in the learned world, as has attracted to him 
while alive, the eyes of many at the furthest distance; and now 
deceased, can't but raise a very general wish to see the series, 
and more especially the domestic part of so distinguished a life 
exhibited. His printed writings so full of piety and various 
erudition, his vast correspondence, and the continual reports of 
travellers who had conversed with him, had spread his reputation 
into other countries. And when, about 14 years ago, I travelled 
abroad, I could not but admire to what extent his fame had 
reached, and how inquisitive were gentlemen of letters to hear and 
know of the most particular and lively manner, both of his pri- 
vate conversation and public performances among us." 

Dr. Colman speaks in the highest terms of Dr. Mather, in his 
Fimeral Sermon. " His printed works," he says, " will not convey 
to posterity, nor give to strangers a just idea of the real worth 
and great learning of the man." To this and a great deal more 
equally commendatory, Mr. Prince subscribes in these words : 
" Every one who intimately knew the Doctor will readily assent 
to this description." 

It would be difficult, perhaps, to produce an example of indus- 
try equal to that of which we are speaking. In on; 1 war, it is 
said he kept sixty fasts and twenty vigils, and published fourteen 
books — all this besides performing his ministerial duties; which 
in those days, were something more than nominal. He kept a 
diary, which has been extensively used by some of his biogra- 
phers, but we have not sought alter it, as it is said to be scattered 
in different places! How this happened we have not been in- 
formed. Notwithstanding he published so many works, he left 
nearly as much unpublished in manUscrrpf : the principal part of 
which is entitled " Biblia Amerieana," of" The Sacred Scriptures 
of the Old and New Testament Illustrated." For the publication 
of this work proposals were issued soon after its author died, but 
nothing further seems to have been done about it. Of the " Bib- 
lia Americana," the Doctor's son remarks, " That is a work, the 
writing of which is enough constantly to employ a man, unless 
he be a miracle of diligence, the half of the three score years 
and ten, the sum of years allowed to us." 

It remains now to mention the book by which Dr. Mather is 
best known, -and which will make his name prominent through 
all coming time — the reader's mind is already in advance of the 
printed in London, in 1702, in a moderate sized folio volume, the 
aggregate o\' its pages being 794. It is chiefly a collection of 
what the author had before printed on historical and biographical 
subjects. The value of its contents has been variously esti- 
mated. Some decrying it below any value, while others pro- 
nounce it "the only classic ever written in America." At the 
hazard of incurring the charge of stupidity, we are of the decided 
opinion that it has a value between those extremes. But we 
have sufficiently expressed our mind on the value of the author's 

Memoir of the Rev. Cotton Mather, D. D. 9 

works before. There have been two editions of the " Magna- 
lia ; " the last was printed at Hartford, in two volumes, octavo, 
1820. Unfortunately, this edition was printed from a copy of 
that in folio, which had not the errata, and consequently abounds 
with all the errors contained in the original edition. To those 
who do not understand the matter, this printing an edition of the 
" Magnolia" without correcting its errata, may seem to incur for 
the publisher severe reprehension. But the truth appears to be. 
that the copy used in printing the new edition had not the 
complete errata attached to it; and that, in fact, but very few 
copies of the original edition can be found to which it is attached. 
Now we account for its rarity in this way. Dr. Mather living in 
Boston while his work was printing in London, could make no 
corrections while it was passing through the press ; but when he 
received his copies afterwards, he found so many errors that he 
was induced to print an extra sheet of corrections. This extra 
sheet may not have been struck off until most of the copies of 
the Magnalia which had been sent to New England, were distri- 
buted. Thus we account for the rare occurrence of copies of the 
Magnalia containing the errata ; and hence we think the pub- 
lisher of the last edition should not be too severely censured. 
That our solution is correct, we would mention that out of a 
great many copies of the folio edition imported by ourselves and 
others from England, not one of them contained the errata in 

On the last page of the Magnalia, the following are the last 
three lines : — " Errata. Reader, Carthagenia was of the mind, 
that unto those three things which the ancients held impossible, 
there should be added this fourth, to find a book printed without 
erratas. It seems the hands of Briareus, and the eyes of Argus 
will not prevent them." And the additional errata of which we 
have been speaking, the author thus prefaces : — " The Holy 
Bible itself, in some of its editions, hath been affronted with scan- 
dalous errors of the press-ivork ; and in one of them, they so 
printed those words, Psalms 119, 161, ' Printers have persecuted 

me,' " &c. 

When the Magnalia was published, Dr. Mather's old school 
master, among others, wrote commendatory poetry upon it, which 
was according to the fashion of the day, inserted in its introduc- 
tory pages. The following brief specimen by Tompson, 4 may 
not be thought inappropriate to be extracted here : — 

"Is the bless'd Mather necromancer turn'd, 
To raise his country's Father's Ashes Urn'cl ? 
Elisha's dust, life to the dead imparts ; 
This prophet by his more familiar arts, 
Unseals our hero's tombs, and gives them air ; 
They rise, they walk, they talk, look wondrous fair ; 
Each of them in an orb of light doth shine, 
In liveries of Glory most divine. 

"When ancient names I in thy pages meet, 
Like gems on Aaron's costly breast-plate set ; 
Methinks Heaven's open, while great saints descend, 
To wreathe the brows, by which their acts were penned." 

10 Memoir of the Rev. Cotton Mather, D. D. 

In the book, which before all others, we should expect to find 
full and ample materials for a genealogy of Dr. Mather's own 
family, a very meager and unsatisfactory account only is to be 
seen ; yet, as deficient and meager as it is, it is of great impor- 
tance, as containing nothing upon the subject but what the author 
did know. We refer to " The Life of the very Reverend 
and Learned Cotton Mather, D. D., and F. R. S.," &c, by his 
son, Samuel Mather, M. A., published the next year after the 
death of the author's father. The sum of what this book con- 
tains on our immediate subject we shall condense into a para- 
graph, as follows : 

After informing us that his father was born on " Thursday, 
Feb. 12, 1662-3, at Boston, in New England," he continues, " I 
have no great disposition to enquire into the remote antiquities of 
his family ; nor, indeed, is it matter of much consequence that in 
our Coat of Arms, we bear Ermine, Or, A Fess, wavy, Azure, 
three Lions rampant ; or ; for a Crest, on a wreath of our Colours 
a Lion Sedant, or on a Trunk of a Tree vert." 5 " His mother 
was Maria, the daughter of the renowned Mr. John Cotton, who 
was a man of very exalted piety and uncommon learning : Out 
of respect to this excellent man, he was called Cotton. His educa- 
tion was at the free school in Boston, under the care, first, of Mr. 
Benjamin Thompson, a man of great learning, last, under the 
famous Mr. Ezekiel Ciieever." At the age of 16 he graduated, 
and when 18£, received the degree of M. A., from the hands of 
his own father, Dr. Increase Mather, who was then President of 
Harvard College. At the age of 24 he was married, and in 1702 
his wife died. In somewhat less than a year he married again ; 
" one of good sense, and blessed with a complete discretion, with 
a very handsome, engaging countenance ; and one honorably de- 
scended and related, 'twas Mrs. Elizabeth Hubbard, who was 
the daughter of Dr. John Clark, who had been a widow lour 
years. He rejoiced in her as having great spoil." By his third 
wife he had no issue. " By the two former wives he had fifteen 
children, only two of which are living; one a daughter by the 
first wife; the other, a son by the second; he is the writer. By 
his first wife he had nine children, of which but four arrived to 
man's or woman's estate. By his second, two children only lived 
to grow up out of six." 

Such is the account of the children of Cotton Mather by one 
of those children ; and although he tells us there were fifteen, from 
his account we can learn the names of five only ; nor have we 
been able, from all other sources to make out the names of but 

It is said in the " Mather Genealo^v," mentioned in the 
note, 6 that a daughter of Dr. Cotton Mather, named Jerusha, 
married a Smith of Sufiield, Ct., and that she was the grand- 
mother of John Cotton Smith, late Governor of that State ; 
on the authority of Gov. Smith himself. This must be an error, 
if our account of the children be correct, because it is shown that 

Memoir of Rev. Cotton Mather, I).D. 11 

the daughter named Jerusha, died at the age of two and a half 
years, in the year 1713. Mr. Smith says his grand-mother died 
in Sharon, Ct. in 1784, in her 90th year ; hence she was born in 
169-3—4. Now Cotton Mather's Daughter Abigail was born in 
1694 ; therefore, it is plain, we think, that Jerusha Mather, who 
" married a Smith of Suffield," was not a daughter of Cotton, but 
perhaps a daughter of Atlierton Mather, who lived in Suffield, 
and had a daughter Jerusha. Cotton and Atherton were own 
cousins, and a daughter of the latter would be very likely to name 
a son after so distinguished a kinsman as Dr. Mather; for Gov. 
Smith's father was named Cotton Mather Smith. 

Few ministers preached a greater number of Funeral Sermons 
than Dr. Mather; and when he died his cotcmporaries seemed to 
have vied with each other in performing the same office for 
him. Several of their sermons were printed. Some of these 
with their quaint titles are now before us. Foremost among 
them appears that of the excellent Mr. Prince ; he entitled his 
" The Departure of Elijah lamented. — A Sermon occasioned by 
the Great and Publick loss in the Decease of the very Reverend 
and Learned COTTON MATHER, D.D., F. R. S., and Senior 
Pastor of the North Church in Boston. Who left this Life on Feb. 
13th, 1727, 8. The morning after he finished the LXV. year of his 
Age." From 2 Kings II. 12, 13. The imprint of this Sermon is, 
" Boston in New England : Printed for D. Henchman, near the 
Brick Meeting House in Cornhill. MDCCXXVIII." 

The running title of Dr. Colman's Sermon on the same occa- 
sion is, " The Holy walk and Glorious Translation of Blessed 
ENOCH:' His text was Gen. v. 24. It would be difficult to 
find anything of the kind, either before or since, which, in our 
judgment, is superior to this discourse of Dr. Colman ; but valu- 
able as it is, we cannot introduce extracts from it here. His allu- 
sion, however, to the then past and present state of things con- 
nected with his subject, is so happy that we cannot overlook it. 

"Dr. Mather's brethren in the Ministry here," he says, "are 
bereaved and weak with him. God has taken their father as well 
as his, from their heads this day. He was a Pastor in the town 
when the eldest of the present Pastors were but children, and 
long before most of them were born. They are weak indeed 
when he that is now speaking to them is the first in years among 
them, in all respects else (he least," &c. 

The Rev. Josht/a Gee, 6 colleague with Dr. Mather, also 
preached a Funeral Sermon on his departed friend, entitled " Is- 
rael's Mourning Icu-Aaron's Death." In this discourse there is 
the following important note: "Within a few months past, we 
have been called to lament the deaths of two such aged servants 
of the Lord. The Rev. Mr. Samuel Danforth of Taunton, who 
died Nov. 14. And my honored father-in-law, the Rev. Mr. 
Peter Thatcher of Milton, who died Dec. 17, 1727 : while the 
days of mourning were scarce over in this town for my dearly 
beloved friend and brother, the Rev. Mr. William, IValdron, who 
died Sept. 11, 1727." 


12 Memoir of Rev. Cotton Blather, D.D. 

Dr. Mather's son, " Samuel Mather, M. A., and Chaplain at 
Castle William," also preached a Funeral Sermon on his fath- 
er's death. " The Departure and Character of Elijah considered 
and improved," was its running title. Only about five years 
before, the deceased preached a sermon on the death of his father ; 
in the title-page of which, when printed, instead of the atithor's 
name we read, " By one who, as a Son with a FATHER, served 
with him in the Gospel." 7 

There were other discourses on the occasion of Dr. Mather's 
death, but they are not within our reach ; and if they were we 
have not room even for their titles. 8 

Dr. Mather died intestate, and the order of the Judge of Pro- 
bate for the distribution of his estate is as follows : — " One third to 
his widow, Lydia Mather; two single shares or fourth parts to 
Samuel Mather, Clerk, only surviving son, and one share each to 
the rest of his children, viz : Abigail Willard, deceased, wife of 
Daniel Willard, also deceased, their children and legal represent- 
atives, and Hannah Mather, Spinster." Dated, 25th May, 1730. 

The following items illustrative of the history of the Mather 
family are thought to be of sufficient interest to claim an inser- 
tion here. " Peter Hix of Dorchester and Sarah his wife, 
appointed guardians to Katherine Mather, aged about five years, 
daughter of Joseph Mather, yeoman, late of Dorchester, deceased. 
Dated, 9 May, 1695. Suffolk Wills, Vol. XIII. 299." 

" Petition of Samuel Mather of Boston, Clerk, praying the con- 
sideration of the court for the eminent and signal services of his 
venerable and honored grand-father, with another petition of 
sundry others of the descendants of the petitioner's grandfather." 
Jour. H. R. 20 Dec, 1738. On the 29th Dec. following, " the 
committee reported that, considering the Rev. Dr. Increase 
Mather not only served his particular church faithfully, and the 
college as their President with honor, but the province as an 
agent in procuring the present charter, to the good acceptance of his 
country ; and that his son, the Rev. Dr. Cotton Mather, and grand- 
son, the petitioner, his successor in the same church, and ministry, 
have not behaved themselves unworthy of such an ancestor, and 
have never had one foot of land granted to either of them, as we 
can learn, are therefore of opinion, that, notwithstanding the grat- 
ification of <£200 given him, as is alleged, it may be proper for 
this court to grant a farm of 500 acres, to the heirs of the said 
Dr. Increase Mather, and report accordingly." ib. 

The following year there is this entry upon the Journal: — 
" Petition of the Rev. Mr. Samuel Mather, praying as entered 
the 12th and 20th of Dec. last, and a petition of Maria Fifield, 
Elizabeth Bylcs, and others, heirs of Dr. Increase Mather, praying 
the consideration of the court on account of their father 1 * public 
services." ib. 22 June, 3 739. 

In 1730, a petition, of Richard Mather and sundry other inhab- 
itants of Suffield and Enfield was presented to the General Court 
of Massachusetts, praying for a tract of land on " Houssatunnic 
river," for a township, ib. 1730. 

Memoir of the Rev. Cotton Mather, T).D. 13 

" Atherton Mather of Windsor, Ct, appointed administrator 
on the estate of his sister Katherine, late of Windsor, deceased, 
intestate, spinster, 14 July, 1694. Inventory :.■■■-.■ nted by Ather- 
ton Mather, 19 July, 1694. Real estate in Dorchester to be 
divided between the two surviving brothers and the children of 
her deceased brethren, by her brother Atherton Mather; his eldest 
brother, Samuel, having refused the trust." ib'uf. Wills, vol. 
XIII. 288. 

" We hear from Halifax, that Dr. Thomas Mather lately died 
there of a fever. He was a son of the Rev. Samuel Mather of 
this town, and surgeon of the Provincial Regiment in Nova 
Scotia." — Bost. Ev. Post, 20th Dec, 1762. 

The Portrait of which ours accompanying this article was 
engraved is a beautiful mezzotinto, half size, with the following 
inscription underneath it: 

" Cottonus Matherus S. Theologies Doctor Regiae Societatis 
Londinensis Socius, et Ecclesiae apud Bostonum Nov "'Anglorum 
nuper Propositus. 

iEtatis Suce LXV. MDCCXXVII. 

P. Pelham ad vivum pinxit ab Origin Fecit." 

Although the name of Mather has never been so conspicuous 
in Old as in New England, yet there have probably always exist- 
ed persons of the name in that country of good standing and 
respectability. About the commencement of the present century, 
there were the Rev. William Mather, of Dover, and the Rev. 
John Mather of Beverley in Yorkshire. Portraits of these gentle- 
men have been published, of the former in 1817, and of the latter 
in 1823. How these persons stood related, or to what branch 
of the Mather family they belonged, we are entirely uninformed, 
nor have we attempted any investigations for the family in Eng- 
land, other than we have indicated in this article. 

It may not be improper to remark here, upon the Mather portraits, 
that that of Dr. Increase Mather, in " Palmer's Calamy's Noncon- 
formist's Memorial," is probably a fancy sketch ; as it has no resem- 
blance whatever to the original painting existing in Boston. 
There is a painting of the Rev. Richard Mather, (father of 
Increase) at Worcester, of undoubted authenticity. 

The name Mather is derived from the Saxon math, to mow ; 
mather, a mower ; as mill, miller, &c. The family, at the time 
of emigration to this country, was not entitled to bear coat- 
armor, being yeomen, though of good estate. A branch of the 
family in England has lately had a coat of arms and crest granted 
them, 9 as follows : — 

Arms. — Quarterly Argent and Gules, four scythes counter- 
changed. 10 

Crest. — A demi husbandman habited quarterly, Argent and 
Gules, capped the same, face and hands ppr., holding in the 
dexter hand a horn Or, in the sinister a scythe ppr. — Motto (in 
old English) — Mowe Warilie. 11 


Pedigree of the Family of Mather 




*j eft 

e a 
2 § 


o a 

B ■- 
































,cf -3 | ^ Si . 

"§ v s h ■* ■?! 

1-1 a _^ 

^ -SO, 

< *h • t— 


■9 ~ - o r 


' l~ 



a — 
"C a 
c o 

5 >* 

O c 

fa- -r) 


fa- — T 


■a oa 

*2 -3 




133 rH 
I— I 

fa S 




fa, OJ 



? • 

a • - 

: 5>cocMja.2 tn 

; -- ^ c * a, 
i-oOico a 

> X • C CM -> . 

1 rn 25 p5 1- s _; 
> - c . a t> o 

H ft rt T3 < Z » OJ 

. , .fa- ~ - < 

a « s- o © eg 

3 o m __ a -a 



— +3 


„ fH 


_ o • o i: 

S HS Z C J3 

' > -" c - 

:C -^ 

; o a . cd ( 

- . - > — 
; -3 — ■- DO 

S a °=>2 

3 -i 5 O 


— .a 



» M S 


5 a 

— rH 


> t; 53 a o 

:- ■■- cK 

. s & o ^ 


— ^ B ",3 d 

~ 3^ - = ~ 

H £ S in -7. » 


-'. s - 1 
i ^ -j  _ p - >; 

 - : — o c a 



.' 3 

• a -" 

&=,^ S-h-3 

• I X H , 

r. ■- .- 1 
u ^3 

.' — 

l d " 

■= ■= M - c- a ■- 

- = = _=-:! 

' . . ^- r. ^. — . 






.23 ''• 

- r 

a. - 
-- — 

P 3 
c < 

K - 

« - -7 = - = 


5 a 

. CO 

p a 

- 03 — 


X 3 

CC cvl rH 

-' g 7, 

a- ^ — 

S n- o 
- o «.a 

03 -Hi 

P * 



•a =• 

- - 

<• Si rH 


S a 

-.a— 1 

i 60 J .^ 

- - = '3 -a 

 -r — 

v ■-£ 

I ' - f ?f - 
r- ca >H Cm oc 35 cs 


*-- - 

r CO 

d Eg '• -; 

3S.S g 

-- -- 

a u 
— •_ = 


: = ti - 
" d 3 « 

a O 5 c^ 

r- t-. i- *- v. -^ ■_ — , 




■*-« (-1 e> •■' 

=3 °£ e-a • 
S St £ -S <m d 
H *3 fs go oS 

C fcfl 

>■ a 
- es 


a cj 

a'x?^^ —00 

— _ — -r> *— *-* 

O •"' 35 59 o _ 

— .„ = be" 

si :•- s a . 

3— -"S* 

' S  5-2 a ^ 

- .- - ra g 5 
ty. — « i-h ? y. 


rj . " 

- — - j; 
— >* '~ . 

jd ^ — 1 - < 

.i -■ _ ^ --C 

^r s. .= -' rH 

' > 2 ,• 



h^ -S -W '^ In. 

- s i- =- 

1 — 3 •— O •- I 
d >~ .- BG M 

r r > »- 1 - 

V. rn — r-.— 1 

3 „ Sc 

t- — •- 33 

,_ai;'C3 ^ft 

SC Ol rj <Jr,St>l 

ri bT"3 to 2 J2 

-3 So 00 1- 


S ^ r'rH 


XcOrnfi gOr, 


> 33 i 

i O-Ih a 

- - 1Z JZ e3 

 3 co 

< -? m Z s 2 >p I 

*-- _' a 

0. - c — - 

v. -■ > - 

felled . 

— 5 w —-!.-• 

<; = < £ S S 

ti. >, tt.- .a 


3 3 

7.rc „ a " a M d 
a ^ 13 <S "S ' 

36 B 


:: H 5 .3 SK -h 

= 0-3:^5 

"S a" 



• Si o 

> t^ i o tS'S b_; 

rH rH . g O * S 

a a r- 2 a o ^ rn 

"" T. ~ S • - a £ 

^ U ,„3 S R.3 r 
ME-"* H JJ° 

os co t- S: 2 it- « •- 

' ,-"3 _' b _r , 

" - a .3 a. =j -g „ 

3*-^'ri £"8^5 

i dg<§B.oa >.-' 

r ai.---=a-3 

- L 1 " 1 3 .2 a .s g. 

^--3-3 = 

a' 3r a >! £ - ; ^ 
£ < •£ it g g ^; 

- - - ^ • d . 

. - ,3 ~ — \ ^ I 

- ~ - t* d « t 
• rr >< ^ - - - :r 

■°J a s <s! r- 

« S TJrii fl S, Z 

3-3 »; ic • - « 

^ 5^h , — "r 

I - • 

- = 3 : :-- 

: " ' - "3 'J- -3 —J-H 


- - 3 - -   ". 

i - - ■= ^~~. > 

• a: -  - a 2; 

n << ; ^ < x 

-V,.- a-S 


Sa  "=5 . 

O l— ac -5 

CI •'■- - - 



a: 3- 
cr a a 


a) 1-1 C33 


S3sN tl" 




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■3 3i 

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a o 
a si 

<3 rH 

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;h kh 

3 . S • 
„ > ■-; bo 

a a ~ 3 
c c -< 
x a 


.3 c — rj 

a l-O - r--*, 

x Li i/ ^ ,a 

= a 55a 

2 a "3 hT d . 

— — ffl r- ^- U 

•2 1~ rj «_ x -e 
a cm 1- c a c3 

-■ a"3 a a 

.'-. 5«hTm 

a -a eS i~ 
** hTta . 1 ~ rn 

a >.— 1 fa r- 

a-3 j 


» g S d H 

— ~ c-i 

^ I- 

a 3 c^ 

c- «- 1) 

CV. r- ja 

I *&-_drH 

= ; g 



1 a 3, - t '- j 

 -. a 1' - - ' 

— r ~ _ •■■ rt . 

B — — 

< a B ^ "3 « « 


1 I . - - - 5 

a - £ 


■e -r 

a 3 — 
3- a x . 

. ; ( -.3 3a"H 

- .'. - fa *? _r  

1 I -a J - 

r- ; — 3, i — Z 

;^a-Ii • 

" *^ PC 

-— — — — I *j F^ 

Pedigree of the Family of Mather. 


<j — 






-go , ^- 
g «.sS 

2 3 

O m jj H 

«j oj* 2 

4^ SI 


o — 

» — 


C o 


•a~;5 -•« o. 
P-O; ,r> „ v • 
_ O CN (H co y. o 
« Sco "*s< 

o  a eot- 
>-a & ^» r-i co r-i 

£ a-»;? 

^^ r'S 

II 1 

3 ~ 3 

gc^orj IM 
W  CD 1^ I— 
OQ .aSStn 

8 £ « CO —- El 

t5 p. 

,C 00 

— o o 

BO »3 


a « 

<i-i i co ci ~ 

eajS -So 

■62fl co ^ 

S^os a - 

Kp m ȣ! 


3 .-CO 

OH . 

CO O -Sr-lt- 
3 t- 3 *.£ 

a •— oj ^-. CO 

5g.a s 

tri top- 



O r— I 

^ in 


rt Q> 

— ►>, 







«5 < 





•9 «£ 

•3. bo-oco „ 
.S? .»« . 

Si °° -j OCO 


■an ^«iog, 



a «■« 

OOHrt A^ P CO rl 

CO-* -to 
I- 1- tH I— 
i— t t-H I— rH 

1310^ t3 

-tS s  •§ ^ p. 
- »~— ' * •SsS 

— O! "PIS £f 


® >-.CNC^ 
g C3 CO 

oco tO 

-r 1 = 


IS." 9 


a •& 

ass p^^ 





w 1-1 

— CO 

£ if 1 

•S tt I 

j 3 a 

3 a c4 

X) CO 1— I 


ft ^^fH 

t-^A* - 


a cj"^ - 



oj rt iu 

/ M 




. Ii>o co 

CO.SPH. >-« 

O ^.- <o 52 

00 K 8 .55 

t a; a)H n 

ocn p ."q; 

- i-< ^2 e 
fl - ~»., 
03 ^3 p *1M 

a _r'P °° • J 

_ a, en -a _ 
o i™ 1 -- P* 4 
m t — a» a> 


A 5 B " S - . . 

3 ^1-3 ST Bt> jo o 
• .2S ra S H H a 

3^o-.gJss.gbi , S 

c> o pa -C 

•5 •" a 

•I ^ " " - 





SW h g 3 
^ ^J=r-*CO . 

J «5 t- „C0 r* & 
rOiTi u . • _ 

1-1 -J ^ • a & - 1» 

m 0innu,o3— i 

g O o . 

2 i2 »co 

^5 pea t^r-( 





co .«3 "-»■-» 
1— < -o -*■* 

•_j.jjlH ^ 

fl « a w q, 


1-9 fc En « i-a 



a o • 

O ffl ■*•* 

1*- 1~« 1— i . ^^ 

-> rt p°« 




: .= 

^3 s- 



16 Memoir of the Rev. Cotton Mather, D. D. 

1 Life by his son, who, in another place says, their number is three hundred and eighty- 

2 In reckoning up the various religions sects in N. England, Douglass puts dowo 
Witchcraft as one of them ! See his Summary. 

8 This and similar expressions are very common in the New England writers of that 
day. They seem peculiarly odd in our times, but by another hundred and fifty years 
they may be viewed as something more than odd. Having a few others at hand, I 
will throw them in here as curiosities of expressions of those days : 

In these goings down of the sun ; Dr. I. Mather, Brief Hist., p. 1. Prince, Pref. 
to Torrefs Elec. Ser. 

Kemote American parts of the Earth ; id. (I. Mather) Praise out of the mouth of Babes* 

This remote Corner of the Earth ; id. Elect. Sermon. 

These dark Territories ; id. Cases of Conscience Concerning Witchcraft, 45. 

These Ends of the Earth ; id. Pref to Boring's Ser. at Bexington, (1718.) 

These Dark Corners of the Earth ; id. Prevalency of Prayer, p. 5. 

In these Ends of the Earth ; Prince, Pref. N. Eng. Psalm Book. 

A desart Wilderness, thousands of leagues by sea ; Johnson Wond. Work. Prov. 

In this Howling Desart ; id. 

Beyond a dreadful and terrible Ocean 900 leagues in length ; id. 

This far remote and vast Wilderness ; id. 

This Western End of the World ; id. 

Here I will close the extracts, not however for want of others. I am also aware that 
modern writers sometimes use similar expressions, when speaking of this country. 
Several instances occur in Trumbull's McFingal. 

4 Printed Thompson in the Magnalia, and also in the Life of Dr. Mather by his son, 
but it is believed that the family of which Benjamin Tompson was a member, wrote 
their name uniformly Tompson. We know his father, the Rev. William Tompson 
of Braintree so spelled his name. 

6 This is exactly as we find it, and it is not deemed necessary'to reduce it to more 
intelligible heraldic language. We would remark in this connection, that the above 
description of the Arms of Mather has scarcely any thing in common with a cut of 
arms given in a " Mather Genealogy," published by Mr. John Mather, of the Con- 
necticut branch of the family in 1848. The author of this work has not committed, 
himself by giving us a description of the Arms he has published. To this publication 
we have been indebted, to some extent, especially in the later generations of the 
Connecticut Mathers. 

6 Who was Joshua Gee, who in 1731, published a third edition of " The Trade and 
Navigation of Great Britain considered :" &c. ? In this work there is much relative 
to the " American Plantations.' 

7 Whoever desires to be further informed respecting the life and character of Dr. 
Cotton Mather, cannot do better, in our opinion, than to read Dr. Eliot's notice of 
him in his New Eng. Biographical Dictionary. For neatness, truthfulness, and ele- 
gance, it is nothing short of the superlative degree. The article in Dr. Allen's Amer. 
Biog. Diet, is also a good and candid one. Of the more recent and labored lives of our 
subject, we have not room to speak. 

8 The writer desires it to be remembered that for several items respecting the chil- 
dren of Dr. Cotton Mather, he is indebted to his ready and accurate friend, N. B. 
Shurtleff, M. D. 

9 The grant, according to Burke (Heraldic Register, 32) bears date 18 Feb., 1847. 
and was " To Thomas Mather of Glyn Abbot, Co. of Flint, and formerly of Liverpool, 
Esq., a magistrate for the Co. of Flint, son and heir of Thomas M. of Mount Pleas- 
ant, Liverpool ; and grand-son of Daniel Mather of Toxteth Park, to be borne by the 
descendants of his late father, and his aunt, Sarah Mather of Toxteth Park, spinster, 
only surviving sister of his late father." Ellis Mather was, (says the foresaid author) 
the first settler in Toxteth, descended from a family long seated in the parish of Rad- 
clifte and its neighborhood. They held Toxteth Park from the time of Elizabeth till 

10 Researches of H. G. Somerby, Esq., in England, communicated to the author. 

11 A large number of " miscellaneous items" intended to have been inserted in this 
memoir, having been loaned some time since to a friend, we are obliged to defer ; 
as on application for the same, they could not be found. They were chieflycotem- 
porary matter with our subject, and highly interesting, and may hereafter appear 
iu.the Register, should they come to light. 




New Eng. Hist, and Gen. Register, 

26 Bromfield Street, (Up Stairs,) Boston, 


This CATALOGUE is a selection from the extensive stock at the above Office, chiefly of 
rare and desirable works on American History, Genealogy, &c, offered at prices far 
below those of similar works in any other Catalogue. 

fX^Many of the works it would be difficult to duplicate. 

(Lf^The copies are generally in good condition ; and though the kind of binding could not 
well be specified, it is mostly original, and often substantial and ornamental. 

(X/^AUTOGRAPHS. — It will be observed that some of the works contain rare Autographs. 

ABBOT, Abiel, (Rev. D.D.) Sermons by the 
late Rev. Abiel Abbot, D.D. With a Me- 
moir of his Life by S. Everett. Boston: 
1831. 12°. .75 

ABBOT, Abiel, (Rev. D.D.) and ABBOT, 
Eph'm, (Rev.) A Genealogical Register of 
the Descendants of George Abbot of Ando- 
ver, George Abbot of Rowley, &c. &c. 
Boston: 1847. 8°. 1.25 

ABBOT, Hull, (A. M.) Jehovah's Character 
as a Man of War. A Sermon preached 
at the desire of the Hon. Artil. Company in 
Boston, June 2, 1735. Being the Anni- 
versary-day for the election of their officers. 
Boston: 1735. 8°. A leaf wanting at the 
end. .25 

ABBOT, Abiel. Statement of Proceedings 
in the First Society in Coventry, [Ct.] with 
Mr. Abbot's Addr. Boston: ;811. 8°. .25 

ABBOT, Joel, [Lieut.) Trial of, by a Gen- 
eral Naval Court Martial, on allegations 
made against him by Capt. David Porter. . . 
Reported by F. W. Waldo. . .To which is 
added an Appendix. . .relating to affairs on 
the Boston Station. Boston: 1822. 8°. .75 

ABERT, [Lieut. J. W.) Report on New Mex- 
ico in 1846-7; Col. Cook's Report of his 
march from Santa Fe to San Diego, and 
Journal of Capt. Johnston. Washington: 
1847. 8°. 1.00 

ABEEL, David. Journal of a Residence in 
China, and the Neighboring Countries, from 
1829 to 1833. New York: 1834. 12°. .75 

ABBOT, Abiel, {A. M.) History of Andover, 
[in the Co. of Essex, Mass.] from its Settle- 
ment to 1829. Andover: 1829. 12°. 1.75 

Among the first of our Local Histories containing Fam- 
ily Genealogies. 

ABINGDON, Earl of. Thoughts on the 
Letter of Edmund Burke, Esq., to the Sher- 
iffs of Bristol, on the Affairs of America. 
By the Earl of Abingdon. 2d ed. Oxford : 
[1777.] 8°. 1.00 

ABRAHAM, the Book of. The Acts of the 
Elders. To which is appended a Chapter 
from the Book of Religious Errors, with , 
notes of explanation. Calculated for the 
meridian of Rhode Island ; but will answer 
for the New England States. Revised ed. 
Boston : 1745. 4°. A great curiosity. .50 

ADAMS, Edwin G. (Rev.) An Historical 
Discourse in Commemoration of the 100th 
Anniversary of the First Ch. in Templeton, 
Mass. With an Appendix of the municipal 
affairs of the town. Boston : 1857. 8°. .50 

ADAMS, Eliphalet. A Discourse putting . 
Christians in mind to be ready to every 
good work. As it was delivered in Boston- 
Oct. 20th, 1706. Boston : 1706. 12°. Some 
gone at the end. .30 

ADAMS, John Quincy. A Letter to the 
Hon. Harrison Gray Otis ... .on the Pres- 
ent state of our National Affairs, with re- 
marks upon Mr. Pickering's Letter to the 
Gov. of Massachusetts. 2d edn. Boston : . 
1808. 8°. .50 

Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

ADAMS, Hannah, (Mi*s.) A View of Relig- 
ions. . .of the various Denominations which 
have appeared in the world ... 2d edn with 
large additions. Boston: [n. d.] 8°. Dedi- 
cated to John Mams, Vice President of the 
United States. 1.00 

ADAMS, Hannah. An Abridgment of the 
History of New England, for the use of 
young persons. Now introduced into the 
principal schools of this town. 2d ed. Bos- 
ton: 1807. 12°. .50 

ADAMS, Hannah. The History of t;:e Jews 
from the Destruction of Jerusalem to the 
Nineteenth Century. In 2 vols. Boston: 
1812. 12°. 1.50 

ADAMS, Hannah. Remarks on the Contro- 
versy between Doctor Morse and Miss Ad- 
ams, together with some Notice of the Re- 
view of Dr. Morse's Appeal. 2d ed. with 
additions. Boston: 1814. 8°. 1.00 

Autograph—" Thomas Sewai.l. Ipswich, Mass." 

ADAMS, Hannah. A Memoir of, written by 
herself. With additional Notices, by a 
Friend. Boston: 1832. 12°. Portrait. .63 

ADAMS, John and Samuel. Four Letters : 
being an Interesting Correspondence be- 
tween those eminently distinguished char- 
acters, John Adnms .... and Samuel Ad- 
Adams, .... on the important subject of 
Government. Boston: 1802. 8°. 1.00 

ADAMS, John. A Defence of the Constitu- 
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ADDRESS (The), of the People of Great 
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AIKIN, Lucy. Memoirs of the Court of Qn. 
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QO 2 EjA 

ALEXANDER, Archibald, (Rev. D. D.) The 
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Profr. of Didactic and Polemic Theology, 
in the Theolog. Seminary of the Presbyte- 
rian Ch. in the U. S. A New York : 

1812. 8°. .50 

ALEXANDER, Caleb, (A. M.) An Essay on 
the real Deity of Jesus Christ. To which 
are added Strictures on Extracts from Mr. 
Emlyn's Humble Inquiry concerning the 

Deity of Jesus Christ Boston: 1791. 

8°. Slightly damaged. .75 

ALLDRIDGE, W. J. The Universal Mer- 
chant, in Theory and Practice ; improved 
and enlarged. IstAmer. edn. Philadelphia: 
1797. 8°. Extensive list of Subscribers' 
names. .75 

ALLEN, Paul, [Esq.) History of the Expe- 
dition under Lewis & Clark across the 
Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, in 
1804-6. Vol. Il.Philada: 1814.8°. 2.00 

Autograph — " W. IIatwaed." 

ALLEN, Thaddeus. An Inquiry into the 
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ALLEN, William, (D. D.) An Address, de- 
livered at Northampton, Mass., on the eve- 
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of the Close of the Second Century since 
the Settlement of the Town. Northampton : 
1855. 8°. .38 
ALLEN, (D.D.) An Historical Discourse, 
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occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the 
gathering of the 2d Church, under the Pas- 
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ALLISON, Archibald. Sermon chiefly on 
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the H. R. of the U. S April 28, 1796. 

Boston: [1796.] 8°. .50 

AMERICAN ACADEMY, Memoirs of the, 

to the end of the year 1783. Vol. I. Boston : 

1785. 4°. pp. 568. 2.00 

AMERICAN ALMANAC. Boston: 1831, 

&c. 12°. For the years 1831, 1839, 1842, 

1844, 1848-53, 1855-57. each .50 


Archaeologia Americana. Transactions and 

Collections of the American Antiq. Society. 

Published by direction of the Society. Vol. 

I. Worcester, Mass.: 1820. 8°. 2.50 


for the year 1826-7 2d edn. N.York : 

1835. 8°. [Also for the years] 1829-30, 
and 1831-2. each .75 

mary Review of History, Politics and Lit- 
erature. 2 vols. Philad. : 1817. 8°. 3.00 

26 Bromfield Street, Boston. 

Extracts from the Votes and Proceedings 
of the, held at Philadelphia on the 5th of 
Sept. 1774 .... Published by order of the 
Congress. Boston: 1774. 8°. 1.00 

AMERICAN NEPOS. (The) A Collection 
of the Lives of the most remarkable and the 

most eminent men 2d Baltimore edn. 

L Baltimore]: 1811. 12°. .75 

(The) In 3 vols. Boston: 1833-4. 8°. 2.50 

AMERICAN REVIEW, and Literary Jour- 
nal. In 2 vols. N.York: 1801-2. 8°. 3.00 

AZINE. Published for the benefit of the 
American Sunday School Union. [In 5 
vols.] 1824-8. Philadel. : 1824. 8°. 4.00 

[Vol. 2 wanting.] Philadelphia: 1813- 
19. 8°. 8.00 

ANALECTIC MAGAZINE, Vols. 9 and 10, 
(for 1817.) [in numbers, uncut, with all the 
engravings; among which are fine impres- 
sions of Dr. Jenner, Chief Justice Marshall, 
Dr. Dwight, A. J. Dallas, Patrick Henry, 
&c, and views of Boston, Richmond, Va. 
&c] Philad.: 1817. 8°. 2.00 

ANGELONI, Bap'ista. Letters on the Eng- 
lish Nation, by B. A., a Jesuit, who resided 
many years in London. Translated from the 
orig. Italian. 2 vols. 2d edn., corrections. 
London: 175(5. 8°. 1.50 

ANGLO AMERICAN (The). A Journal of 
Literature, News, Politics, the Drama, Fine 
Arts, etc. Edited by A. D. Patterson. In 
9 volumes, 1843-1847. Folio. 10.00 

Very valuable historical newspaper in a portable form. 

ANDOVER. Description of the Theological 
Institution at Andover. From Abbot's Re- 
ligious Magazine. For Dec. 1834. 8°. .38 

Society of Northern Antiquaries. First Se- 
ries. Annaler for Nordisk Oldkyndighed. 
1836-1837. Copenhagen: 1837. 8°. 1.50 

Boston: 1835. 8°. 1.00 

ANTHOLOGY, (The Monthly) and Boston 
Review, containing Sketches and Reports 
of Philosophy, Religion, History, Arts and 

Manners 10 vols. Boston: 1804 to 

1811. 8°. Wanting vols. 2 and 3. 7.00 

ANTI-MASONIC. The Proceedings of the 
Second United States Anti-Masonic Con- 
vention, held at Baltimore, Septemb. 1831 : 
Journal and Reports, nomination of Candi- 
dates for President and V. Pres. of the U. 
S Boston: 1832. 8°. .50 

APPLETON, Jesse, (D.D.) A Sermon did. 
at Augusta, Oct. 16, 1811, at the ord'n of 
the Rev. Benj. Tappan to the Pastoral office 
in that place. Augusta: 1811. 8°. .38 

APPLETON, Jesse. Addresses by Rev. J. 
A., D. D., late President of Bowdoin Col. 
Delivered at the annual Commencements, 
from 1808 to 1818; with a sketch of his 
character. Brunswick [Me ] 1820. 8°. 1.00 

APOLLO, The American. Containing Es- 
says, moral, political, and poetical, and the 
Daily Occurrences in the natural, civil, and 
commercial world. Nos. 1 to 39, [all ever 
published.] From Jan. 6, 1792, to Sept. 28, 
1792.8°. The two last JYos. wanting. 1.50 

The first part of the first volume of the Mass Hist. So- 
ciety's Collections was issued in connection with this peri- 
odical Hence the work is called the " Second Part ' The 
Collections were intended to make the " First Part," but 
that fellowship was abandoned 

ARTHUR, William The Antiquarian and 
General Review Vol. 3. Lansing- 
burgh, N. Y. 1847. 8°. Plates. .75 

ASHE, Thomas, (Esq.) Travels in America, 
performed in 1806, for the purpose of ex- 
ploring the rivers Alleghany, Monongahela, 

Ohio, and Mississippi New York : 

1811. 1.00 

This is a false title to some copies of the Salem edition 

of 180 -. 

ASHLEY, Jonathan, (A.M., Pastor Ch. in 

Deerfield.) The Great Duty of Charity, 

considered and applied in a Serm. preached 

at the Ch. in Brattle St., Boston, .... Nov. 

28, 1742. Boston: 1742. 8°. .75 

Autograph^ — "Benj Lincoln "s Book. — Hannah Gush- 
ing her book, given by her father " 

" Hannah Cushing is my name, 
Newingland is my nation, 
Hingham i* my dwelling place 
And Christ is my salvation." 

View of the History of Hindostan, and of 
the Politics, Commerce and Literature of 
Asia. 2d edn. 1799 to 1811. 14 vols. 
London: 1801. 8°. 20.00 

ASIATIC JOURNAL (The) and Monthly 
Register for British India and its Depend- 
encies. 67 vols. 1816 to 1842. London : 
1816-42. 8°. 40.00 

An elegant set, beautifully half bound in blue morocco. 

ICAL ECONOMY, with Introduction by 
Horace Greeley. New York: 1843. .50 

ATLAS, American. A Complete Historical, 
Chronological, and Genealogical American 
Atlas. . . .according to the plan of Le Sage, 
intended as a Companion to Lavoisne's im- 
provement of that celebrated work. Phila- 
delphia : 1823. Fol. 4.00 

ATWATER, Caleb. Remarks made on a 
Tour to Prairie du Chein ; thence to Wash- 
ington City, in 1829. Columbus, O.: 1831. 
12° 1.00 

AUSTIN, James F. The Life of Elbridge 
Gerry. With contemporary Letters. To 
the close of the American Revolution. 
Boston: 1828. 8°. 1.50 

Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

AUSTIN, Benjamin, Jr. Constitutional Re- 
publicanism, in opposition to Fallacious 
Federalism ; as published occasionally in 
the Independent Chronicle, under the signa- 
ture of Old South. To which is prefixed, 
a Prefatory Address to the Citizens of the 
United States, never before published 
Boston: 1803. 8°. 1.00 

AUSTIN, James T. An Oration, did. on the 
4th of Jiily, 1829, at the Celebration of 
Amer. Independence in the Citv of Boston. 
Boston: 1829. 8°. .25 

AVERY, David. Two Sermons on the Na- 
ture and Evil of Professors of Religion not 
bridling their Tongue. Boston: 1791. 8°. 

Wants last leaf. .38 

Autograph— ' J. Norton, presented by the Author." 

AVERY, Ephraim K. Strictures on the case 
of, originally published in the Republican 
Herald, Providence, R. I. With corrections, 
revisions, and additions. By Aristides. 
Providence: 1833. 12°. Maps. .50 

BACON, Leonard. Thirteen Historical Dis- 
courses, on the completion of Two Hun- 
dred Years, from the beginning of the First 
Church in New Haven, with an Appendix. 
New Haven: 1839.8°. Portraits of Daven- 
port, Picrpont, fflvtlelsey, and Dana. 1.50 
BAILEY, N. An Universal Dictionary of the 

Eng. Language Lon.: 1766. 8°. 1.50 

BAILEY, N. The Universal Ethnological 
English Dictionary, containing an additional 
collection of words (not in the first volume.) 

London: 1737. 8°. 2.50 

BAILEY, N. [Schoolmaster.) English and 

Latin Exercises, for School Boys 13th 

ciln. corrected. London: 1755. .75 

Autograph—'- Henry Sbwall'8 Book, 1763." ?ee pedi- 
gree of .-ewall, in Drake's Hist. Boston, Fol. Edition 

BAINES, Edward. History of the Wars of 
the French Revolution .... 4 vols. 2d edn. 
Philad: 1823. 8°. Plates and plans. 4.50 

BALDWIN, Thomas, [D. D.) A Discourse, 
did. before the Ancient and Hon. Art. Co. 
in Boston, June 1, 1807; being the anni- 
versary of their election of officers. Boston : 
1807. 8°. .25 

BANCROFT, Aaron, (.7. M.) A Discourse 
did. at Windsor, Vt., 23 June, 1790, at the 
Ord. of the Rev. Samuel Shuttle worth to 
the pastoral care of the Catholic Christian 
Church and Soc. in that place. Worcester : 
1790. 8°. .50 

Father of the Historian. Died 1839. 

BANCROFT, Aaron. Sermons on those 
Doctrines of the Gospel, and on those con- 
stituent principles of the Church, which 
Christian Professors have made the subject 
of Controversy. Worcester: 1822.8°. .25 

BANCROFT, George, [the Historian.) Ja- 
cob's Latin Reader, (in two parts.) with a 
Vocabularv and English Notes .... Boston : 
1833. 12°." .75 

BANKS, T. C. The Dominant and Extinct 
Baronage of England ; or, an historical and 
genealogical account of the English Nobil- 
ity, who have flourished from the Norman 
Conquest to the year 1809. Vol. the fourth 
continued down to Jan. 1837 .... London: 
1837. 4°. . 2.50 

BANKS, History of: to which is added, a 
demonstration of the advantages and neces- 
sity of free competition in the business of 
Banking. Boston: 1837. 12°. .50 

BAPTISTS in America (The). A Narrative 
of the Deputation from the Baptist Union 
in England to the United States and Cana- 
da. By the Rev. F. A. Cox, D. D. LL.D. ; 
and the Rev. J. Hoby, D. D. New York : 
1836. 12°. .75 

BARBER, John W. Interesting Events in 
the History of the U. States. . . .New Ha- 
ven : [date gone.] 12°. .50 

Damaged o>py, but early impressinns of the plates. 

BARBER, John W. and Howe, Henry. His- 
torical Collections of the State of New Jer- 
sey Illustrated by 120 engravings. 

Newark, N. J. [1844.] 8°. 2.50 

BARCLAY, Robert. An Apology for the 

True Christian Divinity or Vindication 

of the Quakers. N. York: 1827. 8°. 1.50 

" First stereotype edition." 

with which is incorporated a complete mod- 
ern Gazetteer, and beautiful Atlas of Maps. 

. . . And also a Pronouncing Dictionary 

Leeds: n.d. 4°. 1.50 

BARKER, Joseph, [M. A.) A Disc. did. "in 
Middleboro', Mass. Aug. 20, 1812, being 
the day of the National Fast. Boston : 
1812. 8°. .25 

BARLOW, Joel. Advice to the Privileged 

Orders of the several States of Europe 

Part II. Paris : 1793. 8°. .38 

. Another copy. New York: 1794. 

12°. .25 

BARNARD, Edward, [A. M.) Goodness 

considered. . . .In a Serm at the Ordn. 

of the Rev. Mr. Henry True, to the Pastl. 
care of a Ch. in Hampstead in the Province 
of New Hampshire. June 24, 1752. 8°. .25 

BARNARD, Edward, [M. A. Pastr. 1st Ch. 
Haverhill.) A Sermn. at the Annl. Con- 
vent. Congl. Ministers in Boston, May 27th, 
1773. Boston: 1773. 8°. .38 

BARNARD, Henry. Reports and other Of- 
ficial Documents respecting the Common 
Schools of Connecticut, for 1838-42. With 
Sketches of the School Systems of other 
States and Countries. [Three vols, in one.] 
Hartford. 4°. 2.00 

BARNARD, Thomas, [A. M). . . . A Sermon 
... .at the Ordination of Edwd. Barnard, to 
the pastoral care of the First Ch. in Haver- 
hill, April 27, 1743. Boston: 1743. 8°. .50 

Autograph.— 1 - Moses Hals." 

26 Bromfield Street, Boston. 

BARNARD, John, [A. M.). . . . A Serm. did. 
to the Assembly of Ministers, at their An- 
niversary Convention, in Boston ; which 
was followed with a Collection for the 
Propagation of the Gospel, June 1, 1738. 
Boston: 1738. 8°. .38 

BARNARD. Thomas. A Sermon did. bef. 
the Congregational Ministers of the Com- 
monwealth of Mass. at their annual con- 
vention in Boston, May 30, 1793. Boston : 
1793. 8°. .25 

BARROW, Isaac, {D. D.) Euclid's Elements ; 
the whole fifteen books, compendiously de- 
monstrated Now added an Appendix 

on ihe nature and construction of loga- 
rithms. By J. Barrow, author of Navig^atio 
Britannica, &c. London: 1751. 8°. Fine 
Portrait of Dr. Barrow. .75 

Autocrapli— " Eiijah Dunbar's Book, Nov. 3, 1757 '" 

MS. on Jly Uaf. 

BARRY, John S. A Genealogical and Bio- 
graphical Sketch of the name and family 
of Stetson; from 1G34 to 1847. Boston: 
1847. 8°. .50 

BARRY, William A History of Framing- 
ham, Mass., including the Plantation, from 
l(j40 to the present time Also, a Regis- 
ter of the inhabitants before 1800, with ge- 
nealogical sketches. Boston. 1847. 8°. 1.50 

BARTLET, VVm. S. [A. M.) Frontier Mis- 
sionary ; a Memoir of the Life of the Rev. 
Jacob Bailey, A. M., missionary at Pownal- 

boro', Maine; Cornwall, N. S With a 

Preface by the Rt. Rev. Geo. Burgess, D. D. 
Boston: 1853. 8°. 1.50 

BARTON, Benj. Smith. The Phila. Med. 
and Physical Journal. Three parts, viz., 
Part II. Vol. I. (1805,) Part II. Vol. II. 
(1806,) Part I. Vol. III. (1808.) Philadel. 
8°. Valuable and rare. The three, 1.00 

BAYLEY, Iuah, [Rev.) A Discourse on the 
necessity and importance of wisdom and 
knowledge, delivered at the opening of the 
Lincoln Academy in Newcastle, Oct. 1st, 
1805 Wiscasset: 1805. 8°. .25 

BEACON HILL. A Local Poem, historic 
and descriptive. Book I.. . .Boston : 1797. 
4°. [By Sarah Wentworth Morton.] Ml 
ever published. 1.00 

BEAUJOUR, Felix de. Apercu des Etats- 
Unis, au Commencement du XIX . siecle, 
depnis 1800 jusqu'eu 1810, avec des Tables 
Statistiques. A Paris: 1814. 8°. A work 
of great merit. 1.00 

BEECHER, C. & H. Primary Geography 
for children, on an improved plan. With 
eleven maps, and numerous engravings. 
Cincinnati: 1833. 18°. .50 

Miss H. B is now the wife of Dr. C. E. Stowe, and author 
of Uncle Tom's Cabin &c. 

BEECHER, Lyman, {D. D.) Six Sermons on 
the nature, occasions, signs, evils, and rem- 
edy of Intemperance. Boston: 1827. 12°. .38 

BEECHER, Lvman, (D. D.) Serm. did. at 
Worcester, Mass. Oct. 15, 1823, at the 
ord. of the Rev. Loammi Ives Hoadly to 
the pastoral care over the Calvinistic ch. in 
that place. 2d ed. Boston: 1824. 8°. .38 

BELCHER, Joseph, {D. D.) The Baptist 
Pulpit of the United States: eloquent and 
instructive passages from the Sermons of 
250 Baptist Ministers. New York : 1850. 
12°. Many Portraits. 1.25 

BELCHERTOWN. Historical Sketch of the 
Congregational Church in Belchertown, 
Mass., from its organization, 114 years, 
with notices of the pastors and officers, and 

list of communicants And incidents in 

the early history of the place. By Hon. Mark 
Doolittle. Northampt., Ms. : 1852. 12°. .75 

BELKNAP, Jeremy, (Z>. D.) American Bi- 
ography ; or, an historical account of those 
persons who have been distinguished in 

America 2 vols. Boston: 1791. 8°. 

Not uniform in binding. 3.00 

BELKNAP, Jeremy, [D. D.) A Sermon de- 
livered before the Convention of the Clergy 
of Massachusetts, in Boston, May 26, 1796. 
Boston: 1796. 8°. .38 

BELLAMY, Joseph. The Works of Joseph 
Bellamy, D. D., first pastor of the church in 
Bethlem, Con., with a Memoir of his Life 
and Character. In two volumes. Boston : 
1853. 8°. 3.00 

BELLAMY, Joseph, {A. M.) Remarks on 
the Rev. Mr. Croswell's Letter to the Rev. 
Mr. Gumming. Boston: 1763. 12°. .25 

BELSHAM, W. History of Great Britain, 
from the Revolution to the Accession of 
the House of Hanover. 2 vols. London: 
1798. 8°. 

Memoirs of the Kings of Great Britain of 
the House of Brunswic-Lunenburg. 2 vols. 
2d edn. 2 vols. London: 1796. 8°. 

Memoirs of the Reign of George III. to 
the session of parliament ending 1793. 3d 
edn. 4 vols. London : 1796. 8°. Complete 
in 8 vols., uniformly bound in calf. 5.00 

BELTRAM I, J. C. A Pilgrimage in Europe 
and Ameriea, leading to the discovery of 
the sources of the Mississippi and Bloody 
River; with a description of the whole 
course of the former, and of the Ohio. In 
two volumes. London: 1828. 8°. Map 
and plates. 4.00 

BENNETT, John C. The History of the 
Saints ; or, an Expose of Joe Smith and 
Mormonism. Boston: 1842. 12°. .75 

BERKSHIRE. A History of the County of 
Berkshire, Massachusetts ; in two parts. 
The first being a general view of the coun- 
try. The second, an account of the several 
towns. By gentlemen in the county, cler- 
gymen and laymen. Pittsfield : 1829. 12°. 
Maps and other plates. 1.50 

Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

BERKSHIRE JUBILEE, (The). Celebrated 
at Pittsfield, Mass., Aug. 22 and 23, 1844. 
Albany: 1845. 8°. Plates. .75 

BEVERLY, History of, civil and ecclesiasti- 
cal. From its settlement in 1630 to 1842. 
By Edwin M. Stone. Boston: 1843. 12°. 


BIGLOW, William. History of the town of 
Natick, Mass. From the days of the Apos- 
tle Eliot, MDCL, to the present time, 1830. 
Boston: 1830. 8°. .50 

BIGLAND, John. A Geographical and His- 
torical View of the World; with Notes. 
correcting and improving the part which 
relates to the American Continent and Isl- 
ands. By Jedidiah Morse, D. D., A. A. S., 
S. H. S. In 5 vols. 2d American edition. 
Boston: 1812. 8°. 3.00 

BIRKBECK, Morris. Letters from Illinois. 
Illustrated with maps by John Melish. 
Philadelphia: 1818. 12°. ' .75 

BLAKE, James. Annals of the Town of 
Dorchester, 1750. Boston: 1846. 12°. .38 

BLAKE, Samuel. A Genealogical History of 
William Blake of Dorchester [Mass.] and 
his descendants Boston: 1857.8°. 1.00 

BLOOM FIELD, E. The History of the 
Martyrs ; or an Authentic Narration of the 
Sufferings of the Church of Christ in even- 
part of the world, from the age of the 
Apostles to the present time. Two vols, in 
one. Bungay, Suffolk : 1810. 4to. 3.00 

Tn both volumes are about 600 pages, and numerous 
copper plates See Fox. 

BOLTON, Robert, Jr. A History of the 
County of West Chester, from its first set- 
tlement to the present time. 2 vols. New 
York: 1848. 8vo. 4.50 

Many folding pedigrees and engraviugc. 

BOSTON PRIZE POEMS, and other Speci- 
mens of Dramatic Poetry. Boston: 1824. 
12°. .50 

BOSTON. The By-Laws and Orders of the 
Town of Boston, made and passed at sev- 
eral meetings in 1785 and 1786. And duly 
approved bv the Court of Sessions. Bos- 
ton : 1786. 8°. .75 

BOSTON. Considerations on the public 
expediency of a bridge from one part of 
Boston to the other. Boston: Jan. 1806. 
8°. .25 

BOSTON. At a legal Town Meeting of the 
Freeholders and othpr Inhabitants of the 
Town of Boston, holden Jan. 14, 1822, 
Voted [to print a list of persons taxed in 
the year 1821, the amount each is taxed, 
&.c] Boston: 1822. r. 8°. .75 

An extensive work, and valuable for reference, contains 
upwards of 200 pages. 

BOSTON NEWS LETTER, (Bowen's,) and 
City Record. Vol. from Jan. to" July, 1826. 
Jerome V. C. Smith, M. D., Editor. Bos- 
ton : 1826. 8°. 1.00 

BOSTON. Report of the Citizens of, and 
Vicinity, opposed to a further increase of 
duties on importations. Bost. : 1827. 8°. .50 

A very elaborate and clotely and well printed pamphlet 
of about 200 pages 

Books in the ; to which are added the by- 
laws of the institution, and a list of its pro- 
prietors and subscribers. Bost. : 1827. 8°. .75 

BOUGANVILLE, Lewis de. A Voyage 
Round the World, performed by order of 
his most Christian Majesty, in the years 
1766, 1767, 1768, and 1769. Translated 
from the French by John Reinhold Forster, 
F. S. A. Dublin: 1772. Maps and Charts. 


BOWDITCH, Nathaniel, {A. A. S.) The 

New American Practical Navigator 

The whole exemplified in a Journnl kept 

from Boston to Madeira First Edition. 

Newburyport: 1802. 8°. 1.00 

BOWDITCH, N. I. A History of the Mas- 
sachusetts General Hospital. Not pub- 
lished. Boston: 1851. 8°. Fine engrav- 
ings, Views and Portraits. 2.50 

Autograph — " Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Lowell, with the re- 
gards Of N. I. BOWMTCH." — MS on fly Leaf. 

BOWDITCH, William I. Slavery and the 
Constitution. Boston : 1849. 8°. .25 

BOWEN, Abel. Picture of Boston, or the 
Citizen's and Stranger's Guide to the Me- 
tropolis of Massachusetts and its Environs. 
To which is affixed /Annals of Boston. 3d ed. 
Boston: 1838. 18°. Numerous plates. .75 

BRADFORD, Alden. Hist, of Massachu- 
setts, from 1764 to July, 1775, when Gen. 
Washington took command of the Army, 
Vol. I.— From July 1775 to 1789, Vol. II — 
From July 1790 lo 1820. Vol. III. 

The three Vols. 4.50 

BRADFORD, Alden. Biographical Notices 
of Distinguished Men in New England.. . . 
Boston: 1842. 12°. .75 

BRADLEY, Abraham, Jr. Map of the U. 
States, exhibiting the post-roads, the situa- 
tions, connections and distances of the post- 
offices, stage-roads, counties, ports of entry 
and delivery for foreign vessels, and the 
principal rivers. Philadel. : 1796. [35 by 
37 i?iches, mounted on muslin, in case.] 2.00 

BRADSTREET, Nathan, {Rev. A. B.) Two 
Sermons on the nature, extent, and motives 

of charity Deld. to the people of his 

charge, on the Sabbath following his ordi- 
nation in that place. . .Newburyport: 17'J4. 
8°. .38 
BRADY, Robert, (Dr. in Physic.) An Intro- 
duction to the Old English History 

London: 1684. Folio. 5.00 

From this valuable work very nearly a complete list of 
the principal tollowers of Wilfiam the Conqueror may be 
obtained. In the Appendix is '■ A Catalogue of all the 
Tenents in Capite or Serjenty, that held all the lands in 
every County of the King, as they are to be found in 
Domesday Book." 

26 Bromfield Street, Boston. 

BRAMAN, Isaac, [A. M.) A Sermon did. 
Sept. 28, 1814, at the ord. of the Rev. 
Gardner Braman Perry, over the 2d Cli. 
and Soc. in Bradford, Mass. Haverhill: 
1814. 8°. .38 

BRAMAN, Isaac. A Centennial Disc. did. 
at the re-opening of the Congregl. Meet- 
inghouse in New Rowley, Dec. 6, 1832. 
Haverhill: 1833. 8°. .50 

BRIANT, Lemuel, {A. M.) Some friendly 
Remarks on a Sermon lately preached at 
Braintree, 3d Parish. . . .and now pubd. by 
the Rev. Mr. Porter of Bridge water.. .In a 
Letter to the Author. Boston: 1750. 8°. .50 

BRIDGEWATER. Celebration of the 200th 
Anniversary of the Incorporation of Bridge- 
water, Mass., at W. Bridgewater, June 3, 
1856 ; including the Address by Hon. 
Emory Washburn of Worcester ; Poem by 

James Reed, A. B., of Boston Boston: 

1856. 8°. .75 

BRIGHAM, William. The Compact with 
the Charter and Laws of the Colony of 
New Plymouth. . . . Boston : 1836. 8°. 2.00 

BRISTED, John, {Counsellor at Law.) The 
Resources of the United States of America 
. . . .and Character of the American People 
New York: 1818. 8°. 1.50 

BROOKS, Edward. An Answer to the Pam- 
phlet of Mr. John A. Lowell, entitled '-Re- 
ply to a pamphlet recently circulated by 
Mr. Edward Brooks." With new facts and 
further proofs. Boston: 1851. 8°. 1.00 

BROWNLEE, W. C, (D. D.) Letters in 
the Roman Catholic Controversy. New 
York: 1834. 8vo. Portrait. 1.00 

BRYDGES, Egerton, {Sir, K. J., M. P.) Se- 
lect Poems, with a Preface. Printed at the 
private press of Lee Priory : 1814. 4°. 1.50 

One hundred copies only, piinted. 

BRYANT, William Cullen. Poems. Cam- 
bridge: 1821. 12°. .50 

BUCHANAN, James (Esq.) Sketches of the 
History, Manners and Customs of the North 
American Indians, with a Plan for their 
Amelioration. Vol.1. New York: 1824. 
12°. .75 

BUCKMINSTER, Joseph, (D. D.) A Dis- 
course delivered at the ordination of the 
Rev. Joseph S. Buckminster, to the pastoral 
charge of the Church in Brattle St., Boston. 
...Boston: 1805. 8°. .25 

BUCKMINSTER, Joseph, (D. D.) A Serm. 
did. at the Installation of the Rev. James 
Miltimore to the of the 4th ch. in 
Newbury, April 27, 1808. Newburyport: 
1808. 8 6 . .25 

BURGE, Caleb, (A. M.) A Disc. did. Nov. 
14, 1811, at the ordn. of the Rev. Saml. R. 
Hall, to the pastoral care of the congrega- 
tional church and people in Rumford, (D. 
Maine.) Windsor, Vt. : 1812. 8°. .38 

BUNKER'S HILL, Plans and Sections of 
the Obelisk on, with the details of expert 
rnents made in quarrying the granite. By 
S. Willard, Architect and Superintendent 
of the work. Bost. : 1843. 4°. pp.31. Nu- 
merous Plates and View of the Monument. .50 

BURGES, Tristam, (Hon.) Battle of Lake 
Erie, with notices of Commodore Elliot's 
conduct in that engagement. Boston : 
[Providence:] 1819. 12°. .75 

BURKE, Edmund. An Account of the 
European Settlements in America. First 
American edition. Boston: 1835. 8° 1.00 

BURLAMAQUE, J. J. The Principles of 
Natural and Politic Law. Translated into 
English by Mr. Nugent. The fourth edn., 
revised and corrected. 2 vols, in 1. Bos- 
ton: 1792. 8°. 1.00 

BURNET, Jacob. Notes on the Early Set- 
tlement of the North West Territory. New 
York: 1847. 8°. Portrait. 2.00 

BURNEY, James, (Capt., F. R. S.) A Chron- 
ological History of the North-eastern Voy- 
ages of Discovery ; and of the early Eastern 
Navigation of the Russians. London : 1819. 
8°. 1.50 

BURR, Jonathan, (Rev. A. M.) Two Semis, 
preached at Sandwich. The first, Feb. 16, 
1813, on a day ot Fasting appointed by the 
Ch. in that Town. The second, Feb. 17, 
1813, at the Installation of Rev. Jona. Burr, 
A. M., over the Calvinistic Ch. in Sandwich. 
By Oliver Cobb, A. M ....Boston: 1813. 
8°. .38 

BUTLER, Caleb. Some Account of Dea. 
John Butler of Pelham, N. H, and of his 
Descendants. [Rep. for the N. E. H. and 
G. Reg., 1849.] Boston: 1849. 8°. .50 

BUTLER, William. Arithmetical Questions, 
on a New Plan ; Designed as a Supplement 
to the Author's engraved Introduction to 
Arithmetic. . .3d edn., enlarged. London: 
1801. 8°. .75 

"Saml G Drake. Bought at St. John, N.Brunswick. 
15 Aug. 1846." MS. on fly leaf. 

CALDWELL, Charles, (M. D.) A Disc, on the 
Genius and Character of the Rev. Horace 
Holley, LL. D Boston : 1828. 8°. .75 

CALDVVELL, Charles, (M. D.) Thoughts 
on Quarantine and other Sanitary Systems, 
being an Essay which received the Prize of 
the Boylston. Medical Committee of Har- 
vard University, in August, 1834. ...Bos- 
ton: 1834. 8°. .38 

CALDWELL, Charles, (M. D.) Thoughts 
on the original Unity of the Human Race. 
Second edition ; with Additions and Im- 
provements. Cincinnati: 1852. 12°. .50' 

CALDWELL, Charles, (M. D.) Autobiog- 
raphy of, with a Preface, Notes, and Ap- 
pendix, by Harriet W. Warner. Philadel- 
phia : 1855. 8°. Portrait. 1.50 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

CALLANDER, John. Terra Australia Co- 
ginta ; or, Voyages to the Terra Australia, 
or Southern Hemisphere, during the 16th, 

17th, and 18th Centuries With a Preface 

by the Editor. In 3 vols. Edinburgh : 
1766. 8°. 5°oo 

An excellent genes of Voyages to the South ^eas, edited 
with great fidelity. On the back of the Dedication in the 
Autograph of the Author is " To his worthy friend, Coll. 
Rfibbet Cunninghame, from his most obliged Servt. The 

CALLCOTT, John Wall, {Dr.) A Musical 
Grammar, in four Parts. First American 
from the last London edn. Boston: 1810. 
12°. 1.00 

[CALLENDER, James Thompson.] The Po- 
litical Progress of Britain ; or, an Impartial 
History of Abuses in the Government of the 
British Empire in Europe, Asia, and Ameri- 
ca. From the Revolution in 1688 to the 
present time 3d edn. 1795. 8°. .50 

CAMBRIDGE. An account of the Contro- 
versy in the First Parish in Cambridge, 
1827-1829. Published in pursuance to a 
vote of the Church. Boston: 1829. 12°. .38 

CANADA. Counsel for Emigrants, and in- 
teresting information fram numerous sour- 
ces ; with original Letters from Canada 
and the United States. Aberdeen: 1834. 
12° Map. .50 

CAREY, Mathew. Miscellaneous Trifles in 
Prose. Philadelphia: 1796. 32°. .75 

A CL'Rioi'S as well a» rare little Look. Among its con- 
tents i-> a Life of Gen Nathaniel Greene. 
GARY, Samuel. A Sermon preached at 
King's Chapel, Boston, Sept 9, 1813, the 
day of the National Fast. Boston: 1813. 

CARY, Samuel A Sermon preached at 

King's Chapel, at Brattle St. Ch., and at 
the Thursday Lecture in Boston. Boston : 
1814. 8°. 

CATLIN'S NOTES of Eight Years' Travels 
and Residence in Europe, with his North 
American Indian Collection 2 vols. .Nu- 
merous Illustrations. 4th edn. London: 
1848. 8°. 2.50 

CHABRRT, M. De. Voyage fait par order 
du Roy en 1750 et 1751, dans L'Amerique 
Septentrionne, pour rectifier les Cartes des 
Cotes de L'Acadie, de L'Isle Royale et de 
L'Isle de Terreneuve; et pour en fixer les 
principaux points pur des Observations 
Astronomiques. A Paris: 1753. 4to. Many 
Charts, Diagrams, &,'c. 2.50 

A valuable work on the ('■ asl of North America. 

'CHAMBAUD, Lewis. A Grammar of the 

French Tongue 10th edn. London: 

1790. 8° .50 

Autograph.—" Samuel II. Wallet.' - 1794 
CHAMPION, Richard. Considerations on the 
present situation of Great Britain and the 
United States of America, with a view of 
their future commercial connexions...... 

2d ed. London: 1784. 8°. 1.00 

CHANNING, Wm. Ellery. A Sermon did. 
at the Ordn. of the Rev. John Codman to 
the pastoral care of the 2d Church of Christ 
in Dorchester, Dec. 7, 1808. Boston: 1809. 
8°. .25 

CHANNING, William Ellery. A Discourse 
delivered in Boston at the Solemn Festival 
in commemoration of the goodness of God 
in delivering the Christian world from mili- 
tary despotism, June 15, 1814. Boston : 
1814. 8°. .50 

CHANNING, W. E. Remarks on the Rev. 
Dr. Worcester's Second Letter to Mr. 
Channing, on American Unitarianism. Bos- 
ton : 1815. 8°. .25 

CHANNING, William E. A Serm. on War : 
delivered before the Convention of Congre- 
gational Ministers of Massachusetts, May 
30,1816 Boston: 1816. 12°. .25 

CHANNING, William Ellery. A Serm. did. 
at the Ordn. of the Rev. Jared Sparks. . . . 
in Baltimore. Boston: 1819. 12°. .25 

CHANNING, W. E. Discourses, Reviews, 
and Miscellanies. Boston: 1830. 8°. 1.00 

CHANNING, William E A Discourse 

delivered before the Benevolent Fraternity 
of Churches in Boston, on their first Anniver- 
sary, April 9, 18:35. Boston: 1835. 8°. .25 

CHANNING, William E. Self-Culture. An 
Address, introductory to the Franklin Lec- 
tures, delivered in Boston, Sept. 1838. 
Boston: 1838. 8°. .50 

Autograph.— " From Mart Greenwood Barrett to her 
Grandpa-pa, VV. P. Greenwood, Jan. 1,1839" MS. on 

a Jly It of. 

CHANNING, William E. A Discourse on 
the Life and Character of the Rev. Joseph 
Tuckerman, D D.. . .Boston: 1841. 18°. .25 

CHARLTON, Edwin A. New Hampshire 
as it is. In Three Parts: — A Historical 
Sketch, — A Gazetteer, — and General View. 
...Claremont: 1856. 8°. Plaits. 1.50 

CHATEAUBRIAND, F. A. De. Recollec- 
tions of Italy. England and America, with 
Essays on various Subjects, in Morals and 
Literature. Philadelphia: 1816. 8°. 1.25 

Autograph — '• Wm. Savage '' 

CHATEAUBRIAND, F. A. De. Travels in 
Greece, Palestine, Egypt and Barbary, dur- 
ing the years 1806 and 1807. Trans, from 
the French by Frederic Shoberl. Philad. : 
1813. 8°. 1.25 

CHAUNCY, Charles. Seasonable Thoughts 
on the state of Religion in New England, a 
Treatise in five Parts. . . .With a Preface, 
giving an account of the Antinomians, 
Famalists and Libertines.. . .Boston : 1743. 
8°. [18 pages of Subscribers' .Xames.] 2.00 

CHAUNCY, Charles, [D. D.) A Complete 
View of Episcopacy. . . . Boston : printed by 
Daniel Kneeland. in Queen St., for Thomas 
Leverett, in Cornhill, 1761. Fine copy, tvith 
Harvard College book plate. 2.00 

26 Bromfield Street, Boston. 

CHAUNCY, Charles, [D. D.) Earthquakes 
a token of the righteous anger of God. A 
Sermon preached at the Old-Brick-Meet- 
inghouse in Boston, the Lord's-Day after 
the terrible earthquake, which suddenly 
awoke us out of our sleep in the morning 
of the 18th of November, 1755. Boston: 
1755. 8°. 1.00 

CHAUNCY, Charles. Twelve Sermons on 

Seasonable and Important Subjects. 

Boston: 1765. 8°. 1.00 

CHEYNE, George. An Essay of Health and 
Long Life. 10th edition. [London: 1745.] 
8°. Title wanting. Dedicated to Sir Joseph 
Jekyll. .75 

Autograph. — "Joseph Dearie's, 1762." 

CHILD, Lydia Maria, [Mrs.) The Mother's 
Book. Boston: 1831. 12°. .50 

Auiogrnjih. — ' To Mrs. Greenwood, with the best respects 
of the Author." 

monthly. 11 vols., 1813 to 1823. Boston: 
8°. First 6 in bds., 5 half bound, neat. 4.00 

CHURCH, Thomas, [Esq.) The History of 
King Philip's War, commonly called the 

Great Indian War of 1(575 and 1676 

With numerous Notes and an Appendix. . . 
By S. G.Drake. Boston : 1829. 12°. .75 

CHURCH, Thomas, [Esq.) The History of 

the Great Indian War of 1675-6 Also. 

the old French and Indian Wars from 1689 
to 1704. With Notes and an Appendix. 
By S. G. Drake. Hartford : n. d. [1856?] 
8°. Plates. 1.25 

CHURCHILL, C. Poems, in two volumes. 
Vol. II. Containing the Conference, Au- 
thor, Duellist, Gotham, Farewell, Times, 
Independence, and Fragment of Journey. 
[Philadelphia?] 1768. 8°. With 56 pages 
of Subscribers^ names. 1.00 

CINCINNATI in 1841 ; its early Annals and 
future Prospects. By Charles Cist. Cin- 
cinnati : 1841. 12°. .75 

CLAP, Roger. Memoirs of Roger Clap. 
1630. Boston: 1844. 12°. .38 

CLARK, James, [Sir, Bart., M. D., F. R. S.) 
The Sanative Influence of Climate. 4th 
edition. London : 1846. cr. 8°. 1.50 

CLARKE, John, [Rev. D. D.) Sermons. 
[To which is prefixed] A short account of 
Dr. Clarke, by a late eminent Divine and 
Author. Boston: 1799. 8°. Portrait. 1.00 

CLARKE, John. Sermons, by the late Rev. 
J. C, D. D., Minister of the First Church in 
Boston, Ms. Boston: 1799. 8°. 1.00 

CLARKE, Samuel F. A Centennial Dis- 
course, delivered Sept. 9, 1850, before the 
First Church and Society in Athol. . .With 
an Appendix Boston: 1851. 8°. .50 

CLARK, Thomas. Sketches of the Naval 
Hist, of the U. States ; from the commence- 
ment of the Revolutionary War to the pres- 
ent time Phila.: 1813. 8°. 1.25 

CLARKSON Thomas. Memoirs of the Pri- 
vate and Public Life of William Penn ; 
who settled the State of Pennsylvania, and 
founded the City of Philadelphia. Two vols, 
in one. Dover, N. H.: 1827. 8°. 1.00 

CLARY, Timothy Farrar. Honorable Old 
Age. A Disc, occasioned by the Centen- 
nial Anniversary of the Hon. Timothv Far- 
rar, LL.D., held at Hollis, N. H., July 11, 
1847. Andover: 1847. 8°. .25 

CLEVELAND, Richard J. A Narrative of 
Voyages and Commercial Enterprises. In 
2 vols. 2ded. Cambridge: 1843. 12°. .75 

COBB, Alvan, [Pastor Oh. in West Taunton.) 
A Sermon delivered at Plymouth be- 
fore the Robinson Congregation, on the 22d 
of Dec. 1831: Taunton: 1832. 8°. .38 

COBBETT, William. Letters on the Late 
War between the United States and Great 
Britain, together with other Miscellaneous 
Writings on the same subject. N. York : 
1815. 8°. 1.50 

COCKER, Edward. Decimal Arithmetick. 
. . .Corrected and published by John Haw- 
kins. 4th ed. London: 1713. 12°. .50 

COHEN, M. M. [An Officer of the Left Wing ) 
Notices of Florida and the Campaigns. 
Charleston, S. C. N. York: 1836. 12°. 
Map and Plates. 1 .00 

COLBURN, Zerah. A Memoir, written by 
himself. Containing an account of the first 
discovery of his remarkable powers ; his 
travels in America, and residence in Eu- 
rope With his peculiar methods of cal- 
culation. Springfield, Ms. : 1833. 12. .75 

COLDEN. Cadwallader, [Esq.) /Phe History 

of the Five Indian Nations of "Canada 

Vol.2. 3ded. London: 1755. 12°. 2.00 

COLEMAN, William E. A. A Collection of 
the Facts and Documents, relative to the 
death of Major Gen. Alexander Hamilton ; 
with Comments ; together with the various 
Orations, Sermons, and Eulogies. . . .on his 
Life and Character. New lork : 1804. 8°. 
Out of binding. Rare. 1.25 

COLLINS, Lewis. Historical Sketches of 
Kentucky. .. .with Anecdotes of Pioneer 
Life, and more than 100 biographical sketch- 
es Illustrated by 40 engravings. Mays- 

ville, Ky., and Cincinnati: 1848. 8°. 2.50 

COLMAN, Benjamin, [Rev. D. D.) The 
Prophet's Death lamented, in a Sermon 
preached Sept. 1, 1723, to the N. Ch. in 
Boston, on the Lord's day after the funeral of 
their venerable and aged Pastor, Increase 
Mather, D. D.. . .Boston: 1723. 8°. 1.00 

COLMAN, Benjamin. The Holy Walk and 
Glorious Translation of blessed Enoch. . .A 
Serm. on the death of the Rev. and learned 
Cotton Mather, D. D. and F. R. S., who de- 
parted this life, Feb. 13, 1728, Midi. 65. 
Boston: 1728. 8°. Title mended. 1.00 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

COLQUHOUN, Patrick. A Treatise on the 
Wealth, Power, and Resource* of the Brit- 
ish Empire, in every quarter of the world, 
•fee. By P. Colquhoun, LL. D. Second 
edition. London: 1815. 4°. 3 00 

COLTON, Calvin, (Rev.) Thoughts on the 
Religious State of the Country ; with rea- 
sons for preferring Episcopacy. New York : 
1836. 12°. 75 

COLUMBIAN PHENIX (The) and Boston 
Review, containing useful information on 
Literature, Religion. Morality, Politics and 
Philosophy.... Vol. I. for 1800. Boston: 
1800. 8°. 1 50 

COMMON PLACE BOOK. (Manuscript.) 
Written by the late F. W. P. Greenwood. 
4°. "Begun, 1809." 150 

COMMON "SENSE, addressed to the Inhab- 
itants of America Sixth edition. Provi- 
dence: 1770. 4°. Wants last leaf . .75 

CONANT, Sylvanus, (Pastor 1st Church in 
Midd/eborovgh.) An Anniversary Sermon 
preached at Plymouth, Dec. 23, 1770. In 
grateful memory of the first landing of our 
worthy ancestors in that place. An. Dorn. 
1620 Boston, N. E. : 1777. 8°. .75 


CONCORD. The History of Concord [New 
Hampshire] from its first grant in 1725, to the 
organization of the city government in 1853, 
with a History of the Ancient Penacooks. . . 
to the present period, 1855; with maps, por- 
traits and residences. By Nathaniel Bouton. 
Concord: 1856. 8°. 2.50 

Very thick volume of near 800 pnges. 


Massachusetts. An Inquiry into the Right 
to change the Ecclesiastical constitution 5 of 
the Boston: 1816. 8°. .25 

CONNECTICUT. The Connecticut Com- 
mon School Journal. Published under the 
direction of the Board of Commissioners of 
Common Schools. [In 4 volumes.] Hart- 
ford : 1838—1842. 4°. 3 00 

CONVENTION of Congregational Ministers, 
an Historical Sketch of the, in Mass. ; with 
an Account of its Funds ; its connexion 
with the Mass. Congl. Char. Society, and 
its Rules and Regulations. Cambridge: 
1821. .so 

COOK, Amos J., (A. M.) The Student's 
Companion ; containing a variety of Poetry ! 

and Prose designed to improve youth in 

reading and parsing the English language. 
2d edn. Concord : printed by Isaac Hill. 
1825. 12°. .50 

COOPER, William. The Danger of People's 
losing the good impression made by the ' 
late awful Earthquake. A Sermon preached 
a month after it happened. Hosea, 6. 4. . . I 
Psl. 88. 10. 11... Boston: 1727. 8°. 1.00 

Autographs.— " W. Smith," father of Mrs. Pres. John 
Adams, and "J. Norton." 

COOPER, William. The Doctrine of Pre- 
destination unto Life, explained and vin- 
dicated. In 4 Sermons, preached in Brattle 
Street. Preface by Benj. Colman, Joseph 
Sewall. Thos. Prince, Andw. Le Mercier 
and John Webb. Boston: 1740. 18°. .75 

COTTON, John. The Life of. By A. W. 

M'Clure. Boston: 1846. 12°. [Vol. I. of 

" Lives of the Chief Fathers of New Eng- 
land."] f 5 

COXE, William, (A. M., F. R. S., &c.) Trav- 
els into Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Den- 
mark. Illustrated with Charts and En- 
gravings. In 5 vols. 4th edn. London : 
17!U. Fine copy, in calf, gilt. 4.00 

CRAWFORD, Thomas. The Life and Ad- 
ventures of T. C. a native of England, who 
was in her service 21 years, 108 days, in 
the reigns of Geo. III., Geo. IV., and Wil- 
liam I V., previous to his coming to the 

United States of America Written by 

Himself. Concord, N. H. : 1849. 8°. .50 

CRISIS(The.) Number II. A Bloody Court, 
a Bloody Ministry, and a Bloody Parliament. 
Norwich, Ct., re-printed, [n. d.] .50 

CROCKETT, David. An Account of Colonel 
Crockett's Tour to the North and down 
East, in the year 1834 Written bv Him- 
self. Philadelphia: 1835. 12°. 75 

CROCKETT, David. The Life of Martin 
\ an Buren, heir-apparent to the " Govern- 
ment/' With a Concise History of the 

events that have occasioned his unparalleled 

elevation 16th edn. Philad. : 1837. 

12°. .75 

CROSWELL, A., (M. A.) Testimony against 
the profaneness of some of the public dis- 
putes, on the last Commencement Day ; 
with Letters to the Rev. President of Har- 
vard College on the occasion Boston: 

1760. 8°. Damaged. .50 

CROSWELL, Joseph. Sketches of the Life, 
and Extracts from the Journals, and other 
Writings, of the late Joseph Croswell ; who, 
for more than forty years, was an itinerant 
preacher in the New England States; and 
who died at Bridge water, (Mass.) xMay, 1799, 
in the 88th year of his age. By One, who 
is desirous that, being dead, he yet may 
speak. Boston: 1800. 12°. 1.25 

Autograph — " Isaac Wilder Jcn"rs Book " 

CUMMING, A., (A. M.) Animadversions on 
the Rev. Mr. Croswell's late Letter, &c. 
Designed to remove prejudices it tends to 
excite against the truth,. . .Boston: 1763. 
8°. .50 

CURTIS, Jonathan. A Sermon delivered be- 
fore the Auxiliary Education Society of 
Norfolk County, at their Annual Meeting 
in Dedham, June 9, 1830. Boston : 1830. 
8°. .25 

26 Bromfield St?-eet, Boston. 


CUSHING, Caleb. An Oration delivered in 
Newburyport, on the 41st Anniversary of 
American Independence, July 4, 1821. 
Newburyport: 1821. 8°. .25 

CUSHMAN, Henry W. A Historical and f 
Biographical Genealogy of the Cushmans, 
the descendants of Robert Cushman, the 
Puritan, from the year 1617 to 1855. Bos- 
ton : 1855. 8°. Plain, 3.00. Gilt, 3.50 

A stout octavo of near 700 pages, and many plates. One 
of our very best genealogical works, in all respects. 

CUTTER, Charles VV. An Oration pro- 
nounced before the Whigs of Portsmouth, 
on the 4th of July, 1834. Portsmouth: 
1834. 8°. .25 

DAGGETT, John. Sketches of the History 
of Attleborough, from its settlement to the 
present time. Dedham : 1834. 8°. .75 

DALRYMPLE, Alexander. An Historical 
Collection of the several Voyages and Dis- 
coveries in the South Pacific Ocean. Two 
vols, in one. Being chiefly a literal trans- 
lation from Ihe Spanish Writers. Lon- 
don, printed for the Author, 1770 — 1772. 
Maps. 2.00 

DAMPIER, William. A New Voyage round 
the World, describing particularly the Isth- 
mus of America. . . .the West Indies, Cape 
Verd, the passage by Terra del Fuego, the 
South Sea coasts of Chili, Peru and Mexi- 
co; the Isle of Guam, Mindanao. .. .&c. 
New Holland, Sumatra, Nicobar Isles ; the 

Cape of Good Hope, and St. Helena 

Vol. I. 4th ed., corrected. With particular 
Maps and Draughts. London: 1799. 8°. 
Vol.11., 1700. 8°. 3.00 

DANA, Daniel, [D. D.) A Disc. did. in the 
1st Presbyterian Ch. in Newburyport, on 
Tuesday, Nov. 19, 1844, it being the 50th 
of the Author's Ordination. Newburyport: 
1845. 8°. .38 

DANA, E. A Description of the Bounty 
Lands in the State of Illinois Cincin- 
nati : 1819. 12°. 1.00 

DANA, James, (D. D.) A Serm. preached 

in Cambridge in the Com. of Mass., Jan. 
25, 1792, at the Installation of the Rev. 
Abiel Holmes to the pastoral care of the 
First Church and Society in said town. 
Boston: 1792. 8°. .50 

Dr. Holmes, (tin author of the invaluable American 
Annals, and father of O. W. Holmes, the poet. 

DANA, Richard H. The Idle Man. [In 
four Parts or Numbers.] New York: 1821. 
8°. 1.00 

DANVERS. Account of the Centennial Cel- 
ebration, June IGth, 1852, together with the 
Proceedings of the town in relation to the 
donation of George Peabody, Esq. of Lon- 
don. Boston: 1852. 8°. Plates. 1.00 

DARBY, William. A Geographical De- 
scription of the State of Louisiana. Phila- 
delphia: 181G. 8°. 1.50 

DARBY, William. A Tour from the City 
of New York to Detroit, in the Michigan 

Territory, in 1818 New York: 1819. 

8°. Maps. 1.00 

DARBY, William. Darby's Universal Ga- 
zetteer, or, a New Geographical Diction- 
ary. Philadelphia : 1827. 8°. Colored Map 
of the United Stales. 1.00 

Aulo^iapli. — " Henry II. Fuller " 

DARNELL, Elias. A Journal, containing. . . 
an account of the Hardships, Sufferings, 
Battles, Defeat and Captivity of those heroic 
Kentucky Volunteers and Regulars, com- 
manded by Gen. Winchester, in the years 
1812-13. Philadelphia: 1854. 18°. .25 

of the Official Conduct of the Trustees of 
Dartmouth College, in answer to " Sketches 
of the History of Dartmouth College.". . . . 
Published by the Trustees. Concord : 1815. 
8°. .50 

DAVENPORT, A. Benedict. A History and 
Genealogy of the Davenport Family, in 
England and America, from A. D. 1086 to 
1850 New York: 1851. 12°. 2.50 

DAVIS, John. An Eulogy on Gen. George 
Washington, pronounced at Boston, on 
Wednesday, Feb. 19th, 1800, before the 
American Academy of Arts and Sciences. 
Boston: 1800. 4°. .75 

[DAVIS, John.] The American Mariners; 
or, the Atlantic Voyage ; a Moral Poem. 
Prefixed is a Vindication of the American 
Character, from the Aspersions of the Quar. 
Reviewers. To which are added, Naval 
Annals. . . . London : [ 1 824 ?] 12°. 1 .00 

DAVIS, Richard Bingham. Poems by, with a 
Sketch of his Life. N. York : 1807. 12°. .75 

DAY, George E. A Genealogical Register 
of the descendants in the male line of Rob- 
ert Day of Hartford, Ct., who died in the 
year 1648. 2d ed. Northampton: 1848. 
8°. 1.00 

DEARBORN, Henry A. S. A Sketch of the 
Life of the Apostle Eliot, prefatory to a 
subscription for erecting a monument to 
his memory.. . .Roxbury : 1850. 8°. With a 
View of the proposed Monument. .25 

DEDHAM. Historical Annals of, from its 
settlement in 1635. to 1847. By Herman 
Mann. Dedham: 1847. 8°. 1.00 

DE FOREST, John W. History of the In- 
dians of Connecticut from the earliest known 
period to 1850.. . .Hartford : 1853. 8°. Map 
and many Engravings. 1.00 

DELANOJ Amasa. A Narrative of Voyages 
and Travels, in the Northern and Southern 
Hemispheres ; comprising three Voyages 
round the World ; together with a Voyage 
of Survey and Discovery, in the Pacific 
Ocean and Oriental Islands. Boston: 1817. 
8°. Portrait, and other Plates. 1.50 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

DELUSION ; or the Witch of New England. 
Boston: 1840. 12°. .50 

DENTON, Daniel. A Brief Description of 
New York, formerly called New Nether- 
lands, with the places thereunto adjoining. 
Likewise a brief Relation of the Customs 
of the Indians there. New edition, with 
Introduction and Notes by Gabriel Furman. 
New York: 1845. 8°. 1.00 

DEPONS, F. A Voyage to the eastern part 
of Terra Firma, or the Spanish Main, in 
South America, during the years 1801-2-3 
and 4.... In 3 volumes. With a large 
map of the country, &c. Translated by an 
American Gentleman. New York: 1806. 
8°. Map wanting. 1.50 

DEWEY, Benoni. A True and Concise Nar- 
rative of the origin and progress of the 
Church Difficulties, in the vicinity of Dart- 
mouth College in Hanover. The same 
being the origin of President Wheelock's 
disaffection to the Trustees and Professors 
of the College, with Documents relative 
thereto. By B. D., James Wheelock, and 
Ben. J. Gilbert, a Coin, of the Congrega- 
tional Church there appointed for the pur- 
pose. Hanover: 18!5. 8°. .75 

DIAZ, Bernal, [Copt del Castillo.) The His- 
tory of the Conquest of Mexico. . . .written 
in the year 1568. Trans, from the original 
Spanish by Maurice Keating, Esq. 2 vols. 
Salem: 1803. 8°. 2.50 

DICKINSON, Jonathan, {A. M.) The True 
Scripture Doctrine concerning some impor- 
tant points of Christian Faith In Five 

Discourses. Preface by Mr. Foxcroft. Bos- 
ton: 1741. 18°. .50 

DICKINSON, Jonathan, {A. M, Elizabeth- 
town, JV. J.) A Vindication of God's Sov- 
ereign Free Grace. In some Remarks upon 
Mr. John Beach's Sermon. . . .with Reflec- 
tions upon Mr. Henry Caner's Sermon,. . . . 
and on a Pamphlet intitled a Letter from 
Aristocles to Anthades. Boston: 1746. 
8°. .50 

DIGGES, Sir Dudley. The Compleate Am- 
bassador ; or two Treaties of the Intended 
Marriage of Queen Elizabeth of Glorious 
Memory ; comprised in Letters of Negotia- 
tion of Sir Francis Walsingham, her Resi- 
dent in France. Together with the An- 
swers of the Lord Burleigh, the Earl of 

Leicester, Sir Tho: Smith, and others 

Faithfully collected by the truly Honorable 
Sir D. D. Kt., late Master of the Rolls. Lon. : 
1655. Folio. Title supplied by MS. 3.00 

DOBBS, Arthur. An Account of the Coun- 
tries adjoining to Hudson's Bay, in the 

North-west part of America With an 

abstract of Capt. Middleton's Journal 

London: 1748. 8°. Fine copy, but without 
Map. 2.50 

Answer to the Rev. Mr. White's Three 
Letters ; in which a Separation from the 
Establishment is fully justified ; the charge 

of Schism is refuted and the Church of 

England and the Church of Jesus Christ 

are impartially compared 5th edition. 

Boston: 1748. 8°. .62 

DIXON, George. A Voyage round the World ; 
but more particularly to the North West 
Coast of America: Performed in 1785, 1786, 
1787, and 1788, in the King George and 
Queen Charlotte, Capts. Pollock and Dixon. 
Dedicated by permission to Sir Jos. Banks, 
Bart. The 2d edition. London : 1789. 4°. 
Maps and Plates. 2.50 

DODDRIDGE, Philip, {D. D.) Practical Dis- 
courses on Regeneration. Third edition. 
[Boston?] 175i>. 12°. .50 

Aumgraph. — " Thomas Prentiss. ? ' 

DON QUIXOTE. Trans, by T. Smolletf, 
M. D. Illustrated with copper plates, de- 
signed bv Hayman. 4th edition, corrected. 
Vol. 4. London : 1770. 12°. .75 

Autographs. — " Samuel Gardner. Samuel Swazey,1767. 

G. Stacy, 1779 N. Bridge. Moses Gill" 

DON QUIXOTE. Trans, by T. Smollett, 
M. D. Illustrated with copper plates, de- 
signed by Hayman. 4th edition, corrected. 
Vol. I. London: 1770. 12°. .75 

Auio^rari/is.— u N. Bridge. Moses Gill, bought of N. 

Bridge. 1780 " 

Vol. III. .75 

Auiogrn/ihs.—^ Moses Gill, Jun'r. Samuel Gardner." 

DRAKE, Benjamin. The Life and Adven- 
tures of Black Hawk ; with Sketches of 
Keokuk, the Sack and Fox Indians, and 
the late Black Hawk War. 7th edition, 
improved. Cincinnati: 1844. 12°. .75 

DRAKE, Benjamin. Life of Tecumseh, and 
his Brother, the Prophet; with a Historical 
Sketch of the Shawanoe Indians. Cincin- 
nati: 1856. 12°. Cuts. .75 

DRAKE, Daniel. Natural and Statistical 
View, or Picture of Cincinnati and the 
Miami Country. Illustrated by Maps. With 
an Appendix, containing Observations on 
the late Earthquakes, the Aurora Borealis, 
and South West Wind. Cincinnati: 1815. 
12°. 1.50 

This work has home a hizh reputation from the first. 
The Author died Nov. 5'h, 1852, aged 67- 

DRAKE, S. G. Some Memoirs of the Life 
and Writings of the Rev. Thomas Prince, 
together with a Pedigree of his Family. 
Boston : 1851. 8°. [Reprinted from the 
New England Historical and Genealogical 
Register for 1851.] .50 

DRAKE, Samuel G. Tragedies of the 
Wilderness ; or true and authentic Narra- 
tives of Captives who have been carried 

away by the Indians Boston: 1846. 12°. 

Wood cuts. -75 

26 Bro infield Street, Boston. 


DRAKE, Samuel G. Biography and History 
of the Indians of North America, from its 
first discovery. Eleventh edition. Boston : 
1851. 8°. Half calf, antique. 5.00 

Of this edition fijiy-six copies only were struck off on 
superfine piper; each of which had 39 steel and copper 
plates, with a printed )i>t of the same 

DRAKE, S G. Principal Events in the Life 
of the Indian Chief Brant. [Prepared for 
the N. E. II. and Gen. Register.] Boston : 
1848. 8°. .25 

DRAKE, S. G. The Checkley Family. [Re- 
printed from the New E. Hist, and Gen. 
Resr. for 1848.] Boston: 1848. 8°. .25 

DRAKE, Samuel G. A Memoir of the Rev. 
Cotton Mather, D. D., with a Genealogy of 
the Family of Mather. Boston: 1851. 8°. 
[Reprinted from the N. E. H. and Gen. 
Register.] .50 

DRAKE, ?. G. Discovery of some materials 
for the Early History of Dorchester, General 
and Particular. [Prepared for the N. E. 
H. and Gen. Reg.] Boston: 1851. 8°. .50 

DRAKE, Sir Francis. The English Hero; 
or, Sir Francis Drake revived. . . . 16th edn. 
Enlarged and reduced into Chapters and 
Contents, by R. B. Lond. : 17G2. 18°. 1.25 

Full bound, green moroc, elegant. A few leaves supplied. 

DKAKE, Sir Francis. The First English 
Circumnavigator. Printed from the Bio- 
graphia Britannica. London: 1828. Folio. 
Fine portrait, and view of the Chair made oid 
of his ship. 2.00 

DUANE, William John. The Law of Na- 
tions, Investigated in a Popular Manner. 
Addressed to the Farmers of the U. States. 
...Philadelphia: 1809. 8°. .50 

DUDLEY, Dean. The Dudley Genealogies 
and Family Records. Boston: 1848. 8°. 
With engravings of Arms and Ruins of 
Dudley Castled 1.00 

DUER, William, {LL. D.) The Life of Wil- 
liam Alexander, Earl of Stirling With 

Selections from his Correspondence. By his 
Grandson, W. D. N. York : 1847. 8°. 1.00 

DUNSTABLE. History of the Old Town of 
Dunstable ; including Nashua, Nashville, 
Hollis, Hudson, Litchfield, and Merrimack, 
N. H. ; Dunstable and Tyngsborough, Ms. 
By Charles J. Fox. Nashua: 1846. 12°. 
Plates. 1.50 

DWIGHT, Theodore. An Oration, delivered 
at New Haven on the 7th of July, A. D. 
1801, before the Society of Cincinnati for 
the State of Connecticut, assembled to cel- 
ebrate the Anniversary of American Inde- 
pendence. Hartford: 1801. 8°. .50 

Brother of President Dwight, and Author of the History 
of the Hartford Convention. 

DWIGHT, Timothy, {Rev., D. D.) A Ser- 
mon preached at the opening of the Theo- 
logical Institution in Andover; and at the 
ord. of Rev. Eliphalet Pearson, LL. D., Sept. 
28,1808. Boston: 1808. 8°. .38 

EARTHQUAKES. A Letter from the Lord 
Bishop of London [Thomas Sherlock,] to the 
Clergy and People of London and West- 
minster ; on occasion of the Earthquakes. 
Boston: 1750. 8°. .50 

Autograph. — l; Allan Meltille, June 26, 1750 " 

EASTMAN, F. S. A History of the State of 
New York, from the first Discovery of the 
Country to the present time.. . .A new edn. 
New York: 18:31. 12°. Plates. 1.00 

EASTMAN, Luke. Masonic Melodies, be- 
ing a Choice Selection. . .Set to Music. . . 
Boston: 1818. 8°. .75 

EATON, William, {Gen.) The Life of the 
Late ; several years an Officer in the U. S. 

Army, Consul at Tunis Brook field : 

1813: 8°. Portrait. 1.00 

EDWARDS, Jonathan, [A. M., late President 
JV. J. College )... .A Sermon preached at 
Northampton, and published at the desire 
of some of the Hearers, in the year 1734. 
Boston. 12°. .50 

EDWARDS, Jonathan. An Account of the 
Life of the Rev. David Brainerd. . . .To 
which is annexed Mr. Brainerd's Journal, 
and Mr. Pemberton's Sermon at. his Ordina- 
tion. Edinburgh: 1765. 8°. 1.00 

EDWARDS, Jonathan. An Account of the 
Life of the Rev. David Brainerd.. . .Chiefly 
from his Diary . . . Worcester : 1793. 8°. 1 .00 

EDWARDS, Justin A Sermon delivered at 
the Installation of Rev. Frederick Freeman 
as Pastor of the 3d Cong. Ch. and Soc. in 
Plymouth, Mass., Nov. 3, 1824. Andover: 
1825. 8°. .25 

EDWARDS, Peter. Candid Reasons for re- 
nouncing the Principles of Antipanlobap- 
tism. Also, an Appendix, containing a 
Short Method with the Baptists. 2d Amer. 
edn. Exeter, N. H. : 1802. 12°. .50 

Another copy. 2d edition. Hartford : 

1803. 8°. .50 

ELTOT, Andrew. A Sermon preached Oct. 
25th, 1759, being a day of Public Thanks- 
giving appointed by authority, for the suc- 
cess of the British arms this year; especial- 
ly in the Reduction of Quebec, the Capital 
of Canada. Boston: 1759. 8°. 1.00 

ELIOT, John, (Minister of the New North 
Church.) A Sermon on the Propriety of 
attending Pub. Wor.. . .Bost.: 1800. 8°. .38 

ELLICOTT, Andrew, the Journal of, for 

determining the Boundary between the 
United States and the possessions of his 

Catholic Majesty in America With six 

Maps. To which is added an Appendix. 
Philad.: 1814. 4°. Slightly imperfect. 2.50 
EMERY, Samuel Hopkins. The Ministry of 
Taunton, with Incidental Notices of other 
Professions. With an Introduction by Hon. 
Francis Baylies. In 2 vols. Boston: 1833. 
12°. Plates. 1.50 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

EMERSON, William. An Histori :al Sketch 
of the First Church in Boston, from its 
formation to the present period. To which 
are added Sermons, one on leaving the Old, 
the other on entering the New House of 
Wort-hip. Boston: 1812. 8°. 1.25 

EMMONS, Nathaniel, [Jl. M.). . . .A Sermon 
preached at the Installation of the Rev. 
Caleb Alexander, to the Pastoral care of 
the Church in Mendon. April 12, 1786. 
Providence: J 786. 8°. .50 

EMMONS, Nathaniel. [A. M.) A Disserta- 
tion on the Scriptural Qualifications for ad- 
mission and access to the Christian Sacra- 
ments. Strictures on Dr. Hemmenway's 
Discourse concerning the Church. Wor- 
cester: 1793. 8°. .38 

EMMONS, Richard, [M. D.) The Fredo- 
niad ; or, Independence Preserved. A 
Poem on the late War of 1812. In 4 vols. 
Boston: 1827. 12°. 1.00 

ENDICOTT, Charles M. Account of Les- 
lie's Retreat at the North Bridge, on Sun 
day, Feb. 26, 1775. Salem: 1856. 8°. .25 

ESSAYS upon. I. The Balance of Power. 
II. The Right of making War. Peace, and 
Alliances. III. Universal Monarchy. To 
which is added, An Appendix.. . .London: 
1701. 8°. 1.00 

ESSEX JUNTO, (The,) and the British Spy; 
or/Treason Detected. Salem: 1812.8°. .50 

EVANS, John. Practical Discourses con- 
cerning the Christian Temper ; being thir- 

ty-eight Sermons 2 vols. London: 

1723. 8°. .75 

Autograph — "Bartholomew Knf.m.\ni> Bought at 
Public AiH-ioii, Boston, Dec 23. 1778 Cost 48s L. Money." 
MS on a fly I, a/. 

EVERETT, Edward. Selections from the 
Works of. With a Sketch of his Life 
Boston: [183!).] 32°. .50 

[EVERETT, Alexander PI.] Europe; or, a 
General Survey of the present situation of 

the Principal Powers 2d edn. London : 

1823. 8°. LOO 

[EVERETT, Alexander H.] The Conduct 
of the Administration. Rep. fr. the Boston 
Daily Advertiser and Patriot. Boston: 
18:32. 8°. .50 

EVERETT, Alexander H. !^e\v Ideas on 
Population ; with Remarks on the Theories 
of Malthusand Godwin. Bos.: 1823. 8°. .75 

FAIRBANKS, Gerry. An Oration pronounc- 
ed July 4, 1821, at the request of the Repub- 
licans of the town of Boston Boston: 

1821. 8°. .25 

FANNING, Edmund. Voyages round the 
World ; with selected sketches of voyages 
to the South Seas, North and South Pacific 
Oceans, China, etc., performed under the 
command and agency of the Author... 
Between the years 1792 and 1832. New 
York: 1833. 8°. Many plates. 1.00 

FALCONER, William. An Universal Dic- 
tionary of the Marine ; or a copious explan- 
ation of the technical terms and phrases 
employed in the construction, equipment, 
furniture, machinery, movements, and mili- 
tary operations of a ship. . . A new edition, 
corrected. London : 1789. 4°. 2.00 

This copy was once the property of the famous revolu- 
tionary naval hero, John Foster Williams, of Boston. 

FELT, Joseph B. Did the First Church of 
Salem originally have a Confession of 
Faith? Boston: 1856. 8°. .25 

FESSENDEN, Thomas, (A. M.) A Theoretic 
Explanation of the Science of Sanctity. . . 
Brattleboro': 1804. L00 

The father of the Author of Terrible Tractoration,&c, &c. 

FIELD, David D.. [Rev.) A History of the 
Town of Pittsfield, in Berkshire County, 
Mass. With a Map of the County. Hart- 
ford : 1844. 8°. .50 

FI ELD, Samuel. Ji true and faithful account 
of the most material circumstances attend- 
ing the mysterious disappearance of Sam'] 
Field and Francis C. Jenkerson, (generally 
believed to have been murdered.) Together 
with an account of the discovery of the 
bodies, as detailed in the examination be- 
fore Justices Aplm, Staples and Patten, of 
Joseph Antoine, Johan F. Wohlfhart and 
Joanna S. Wohlfhart, who were suspected of 
the murder. Providence: 1830. 8°. LOO 

FILLMORE, Asahel Norton. Ecclesiastical 
Polity : its Eorms and Philosophy. Roch- 
ester": 1847. 8°. 1.00 

Cousin of Ex-President Fillmore. See Beg., Vol. XI., p. 144. 

FISKE, Oliver, [Dr.) An Oration, pronounc- 
ed at Worcester, on the Anniversary of 
American Independence; July 4, 1797. 
Worcester: 1797. 4°. .50 

FISHER, George. The American Instruct- 
or ; or Young Mini's Best Companion. Phil- 
adelphia: 1787. 12°. Frontispiece. .75 

FISKE, Nathan, [/). D., of Brookfield, Mass.) 
The Mora] Monitor; Or a Collection of 
Essays on various Subjects. . .2 vols. Wor- 
cester: 1801. 12°. 1.50 

FLECHIER, Esprit. Histoire des Cardinal 
Ximenes. Par Messire E. F. Evique de 
Nismes. Tome Premier. A.Amsterdam: 
1693. 12°. 1.00 

AutugTHqh — "Stephen Boutineau, 1733'' See History 
and Antiquities Boston, 489 

FLINT, Timothy. A sermon, preached May 
11, 1808, at the Ordination of the Reverend 
Ebenezer Hubbard, over the 2d Church and 
Society, in Newbury. Newburyport : 1808, 
8°. " .50 

The Author " Ten Years in the Mississippi Valley," &c. 

FOOT, Joseph I. An Historical Discourse, 
delivered at West Brookfield, Mass., Nov. 
27, 1828, on the day of the annual Thanks- 
giving. With Capt. Thomas Wheeler's 
narrative. . . West Brookfield : 1843. 8°. .50 

26 Bromfield Street, Boston. 






during an 

h the vast 

of Eternal Misery, 
infinite benevolence 
Strong-, A. M 

FLINT, Micah P. The Hunter, 
Poems. Boston: 1826. 12°. 

FLINT, Timothy. The Personal 
of James O. I'atte, of Kentucky 
Expedition from St. Louis, throu 
regions between that place and the Pacific 
Ocean. . . .his captivity among the Indians, 
&c... Cincinnati: 1833. 8°. Plates. 2.00 

FORREST, William S. Historical and De- 
scriptive Sketches of Norfolk and Vicinity, 
including Portsmouth and adjacent Coun- 
ties, during a period of 200 years. . . .Phil- 
adelphia: 1853. 8°. 1.50 

FORSTER, John. The Statesmen of the 
Commonwealth of England ; with a Trea- 
tise on the popular progress of English His- 
tory. Edited by J. O. Choules. New York : 
1846. 8°. Portraits. 2.00 

FOSTER, Dan, (A, M.) A Critical and Can- 
did Examination of a late Publication, en- 
titled, The Doctrine 
reconcilable with the 
of God... By Nathan 
Walpole, N. H. : 1803. 8°. .50 

Autograph — Edmund Hai.lett, Hyannas. Bought at 
Wilmington, Del. 

FOSTER, James. The Usefulness, Truth, 
and Excellency of the Christian Revelation 
defended against the Objections contained 
in a late book, intitled Christianity as old as 
the Creation, &c. 2d edition. London : 
1731. 8°. 1.00 

li Johan Chapman, Cant. 1731-2." Ms. on tith page. 
FOWLER, James. A Genealogical Memoir 
of the Descendants of Ambrose Fowler of 
Windsor, and Capt. Win. Fowler of New 
Haven, Ct. Rep. from the N . E. H. & Gen. 
Reg. for July 1857. Boston: 1857. 8° .50 
FOXCROFT, Thomas, [At A. One of the 
Pastors of the Old Church in Boston.) Hu- 
milis Confessio . . . . A Sermon preached, 
(Summarily) at the Tuesday Evening Lec- 
ture in Brattle St., Boston, Jan. 30, 1749-50 
....In opposition to Popish Abuses and 
Calumny. Boston: 1750. 8°.  .03 

Autograph—" Bartholomew Kneeland." 
FRAMINGHAM. A History of Framing- 
ham, Mass., including the Plantation, from 
1640 to the present time, With an Appen- 
dix containing a notice of Sudbury. Also 
a Register of the Inhabitants of Framing- 
ham before 1800. By William Barry. Bos- 
ton: 1847. 8°. 1.50 
FREEMAN, James. Sermons on Particular 
Occasions. Boston: 1812. 8°. 1.00 
FREEMAN, Samuel, (Esq.) The Probate 
Auxiliary.. Portland, Mass: 1793. 12° .50 

Autograph — "J. Lowell." 

FRENCH, Jonathan. A Sermon, preached 
before His Excellency Samuel Adams, Esq., 
Governor : His Honor Moses Gill, Esq., 
Lieut. Gov., [&c.,] of Mass., May 25, 1796. 
Being the day of General Election. Bos- 
ton: 1796. 8°. .38 

FRENEAU. Philip. Poems, written and pub- 
lished during the American Revolutionary 
War Third edition, in 2 vols. Phila- 
delphia: 1809. 12°. 2.50 

FREZIER, M. Relation du Voyage de la 
Mer du Sud, aux Cotes du Cliily et du Pe- 
rou, fait pendant les annees 1712, 1713, 
1714. Dediee a S. A. R. Monseigneur le 

Due D'Orleans, Regent du Royaume 

Ouvraf e enrichi de quantite de Planches 
en Taille-douce. Pans : 1732. 4°. 3.00 

[Same, translated into English, but the 

title varies from that.] Illustrated with 37 
Copper Cutts of the Coasts, Harbours, Cities, 
Plants, and other Curiosities : Printed from 
the Author's original Plates inserted in the 
Paris edition. With a Postscript by Dr. Ed- 
mund Halley. London ; 1717. 4°. 3.00 

A very important work on the Pacific r oa?t of America. 

FOLLEN, Eliza L. Life in the Sick Room. 
Essays, by Harriet Martineau. With an 
Introduction to the American edition. Bos- 
ton : 1844. 12°. .50 

Autograph — " To Mary L. Greenwood, from her friend, 
Miss Lucy J. Parsons, May 22, 1S44." 

FRISBIE, Levi, (A. M. Rev.) A Discourse, 
before the Society for Propagating the Gos- 
pel among the Indians, and others, in North 
America. Delivered on the 1st Nov. 1804. 
Charlestown: 1804. 8°. .50 

FROTHINGHAM, Richard. Hist. Charles- 
town, Mass. Nos. 1 to 7, inclusive. Bos- 
ton, 1847. 8°. 1.75 

GAELIC SOCIETY. Transactions of the, 
of Dublin, established for the investigation 
and revival of Ancient Irish Literature. . . . 
Vol. I. Dublin: 1808. 8°. 1.00 

GANNETT, Ezra Stiles. A Discourse de- 
livered at the Ordination of Rev. Andrew 
P. Peabody, over the South Church and 
Society, at Portsmouth, N. H, as colleague 
Pastor with Rev. Nathan Parker. D. D., 
Oct. 24, 1833. Portsmouth: 1833. 8°. .38 

GARDINER, Henry, [Capt.) The Anglo- 
American, or Memoirs of. Liverpool: 1813. 


GARDINER, J. S. 3., [A.M.) A Sermon, 
delivered at Trinity Church, Sept. 22nd, 
1809, before the Members of the Boston 
Female Asylum, being their 9th Anniver- 
sary. Boston: 1809. 8°. .25 

A Sermon, preached at Trinity Church, 

before the Trustees of the Society of Do- 
nations, and the Episcopal Convention of 
the State of Mass. May 25, 1813. Boston : 
1813. 8°. .25 

GIBSON, Edmund. The Bishop of London's 

Third Pastoral Letter to the People of his 
Diocese ; particularly, to those of the great 
Cities of London and Westminster, occa- 
sioned by the Suggestions of Infidels against 
the Writings of the New Testament. 2d 

edition. London: 1731. 8 C 



Catalogue of Books on Sale. 

GILLIES, John. Historical Collections re- 
lating to Remarkable Periods of the Suc- 
cess of the Gospel.... In 2 vols. Glas- 
gow: 1744. 8°. Vol.11, [which relates to 
America. The First does not.] 1.50 

Autographs.— " Thos. Adams, 1780" " S. G. Drake, 


GILMAN, Caroline. Letters of Eliza Wil- 
kinson, during the Invasion of Charleston, 
S. C. . .New York : 1839. 12°. .50 

GODMAN, John D., {M. D.) American Nat- 
ural History. . .With a Biographical Sketch 
of the Author. Vol. I. 3d edition. Phila- 
delphia: 1842. 8°. .50 

GOODWIN, Nathaniel. Genealogical Notes, 
or Contributions to the Family Hist, of some 
of the First Settlers of Connecticut and Mas- 
sachusetts. Hartford: 1856. 8°. 2.00 

GOODHUE, Sarah. The copy of a Valedic- 
tory and Monitory Writing left by Sarah 
Goodhue... Rep. Boston: 1850. 12°. .25 

GOODRICH, Samuel G. History of the In- 
dians of North and South America, by the 
Author of Peter Parley's Tales. Boston: 
1844. 12°. .75 

GORDON, Thomas F. The History of New 
Jersey, from its Discovery by Europeans, 
to the adoption of the Federal Constitution. 
Trenton: 1834. 8°. [A Gazetteer in the 
same volume.] 3.00 

GORDON, Thomas F. Gazetteer of the 
State of New York, comprehending its 

Colonial History Philadelphia: 1836. 

Numerous Maps. 2.50 

GOURLAY, Robert. Statistical Account of 
Upper Canada, compiled with a view to a 
Grand System of Emigration. 2 volumes. 
London: 1822. Splendid Maps. 2.00 

GRANDPRE, L. De. A Voyage in the In- 
dian Ocean and to Bengal, undertaken in 

the year 1790 Trans, from the French 

of L. De Grandpre. Brattleborough, Vt. : 
1814. 12°. .50 

[GRANT, Mrs. Anne.] Letters from the 
the Mountains : being the Real Correspon- 
dence of a Lady between 1773 and 1807. 
In 2 vols. 1st Amer., from the 3d London 
edition. Boston: 1809. 12°. 1.00 

GREENLEAF, Moses, Esq. A Critical View 
of the District of Maine ; more especially 
with reference to the value and importance 
of its Interior Boston: lel6. 8°. 1.25 | 

GREENWOOD, F. W. P., {Junior Minister 
of Ring's Chapel, Boston.) Lives of the 
Twelve Apostles : with Explanatory Notes. 
Boston: 1828. 12°. .50 

A presentation copy from the Author to Charles Ewer. 

Sermons to Children. Boston: 1841. 

12°. .50 

GRIFFIN, Edward D., {D. D.) A Sermon 
on the Art of Preaching. . .before the Pas- 
toral Association of Massachusetts, in Bos- 
ton, May 25, 1825. Boston: 1825. 8°. .25 

GRELLIER, J. J. The History of the Na- 
tional Debt, from the Revolution in 1688 to 
1800; with a preliminary account of the 
Debts contracted previous to that Era. 
London: 1810. 8°. 1.25 

Autograph — "Presented C H. Brucb by William 
V.iughan, Esq , London, Jan 1811." 

GRISCOM, John. A Year in Europe, com- 
prising a Journal of Observations in Eng- 
land, Scotland, Ireland, France, Switzer- 
land, the North of Italy, and Holland. In 
1818 and 1819. Vol. I. New York: 1823. 
8°. 1.50 

Autograph. — " Cadwallader D. Colpen." 

GROTON. The Jubilee of Lawrence Acad- 
emy at Groton, Mass.. July 12, 1854, with 
General Catalogue. New York : 1855. 8°. 
Portraits and Views. .63 

GRUBB, Sarah. Some Account of the Life 
and Religious Labors of, with an Appen- 
dix. . .of Ac k worth School... and Extracts 

^ from her Letters. Dublin : 1792. 8°. .75 

GRUND, Francis J. The Americans, in their 
Moral, Social, and Political Relations. Two 
vols, in one. Boston: 1837. 12°. .75 

GUEST, Moses. Poems on several occa- 
sions. To which are annexed, Extracts 
from a Journal. 2d edn. Cincinnati, O. : 
1824. 12°. .50 

Guest commanded the party who took the notorious 
Col. Simco prisoner, 25 Oct. 1779 

GURLEY, Ralph-Randolph. Life of Jchudi 
Ashmun, late Colonial Agent in Liberia. 
With Appendix. . .N. York: 1835. 8°. 1.00 

1 1 \GUE, William. The Principle of Chris- 
tian Union. Boston: 1841. 18°. .25 

Autograph. — "Mary L. Greenwood. From her Friend 
Wm D. Ticknor." 

HALE, Sal ma. Annals of the Town of 
Eeene, [N. H.] from its first Settlement, in 

1734, to the year 1790 Continued to 

1815. Keene: 1851. 8°. .75 

HALE, Sarah J., {Mrs ) Sketches of Ameri- 
can Character. Philadelpha: 1843. 18°. .25 

HALL, Basil, (Capt.) Travels in N. America, 
in-the years 1827 and 1828. In 2 volumes. 
Philadelphia: 1829. 12°. 1.00 

HALL, James. Sketches of History, Life, 
and Manners, in the West. In 2 volumes. 
Philadelphia: 1835. 12°. 1.00 

HAMILTOMAD, (The,) or, an Extinguish- 
er for the Royal Faction in New England. 
With copious Notes ;. . .intended as a High- 
healed Shoe for all limping Republicans. 
By Anthony Pasquin. Esq.. . .Boston : 1804. 
8°. 1.00 

To Perpetuate the Brutal Infamy of John Park, M. D. 
A Galenical Excrescence. Reverse of title. 

HANCOCK, John. The Lord's Ministers are 

the People's Helpers. — A Sermon preached 
at the ord. of the Rev. Mr. Ebenezer Han- 
cock, at Lexington, Jan. 2d, 1733, 4. By 
his Reverend Father, John Hancock, A. M. 
Pastor of the Church there. 1 Pet. 5. 3. 
Boston: 1735. 8°. 1.00 

[To be Continued.] 

26 Bromfield Street, Boston. 


HAMILTON, Alexander. Letter concerning 
the public Conduct, and Character of John 
Adams, Esq., President of the United States. 
The 2d edn. N. York : 1800. 8°. 1.00 

HAMMOND, Nathaniel, (of the Bank.) The 
Elements of Algebra. ... 2d edn. London : 
1752. 8°. .75 

" Benja Dolbear's book, bought of Mr. Condy, May 21, 
1762." MS. on fly leaf. 

HANOVER. A Historical Sketch of the 
Town of Hanover, Mass., with family Gen- 
ealogies. By John S. Barry, Author of 
Records of the Stetson Family. Boston : 
1853. 8°. Many fine engravings of Resi- 
dences, Arms, and Autographs. 2.00 

HARE, Francis, (D.D.) 'The Difficulties and 
Discouragements which attend the studv of 
the Scriptures in the way of private Judge- 
ment 0th edn. Boston : 1749. 18°. .38 

Autograph — " En. Storer." 

HARPER, Robert Goodloe, [of South Caro- 
lina.) An Address from, to his Constitu- 
ents; containing his Reasons for approving 
of the Treaty of Amity, . . . with Great Brit- 
ain. Boston: 1796. 12°. .50 
Autograph — " Richard Cranch." 

. Speech at the Celebration of the re- 
cent Triumphs of the Cause of Mankind, in 
Germany : did. at Annapolis, Jan. 20, 1814. 
....Boston: 1814. 8°. .25 

. Select Works of; consisting of 

Speeches on Political and Forensic Sub- 
jects. . . . Vol. I. [All published.] Balti- 
more: 1814. 8°. 1.50 

HARRIOT, John. Struggles through Life, 
exemplified in the various Travels and Ad- 
ventures in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Amer- 
ica. 2 vols. Philadelphia : 1809. 12°. Vol, 
2d wanting. .50 

HARRIS, Thaddeus Mason, (D. D.) « Pray 
for the Jews." A Sermon preached at the 
Thursday Lecture in Boston, Aug. 15, 1816. 
Boston: 1816. 8°. .38 

HART, Nathaniel C. Documents relative to 
the House of Refuge, instituted by the So- 
ciety for the Reformation of Juvenile De- 
linquents in the City of New York in 1824. 
....N.York: 1832. 8°. .75 

ceedings of a Convention of Delegates from 
the states [of New England,] convened at 
Hartford... Dec. 15th, 1814. 2d edn. cor- 
rected and improved. Boston: 1815.8°. .75 

HASELTINE, Ebenezer, (A. B.). . . . A Dis- 
course did. at the Ord. of the Rev. David 
Lawrence Morrill, to the Past, care of the 
Presbyterian Congl. Ch. in Goffstown, Mar. 
3d, 1802. Concord : 1802. 8°. .38 

HAVEN, Samuel, {D.D.) A Sermon 

preached at Medfied, in the Province of the 
Massts Bay, on Lord'a-day, Jan. 27, 1771. 
Boston: 1771. 8°. .50 


HARRIS, William Thaddeus. Epitaphs from 
the Old Burying-ground in Cambridge. 
With Notes. Cambridge: 1845. 12°. 1.00 

. Sketches of the early History of 

the Town of Middleboro'. in the County of 
Plymouth. [From the N. Eng. Hist, and 
Gen. Regr. 1849.] Boston : 1849. 8°. .50 

HAWES, Joel. Lectures addressed to the 
Young Men of Hartford and New Haven, 
and published at their urgent Request. 
Second edn. Hartford: 1828. 12°. .75 

Autoumph — ''To my Dear Son [S. Abbot, Lawrencs] 
from his affectionate Mother S. P. Lawrence " 

A Tribute to the Memory of the 

Pilgrims, and a Vindication of the Congre- 
gational Churches of New England. 2d 
edn. Hartford: 1836. 12°. Plate of Land. 
Pilgrims inserted. .50 

HAYES, Thomas. A Serious Address, on 
the dangerous consequences of neglecting 

Common Colds and Coughs 1st Amer. 

from the 4th London edn. Boston: 1796, 
la ° A . U f P « -50 

AutO£ra/>h if KBF.M/BA FEMBERTON. 

HAYWARD, John. The Book of Religions; 
comprising the Views, Creeds, Sentiments, 
or Opinions of all the principal Religious 
Sects in the World. Boston: 1843. li°. .63 

HEAD, F. B. (Copt.) Rough Notes taken 
during some rapid Journeys across the Pam- 
pas and among the Andes. Boston: 1827.. 
12°. .75 

HEMMENWAY, Moses, {A.M., Pastor' of 
the First Church in Wells.) A Vindication 
of the Power, Obligation, and Encourage- 
ment to attend the Means of Grace. Against 
the Exceptions of the Rev. Mr. Samuel, 

Hopkins, in his Reply to Mr. Mills 

Boston : 1772. 8°. Title and two last leaves 
soiled. .50' 

. Seven Sermons on the Obligation 

and Encouragement of the Unregenerate.. 
. — Preached in the first Parish in Wells- 
Boston, N. E.: 1767. 8°. .75 

HENRY, Matthew, (Mr., late Minister of the 
Gospel.) The Communicant's Companion :: 
or, Instructions and Helps for the Right 
Receiving of the Lord's Supper. 10th edn. 
Glasgow: 1755. 12°. 1.00 

Autograph — " Sam. IIopkins," the founder of the Hop- 
kinsiau doctrine 

HERIOT, George, (Esq.) Travels through 
the Canadas. . . with an account of the Pro- 
ductions, Commerce, and Inhabitants of 
those Provinces. Phila. : 1813. 12°. .75. 

HICKMAN, J. G. (Barrister at Law.) The 
Life of John Howes, a Loyalist of the mem- 
orable Revolution of 1776 St. John, N- 

B. : J 846. 8°. .50- 

HILL, Alonzo, (Min. 2</ Cong* Soc. Worces- 
ter.) A Disc. did. in the Ancient Meetingh- 
of the 1st Cong. Soc. in Hingham, Sept. 8, 
1850. Boston: 1850. 8°. .25 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

[HE WATT, Alexander.] An Historical Ac- 
count of the Rise and Progress of the Colo- 
nies of South Carolina and Georgia. 2 vols. 
London: 1779. 8°. 4.00 

Avtogrnphs — " Will Kenkbdt. John Forsyth's," 

HILL, Ira, [A.M.) An Abstract of a new 
Theory of the formation of the Earth. Bal- 
timore : 1823. 12°. 1.25 

HILL, John, [Gent.) Arithmetic, both in 
Theory and Practice The like not ex- 
tant. With a Preface by H. Ditton, Gent. 
Tenth edn. revised and improved by Mr. 
Hatton, and others. London : 1761. 8°. .50 

Autogtnphs- 1 ' John Gardner, Junr His Book, 1767. 
Betsy Gardner'i 1772 " 

HILLARD, George S. A Discourse did. 
bef. the New England Society in the City 
of New York, Dec. 22, 1851. New York : 
1852 8° 25 

HILLARY. William, (M. D.) Observation's 
on the Changes of the Air, and the Con- 
comitant Epidemical Diseases in the Island 
of Barbadoes. To which is added a Treat- 
ise on the Putrid and Bilious Fever 

With Notes by Benj. Rush, M. D Phil- 
adelphia : 1811. 8°. 1.00 

iHILLlARD, Timothy, [A.M.) A Sermon 
preached Oct. 24, 1787, at the Ord. of the 
Rev. Henry Ware, to the Pastoral care of 
the 1st Ch. in Hingham. 2d edn. Cam- 
bridge: 1828. 8°. .25 

MILLIARD, William. An Address did. bef. 
the Mass. Char. Mechan. Assoc, Oct. 4, 
4827, being the Anniversary for the Choice 
of Officers, and the 7th Triennial Celebra- 
tion of their Festival. Cambridge : 1827. 
8°. .25 

IH1NGHAM. A Vindication of the Proceed- 
ings of the 1st Ch. and Parish in Hingham, 
in Settling the Rev. Joseph Richardson, A. 

M., as their Gospel Minister Boston: 

1807. 8°. .50 

. Report of the Committee on the 

Financial Affairs of the Town of Hingham, 

for the year ending Feb. 23, 18S3 

Hingham: 1833. 8°. .25 

HINMAN, Royal R. Catalogue of the First 
Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecti- 
cut. No. II. Hartford: 1853. 8°. .50 

HIN ION, John Howard, {A.M.) The His- 
tory and Topography of the U. S. of N. 
America. ...A new and improved edition, 
with additions and corrections by S. L. 
Knapp. Illustrated with numerous engrav- 
ings. Boston: 1834. (2 vols.) 4°. 4.00 

Uncut and in Buuibtrs, with a great nuorber of additional 
plate!), and in fine order for binding 

;HITCHCOCK, Edward. Report on the Ge- 
ology, Mineralogy, Botany, and Zoology of 
Massachusetts. Made and published by 

order of the Government of that State 

With numerous woodcuts and an atlas of 
plates. Amherst: 1833. 8°. 2.00 

HISTORICAL ESSAY (An) on the English 
Constitution : or, an Impartial Inquiry into 
the Elective Power of the People Lon- 
don : 1771. 8°. 1.00 

lias particular reference to the troubles between Eng- 
land and America. 

HITCHCOCK, Enos, (D.D.) A Discourse 
did. at the Ord. of the Rev. Jonathan Gould, 
. . .at Standish, Sept. 18, 1793. Portland : 
1793. 4°. .38 

. Memoirs of the Bloomsgrove Fam- 
ily. In a Series of Letters to a respectable 
Citizen of Philadelphia Vol. I. Boa- 
ton: 1795. 12°. .75 
Autographs — " Kichard Nutter. Daniel Melcher. 

John Horiwell." 

HODGES, Almon D. Genealogical Record 
of the Hodges Family in New England. . . 
from 1633 to 1 853. .. Boston : 1853. 8°. .50 

HODGSON, Adam. Remarks during a Jour- 
ney through North America in the years 
1819, 1820, and 1821, in a Series of Let- 
ters : with an Appendix, containing an ac- 
count of several of the Indian Tribes, and 
the principal Missionary Stations, &c. Also 
a Letter to M. Jean Baptiste Say, on the 
comparative expense of Free and Slave 
labor. Collected, arranged, and published 
by Samuel Whiting. New York: 1823. 

UO 1 Q(j 

HOLMES, Abiel, [D. D.) The Life of Ezra 

Stiles, D.D., LL. D Boston: 1798. 

8°. 1.50 

. A Sermon did. at the Ord. of the 

Rev. Wm. Bascom to the Pastoral Care of 
the First Ch. in Fitchburg, Oct. 16, 1805. 
Cambridge: J 805. 8°. .38 

A Disc, on the Valid, of Presbyter. 

Ordination, did. in the Chapel of the Uni- 
versity in Cambridge, May 9, 1810,.. at the 
DucUeian Lecture. Camb.: 1810. 8°. .50 
A Serm. did. at the Ord. of the Rev. 

John Bartlett to the Past. Care of the 2d 
Ch. in Marblehead, 22 May, 1811. Cam- 
bridge : 1811. 8°. .50 

Autograph — . . " with regards of the Author." 

HOLYOKE, Edward. The Duty of Minis- 
ters .... Shewed in a Sermon Preach'd to 
the Convention of Ministers of the Province 
of the Mass. Bay, N. E , at Boston, on 
Thursday, May 28, 1741. Boston: 1741. 
8°. .50 

HOMER. Homeri Ulias Greece et Latine, 
cum Annotationibus Samuelis Clarke (S. T. 
P.) Vol.11. Ed. Tertia. London: 1740. 
8°. 2.00 

Book plate of John Lowell containing his Arms. 
Autographs—" Henry Apthorp,1761 "— " Jno Lowell's, 
1783' r 

HOPKINS, Samuel, [A.M.) An Inquiry 

concerning the Future State of those who 

die in their Sins.. . .Newport, R. I.: 1783. 

8°. .50 

Autograph— ■" Jons Robinioh'i Book." 

26 Browfield Street, Boston. 


HOLYOKE, Samuel, {A.M.) The Colum- 
bian Repository of Sacred Harmony. Se- 
lected from European and American Au- 
thors, with many new Tunes not before 
published. Including the whole of Dr. 
Watts' Psalms and Hymns, to each of 
which a Tune is adapted, and some ad- 
ditional Tunes suited to the particular Me- 
tres in Tate and Brady's and Dr. Belk- 
nap's Collection of Psalms and Hymns, &c. 
From the Music-press of Henry Ranlet, 
Exeter, New Hampshire. Oblong 4°. pp. 
471. Subscribers' names, 1 p. Introduction, 
pp. xxiv. Autograph of Pliny Cutler. [No 
date.] 3.00 

" Advertisement. ... It is presumed that there has n > 
work of the kind jet appeared in the United States in 
which there is a greater variety of Style to be fouDd, than 
in the present; and should the encouragement be equiva- 
lent to the time and labor bestowed upon it, the design 
will be answered " 

HOPKINS, Mark, (D.D.) A Sermon deld. 
at Pittsfield, Aug. 22, 1844, on the occasion 
of the Berkshire Jubilee. Alb.: J845. 8°. .38 

HOTCHKIN, James H. {Rev.) A History 
of the Purchase and Settlement of Western 
New York, and of the Rise, Progress, and 
present State of the Presbyterian Church. 
....New York: 1848. 8°. 1.50 

HOUSE OF MOURNING, A friendly Visit 
to the. In the day of adversity consider. — 
Eccl. vii. 14. Fourth edition. Charlestown 
[Ms.] Printed for the Rev. Jedidiah Morse, 
D.D. 1803. 18°. 1.50 

[Nathaniel Hammond, who died Sept the 18:h, 1803, 
being 22 ytars old. did, a little before his Sickness buy a 
book of this kind, and left it for hie parents to read. They 
Since his de ith have thought fit to buy a number of the 
kiud, and make a preseut of the same to each one who 
watched with him in his sickness. MS, en a fli/ leaf.] 

HOWE, Sereno, (Rev.) View of'Zion. A 
Serm. on the last Sab. of his Pastoral Con- 
nection with the Baptist Society in Hing- 
ham, Ms. Boston: 1850. 8°. .25 

HOYT, David W. A Genealogical Hist, of 
John Hoyt of Salisbury, and David Hoyt of 
Deerfield (Mass.), and their Descendants; 
with some account of the earlier Connecti- 
cut Hoyts, and an Appendix Boston: 

1857.8°. Two portraits. 150 

HUBBARD. William, {A.M.) A Narrative 
of the Indian Wars in New England, from 
the first planting thereof in the year 1617 

to the year 1677 Worcester: 1801. 12°. 

Book plate oj Isaac Hill. 3.00 

. A General History of New Eng- 
land, from the Discovery to 1680. Second 
edition, collated with the original MS. [By 
William Thaddeus Harris.] Boston: 1848. 
8°. 3.00 

One of the few copies in which are bound up eight fine 
Steel engravings. 

HUDIBRAS With large Annotations and 

a Preface by Zachary Grey, LL. D 

Vol.11. London: 1744. 1.00 

Autograph— " Ezskul SAVA««." 

HUDSON, Charles. Doubts concerning the 
Battle of Bunker's Hill. Addressed to the 
Christian Public. Boston and Cambridge : 
1857. 12°. -38 

HULL, William, (Gen.) Memoirs of the 
Campaign of the North Western Army of 

the United States, A. D. 1812 Boston : 

1824. 8°. L00 

. Revolutionary Services and Civil 

Life of Gen. William Hull ; prepared from 
his manuscripts by his daughter, Mrs. Maria 
Campbell: together with the History of the 

Campaign of 1812 By James Freeman 

Clarke. New York : 1848. 8°. 1.50 

HUMANE SOCIETY of Mass. A State- 
ment of Premiums awarded by the Trustees 
of the Humane Soc. of xMs. from July, 1817, 
to April, 1829.... Boston: 1829. 8°. .50 

HUMPHREYS, David. The Miscellaneous 
Works of Col. Humphreys. New York : 
1790. 8°. L00 

First edition of the excellent Humphreys. Perfect, 
though out of binding. 

HUNTER, Henry. {D.D.) Sacred Biog- 
raphy ; or, the History of the Patriarchs. 

Being a Course of Lectures delivered 

at the Scots Church, London Wall. 2d Am. 
ed. 4 vols. Burlington: 1806. 8°. Por- 
trait. 2.00 

Autogiaphof "James Milnor." 

HUNTER, John D. Manners and Customs 
of several Indian Tribes located west of the 
Mississippi.... Phila. : 1823.8°. 100 

HUNTER, Joseph. Collections concerning 
the Church or Congregation of Protestant 
Separatists formed at Scrooby in North 
Nottinghamshire, in the time of King James 
I. The Founders of New Plymouth, the 
parent Colony of New England. London: 
1854. 8°. 2.00 

HUNTINGTON, Daniel, (A.M.) ..A Serm. 
did. at the Annual Meeting of the Palestine 
Missionary Soc. in Halifax, Mass., June 
18, 1823.... Boston: 8°. .20 

HUNTINGTON, Joseph, (D. D.) Calvinism 
Improved ; or, the Gospel illustrated as a 
System of Real Grace, issuing in the Sal- 
vation of All Men New London: 1796. 

8°. L00 

HUTCHINSON, Thomas, (Esq., LL.D.) 
The History of the Province of Massachu- 
setts Bay, from 1749 to 1774,. ..the Origin 
and early Stages of the American Revolu- 
tion. London: 1828. 8°. 2.00 

With dedication to Lord Lyndhur6t and preface not 
generally found in copies of the work 

INDIAN WAR. The War in Florida: be- 
ing an exposition of its Causes, and an 
accurate History of the Campaigns of Gen- 
erals Clinch, Gaines and Scott By a 

late Staff Officer. Baltimore: 1836. 12°. 
One Map wanting. .75 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

VIEW, from its commencement in 1815 to 
the end of the 25th volume, pub. in Oct. 
1827. Boston: 1829. b°. 1.00 

INDIAN NARRATIVES: containing a cor- 
rect and interesting History of the Indian 
Wars, from the landing of the Pilgrim 
Fathers, 1G20, to Gen. Wayne's victory, 
17y4....Claremont, N.H.: 1854. 12°. .75 

INDIANS. Selection of Nos. from Hazard's 
Penn. Register, containing important arti- 
cles in Indian Hist. 1830— '34. r. 8°. 1.50 

of Devils. By the Listener. Leominster : 
1808. 12°. .75 

INGERSOLL, Charles J. Historical Sketch 
of the Second War between the U. S. A. 

and Great B embracing the events of 

1814. Philadelphia: 1849. 8°. .75 

ILLINOIS in 1837. Description, Agricul- 
ture. . . .together with a Letter on the Cul- 
tivation of the Prairies, by the Hon. H. L. 
Ellsworth. . . . Philad. : 1 ftl7. 8°. Map. .75 

Autograph— " Jobn Ford." 

IRVING, Edward, (Rev., A. M.) The Ora- 
cles of God, in four Orations. For Judg- 
ment to come, an Argument, in nine parts. 
New York: 1823. 8°. 1.00 

IRVING, John T., Jr. Indian Sketches, taken 
during an expedition to the Pawnee tribes. 
Vol. II. Philadelphia: 1835. 12°. .50 

Autograph — 'Geo. F Wolcott." 

IRVING, Washington. History of the Life 

and Voyages of Christopher Columbus. 

New edition, revised by the Author. 2 vols. 

Philadelphia: 1837. 8°. 2.00 

ISOCRATES. [Old edition, in Greek and 

Latin, on opposite columns. A few of the 

Jlrst and last leaves go/ie.] 3.00 

Autographs — 'John 1'tnchon His Book "—margin of 

p. '273 He was probably fon of the first Wni. F> m hon 

of Springfield, a muu of note. " Donuui D Johannis 

Cuks, Aunoq. Domini Mellessimo Septiuquiutessimo Tri- 

gea^ii Secundo." 

IZARD, Ralph. [Mr.) Correspondence of R. 
I. of South Carolina, from 1774 to 1804. 
With a Memoir. Vol. I. New York : 
1844. 12°. 1.00 

JACKSON, James, Jr. (M. D.) Memoir of, 
written by his Father ; with extracts from 
his Letters, and Reminiscences of him, by 
a Fellow Student. For the Warren Street 
Chapel. Boston: 183G. 18°. .50 

JACKSON, John, [Esq., F. S. A.) Reflec- 
tions on the Commerce of the Mediterra- 
nean London: 1804. 8°. .75 

Autograph— " E. 8. Coffin, Malta, 1831 " 
JANEWAY, James. A seasonable and ear- 
nest Address to the Citizens of London, 
soon after the dreadful Fire. . . in the year 
1666. . . .Together with a particular relation 
of the great Fire of Boston. . . .March 20, 
176*0. Boston: [n. d.] 12°. Four leaves 
supplied by manuscript. .75 

JARVIS, James J. Scenes and Scenery in 
the Sandwich Islands, and a Trip through 
Central America, during the years 1837 — 
1842. Boston: 1844. 12°. .75 

JARVIS, Samuel Farmer. A Narrative of 
events connected with the Acceptance and 
Resignation of the Rectorship of St. Paul's 
Church, Boston. [Boston: 1825.] 8°. .75 

, (D. D.) A Sermon in St. Paul's 

Ch., Dedham, Wednesday, June 20, 1821, 
before the Convention of the Prot. Epis. Ch. 
in Mass. With Notes and an Appendix.. . . 
Poston: 1822. 8°. .25 

JENKINS, John. The Art of Writing re- 
duced to a plain and easy system on a plan 
entirely new. In seven Books by J. J., 
Writing Master. Revised, enlarged and 
improved. Containing a plain, easy and 
familiar Introduction, which may be con- 
sidered as a Grammar to the art.. . .Cam- 
bridge, printed for the Author. [Copyright 
secured 1813. Third edition — Elizibeth- 
town, N. J., printed 1816. 8°.] Portrait of 
the Author. 1.00 

JENKINS, John S. Lives of the Governors 
of the State of N. York. Auburn: 1851. 8°. 
Numerous Portraits, and 826 pages. 2.50 

JENKINS, Joseph, (G.M.) An Address did. 
before the Grand Lodge of Mass., at the 
Installation of Officers, Dec. 28, 1829. 2d 
edition. Boston: 1830. 8°. .38 

JENKS, William, (A. M., S. H. S.) An Ad- 
dress to the Members of the Am. Antiqua- 
rian Society, pronounced in King's Chapel, 
Boston, on their First Anniversary, Oct. 23, 
1813. Boston: 1813. 8°. .50 

Autograph — " Kufub Davenport's." 

JENNINGS, John, (Mr.) Two Discourses: 
The first, Of Preaching Christ ; the second, 
Of Particular and Experimental Preaching. 
With a Preface by Dr. Isaac Watts. Fourth 

edition [A Prefatory Introduction, by 

Bcnj. Colman.] Boston: 1740. 18°. 1.50 
Autograph — •• Samuel Sewall. May 12th, 17-10. Given 

pr. I'rinter»." 

JOHNSON, Richard M., (Col.) Speech on 
a proposition to abolish Imprisonment for 
Debt, submitted by him to the Senate of the 
U. S., Jan. 14, 1823. Boston: 1823. 8°. .50 

JONES, Paul. Life and Correspondence of, 
including his Narrative of the Campaign of 
the Liman. From MSS. in possession of 
Miss Janette Taylor. New York: 1830. 
8°. Portrait. 1.00 

JONES, Jo. Seawell. A Defence of the Re- 
volutionary History of the State of North 
Carolina from the aspersions of Mr. Jeffer- 
son. Boston: 1834. 8°. 1.00 

[JOY, Benjamin.] A true statement of Facts, 
in reply to a pamphlet lately published by 
Messrs. Charles Barrell, Henry F. Barrell, 
George Barrell and Samuel B. Barrell. 
Boston: 1816. 8°. .38 

26 Bromfield Street, Boston. 


JUDD, Sylvester {of Northampton.) Thomas 
Judd and his Descendants. Northampton : 
1856. 8°. .63 

JUNIUS. The History of Junius and his 
Works; and a Review of the controversy 
respecting the identity of Junius. With an 
Appendix, containing Portraits and Sketches 
by Junius. By John Jaques. London: 
1843. 12°. .75 

KAMES, {Lord) [Henry Home.] Sketches 
of the History of Man. Considerably im- 
proved in a second edition. In 4 vols. Edin- 
burgh: 1787. 8°. 3.00 

KENDALL, James. A Disc. did. Jan. 1, 
1850, upon the Fiftieth Anniversary of his 
Ordination as Pastor of the First Church in 
Plymouth, [Ms.] Plymouth: 1850. 8°. .38 

KETTELL, Samuel. Specimens of American 
Poetry, with Critical and Biographical No- 
tices." In 3 vols. Boston: 1829. 12°. 4.50 

KILBOURNE, Payne Kenyon, {A.M.) The 
History and Antiquities of the Name and 
Famiiv of Kilbourn. . . .New Haven: 1856. 
8°. Plates. 2.50 

KIMBALL, David T. An Introductory Ad- 
dross, a Serm., a Charge and Right Hand 
of Fellowship, did. Oct. 8, 1806, at the Ord. 
of Rev. D. T. Kimball over the First Ch. 
and Cong, in Ipswich. Newburyport: 1806. 
8°. .25 

KIRKLAND, John Thornton. A Serm did. 
May 9, 1798, being the day of a National 
Fast, recommended by the President of the 
U. States. Boston: 1798. 8°. .50 

Autograph — " Theophilus Parsons, Esq. from his friend 
and St. the Author." 

A Disc, before the Gov., Lt. Gov., 

Council and the Legislature of Mass., May 
29, 1816, being the Anniversary Election. 
Boston: 1816/8°. .38 

KN APP, Samuel L., ( Brother, P.M.) An Ora- 
tion delivered before the Right Worshipful 
Masters and Brethren of the Lodges of St. 
Peter and St. Mark, on the festival of St. 
John the Baptist. Newburyport: 5811. 
[1811.] 8°. .38 

. A Memoir of the Life of Daniel 

Webster. Boston: 1831. 12°. Portrait. .75 

Autograph — "G. Robbins." 

Advice in the pursuits of Literature, 

containing Historical, Biographical and 
Critical Remarks. N.York: 1832. 12°. 1.25 
The Life of Thomas Eddy ; com- 

prising an extensive Correspondence, 
New York: 1834. 8°. Portrait. 1.00 

. The Life of Aaron Burr. New 

York: 1835. 12°. 1.00 

Sketches of Public Characters. 

Drawn from the Living and the Dead. 
By Ignatius Loyola Robertson, L.L. D., a 
resident of the United States. New York : 
1830. 12°. 1.25 

[KNAPP, Samuel Lorenzo.] Extracts from 
a Journal of Travels in North America, 
consisting of an Account of Boston and its 
Vicinity. By Ali Bey, &c. Trans, from 
the original MS. Boston: 1818. 12°. .75 

KNEEL AND, Abner, {Minister of the. First 
Independent Church xtf Christ, called Uni- 
versalist, in Philadelphia.) The New Tes- 
tament ; being the English only of the 
Greek and English Testament. Philadel- 
phia: 1823. 12°. 1.00 

. A Review of the Prosecution against 

A. K. for Blasphemy. By a Cosmopolite. 
Boston: 1835. 8°. .38 

KNOX, Hugh. The Moral and Religious 
Miscellany ; or Sixty-one Aphoretical Es- 
says on some of the most important Chris- 
tian doctrines and virtues. By H.K., D. D. 
In St. Croix. N. York : 1775. 8°. 2.00 

With a list of subscribers covering fourteen pages. 450 
copies were subscribed lor iu St. Croix There were many 
subscribers in the Colonies of N. York, N. Carolina, &c. 

KYD, Stewart. A Treatise on the Law of 
Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes. 
Dublin: 1791. 8°. 1.00 

Autograph— u Samuel Gardner. " Book-plate of the 
Arms of Gardner. 

LAB AT, Jean Baptiste. Nouveau Voyage 
aux Isles de l'Amerique. Contenant l'His- 
toire Naturelle de ces Pays, 1'origne, les 
Moeurs, la Religion and le Gouvernment 

des Habitans, anciens et moderns 

A la Haye. 2 vols : 1724. 4°. 5.00 

Laha*. went ta America in 16! 3 but returned to Europe 
in 1705. lie then visited Portugal ami Spain, Hnd resiled 
many years in Italy. He died at Paris in 1(38, aged 75 
years. This work, the Abbe Fontaine says, ''is written 
with a liberality which delights the reader." 

LADIES MAGAZINE (The) and Literary 
Gazette. Edited by Sarah J. Hale. Vols. 
3 and 5. Boston: 1832. 8°. 1.00 

LAFAYETTE, Gilbert M. Marquis. Me- 
moirs of, embracing details of his Life, 
sketches of the American and French Revo- 
lutions, the downfall of Bonaparte, with 
Biographical Notices of individuals distin- 
guished in these events. Hartford: 1825. 
12°. Plates. .75 

LAMBERT, The Marchioness de. The Fair 
Solitary, or Female novel. From the French. 
Philadelphia: 1790. 12°. .50 

LANCASTER, Daniel. The History of Gil- 
mantim,. . .including what is now Guilford, 
to the time it was disannexed. Gilmanton, 
[N. H.]: 1845. 8°. Map. 1.25 

LANG DON, Samuel, {A.M.)... A Serm. did. 
at the Ord. of the Rev. Mr. Sam'l M'Clin- 
tock, colleague with the Rev. Mr. William 
Allen, in the Pastoral care of the Church in 
Greenland, in the Province of N. H., Nov. 
3, 1756. Portsmouth: 1756. 8°. .50 

LANGUAGE: its connection with the pres- 
ent Condition and future Prospects of Man. 
By a Heterogician. Providence: 1836. 




Catalogue of Books on Sale. 

LAPHAM, I. A. A Geographical and Topo- 
graphical description of Wisconsin ; with 
brief Sketches of its History Milwau- 
kee, Wis.: 1844. 12°. .75 

LARDNER, Dionysius, (LL D., F. R. S., 

L. and E ) The Cabinet Cyclopedia 

The Cities and principal Towns of the 
World, Vol. I. London: 1830. 12°. .63 

LARRY, Monsieur de. The History of the 
Reign of King Charles the I. [Trans, from 
the French.] Vol. II. [1639 to 1649.] Lon- 
don: 1716. 8°. .50 

LATHBURY, Thomas, (Rev., A. M.) The 
Spanish Armada, A. D. 1588 ; or, the at- 
tempt of Philip II. and Pope Sextus V. to 
re-establish Popery in England. London : 
1840. 12°. .63 

LATIIROP, John, (D. D., A. A. S.) A Disc, 
before the Mass. Char. Fire Soc, at their 
Annual Meeting in Boston, May 27, 1796. 
Boston: 1796. 8°. .25 

. A Disc. did. at the Public Lecture 

in Boston, on Thursday, March Hi, 1797. 
With an Appendix, containing an account 
of several daring attempts to set fire to the 
Town. . . . Boston : 1797. 8°. .50 

A Sermon preached at the Ch. in 

Brattle St. Boston, Thursday, Sept. 27, 1798, 
a day religiously observed on account of the 
Epidemic now prevailing in this Town, and 
several other Seaports in America. Bos- 
ton: 1798. 8°. .50 
Patriotism and Religion : a Sermon 

preached 25th April, 1799, the day recom- 
mended by the Pres. of the U States to be 
observed as a Fast. Boston: 1799. 8°. .38 
A Disc, on the Law of Retaliation, 

delivered in the New Brick Church, Feb. 6, 
1814. Boston: 1814. 8°. .38 

LATIIROP, Joseph, (D. D., Pastor of the Ch. 
in W. Springfield.) A View of the Doc- 
trines and Duties of the Christian Religion, 
in 49 Discourses on St. Paul's Epistle to the 
Ephesians. With a preliminary Discourse 
on the Evidences of the Gosptl Wor- 
cester: 1801. 8°. 1.00 

. Sermons on various subjects, Evan- 
gelical, Devotional and Practical. 2 vols. 
Worcester: 1793-1. 8°. 1.50 
A Sermon containing reflections on 

the Solar Eclipse which appeared on June 
16th, 1806. Did. on the Lord's dav follow- 
ing. 2d ed. Springfield: 1806. 8°. .50 
. Christ's Warning to the Chu relies 

to beware of False Prophets, who come as 
wolves in sheep's clothing. .. .in two Dis- 
courses. 11th ed. Boston: 1811. .25 
. Damnable Heresies defined and de- 

scribed, in a Sermon prt ached in North 
Wilbraham, June 15, 1808, at the Ordina- 
tion of Rev. Thaddeus Osgood. Brook- 
field: 1821. 8°. .25 

LAW, Andrew. The Art of Singing; in 
three Parts. . . .4th ed., with improvements. 
Printed upon a new plan. Cambrido-e 
1803. Ob. 4°. .5( 

LAW, William., A Serious Call to a devout 
aad holy Life. 17th ed. With an account 
of the Author. Boston: 1818. 12°. .50 
Autograph — "Francis \V. P. Greenwood." 

LAWRENCE, John, (Rev.) The Genealogy 
of the Family of John Lawrence of Wisset, 
in Suffolk, Eng.. and of Watertown and 
Groton, Mass. Boston : 1 857. 8°. 1.50 

LAWRENCE, Robert F. The New Hamp- 
shire Churches: comprising Histories of the 
Congregational and Presbyterian Churches 
in the State, with Notices of other denom- 
inations Claremont: 1856. 8°. 1.50 

LAWRENCE, W. Lectures on Physiology, 
Zoology, and the Natural History of Man, 
did. at the Royal College of Surgeons. 
With seven Engravings. Salem: 1828. 
8°. 1.50 

LAWSON, John, (D. D.) Lectures concern- 
ing Oratory, did. in Trinity College, Dublin. 
3d ed. Dublin: 1760. 1.00 

Autogmph — " Daniel Olivev" 

LAWYER (The), or Man as he ought not to 
be. A Tale. Charleston: 1829. 18°. .50 

LEAKE, Isaac Q,. Memoirs of the Life and 
Times of Gen. John Lamb, an Officer of the 
Revolution, who commanded the post at 
West Point at the time of Arnold's defec- 
tion Albany: 1857. 8°. Portrait and 

Charts. 1 .75 

LEfi, Charles. The Life and Memoirs of the 
late Major General Lee, second in com- 
mand to General Washington during the 
American Revolution, to which are added 
his Political and Military Essays. Also 

Letters to and from New York: 1813. 

12°. 1.25 

LEE, Richard Henry, {A. M, H. A. M.) Life 

of A rthur Lee, LL. D Vol. II. Boston : 

1829. 8°. .75 

LEMPRILRE, William, (Surgeon.) A Tour 
from Gibraltar to Tangier, Salee, Mogo- 
dore, Santa Cruz, and Tarudant ; and thence 

over Mount Atlas to Morocco 3d edn., 

with additions and corrections. Richmond, 
Va : 1800. 12°. .75 

LEONARD, Levi. A Disc, delivered in 
Dublin, N. H., Sept. 7, 1845. It being the 
Sabbath after the 25th Anniversary of his 
Ordination. Keener 1846. 8°. .25 

LESLEY, J. P. An Address to the Suffolk 
North Association of Congregational Min- 
isters. With Sermons Boston : 1849. 

12°. 25 

....and addressed to a Lady in Virginia. 
By her Father. In 2 vols. Boston: 1819. 
8°. 1.50 

26 Bromfield Street, Boston. 


LEVERETT, Chas. Edw. (Rev.) A Memoir, 
Biographical and Genealogical, of Sir John 
Leverett, Knt., Governor of Massachusetts, 
1673-9; of Hon. John Leverett, P. R.S., 

Judge, and Prest. of Harv. Col Boston : 

1856. 8°. Three portraits and folding pedi- 
gree. 1.75 

LEWIS, Daniel, (A.M.) Good Rulers the 
Fathers of their People, and the Marks of 
Honor due to them. A Serm. preached at 
Boston in the audience of His Excel. Win. 
Shirley, p]sq., Gov., Council, and House of 
R. of the Province of Mass. Bay, in New 
Eng. : On the day of electing His Majesty's 
Council, May 25, 1748. Boston: 1748. 
8°. .50 

LEWIS, Zechariah, (A Tutor of Yale Col.) 
An Orat. on the apparent and the real polit- 
ical Situation of the U. S., pron. bef. the 
Ct. Soc. of Cincinnati at New Haven, for 
the Celebration of Am. Independence, July 
the 4th, 1799. N. Haven : 1799. 8°. .50 

LIBERAL PREACHER, The. Vol.1. 1827. 
Containing Sermons of Dewey, Bancroft, 
Thayer, Palfrey, Norton, Ripley, Francis, 
Greenwood, Sewall. Willard, Ware, Ken- 
dall, Sullivan, Walker, &c, &c. 8°. 1.00 

LIEBER, Francis. Legal and Political Her- 
menutics, or Principles of Interpretation 

and Construction in Law and Politics 

Boston: 1839. .75 

LINCOLN, William. The Journals of the 
Provincial Congress of Massachusetts in 
1774-5 Boston: 1838. 8°. 2.50 

LINN, John Blair. Valerian, a Narrative 
Poem: intended in part to describe the 
Early Persecutions of Christians, and rap- 
idly to illustrate the influence of Christi- 
anity on the Manners of Nations. With a 
Sketch of the Life and Character of the 
Author. Philadelphia: 1805. 4°. Par- 
trait. 1.50 

CELEBRATION, held at Litchfield, Con., 
13th and 14th of Aug. 1851. Hartford: 
1851. 8°. * 1.00 

LITCHFIELD. A Biographical History of 
the County of Litchfield, Conn. ; comprising 
Biographical Sketches of distinguished Na- 
tives and Residents of the County By 

Payne Kenyon Kilbourne. N. York : 1851. 
8°. Portraits from steel plates. 1.50 

LITERARY WORLD, (The.) A Gazette 
for Authors, Readers and Publishers. From 
Feb. 6. 1847, to Jan. 27, 1849. From No. 1 
to No. 104, inclusive. N. York: 1847-9. 
4°. 1.00 

celebrated in American History. [Vol. I. 
containing] John Stark, David Brainerd, 
Robert Fulton, and John Smith. Boston : 
[1839.] 12°. .75 

LIVINGSTON, John H., (D D., S.T.P.) 

A Serm. did. bef. the N. York Missionary 
Soc. at their Annual Meeting, April 3, 1804. 

To which are added an Appendix 

Worcester: 1807. 8°. .50 

LOCKE, Jane E. Boston : A Poem. [" Ded- 
icated to the Names of Appleton and Law- 
rence," &c] 2d edition. Boston: 1846. 
12°. .50 

LOCKE, John G. Book of the Lockes. A 
Genealogical and Historical Record of the 
Descendants of William Locke of Woburn. 
With an Appendix, containing a History of 
the Lockes in England ; also of the family 
of John Locke of Hampton, N. H. Boston 
and Cambridge: 1853. 8°. Plates. 3.00 

LOCKE. Samuel, (M. A., Pres. Har. Col.) A 
Serm. preached bef. the Ministers of the 
Prov. of the Mass. Bay, in N. Eng., at their 
Annual Convention in Boston, May 28th, 
1772. Boston: 1772. 8°. .50 

LORING, James Spear. The Hundred Bos- 
ton Orators appointed by the Municipal Au- 
thorities and other Public Bodies, from 1770 
to 1852.... 2d ed. Boston: 1853. 8°. 2.50 

LOSSING, Benson J. 1776, or the War of 
Independence ; a Hist, of the Anglo-Amer- 
icans Illustrated by numerous engrav- 
ings. Revised edition. New York: 1852. 
8°. 1.00 

LOTHROP, Samuel K. A Serm. preached 
before the Ancient and Hon. Artillery Com., 
at the close of a 2d Century from their Char- 
ter Incorporation, Boston, June 4, 1838, 
being the occasion of their Two Hundredth 
Anniversary. Boston: 1838. 8°. .25 

LOVE, Christopher. Grace: the Truth and 
Growth and different Degrees thereof: be- 
ing the sum and substance of Sixteen Ser- 
mons, preached by that faithful and painful 
Servant of Jesus Christ. London: 1810. 
12°. .75 

LOVEJOY, C. & Owen. Memoirs of the 
Rev. Elijah P. Lovejoy ; who was murdered 
in Defence of the Liberty of the Press, at 
Alton, 111., Nov. 7, 1837. With an Intro- 
duction by John Quincy Adams. New 
York: 1838. 12°. .50 

LOVELASS, Peter. A full, clear, and famil- 
iar Explanation of the Law concerning Bills 
of Exchange, Promissory Notes, and the 
Evidence on a Trial by Jury relative there- 
to.... 3d ed. Philadelphia: 1791. 8°. .50, 

LOVEWELL, Captain John. The Adven- 
tures of. [Reprinted from the Hist, and 
Gen. Reg. for Jan. 1853.] Boston : 8°. .25, 

LOWE, Joseph, (Esq.) The Present State- 
of England in regard to Agriculture, Trade, 
and Finance; with a Comparison of the 
Prospects of England and France. New 
York: 1824. 8°. 1.00, 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

LOWELL, As it Is and as it Was. By 

, Henry A. Miles. Lowell: 1845. 18°. 
With a Plan of the City. .25 

LOWELL, Charles.. . .Serm. at the Ordin. of 
Mr. Win. Barry, Jr., to the Pastoral Care 
of the South Congregational Ch. in Lowell, 
Nov. 17, 1830. Boston: 1831. 8°. .25 

....A Serm. preached at the Dedica- 
tion of the Third Cong. Ch. in Cambridge,' 
Dec. 25, 1827. Cambridge: 1828. 8°. .38 

LOWELL, John A. A Correspondence be- 
tween Edward Brooks and John A. Lowell, 
with Remarks by Edward Brooks, referring 
to Documents annexed. Boston : 1847. 
8°. 1.00 

. Reply to a Pamphlet recently cir- 
culated by Mr. Edward Brooks. Boston : 
1848. 8°. .50 

Autograph of the Author. 

LOWER, Mark Antony, (M.A.) English 
Surnames. An Essay on Family Nomen- 
clature 3d edn. In 2 vols. London: 

184' ». Crown 8°. 4.00 

LOWM AN, Moses. A Paraphrase and Notes 
on the Revelation of St John. The Sec- 
ond edition. London: 1745. 4°. 1.50 

Autograph— " Josiah Dunster's, Sept. 1754. The worthy 
Writer of this Paraphrase died A D. 1752, by ye cutting of 
acorn on hia Foot, ye flesh near it festering and mortify- 
ing in a short time. — .1. O." MS. on a fly leaf. 

See Blake's Ming. Diet — Art Lowman. 

LUNT, William P. A Discourse did. in the 
1st Ch., Boston, bef. the Ancient and Hon. 
Artillery Com., June 7, 1847, being the 
209th Anniversary. Boston: 1847. 8°. .25 

LYMAN, Theodore, Jr. The Political State 
of Italy. Boston: 1820. 8°. 1.00 

[ .] Diplomacy of the United States. 

Being an Account of the Foreign Relations 
of the Country, from the first Treaty with 
France, in 1778, to the Treaty of Ghent, in 
1814, witn Great Britain. Boston: 182G. 
8°. 1. 00 

MACKFARLAND, Asa, [A.M.) An His- 
torical View of Heresies, and Vindication 
of the Primitive Faith. Concord : 1806. 
12°. .50 

[MACFARLANE, Henry.] The History of 
the first ten years of the Reign of George 

the Third From 17(J0 to 1770 ; to which 

is prefixed a Review of the War which was 
terminated by the Peace of Paris, in 1763. 
In 4 volumes. Second edition. London : 
1783. 8°. 4.00 

MACKENZIE, Alexander, {Sir.) Voyages 
from Montreal. . .through the Continent of 
N. America to the Frozen and Pacific 

Oceans ; in the years 1789 and 1793 

Philadelphia: 1802. 8°. 1.50 

MACKEAN, Joseph, (LL.D.) A Serm.. .at 
the Ordin. of the Rev. Nathaniel Langdon : 
Frothingham, A. M., Pastor of the First ' 
Church, Boston, 15 March, 1815. .25 | 

MACKEAN, Joseph. A Plea for Friendship 
and Patriotism ; in two Discourses, preached 
at First Church in Boston on Lord's day, 
27 March, and on the Annual Fast, 7 April, 
1814. [Not published.] Boston: 1814. 
12°. .25 

MACKENNEY, Thomas L. Sketches of a 
Tour to the Lakes, of the Character and 
Customs of the Chippeway Indians, and of 
Incidents connected with the Treaty of 
Fond du Lac. Also a Vocabulary of the 

Algic, or Chippeway Language Balti- 

timore : 1827. 8°. Many engravings. 2.00 

MACKENZIE, William M. The Lives and 
Opinions of Benj. Franklin Butler, U. S. 
Dist. Attorney for the Southern District of 
New York, and Jesse Hoyt, Counsellor at 
Law, formerly Collector of Customs for the 
Port of N. York. . . . Boston : 1845. 8°. .50 

MACKINTOSH, Duncan. Essai Raisonne 
sur la Grammaire et la Prononciation An- 
gloise, a l'usage des Francais qui desirent 
d'apprendre l'Anglois. 

N. B. — Chaque Exemplaire de cet ouv- 
rage sera numerote et signe par Mr. Mack- 
intosh. Boston: 1797. 8°. .75 

The Author probably kept his word, for his name and 
number are Mgned to this copy. 

MACKCLUNG, John A. Sketches of West- 
ern Adventure, containing an Account, of 
the most interesting Incidents connected 

with the Settlement of the West With 

engravings. Dayton, O.: 1854. 12°. 1.00 

M ACKLELLAN, Isaac, Jr. The Fall of the 
Indian, with other Poems. Boston: 1830. 
12°. .63 

MACKCOY, Isaac. History of the Baptist 
Indian Missions ; embracing Remarks on 
the former and present Condition of the 
Aboriginal Tribes, their Settlement within 
the Indian Territory, and their future Pros- 
pects. Washington: 1840. 8°. 1.50 

MACKCRIE, Thomas. The Life of John 
Knox ; containing Illustrations of the His- 
tory of the Reformation in Scotland 

New York: 1813. 8°. 1.50 

MADISON'S (Mr.) WAR. A dispassionate 
Inquiry into the Reasons alleged by Mr. 
Madison for declaring an Offensive and 
Ruinous War against Great Britain.. . .By 
a New England Farmer. [John Lowell?] 
Boston: 1812. 8°. .75 

MALDEN. Bicentennial Book of Maiden. 
Containing the Oration and Poem delivered 
on the 200th Anniversary of the Incorpora- 
tion of the Town, May 23, 1849.... Pub- 
lished for the Citizens of Maiden. Boston: 
1650. 12°. 1.00 

MANN, Horace. Reply to the " Remarks " 
of Thirty-one Boston Schoolmasters on the 
7th An. Report of the Sec. of the Mas. Board 
of Education. Boston: 1844. 8°. .50 

26 Bromfield Street, Boston. 


MALTBY, Isaac, {Brig. Gen. Ath Mass. Di- 
vision.) The Elements of War. Boston : 
1811. 12°. .25 

MAAN, Cyrus, {A.M.)... A Serin, did. at 
Bristol, R. L. Nov. 15, 1815. At the Ord. 
of the Rev. Joel Mann, Colleague Pastor 
with Rev. Henry Wight.. . .Warren, R. I. : 
1815. 8°. .38 

MANN, Herman. Historical Annals of Ded- 
ham, from its Settlement, in 1635, to 1847. 
Dedham, Mass.: 1847. 8°. 1.00 

MANN, James, {M. D , A.A.S.) Medical 
Sketches of the Campaigns of 1812. '13 and 

'14 Also Obs. on the Winter Epidemic 

of 1815-16, as it appeared at Sharon and 
Dorchester, Mass. Dedham: 1816. 8°. 1.50 

MANSFIELD, Edward D., (LL.D) Me- 
moirs of the Life and Services of Daniel 

Drake, M. D with Notices of the Early 

Settlement of Cincinnati, and some of its 
Pioneer Citizens. Cincin. : 1855. 12°. 1.25 

MARCH, Daniel. Yankee Land and the 
Yankee. [A Poem.] Hartford: 1840. 8°. .38 

MARTIN EAU, Harriet. Society in Amer- 
ica. In 2 vols. N.York: 1837. 12°. 1.00 

MASONIC. Catalogue of Books on the Ma- 
sonic Institution, in Public Libraries of 
Twenty-eight States of the Union, Anti- 
masonic in Arguments and Conclusions.. . 
With Introductory Remarks . . .By a Mem- 
ber of the Suffolk Committee of J 829. Bos- 
ton: 1852. 8°. 1.00 

MASSACHUSETTS BAY. Journal of the 
Hon. House of Reps. May Session, 1763. 
Folio. Four pages wanting at the begin- 
ning. 2.00 

. January Session of 1764. Fol. 2.00 

The^c ante-revolutionary Journals are of great rarity 
and value. 

CIETY. Catalogue of the Books,. . .&c, 
in the Library of. Boston : 1811. 8°. 1.00 

. Collections of the. Vol. IX. Bos- 
ton: 1804. 8°. 1.25 

. Vol. II. of the Third Series. Cam- 
bridge : 1830. 8°. 1.25 

. Vol. VII. of the Third Series. Bos- 
ton : 1838. 8°. 1.25 

MASSACHUSETTS. The Perpetual Laws 
of the Commonwealth of, from the Com- 
mencement of the Constitution, in October, 
1780, to the last Wednesday in May, 1789, 
....Published by Order of the General 
Court. Boston: 1789. Folio. 2.00 

and United States Calendar, from 1786 to 
1835. Boston: 1786—1835. Wanting— 
years 178-93; 1795, '97, '99—1801 ; 1823, 
'25; 1828-34. each .25 

ing Christian Knowledge. The Constitution 
of the. Charlestown: 1803. 8°. .25 

AZINE. Vols. II. and IV. Boston: 1804, 
1806. 8°. each .50 

an Account of the. Containing a Descrip- 
tion and Plan of the Edifice ; the Law, 
Regulations, Rules, and Orders : with a 
View of the Present State of the Institu- 
tion. By the Board of Visitors. Charles- 
town: 1806. 8°. Folding View and Ground- 
plot. .50 

MASSACHUSETTS, The Constitution of 
the State of, and that of the United States, 
the Declaration of Independence, with 
Washington's Farewell Address. Boston: 
1805. 12°. .25 

. The Act of Incorporation, Regula- 
tions, and Members of the Massachusetts 
Congregational Charitable Society; with a 
brief sketch of its origin, progress, and pur- 
poses. Published for the Society. Boston : 
1815. 8°. .38 
Statistical Tables ; exhibiting the 

Condition and Products of certain Branches 
of Industry in Massachusetts, for the year 
ending April 1, 1837. Prepared from the 
Returns of the Assessors by , Secre- 
tary of the Commonwealth. Boston: 1838. 
8°. .75 

. Statistical Tables ; exhibiting the 

Condition,. .. .Industry in Massachusetts. 

Ending April 1, 1845. Boston : 1845. 

8°. .75 

— . Transactions of the Agricultural 

Societies of the State of Massachusetts, for 
1851. Collated from the original Returns, 
by Amasa Walker, Secretary of the Com- 
monwealth. Boston: 1852. 8°. 1.00 
. Journal of the Constitutional Con- 

vention of the Commonwealth of, begun 
and held in Boston on the 4th day of May, 
1853. Printed by order of the Convention. 
Boston: 1853. 8°. 1.50 

MATHER, Increase. A Essay for the Re- 
cording of Illustrious Providences ; where- 
in an Account is given of many Remarkable 
and very Memorable Events, which have 
hapned this last Age, Especially in New 
England. Boston, in New England : 1684. 
12°. [Reprint, 1856.] Portrait of the Au- 
thor. 1.25 

MAYHEW, Experience. Grace Defended, 
in a Modest Plea for an Important Truth ; 
namely, That the Offer of Salvation made 
to Sinners in the Gospel comprises in it an 
Offer of the Grace given in Regeneration. 

Boston : 1744. 4°. Title supplied in 

MS. 1.00 

MAYHEW, Jonathan, {D. D.) Sermons upon 
the following Subjects, viz.: On hearing 

the Word Reprinted, London : 1756. 

8°. 1.00 


Catalogue of Book's on Sale, 

MATHER, Richard. Journal of Richard 
Mather, 1635. His Life and Death, 1670. 
12°. .38 

MATHER, Samuel, (D.D.) All Men will 
not be Saved forever ; or, an Attempt to 
Prove that this is a Scriptural Doctrine, 
and to give a sufficient Answer to the Pub- 
lisher of Extracts in Favor of the Salvation 
of All Men Boston: 1782. 8°. 1.00 

MAYHEW, Jonathan, (D.D.) The Snare 
broken. A Thanksg. Disc, preached at 
the Desire of the West Church in Boston, 
N. E., Frid., May 23, 1766. Occasioned 
by the Repeal of the Stamp Act. Boston: 
1766. 8°. 2.00 

Autograph—- 1 The Reyd. Author's Gift to Jno. Tucker." 

MEASE, James. Letters from, transmitting 
a Treatise on the Rearing of Silkworms, 
by Mr. De Hazzi of Munich, with Plates, 
&c, &c. Washington: 1828. 8°. 20 
Congs. 1 Ses. [Doc. No. 226.] House of 
Reps. .50 

MEECH, Asa, (Rev.) A Serm. did. at Bridge- 
water, Mar. 18, 1804, chiefly illustrating 
the Ways of God.. . .Bos. : 1804. 8°. .25 

MELISH, John. Travels in the United States 
of America, in the years 1806 and 1807, 
and 1809, 1810 and 1811; including an 
Account of Passages between America and 
Britain. Also, Travels through G. Britain, 
Ireland, and Upper Canada. Illustrated by 
8 maps. In 2 vols. Phil.: 1812. 8°. 2.00 

MELLEN, Grenville. A Book of the United 
States Hartford: 1835. 8°. 1.50 

MELLEN, G. W. F. An Argument on the 
Unconstitutionality of Slavery, embracing 
an Abstract of the Proceedings of the Na- 
tional and State Conventions on this Sub- 
ject. Boston: 1841. 12°. .75 

Presentation copy from the Author to "J. Wingate 
Thornton, Esq." 

MELLEN, John, [AM] Fifteen Discourses 
upon Doctrinal, connected Subjects, with 

practical Improvements Boston, N. E. : 

1765. 8°. 1.50 

for Freemasons, suitable for every occasion. 
Compiled by a Past Master. Cincinnati : 
1852. 18°. .75 

MIDDLING INTEREST. Defence of the 
Exposition of the Middling Interest, on the 
Right of Constituents to give Instructions 
to their Representatives.. . .City of Boston : 
July, 1822. 8°. .20 

MIDGLEY, R. L. Sights in Boston and 
Suburbs, or Guide to the Stranger. Illus- 
trated by Billings, Hall, Barry, and John 
Andrew. Boston : 1856. 18°. Two fine 
maps and numerous woodcuts. .75 

MILES, Henry A. Lowell as it Is and as it 
Was. Lowell : 1845. 18°. With a plan 
of the City. .25 

History of the M. A. of Congregational 
Ministers, with the Centennial Addresses, 
delivered at Franklin, Mass., Nov. 19, 1851. 
... By Rev. Mortimer Blake. Boston: 1853. 
12°. 1.00 

MIDDLEBOROUGH, First Church in 

A Catalogue of Members. Published bv 
the Church. Boston: 1854. 8°. .25 

MILITARY MENTOR, The. Being a Se- 
ries of Letters recently written by a Gen- 
eral Officer to his Son, on his entering the 
Army. 1st Amer. from 2d London edition. 
In 2 vols. Salem: 1808. 12°. .75 

Modes of Defence for the U. S., with a 
Plan of Defence adapted to their Circum- 
stances and the existing State of Things. 
...Trans, by Ezra Anderson. Baltimore: 
1807. 8°. 1.00 

ing the Trials of Capt Jos. Loring, Jr., 
Capt. Amos Binney, and Capt. Thos. Howe. 
From authentic documents for the informa- 
tion of the Officers of the Militia. Boston : 
1810. 8°. 1.00 

MILLER, Edward, (M.D.) The Medical 
Works of, collected, and accompanied with 
a Biographical Sketch of the Author; by 
Samuel Miller, D.D. New York: 1814. 
8°. 1.25 

MILLER, Samuel. A brief Retrospect of 
the Eighteenth Century. Part First, in two 
volumes : containing a Sketch of the Revo- 
lutions and Improvements in Science, Arts, 
and Literature. N. York : 1803. 8°. 2.00 

, (D. D.) Letters on Clerical Manners 

and Habits ; addressed to a Student in the 
Theological Seminary at Princeton, N. J. 
New York: 1827. 12°. 1.25 

MILLET, Joshua, (Rev.) A Hist, of the Bap- 
tists in Maine ; together with Brief Notices 
of Societies and Institutions, and a Diction- 
ary of the Labors of each Minister. Port- 
land [Me.] : 1845. 12°. .75 

MILLS, Robert. Statistics of South Caro- 
lina, including a View of its Natural, Civil, 
and Military History, General and Particu- 
lar. Charleston, S. C. : 1826. 8°. Map. 3.00 

MILLS, Samuel J., and Daniel Smith. Re- 
port of a Missionary Tour through that 
Part of the United States which lies West 
of the Allegany Mountains ; performed 
under the Direction of the Mass. Mission- 
ary Society. Andover: 1815. 8°. 1.25 

MILTIMORE, William.. . .A Serm. preached 
Mar. 18, 1812, at the Installation of the 
Rev. Elijah Kellogg to the Past. Care of 
the Chapel Congreg'l Ch. and Soc. in Port- 
land Portland: 1812. 8°. .25 

years 1821 and 1823. 8°. each .50 

26 Bromfield Street, Boston. 


MILTIMORE, James, {A.M.) A Disc. did. 
bef. the Members of the Female Charitable 
Soc. of Newburyport, at their 4th Anniver- 
sary, May 20, 1807 Newburyport: 1807. 

8°. .25 

MINOT, George Richards, {A.M.) The 
History of the Insurrections in Massachu- 
setts in the year 1786, and the Rebellion 
consequent thereon. Worcester, Massa- 
chusetts: 1788. 8°. 1.50 

Autograph — " Nahum Mitchells. Price 1 25." 
. Continuation of the Hist, of the 

Province of Mass. Bay, from the year 1748. 
With an Introductory Sketch of Events 
from its Original Settlement. In 2 vols. 
{In one.) Boston: 1798— 1803. 8°. Por- 
trait of the Author ir.serted. 2.00 

MIRANDA, Don Francisco. The History 
of his Attempt to effect a Revolution in S. 
America. 2d ed. Boston: 1810. 12°. 1.00 

MITCHELL, Nahum. History of the Early 
Settlement of Bridgewater, in Plymouth 
County, Mass., including an extensive Fam- 
ily Register. Boston: 1840. 8°. 1.50 

MOLINA, J. Ignatius, {Abbe Don.) The 
Geographical, Natural, and Civil History 

of Chili With Notes from the Spanish 

and French Versions, and an Appendix,. . . 
from the Araucana of Don Alonzo de Ercilla. 
Trans, from the orig. Italian by an Ameri- 
can Gentleman. 2 vols. Middletown (Con.): 
1808. 8°. 3 00 

MONROE, James. A View of the Conduct 
of the Executive in the Foreign Affairs of 
the United States, connected with the Mis- 
sion to the French Republic 1794-6. 

Philadelphia: 1797. 8°. 2.00 

Autographs—" James Perkins and I. P. Davis." 


History of the Troubles 

in Great Britain. Folio, pp. 557. Index 
10 leaves. Wants title-page. 1.50 

Discoveries, Improvements, and Opinions. 
Illustrated with Maps and Drawings. 3 
vols. Boston: 1840—1842. 8°. 3.00 

ligion and Letters. 5 vols. 1839 to 1843. 
Boston : 8°. Neatly half-bound, library 
style. 4.00 

MONTHLY MIRROR, The: Reflecting 
Men and Manners. With Strictures on 
their Epitome, The Stage. Vol. I. London: 
1795. 8°." .50 

MOODY, Chas.C. P. Biographical Sketches 
of the Moody Family : embracing Notices 
often Ministers and several Laymen, from 
1633 to 1842.... Boston: 1847. 18°. .50 

MOORE, John, {M.D.) A Journal during a 
Residence in France, from the beginning 
of August to the middle of December, 1792. 
....2 vols. Boston: 1794. 12°. .75 

MOORE, Jacob Bailey. Memoirs of Ameri- 
can Governors. Vol. I. [All ever published.] 
New York : 1846. 8°. Portrait. 1.00 

MOORE, John. Journal Durant un Sejour en 

France En deux Volumes Phila. : 

1794. 8°. 1.00 

MOORE, Thomas. Memoirs of the Rt. Hon. 
Richard Brinsley Sheridan. Phila.: 1825. 
8°. Fine portrait inserted. 1.50 

MORELL, John Reynell. Algeria: the To- 
pography and History, Political, Social, and 
Natural, of French Africa. London: 1854. 
8°. Numerous plates and fine map. 1.50 

MORGAN, John, {M. D., F. R. S., fyc.) A 
Recommendation of Inoculation according 

to Baron Dimsdale's Method Boston : 

1776. 8°. 2.00 

MORRIS. Peter. Peter's Letters to his Kins- 
folk. To which is added, Postscript, ad- 
dressed to Samuel T. Coleridge, Esq. 2d 
American edition. N. York. Printed by 
James and John Harper, No. 138 Fulton 
street, for E. Duyckinck, Collins & Co., 
Collins and Hannay, S. Campbell & Son, 
and G. Long. 1820. 8°. 2.00 

MORRISON, William. A Sermon did. Jan. 
20, 1796, at the Ord. of the Rev. William 
Pidgin to the Past. Care of the Presbyterian 
Church and Soc. in Hampton, N. H. New- 
buryport : 1796. 8°. .50 

MORSE, Abner. A Genealogical Register 
of the Inhabitants and History of the Towns 
of Sherborn and Holliston. Boston: 1856. 
8°. 3.00 

MORSE, Jedidiah, {D. D., Pastor of the Ch. in 
Charlestown.) A Serm. preach'd at Charles- 
town, Nov. 29, 1798, on the Anniversary 

Thanksgiving With an Appendix 

Boston: 1798. 8°. .38 

. The American Geography ; or, a 

View of the Present Situation of the U. 
States of America.. . .Illustrated with two 
Sheet Maps. 2d ed. London: 1792.8°. 1.25 

MORSE, Jedidiah, {D. D., A.A.S., S. H. S.) 
and Parish Elijah, [D. D.). A New Gazet- 
teer of the Eastern Continent Boston : 

1808. 8°. Maps. .75 

Autograph — " Henry H. Fuller." 

. The American Gazetteer.. . .3d ed» 

revised and corrected. Boston: 1810: 8°. 
Maps. .75 

Autograph — "Henry II. Fuller." 
. The American Universal Geog- 
raphy Seventh edition. 2 vols. Charles- 
town: 1819. 8°. Maps. 1.50 
. The American Universal Geog- 
raphy.. . .7th ed. Charlestown: 1819. 8°. 
Maps. 1.50 

. A New Gazetteer of the Eastern 

Continent By J. M. and Rev. Elijah 

Parish, A. M. Illustrated with 18 maps. 
Charlestown: 1802. 8°. .75 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

MORSE, Jedidiah, (D. D.\ and Morse, Rich- 
ard C, [A.M.) The Traveller's Guide; 
or, Pocket Gazetteer of the United States. 
...New Haven: 182:1 18°. Illustrative 
cuttings from newspapers inserted. .7n 

 A New Gazetteer or Geographical 

Dictionary of the World.. . .Fourth edition. 
New Haven: 1823. 8°. 2.50 

MORSE, Jedidiah, (D. D.) Report of the 
Secretary of War of the U. States on In- 
dian Affairs, comprising a Narrative of a 
Tour.. . . N. Haven : 1822. 8°. 2.00 

MORTIMER, Thomas, (Esq.) A General 
Dictionary of Commerce, Trade, and Manu- 
factures ; exhibiting their Present State in 

every Part of the World London: 1810. 

8°. Finely bound in Russia. 2.00 

MORTON, 'Nathaniel. New England's Me- 
morial. Sixth edition. Also Gov. Brad- 
ford's History of Plymouth Colony ; portions 
of Prince's Chronology ; Gov. Bradford's 
Dialogue ; Gov. Winslow's Visit to Massa- 
eoit ; with numerous Marginal Notes and 

an Appendix [Bv Sewall Hardin?.] 

Boston: 1855. 8°. Plates. 2.00 

MOTHER'S MANUAL, The.. . .Cotton Ma- 
ther's Resolutions of a Parent, Notices of 
Maternal Associations, &c. ..Boston: 1840. 
8°. .38 

MULFORD, Isaac S. A Civil and Political 
History of New Jersey... to the present 
time. "Philadelphia: 1851. 8°. 1.50 

MURRAY, John, (Rev.) Records of the Life 
of. Late Minister of the Reconciliation. 
Written by Himself. Continued to the 
Closing Scene by a Friend. 2d ed. Bos- 
ton: 1827. 12°. Portrait. .75 

MURRAY, Lindley. The Power of Religion 
on the Mind From 13th Eng. ed., en- 
larged and improved by the Author. New 
York: 1808. 12°. 1.00 

NANCREDE, Joseph. Telomaque, fils I)'- 
Ulysse. Par Messire Francois de Salignac 
do la Motte Fenelon. Nouvelle edition... 
Revue et Corrigee, par Joseph Nancrede, 
Maitre de Langue Francoise, en l'Universitf 
de Cambridge. A Boston: 1797. 12°. .75 

NANTUCKET. Seaweeds from the Shores 
of Nantucket. Boston: 1853. 12°. .50 

NARRATIVE (A) of the Revival of Religion 
in the County of Oneida. Particularly in 
the Bounds of the Presbytery of Oneida, in 
the year 1820. Utica:1826. 8°. .75 

NASON, Elias, (Rev.). . . A Serm. at the Ded- 
icat. of the First Cong. Church in Natick, 
Ms., Nov. 15, 1854. Boston : 1855. 8°. .25 

NATICK. A History of N. from its first 
Settlement, in 1651, to the Present Time; 
with Notices of the first White Families, 
and also an Account of the Centennial Cele- 
bration, Oct. 16, 1851 By O.N. Bacon. 

Boston: 1856. 8°. Plates. 1.50 

NASH, Sylvester, (Rev., A.M.) The Nash 
Family ; or, Recprds of the Descendants of 
Thomas Nash of New Haven, Ct., 1640. 
Hartford: 1853. 8°. Portraits. 1.50 

NATICK. History of the Town of, from the 
Days of the Apostolic Eliot, MDCL, to 
the present time, MDCCXXX. By William 
Biglow. Boston: 1830. 8°. .50 

NAVAL CHRONICLE, The. For 1807, '8, 
'9, and '10. Containing a General and Bio- 
graphical History of the Royal Navy of 
England,. . .London : 1807-10. 5 vols. r. 
8°. Splendid binding. 10.00 

NEALE, Rollin H., (Rev., D. D.) A Sermon 
delivered. . .at the Annual Election, Jan. 8, 
1852. Boston: 1852. 8°. .25 

NEEDLE, Henry. The Literary Remains of. 
Consisting of Lectures on English Poetry, 
Tales, and other Miscellaneous Pieces in 
Prose and Verse. New York : 1829. 8°. 
Portrait. 1.25 

NEWELL, William. A Disc, on the Cam- 
bridge Church Gathering in 1630, deld. in 
the First Ch., on Sunday, February 22, 
184G. Boston: 1846. 8°. .50 

NEW ENGLANDER, The. Vols. I. and 
II., 1843 and 1844. New Haven: 1843-4. 
8°. 4.00 

NEW ENGLAND and her Institutions. By 
one of her Sons. Boston: 1835. 12°. .50 

AZINE; comprehending Literature, Mor- 
als, and Amusement. 3 vols, (in one.) Bos- 
ton : 1802-3. 8°. Damaged, but perfect. 1.25 

to 1857. 1 1 vols. Boston: 8°. JVumcrous 
engravings. Cloffi gilt. 20.00 

proved, for the more easy attaining the true 
English. To which is added the Assembly 
of Divines and Mr. Cotton's Catechism. 
Boston : 1 777. 3'2°. Facsimile reprint. . 1 2 

NEW HAMPSHIRE. Facilitated Carriage: 
A Short Statement of the Proceedings at 
Concord, N. H....3d June, 1825, on the 
Subject of Internal Improvements, and some 
Remarks thereon. Boston : 1825. 8°. .25 

. Festival of the Suns of N. H., with 

the Speeches Celebrated in Boston, 

Nov. 7, 1849. Phonographic report, by Dr. 
J. W. Store. Boston: 1850.8°. Fine por- 
traits of Webster and Wilder. . 1.00 
Festival. .. .celebrated in Boston, 

Nov. 2, 1853; including an Account of the 
Proceedings in Boston on the Day of the 
Funeral at Marshfield, and the subsequent 
Obsequies commemorative of the Death of 
Daniel Webster, their late President. Pho- 
nographic rep., bv Alex. C. Felton. Boston: 
1854. 8°. Portraits of Wilder and Samuel 
Applelon. 1.00 

26 Bromjield Street, Boston. 


CIETY, Collections of the. Vol.11. Con- 
cord: 1827. 8°. 1.25 

. Vol. IV. Concord: 1834. 8°. 1.25 

NEW HAMPSHIRE, as It Is. In Three 
Parts : I. A Hist. Sketch of N. H. ; II. A 
Gazetteer of N. H. ; III. A General View 

of N. H By Edwin A. Charlton. 3d ed. 

Claremont: 1856. 8°. Portrait of D. Web- 
ster and other plates. 

Comprising Histories of the Cong 1 , and Pres- 
byterian Churches in the State, with No- 
tices of other Denominations. By Robt. F. 
Lawrence, Past. Cong. Ch. in Claremont. 
Claremont; 1856. 8°. 1.50 

Literary Journal. Vols. I. to X. Phila. : 
1821-2. B.ston: 1822-5. 8°. Bound. 7.00 

NEWPORT. Sketches of Newport and its 
Vicinity, with Notices respecting the His- 
tory, Settlement, and Geography of Rhode 
Island. Illustrated with engravings. New 
York: 1842. 12°. .75 

true and last Account of the present Bloody 
Wars carried on betwixt the Infidels, Na- 
tives, and the English Christians, and con- 
verted Indians of New England, declaring 
the many Dreadful Battles fought betwixt 

them London: 1676. Boston, N. E. : 

1850. 4°. .50 

NEW TESTAMENT, The... in Sgau Ka- 
ren. 2d edition.— 4000. Maulmain: 1850. 
8°. .50 

NEWTON. A History of the Early Settle- 
ment of Newton, County of Middlesex, Ms., 
from 1639 to 1800. With a Genealogical 
Register of its Inhabitants prior to 1800. 
By Francis Jackson of Boston, a native of 
Newton. Boston: 1854. 12°. Maps. 1.50 

NEWTON, Isaac. Arithmetique universelle 
de Newton, traduite du Latin en Francais ; 
avec des Notes explicatives, par Noel Beau- 
deaux. A Paris : An X.— 1802. 4°. 3.00 

NEWTOWN. The Annals of, in Queen's 
County, N. Y. : containing its History from 
its first Settlement.. .New York : 1852. 8°. 
Maps and plates. 2.00 

NEW YORK. Documentary History of the 
State of. Arranged under the Direction of 
the Hon. Christopher Morgan, Secretary of 
State. By E. B. O'Callaghan, M. D. 4 vols. 
Albany: 1849. 8°. Numerous maps and 
plates. 6.00 

. The Description of the City of N.Y. ; 

containing its Population, Institutions, Com- 
merce, Manufactures, Public Buildings, C'ts 
of Justice, Places of Amusement, &-c. To 
•which is prefixed a brief acc't of its first set- 
tlement by the Dutch in the year 1629.. .By 
James Hardie, A.M. N. Y. : 1827. 12°. 1.25 

NEW YORK. A Gazetteer of the State of 
N. York; including the Census of 1840. 
With a new Township Map of the State. 
Albany: 1842. 12° 1.00 

. Annual Report of the Superintend- 
ent of Common Schools of the State of N. 
Y., together with the Reports of County 
Superintendents. Made to the Legislature, 
Jan. 15, 1845. Albany : 1845. 8°. 1.00 
The Picture of; or, the Traveller's 

Guide through the Commercial Metropolis 
of the United States. By a Gent.* residing 
in the City. New York : 1807. 18°. [*S. 
L. Mitchell.] 2.00 
. Collections N. York Historical So- 
ciety for the year 1809. Vol.1. N.York: 
1811. 8°. 1.50 
{The State.) The Official Reports of 

the Canal Commissioners of the State of 
New York, and the Acts of the Legislature 
respecting Navigable Communications be- 
tween the Great Western and Northern 
Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean. With per- 
spicuous Maps and Profiles.. . .Newburgh: 
Aug. 1817. 8°. 1.00 

NEW YORK REVIEW (The) and Athe- 
neum Magazine. Nos. 1 to 12, 1825-6. 
2 vols. N. York: 1825-6. 8°. In num. 
hers, uncut. Jill published. 2.00 

NILES, Samuel, {Rev., A.M.) Remarks on 
a Serin, preached before the Plymouth As- 
sociation. .. .in Middleborough, Sept. 26, 
1810, by John Reed, D.D.... Boston: 1813. 
8°. .38 

A Summary Historical Narrative of 

the Wars in New England with the French 
and Indians, in the several Parts of the 
Country. Boston: 1837. 8°. Printed from 
the original MS. in the Colls. Ms. Hist. Soc. 
Bound by itself half Turkey. Not issued 
separately. 2.00 

NORFOLK. A brief Hist, of the Town of 

Norfolk [Ct.] from 1738 to 1844 By 

Aaron Roys. New York : 1847. 8°. .75 

eral Index to the first 25 vols. Boston : 
1829. 8°. 1.50 

NORTH YARMOUTH, (Maine.) Letters 
to a Friend on Ecclesiastical Councils, Dis- 
cipline, and Fellowship ; comprising a His- 
tory of the late Dissensions in North Yar- 
mouth. Portland: 1824. 8°. .50 

NORTON, Andrews. A Discourse on the 
Latest Form of Infidelity ; delivered at the 
" Association of the Alumni of the Cam- 
bridge Theological School," on the 19th of 
July, 1839. With Notes. Cambridge: 
1839. 8°. .38 

. A Collection of the Miscellaneous 

Writings of Professor Frisbie, with some 
Notices of his Life and Character. Boston : 
1823. 8°. 1.00 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

NORWAY. The History of Norway, [Ox- 
ford County, Maine.]. . .By David Noyes. 
Norway: 1852. 8°. 1.25 

TENSIS; or, Political Essays, published 
in the years 1774 and 1775, on the Princi- 
pal Points of Controversy between Great 
Britain and her Colonies. The former by 
John Adams, late President of the United 
States ; the latter by Jonathan Sewall, then 
King's Attorney General of the Province of 
Massachusetts Bay... Bost.: 1819. 8°. 8.00 

[This copy of N'ovanglus, &c , belonged to the late Hon. 
John Davis of Bo-ton, in which, in the Judge's autograph, 
is this note: — "Since this volume was published, it has 
been asserted that Daniel Leonard, Esq , was the Author 
of ye Essays signed Massochusntfnxis. The Author of 
Mcfr'ingal evidently refers tbe^e writings to a character of 
a description not applicable to Small. 

' Scrawled every moment he could spare 
From cards, and barber, and the fair.' r ] 

NOYES, David. The History of Norway, 

[Maine.] Interspersed with Historical 

Sketches.... Norway: 1852. 8°. 1.25 

NOYES, Thomas. Statement of Facts rela- 
tive to the Last Will of the late Mrs. 
Badger of Natick, which was disallowed on 
the final Hearing. By the Principal Lega- 
tees. Dedham: 1824. 8°. .50 

. Review of a Pamphlet entitled " A 

Report of the Evidence in the Case, John 
Atkins, Appellant, vs. Calvin Sanger, and 
al., Executors, relative to the Will of the 
late Mrs. Badger of Natick. Also the Af- 
fidavit of the Appellant.". . .Dedhain: 1825. 
[n. d.] .50 

NUTTALL, Thomas, {F.L.S.) A Journal 
of Travels into the Arkansas Territory dur- 
ing the year ]8H>.. . .Illustrated by a map 
and other engravings. Philadelphia: 1821. 


OBSERVATIONS on the Importance ' of 
Greek Literature, and the best Method of 
Studying the Classics. Translated from 
the Latin of Prof. Wyttenbach. . . .Boston: 
1820. 8°. .50 

OBSERVER, A Calm. Letters on the Sub- 
ject of the Concert of Princes and the Dis- 
memberment of Poland and France. First 
published in the Morning Chronicle, be- 
tween July 20, 1792, and June 25, 1793. 2d 
ed. London: 1793. 8°. Water-stained. .50 

Influence of the Spirit. With seasonable 

Cautions against Mistakes and Abuses. 

Boston: 1742. 8°. .38 

ODLIN, Woodbridge, [and others.'] Review 
of the Result of an Ecclesiastical Council 
convened at Exeter, N. H., Aug. 31 ... . 
1842 Exeter: 1842. 8°. .38 

OLD YS, Francis. The Life of Thomas Pain, 
with a Review of his Writings ; particularly 
of [his] Rights of Man. Fifth edn. Lon- 
don: 1792. 8°. 1.25 

OHIO. A Topographical Description of the 
State of Ohio, indiana Territory, and Louis- 
iana. Comprehending the Ohio and Mis- 
sissippi Rivers, and their principal Tribu- 
tary Streams.. . .A concise Account of the 
Indian Tribes west of the Mississippi. To 
which is added an interesting Journal of 
Mr. Chas. Le Ray, while a Captive with 

the Sioux Nation By a late Officer in 

the U. S. Army. [Charles Cutler.] Bos- 
ton: 1812. 12°. Engravings. 1.50 

fession of Faith and Form of Covenant of, 
in Boston, Massachusetts, with Lists of the 
Founders, the Pastors, Ruling Elders and 
Deacons, and the Members. Boston : 1841. 
12°. .50 

OLIVER, Andrew, Jun., {Esq.) An Essay 
on Comets, in Two Parts. Part I., Con- 
taining an Attempt to explain the Phenom- 
ena of the Tails of Comets Part II., 

Pointing out some important Ends for which 

these Tails were probably designed 

Salem, New England : 1772. 8°. Folding 
plate. Title and four pages neatly supplied 
by MS., and in the handwriting oj S. P. 
Gardner. 2.00 

. Two Lectures on Comets by Prof. 

Winthrop. Also, an Essay on Comets by 
A. Oliver, Jun., Esq. Likewise, a Supple- 
ment relative to the present Comet of 1811. 
Boston: 1811. 12°. 100 

OLIVER, Benjamin L., Jun. Hints for an 
Essay on the Pursuits of Happiness. (De- 
signed for common use.) Cambridge: 1818. 
8°. .75 

OLIVER, Daniel, (M. D.) First Lines of 
Physiology ; designed for the Use of Stu- 
dents in Medicine. .Boston: 1835. 8°. 1.50 

ONDERDONK, B. T. {Rt. Rev., D. D.) An 
Office of Devotion, or Liturgy, for the use 
of Sunday Schools ; compiled by the Rt. 
Rev. J. H. Hobart, D. D....With Prayers 
by the Rt. Rev. B. T. O., D. D. N. York : 
[n. d.l .25 

ORTON, Job. Six Discourses.. . .To which 
is prefixed the Rev. Mr. Lowell's bef. the 
Soc. for promoting Christian Knowledge, 
at the Annual Meeting. Boston: 1816. 
12°. .50 

OSGOOD, David, (D. D.) A conclusive Ar- 
gument for the Truth of the Gospel : urged 
in a Disc. did. at the Ordination of the Rev. 
Leonard Woods to the Past. Care of the 3d 
Parish in Newbury, Dec. 5, 1798. New- 
buryport: 1799. 8°. .50 

[ .] The Devil let Loose ; or, the Woe 

occasioned to the Inhabitants of the Earth 
by his Wrathful Appearance among them. 
....A Discourse delivered on the day of 
the National Fast, April 25, 1799. Boston : 
1799. 8°. .50 

26 Rromfield Street, Boston. 


OSBORN. Familiar Letters written by Mrs. 
Sarah Osborn and Miss Susanna Anthony, 
late of Newport, Rhode Island. Newport: 
1807. 12°. .50 

[OSBORNE, Laughton.] The Vision of Ru- 
bsta, an Epic Story of the Island of Man- 
hattan. With illustrations done on stone. 
Ausus celebrare domestica facta. Boston : 
1838. 8°. 1.00 

OSGOOD, David, [Rev., D. D.) A Discourse 
did. at Cambridge in the Hearing of tbe 
University, April 8, 1810. Cambridge: 
1810. 8°. .25 

. The Validity of Baptism by Sprink- 
ling, and the Right of Infants to that Ordi- 
nance, supported and defended in Two Dis- 
courses did. at Maiden, in the year 1804. 
Occasioned by the setting up of a Baptist 
Soc. in that place. 2d edn. Charlestown : 
1804. 12°. .38 

. Sermons by tha late, Minister of the 

Church in Medford. Boston : 1824. 8°. 1 .00 

OSGOOD, Samuel, (A. M, A. A. S.) Three 
Letters on Different Subjects : I. To John 
B. Romeyn, D. D., pointing out wherein the 
Author's Views of Prophecies. .. .II. To 
Isaac Osgood, Esq., a Review of Locke's 
Chapter on Power, and Edwards on the 
Freedom of the Will. III. To the Rev. 
Amzi Armstrong: Calvinists are not in 
everything correct, because they disagree 

among themselves New York: 1811. 

8°. .50 

OTIS, Harrison Gray, [Hon.) Letter from 
to the Hon. William Heath, as Chair- 
man of the Roxbury Committee for petition- 
ing Congress against permitting Merchant 
Vessels to Arm. Bost. : Ap'l, 1708. 8°. .75 

OTIS, Horatio N. A Genealogical Memoir 
of the Family of Richard Otis, and collater- 
ally of the Families of Baker, Varney, Wal- 
dron, Watson, Bean, Smith, Stackpole, 
Wentworth, [&c, &,c] Boston: 1851. 
8°. 1.00 

OUSLEY, William Gore, [Sir.) Remarks on 
the Statistics and Political Institutions of 

the United States Philadelphia: 1832. 

8°. 1.00 

Autograph of John Pickering. 

PACKARD, Hezekiah....A Disc. did. June 
28, 1797, at the Ord. of the Rev. Andrew 
Beattie to the Past. Care of the Ch. and 
Christ. Soc. in the West Parish of Salis- 
bury Newburyport: 1797. 8°. .25 

PAGE'S (Monsieur de) Travels round the 
World in the years 1767 — 71. Trans, from 
the French. 2d ed. 3 vols. London : 1793. 
8°. 2.50 

PAINE, Charles. An Address did. bef. the 
Members of the Mass. Char. Fire Soc, at 
their Anniversary Meeting, May 27, 1808. 
Boston: 1808. 8°. .25 

PAIGE, Lucius R. An Address at the Cen- 
tennial Celebration in Hardwick, Mass., 
Nov. 15, 1838. Cambridge: 1838. 8°. .67 

Some MS additions by the Author. 

Autograph—" Hon. Nahura Mitchell with respects of 
Lucius 11 Paige." 

PAINE, Robert Treat, Jr , ( Esq.) Works in 
Prose and Verse, with Notes, and Sketches 
of his Life and Writings. Boston: 1812. 
8°. 1.50 

PAINE, Thomas. Agrarian Justice opposed 
to Agrarian Law and to Agrarian Monop- 
oly. Being a Plan for Meliorating the Con- 
dition of Man, by creating in every Country 

a National Fund Philadel. : [No date.] 

[1800?] .75 

PALFREY, John G., [A.M.) A Discourse 
delivered in the Church in Brattle Square, 
Boston, Aug. 9, 1832, the Day appointed 
for Fasting and Prayer in Mass. on Account 
of the Approach of Cholera. 2d ed. Bos- 
ton: 1832. 8°. .25 

. Discs, on Intemperance, preached 

in the Church in Brattle Square, Boston, 
April 5, 1 827, the Day of Annual Fast, and 
April 8, the Lord's Day following. 2d ed. 
Boston: 1827. 18°. .25 

PALMER, Thos. H. The Historical Regis- 
ter of the United States. From the Decla- 
ration of War, in 1812, to January 1, 1814. 
Second edn. 2 vols. Philadelphia: 1814. 
8°. 4.00 

PANOPLIST (The) and Missionary Maga- 
zine United Vols. I., II., and III. Bos- 
ton: 1809—11. 8°. 1.00 

for the year... 180(5, '11, '12. 8°. 1.00 

I. Bird and Mrs. Bird. Vol. Sept. 1840, to 
Feb. 1, 1841. Gilmanton, N. H. : 1841. 
8°. .75 

PARISH, Elijah, [D. D., S. H. S.) A Serm. 
preached at Boston, Nov. 3, 1814, bef. the 
Soc. for Prop, the Gospel among the In- 
dians Boston: 1814. 8°. .50 

. A Serm. did. bef. the Convention of 

the Congreg. Ministers in Mass. at their 
Annual Meeting in Boston, May 30, 1821. 
Cambridge: 1821. 8°. .25 

PARISH PRIEST, The. A Poem. An- 
napolis: [n. d. circ. 1810?] .50 

PARK, Edwards A A Serm.... at the 

Election, Jan. 2, 1851. Bost. : 1851. 8°. .25 

. A Discourse delivered at the Funeral 

of Prof. Moses Stuart. Bost. : 1852. 8°. .25 
New England Theology ; with Com- 

ments on a 3d Art. in the Princeton Review, 

relating to a Convention Sermon From 

the Bibliotheca Sacra for Jan. 1852. An- 
dover: 1852. 8°. .50 

PARKER, A. A. Trip to the West and 
Texas. Comprising a Journey of 8000 
miles. Concord, N.H.: 1835. 12°. .75 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

PARKER, Leonard M., [Esq.) An Orat. at 
Charlestown, Ms., on the 4th of July, A. D. 
1816. By request of the Republican Citi- 
zens of Middlesex County.. . .Boston: 1816. 
go 25 

PARKER, Samuel, (D. D.) Charity to Chil- 
dren enforced in a Discourse did. in Trinity 
Ch., Boston, before the Subscribers to the 
Boston Female Asylum, Sept. 23, 1803, at 
their 3d Anniversary. Boston: 1803. 8°. .25 

PARKER, Samuel. Journal of an Exploring 
Tour beyond the Rocky Mountains, under 
the Direction of the A. B. C. F. M.. . . With 
a Map of Oregon Territory. Fifth edition. 
Auburn: 1846. 12°. .75 

PARKER, Theodore.. . .Discourse at the In- 
stallation of, as Minister of the 28th Con- 
gregational Church in Boston, Jan. 4, 1846. 
Delivered by himself. Boston: 1846.8°. .25 

PARKMAN, Francis. A Survey of God's 
Providence in the Establishment of the 
Churches of New Eng. — A Sermon did. in 
Boston, Nov. 27, 1814, oh the Completion 
of a Century since the Settlement of the 
New North Church. Boston: 1814. 8°. .50 

PARSONS, Robert, (The Rev.) A Christian 
Directory, guiding Men to their Eternal 
Salvation. Now set forth with many cor- 
rections and additions. To this edition are 
prefixed the Life of the Author. Cork: 
1805. 8°. ].50 

PARSONS, Tyler. Truth Espoused, rela- 
tive to the Difficulties that existed in the 

Town of Manchester, Mass Dedham : 

1823. 8°. .38 

PASSIONS, Philosophy of the ; demonstrat- 
ing their Nature, Properties, Effects, Use 
and Abuse. Vol.11. London: 1772. 8°. 1.00 

"Hanah OtU Book, bought of money left her by her 
Honrd Mother, July 20th, 1774 "—MS. em afly leaf. She 
was sister to the great James Otis. 

islature of Massachusetts during the Ses- 
sion from Jan. 2(5 to March 4, 1801) 

Boston: 1809. 8°. 1.00 

PATTERSON, A. C. A View of American 
Unitarian Missions ; with Thoughts on the 
Missionary Cause... Boston: 1838. 12°. .50 

PAYSON, Seth, [A.M.) Proofs of the real 
Existence and dangerous Tendency of II- 
luminism. Parts of what Dr. Drobinson 
and the Abbe Barruel have published on 
the Subject. Charlestown: 1802. 12°. .50 

PEABODY, Andrew Preston. The Nature 
and Influence of War. An Address did. 
before the Amer. Peace Soc. at its Annual 
Meeting, May 29, 1843. Boston: 1843. 
8°. .25 

PEABODY, Ephraim. An Address did. at 
the Centennial Celebration in Wilton, N. 
H., Sept. 25, 1839. With an Appendix. 
Boston: 1839. 6°. 1.00 

PEABODY, Oliver, (M.A.) The Founda- 
tions, Effects, and . . . Properties of a Good 

and Bad Hope of Salvation Considered 

in a Sermon, the Substance of which was 
did. at the Evening Lect. at the New North 
Church in Boston, on Tuesday, June 8th, 
1742.... Boston: 1742. 8°. .50 

PEARSON, Eliphalet, [Rev., LL.D.) A 
Sermon did. at the Ord. of the Rev. Eph. 
Abbot to the Past. Care of the Congl. Ch. 
and Society in Greenland, Oct. 27, 1813. 
Andover: 1813. 8°. .38 

PEARSON, Thomas Scott, (A.B.) Cata- 
logue of the Graduates of Middlebury Col- 
lege ; embracing a Biographical Register 
and Directory.... Windsor: 1853. 8°. .50 

PECK, J. M., (A.M.) A New Guide for 
Emigrants to the West, containing Sketches 
of Ohio, Indiana Boston : 1836. 18°. .50 

PE1RCE, Benjamin, (A.M.) A History of 
Howard University, from its Foundation, in 
the year 1636, to the Period of the Ameri- 
can Revolution.. . .Camb. : 1833. 8°. 1.00 

PEIRCE, James. A Vindication of the Dis- 
senters. In Answer to Dr. William Nichol's 
. Defence of the Doctrine and Discipline of 
the Church of England. In Three Parts. 
Written first in Latin, and now translated 
into English, with large Additions. 2d ed., 

corrected. London: 1718. 8°. 1.50 

Autograph — Bartholomew Kneei.and. Bought at Auc- 
tion. Boston, Di-c 231,1778. Cost 27» L. Money. 

PELH AM, William. A System ofNotation ; 
representing the Sounds of Alphabetical 
Characters by a new application of the Ac- 
centual Marks in Present Use: with such 
Additions as were necessary to supply De- 
ficiencies. Boston: 1808. 12°. .75 

Several pages of Subscribers' names at the end, at the 
head of which is that of ''Hon John Quincy Adams, 
I'n f. of Khet. and Oratory at Harvard Uuiver.-ity, Caul- 
bridge "' 

PENNINGTON, Montagu, (Rev.) Memoirs 
of the Life of Mrs. Elizabeth Carter. 1st 
Amer. ed. Boston: 1809. 8°. .50 

PENNSYLVANIA. Memoirs of the His- 
torical Society of. Vol. IV., Part II. Phila- 
delphia: 1850. 8°. LOO 

containing the Impeachment, Trial, and Ac- 
quital of Francis Hopkinson and John Nich- 
olson, Esquires Vol. I. Philadelphia: 

17U4. 8°. 2.50 

Four pages of Subscribers' names. 

PERKINS, Sam., (Esq.) Historical Sketches 
of the United States, from the Peace of 
1815 to 1830. N. York : 1830. 12°. 1.25 

. The World as It Is : containing a 

View of the Present Condition of its Prin- 
cipal Nations [New Haven ?] : 1839. 

12°. Damaged copy. -50 

Recorder. Vol. I., Jan. to June, 1819. Phil- 
adelphia^ . [All ever issued.] 1.00 

[To be Continued.] 

26 Bromjield Street, Boston. 


PHARMACOPOEIA (The) of the United 
States of America, 1820. By the authority 
of the Medical Societies and Colleges. 
Boston : Dec. 1 820. 8°. An interleaved un- 
cut copy of this standard work. 1 .50 

PHI BETA KAPPA. A Catalogue of the 
Fraternity of P.B.K., Alpha of Massachu- 
setts, Harvard University, Cambridge, 1846. 
Cambridge: 1846. 8°. pp.48. .38 

. Same for 1833. .25 

PHILADELPHIA, The Picture of, giving 
an account of its Origin, Increase and Im- 
provements in Arts, Sciences, Manufact- 
ures, Commerce and Revenue. With a 
copious view of its Societies, Literary, Be- 
nevolent, Patriotic and Religious By 

James Mease, M. D. Philadelphia: 1811. 
12°. Folding View of the City. Extensive 

list ofsubsci-ibers. 1.00 

Autograph of W. P Greenwood. 

PHILLIPS, Samuel, [M. A.).... A Sermon 
delivered in the Audience of the Ministers 
of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay, 
in New England, at their Annual Conven- 
tion in Boston, on May 31st, 1753.. . .Bos- 
ton: 1753. 4°. 1.00 

Autographs — " S. Dexter. The gift of the Rev'd Au- 
thor." — "John Whiting, his Book. Sept. 13, 1756." 

. The Sinner's Refusal to come unto 

Christ for Life, Evinced and Reproved. A 
Sermon delivered at Boston [to the Old 

South Church] June 3d, A. M. 1753 

Boston: 1753. 82. .50 

PHIPPS, Constantine John. A Voyage 
towards the North Pole, undertaken by his 
Majesty's command, 1773. London: 1774. 
4°. Numerous Maps and Plates. EVontis- 
piece wanting. 2.00 

PICKERING, John. Catalogue of the Philo- 
logical, Classical and Law Library of the 
late Hon. John Pickering.. . .Boston: 1846. 
8°. Paper. .50 

. Same. Half calf, neat. 1.00 

. The Greek Lexicon of Schrevelius, 

translated into English, with many addi- 
tions. Boston: 1826. 8°. Original edn. 1.00 

. A Greek and English Lexicon ; 

adapted to the Authors read in the Colleges 
and Schools of the U. S., and to other Greek 
clnssics. 2d edn.. . .Boston: 1829. 8°. 1.50 

PICKERING, Timothy. A Letter from 

exhibiting a View of the imminent danger 
of an unnecessary and ruinous War. Ad- 
dressed to his Excellency, James Sullivan, 
Governor of Massachusetts. 2d edn. Bos- 
ton: 1808. 8°. .50 

. Interesting Correspondence be- 
tween his Excellency Gov. Sullivan and 
Col. Pickering; in which the latter vindi- 
cates himself against the groundless charges 
made against him by the Governor and 
and others. Boston: 1808. 8°. .50 

PICKERING, Timothy. A Review of the 
Correspondence between Hon. John Adams 
. . .and William Cunningham, Esq. Begin- 
ning in 1803, and ending in 1812. Salem : 
1824. 8°. .75 

PICKET, Albert and John W. The Acade- 
mician, containing the Elements of Scho- 
lastic Science. . .New York: 1820. 8°. 1.00 

PIERPONT, John, [Rev.) A Discourse in 
Hollis St. Church, Boston, Sept. 2, 1827, 
on the Death of Horace Holly, LL. D. 
Boston: 1827. 8°. .38 

Proceeding of a Meeting of Friends 

of, and his Reply to the Charges of the 
Committee of Hollis St. Society, Oct. 26, 
1839. Boston. 8°. .25 

. Sermon preached at Hollis Street 

Church, Sunday. 8th Dec. 1833. Boston: 
1834. 8°. .25 

Proceedings of an Ecclesiastical 

Council, in the case of the Proprietors of 
Hollis Street Meetinghouse and the Rev. 
John Pierpont, their Pastor, prepared from 
the official Journal and original Documents, 
by Samuel K. Lothrop, Scribe of the Coun- 
cil. Boston: 1841. 8°. Half calf neat. 1.00 

PIKE, James, (M. A.) Gospel Ministers, 
Christ's Embassadors. A Sermon before a 
Convention of Ministers, at Newington, in 
the Province of New Hampshire, Oct. 9, 
1750. Boston: 1751. 8°. Leaf gone at 
the end. .38 

of the, in Jacobinical times Charles- 
town: 1801. 12°. .50 

PIKE, Nicholas, {A. M.) A new and com- 
plete System of Arithmetic. Newbury- 
port: 1788. 8°. 1.00 

PIKE, Zebulon Montgomery. An Account 
of Expeditions to the Sources of the Miss- 
issippi, and through the Western parts of 
Louisiana, to the sources of the Arkansas, 
Kaw, La Platte and Pierre Juan Rivers 
. . .in 1805, '6 and 7. Illustrated by Maps 
and Charts. Philadelphia: 1810. 8°. Por- 
trait. No Mips. 2.50 

From the Librarj of the late Judge Davis, with hii 

PINKER.TON, John. Modern Geography. 
A description of the Empires, Kingdoms, 
States anil Colonies. . . .in all parts of the 

World 2 volumes. Philadelphia: 1804. 

8°. 2.00 

PITKIN, Timothy. A Statistical View of 
the Commerce of the United States of 
America, in connection with Agriculture 
and Manufactures.. Hartford: 1816.8°. 1.00 

. A Statistical View of the Commerce 

of the U. States, including an account of 
Banks, Manufactures, and Internal Trade 
and Improvements. New Haven: 1835. 
8°. 1.50 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

PITKIN, Timothy. A Political and Civil 
History of the United States of America, 
from the year 1763 to the close of the Ad- 
ministration of President Washington, in 

March, 1797 Including a View of the 

Colonies prior to that period. In 2 vols. 
New Haven: 1828. 8°. 4.00 

PITTSBURGH, The History of, with a brief 
notice of its facilities of Communication, 
and other advantages.. . .With two Maps. 
By Neville B. Craig, Esq. Pittsburgh: 
1851. 12°. .75 

PLUMER, William, Jr. Youth, or Scenes 
from the Past ; and other Poems. Boston : 
1841. 12°. .50 

PLYMOUTH. An Account of the Pilgrim 
Celebration at Plymouth, Aug. 1, 1853.. . . 
Revised by the Pilgrim Society. Boston : 
1853. 8°. 1.00 

liamentary, Naval, «Military and Literary 
Journal for the year 1789. London. 8°. .75 

This volume contains " Dr. Franklin on the Federal 
Constitution of America " 

POLITICAL REGISTER (The) for the year 
1772. Vols. 1 1 and 12. London. 8°. Cu- 
rious Caricature Engravings. 1.00 

POLNITZ, Charles Lewis, Baron de. The 
Memoirs of. Being the Observations he 
made in his late Travels from Prussia 
through Germany, Italy, France, Flanders, 
Holland, England, &c. In 4 vols. London: 
1737. 8°. 2.00 

POLYANTHOS (The). Enlarged. From 
Oct. 1812 to Sept. 1814. 4 vols. [Edited 
by Joseph T. Buckingham.] Boston: 1812 
— 14. t>°. Some Plates tvanting, otherwise 
a good copy of an able work. 4.00 

POMEROY', Jonathan L. A Sermon at the 
Funer»l of Mr. Jedidiah Wilbur of Wor- 
thington, who died Oct. 31. 1815, aged 86. 
Preached extempore and written from recol- 
lection Northampton: 1816. 8°. • .25 

POOR, Alfred. Historical and Genealogical 
Researches and Recorder ofpassing events 
of Merrimack Valley Numerous En- 
gravings. Vol. 1. No. 1, April, 1857. 
r. 8°. .50 

POPKIN, John Snelling, {A. M.) A Dis- 
course in Haverhill, March 22, 1805, at the 

Funeral of Jabez Kimball, A. M who 

died March 19, aged 33. To which is ad- 
ded a short Memoir of his life. Newbury- 
port: 1805. 8°. .25 

PORTER, David. Journal of a Cruise made 
to the Pacific Oce n n, by Capt. David Por- 
ter, in the United States' frigate Essex, in 
the years 1812, 1813 and 1814. Second 
edition. To which is now added the Trans- 
actions at Valparaiso Embellished with 

Engravings. In 2 volumes. New York: 
1822. 3.00 

PORTER, Ebenezer, [D. D.) A Sermon 

delivered March 15, 1815, at the Ordination 
of the Rev. Israel W. Putnam as Pastor of 

the North Chh. in Portsmouth Andover : 

1815. 8°. .25 

PORTER, Eliphalet. A Sermon preached 
at the Ordination of the Rev. Charles Low- 
ell to the Pastoral Care of the West Church 
in Boston, Jan. 1, 1806. Boston: 1806. 
8°. .38 

PORTER, Eliphalet, {D. D.)...A Sermon in 
Boston at the Annual Convention of the 
Congregational Ministers of Massachusetts, 
May 31, 1810. Boston: 1810. 8°. pp.38. .25 

PORTER, Samuel, {A. M.) A Sermon at 
the Ordination of the Rev. Mr. Joseph Perry 
to the Pastoral Care of the Church in 
Windsor, June 11, 1755. Boston: 1755. 
8° 38 

PORTFOLIO (The), a Monthly Magazine. 
Conducted by Oliver Old School. Vols. 1, 
2, 3 and 4 [with all the plates, and Vols. 1, 
3 and 6, 2d series, without plates.] Phila- 
delphia: 1809, &c. 8°. each 1.00 

Autograph — " Pliny Cutler's." 

PRATT, Phinehas. A Declaration of the 
Affairs of the English people that first in- 
habited New England. Edited, with Notes, 
by Richard Frothingham, Jr. Boston: 1858. 
8°. pp. 20. 1.00 

PRAYER BOOK (A) for the use of Families. 
Prepared by the Association of Ministers 
on Piscataqua River.. . .Portsmouth, N. H. : 
1799. 12°. .25 

PRENTICE, Charles. The Works, in prose 
and verse, of the late Robert Treat Paine, 
Jr., Esq. With Notes. To which are ad- 
ded, Sketches of his Life, Character and 
Writings. Boston: 1812. 8°. 1.50 

PRENTICE, George Denison. Biography 
of Henry Clay. 2d edition, revised. New 
York: 1831. 12°. .75 

PRENTICE, John, (M. A.) A Sermon 

preached at Worcester, Aug. 10, 1731, at 
the opening of the Court of General Ses- 
sions Boston: 1731. 8°. pp.26. .50 

PRENTISS, Charles. New England Free- 
dom : a Poem before the Washington Be- 
nevolent Society, in Brimfield, Feb. 22d, 
1813. Brookfield: 1813. 4°. pp.28. .50 

PRENTISS, Thomas, {A. M.) Religion and 
Morality. . .in two Discourses, delivered at 
Medfield, on Lord's day, Nov. 21, 1802. 
Wrentham: 1803. 8°. .25 

PRENTISS, Thomas, {D.D.). A Sermon de- 
livered in Boston before the Mass. Society 
for Promoting Christian Knowledge, Sept. 
15,1813. Andover: 1813. 8°. .25 

PRESCOTT, Wm. H. History of the Reign 
of Ferdinand and Isabella, the Catholic. 
3 vols. 8°. 4th edn. Boston: 1838. Por- 
traits. Fine copy of the best edition. 4.00 

26 Bromfield Street, Bostoji. 


PRESCOTT, William H. Reviews of a part 
of Prescott's " History of Ferdinand and 
Isabella," and of Campbell's Lectures on 
Poetry. Boston: 1841. 12°. .50 
' . Memoir of the Hon. Abbott Law- 
rence. Prepared for the National Portrait 
Gallery. Printed for private distribution. 
[Folding pedigree inserted, with MS. cor- 
rections by Mrs. A. Lawrence.] Boston: 
1856. r. 8°. 1.50 
PRESTON, Lyman. Tables of Interest at 
eight, ten and twelve per cent. N. York : 
1839. Small folio. .63 
PRICE, Richard. Observations on the im- 
portance of the American Revolution, and 
the means of making it a benefit to the 
World. Boston: 1784. 8°. .50 
PRICE, Richard, (D. D., LL. D., F. R. S.) 
A Discourse on the Love of our Country, 
delivered on Nov. 4, 1789, at the Meeting- 
house in the Old Jury, to the Society for 
commemorating the Revolution in Great 
Britain. Boston: 1790. 8°. .50 
. Sermons on the Security and Hap- 
piness of a virtuous course Boston: 

1794. 12°. .75 

PRIEST, Josiah. American Antiquities and 

Discoveries in tho West Albany: 1833. 

8°. Fol dino; frontispiece of antiquities. 1.50 
PRIEST, William, {Musician, late of the 
Theatres Philadelphia, Baltimore and Bos- 
ton.) Travels in the United States of 
America. ..1793— '7. With the Author's 
Journals of his two Voyages. .. .London : 
1802. 8°. 2.00 

Curious engraving of Peter Brown's Arms. 

PRIESTLEY, Joseph, [LL. D., F. R. S.) A 

Description of a new Chart of History 

5th edition. London: 1781. 12°. With a 
Dedication to Dr. F-anklin. 1.00 

. Lectures on History and General 

Policy : to which is prefixed an Essay on a 
Course of Liberal Education.. . .3d edition. 
Dublin: 1791. 8°. 1.50 

A continuation of the Letters to the 

Philosophers and Politicians of France, on 
the'subject of Religion; and of the Letters 
to a Philosophical Unbeliever, in answer to 
Mr. Paine's Age of Reason. Northumber- 
land, Pa. : 1795. 8°. .50 
Lectures on History and General 

Policy 2 vols. First American edition. 

Philadelphia: 1803. 8°. 1.50 

A Description of a System of Biog- 

raphy ; with a Catalogue of all the names 
inserted in it A new edition. Philadel- 
phia : 1803. 8°. Folding Chart. .50 

. Chart of Biography. Ob. 4°. .50 

PRIESTLEY, T., [Rev.) The Christian's 
Looking-glass, or the Timorous Soul's 
Guide.. .Newburyport: 1793. 8°. pp.90. .50 

Autograph—" T. Baldwin's." 

PRINCE, John, [Rev., LL. D.) A Sermon 
at Salem, Oct. 16, 1814, on the Death of 
the Rev. Thomas Barnard, D. D. Salem : 
1814. 8°. .38 

[PRINCE, Nathan, [A. M.)]. An Essay to 
solve the difficulties that attend the several 
Accounts given by the Evangelists of our 
Saviour's Resurrection and his Appearances 

to his Followers on the day he rose By 

a Fellow of Harvard College. Boston, in 
New England: 1734. 4°. pp.30. 2.00 

The author of this rare tract was brother to the Key. 
Thomas t'RiNCE, the able annalist and antiquary. See 
N. Eng. Hist, and Gen. Roister, V., 382—4. 

Autograph— "Samokl Sewall, June 17th, 1734 " 

PRINCE. Thomas, [M. A.) Civil Rulers 
raised up by God to feed people. A Ser- 
mon at the Publick Lecture in Boston, July 
25, 1728. In the audience of his Excel- 
lency the Governor, his Honor the Lieut. 
Governor, and the Honorable the Council 
and Representatives of the Province: being 
the Thursday after his Excellency's arrival 
here. Boston, in N. E.: 1728. 8°. 1.00 

. A Chronological History of New 

England in the form of Annals : being a 
summary and exact account of the most 
material Transactions and Occurrences re- 
lating to this Country With an Intro- 
duction. Vol. I Boston, N. E. : 1736. 

12°. Title-page wanting. 2.00 

Autograph — " Samuel Wheeler's." 

. Another copy. Title and part of 

Dedication gone, but in fine condition. 1.50 
A Sermon at the South Church irt 

Boston, N. E., Aug. 14, 1746: being the 
day of General Thanksgiving for the great 
deliverance of the British Nations by the 
glorious and happy Victory near Culloden,. 
obtained by his Royal Highness Prince 
William, Duke of Cumberland, April 16 
last. ...Boston: 1746. 8°. pp. 40. Title 
supplied. .50 

A Sermon at the South Church in 

Boston, Thursday, Aug. 24, 1749: being 
the day of the General Thanksgiving, in 
the Province of the Massachusetts, for the 
extraordinary reviving Rains, after the most 
distressing Drought which have been known 
among us in the memory of any living. 
Boston: 1749. 8°. 1.00 

An Account of the Revival of Re- 

ligion in Boston, in the years 1740, '1, '2, '3. 
Boston: Reprinted [from the Christian His- 
tory]: 1823. 12°. .50 

. A Chronological History of New 

England, in the form of Annals 3d edn. 

To which are added, a Memoir of the au- 
thor, a Catalogue of his writings, a Gene- 
alogy of his family, and the Names of the 
subscribers to the original edition. By Sam'l 
G.Drake. Boston: 1852. 8°. 5.00 

One of the copies in which are bound up twelve fine 
steel plates. 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

PRIOR, Thomas, [Esq.) The Authentic 
Narrative of the success of Tar Water in 
curing a great number and variety of Dis- 
tempers.. . .Boston : 1749. 8°. .50 

Annual Report of the Board of Managers, 
2 June, 1826. 6th edition. Boston: 1830. 
8°. .50 

PRITTS, J. Mirror of Olden Time Border 
Life.. . .Also, History of Virginia; of the 
Early Settlement of Pennsylvania; Personal 
Narratives, and Sketches of Frontier Men, 
&c. Abingdon, Va.: 1849. 8°. 3.00 

PROSER, Solomon, [Pseud.] Richard Fus- 
tian and Widow Bentley. Stories for small 
and large Children ; or, Sketches of Real 
Character. Boston: 1837. 18°. .25 

PROTESTANT (The), a series of Essays on 
the principal points of Controversy between 
the Church of Rome and the Reformed. 
In 4 vols. 7th edn. Glasgow: 1827. 8°. 
Finely bound. 5.00 

Arms and Book-plate of Samuel Hubbard, late Judge 
.•of the Supreme Court, Boston. 

/PROVIDENCE. Annals of the Town of 
Providence, from its first settlement to the 
organization of the City government in 
June, 1832. By Wm. R. Staples. Provi- 
dence: 1843. 8°. 3.00 

PUFENDORF, S. De Officio Hominis et 
Civis juxta Legem Naturalem. Libri duo. 

Selectis Variorum Notis Tho. Johnson, 

A. M., Coll. Mag. Cant. Soc. Ed. secunda, 
longe auctior et emendator. Londini : 
1737. 8°. Fine Portrait. .75 

PUFFER, Reuben, (Rev.) A Discourse on 
Revealed Religion, delivered in the Chapel 
of the University in Cambridge, May 11, 
1808.... at the Dudliean Lecture. Cam- 
bridge: 1808. 8°. .25 

, (D. D.) A Sermon preached in 

Boston at the Annual Convention of the 
Congregational Ministers of Massachusetts, 
May 30, 1811. Boston: 1811. 8°. .25 

tyrical Poem in four Dialogues, with Notes. 
Philadelphia: 1800. 8°. 1.00 

PUTNAM, George. A Discourse on the 
occasion of the Death of William Henry 
Harrison, ninth President of the United 
States. Delivered at Roxbury, April 16th, 
1841. Boston: 1841. 8°. .25 

. A Discourse at the Installation of 

Rev. David Fosdick as Pastor of the Hollis 

Street Church, Boston, March 3, 1846 

Boston: 1846. 8°. pp.72. .25 

Remarks upon " A Discourse de- 

livered at the Installation of Rev. David 
Fosdick as Pastor of the Hollis St. Church, 
Boston, March 3, 1846." By G. P. Bos- 
ton: 1846. 8°. .25 

PUTNAM, George, (Rev.) God and our 
Country. A Discourse at Roxbury, on 
Fast day, April 8, 1847. Boston: 1847. 
8°. .25 

. An Address before the City govern- 
ment of Roxbury on the Life and Character 
of the late Henry A. S. Dearborn, Mayor 
of the City, Sept. 3, 1851. Roxbury : 1851. 

CO Qg 

PUSEY, E. B., (Rev., D. D.) Scriptural 
Views of Holy Baptism, as established by 
the consent of the Ancient Church, and 
contrasted with the system of the Modern 
Schools. New York: 1843. 8°. .50 

par des Amateurs. 2 vols. 1770. 8°. 1.00 

Autograph and Arms of Mackay. 

QUINCY, Josiah, (Hon.) Speech [in Con- 
gress] on the Bill for admitting the Terri- 
tory of Orleans into the Union. Delivered 
on the 14 Jan. 1811. 8°. .38 

 . Speech. . . .in the House of Repre- 
sentatives of the United States, delivered 
the 5th of Jan. 1813, on the Bill to raise an 
additional Military force, &c. Boston : 
1813. 8°. .38 

. An Oration delivered before the 

Washington Benevolent Society of Massa- 
chusetts, on the 13th of April, 1813, being 
the Anniversary of the first Inauguration 
of President Washington. Boston: 1813. 
8°. .38 
. An Address to the Board of Alder- 

men and Members of the Common Council, 
of Boston, on the Organization of the City 
government, Jan. 2, 1826. Boston: 1826. 
8°. .25 

-. An Oration delivered July 4, 

1826. . . .before the Supreme Executive of 
the Commonwealth, and the City Council 
and Inhabitants of the City of Boston. Bos- 
ton: 1826. 8°. .25 
. An Address to the Board of Alder- 

men and Common Council on the Organ- 
ization of the City government, Jan. 1. 
1828. Boston: 1828. 8°. .25 

— . Address, [&c. for 1829.] .25 

-, (LL. D.) An Address to the Citizens 

of Boston on the 18th Sept. 1880, the close 
of the Second Century from the first settle- 
ment of the City. Boston: 1830. 8°. 1.00 

Autograph — " Nath'l G. Snelling, Esq. with ye ret.pec.t8 
of Josiab Qcinct." 

. Another copy. .50 

Autograph— " Henrt Opham." 

. Speech of, President of Harvard 

University, before the Board of Overseers 
of that Institution, Feb. 25, 1845, on the 
Minority Report of the Committee of Visi- 
tation presented to that Board by George 
Bancroft, Esq., Feb. 6, 1845. 2d edition. 
Boston : 1845. 8°. pp. 64. .50 

26 Bromjield Street, Boston. 


QUINCY, Josiah, (Hon.) Address at the 
Dedication of Dane Law College in Har- 
vard University, Oct. 23, 1832. 8°. .25 

QUINCY. A Brief Account of the Quincy 
Family of Boston, Mass. [By W. H. Whit- 
more.] Reprinted from the New England 
Hist, and Gen. Register for January, 1857. 
With additions and corrections. Boston: 
1857. 8°. .25 

RAFFLES, Thomas. Memoirs of the Life 
and Ministry of the late Rev. Thomas 

Spencer of Liverpool 3d American edn. 

Boston: 1814. 8°. .75 

RAFIMESQUE, Constantine Samuel. At- 
lantic Journal and Friend of Knowledge. 
In eight numbers. Containing: about 160 
original articles and tracts on natural and 
historical sciences, the description of about 
150 new plants and 100 new animals or 
fossils, many vocabularies of languages, 
historical and geological facts, &c, &c. 

By C. S. Rafinesque, A. M P. II. D. 

Prof, of Historical and Natural Sciences, 
Member of several learned Societies in 
Europe and America, &c. . .Philadelphia: 
1832—1833. (Two dollars.) 8°. Curious 
Frontispiece. 2.50 

RAILROAD. Report of the Board of' Di- 
rectors of Internal Improvements of the 
State of Massachusetts on the practica- 
bility and expediency of a Railroid from 
Boston to the Hudson River, and from Bos- 
ton to Providence. Submitted to the Gen- 
eral Court, Jan. 16, 1829 With Plans 

and Profiles of the Routes. Boston:' 1829. 
8°. pp. 119. 1.00 

A fine work in the history of Railroads in this country. 

RAMBLES IN ITALY in the years 1816— 

'17. By an American Baltimore: 1818. 

8°. 1.00 

RAMSAY, David, (M. D.) Life of Wash 
ington [in Spanish]. Y traducida al Espin >1 
por Eduardo Barry. Filadilfise : 1826. 
12°. .50 

RANDALL, S. S. A Digest of the Common 
School System of the State of New York. 
....Albany: 1844. 12°. .75 

RAYNAL, Guillaume Thomas. Histoire 
Philosophique et Politique des Establis- 
semens et du Commerce des Europeens 
dans les deux Indes. Quatre tomes. A 
Geneva: 1780. 4°. Plates. Elegant copy 
of the Philosophic Raynal. Good original 
(full) binding. 6.00 

RAYNER, Menzies. Parable of the Rich 
Man and Lazarus ; illustrated in nine Lec- 
tures, delivered in the First Universalist 
Church in Portland, Me., 1833. Boston: 
1833. 12°. .50 

READY-RECKONER (The Federal); or, 

Trader's valuable Guide Worcester : 

1795. 12°. .38 

REED, Rebecca-Theresa. Six Months in a 
Convent. Boston: 1835. 18°. .38 

REED, William B. Life and Correspond- 
ence of Joseph Reed, Military Secretary of 
Washington. ..By his Grandson. 2 vols. 
Philadelphia. 1847. 8°. 3.00 

REESE, David M., (M. D.) Letters to the 
Hon. William Jay, being a reply to his 
"Inquiry into the American Colonization 
and American Antislavery Societies." New 
York: 1835. 12°. .50 

REES, Abraham. The Cyclopaedia ; or Uni- 
versal Dictionary of Arts, Sciences and 
Literature. Vols. XXV and XXXVII, and 
Part II of Vol. XXXV. Philad.: each 1.00 

REEVE, Joseph. {Rev.) History of the Christ- 
ian Church, from its first establishment to the 
present Century. First American edition. 
Boston: 1850. 8°. 1.25 

REGISTRATION. Eleventh Report to the 
Legislature of Massachusetts, relating to 
the Registry and Returns of Births, Mar- 
riages and Deaths in the Commonwealth 
of Massachusetts, for the year 1852. Bos- 
ton : 1853. 8°. pp. 144. .75 

REID, Thomas. The Works of Thomas 
Reid, D. D., F. R. S., Edinburgh. Late Pro- 
fessor of Moral Philosophy in the Univer- 
sity of Glasgow. With Account of his Life 
and Writings. By Dugald Stewart, F. R. S. 
With Notes by the American editors. In 
Four volumes. Charlestown, [Mass.] 1813. 
8°. 2.00 

SPEECH. By an American. . .First pub- 
lished in the Boston Patriot. Boston: 1814. 
8°. pp. 76. .50 

An able Document on the War of 1812 

REPORT of the Proceedings of the Third 
Annual Meeting of the Subscribers to the 
Oriental Translation Fund. .London : 1830. 
4°. 1.00 

Autograph — "To J. Pickering, Esq., from the Rev. I. 


RETROPSECT, (The) or, Review of Provi- 
dential Mercies; with Anecdotes of various 
Characters, and an Address to Naval Offi- 
cers. By Aliquis, formerly a Lieut, in the 
Royal Navy, and now a Minister in the estab- 
lished Church. From the 7th London edn. 
Boston: 1822. 12°. .50 

Boston: 1846. 12°. .25 

count of the, in a number of Towns in the 
New England States, and also in Nova 
Scotia Boston: 1799. 12°, pp.24. .38 

RHODE ISLAND BOOK (The.) Selections 
in Prose and Verse, from the writings ( of 
Rhode Island citizens. By Anne C. Lynch. 
Third edition. Providence: 1846. 12°. 
Plate. ,75, 


Catalogue of Books on Sale. 

ETY, Collections of the. 4 vols. Provi- 
dence. 1827—1838. 8°. 6.00 

RHODE ISLAND. Records of the Colony 
of Rhode Island and Providence Planta- 
tions, in New England. Printed by order 
of the Legislature. Transcribed and edited 
by John Russell Bartlett, Secretary of State. 
Vol. I., 1636 to 1663. Vol. II., 1664 to 
1667. Providence, R. I., 1856-57. 8°. 
each, 2.00 

[RICE, James C] Secular and Ecclesiastical 
History of the Town of Worthington [Ms.], 
from its first Settlement to the present time. 
Albanv: 1853. 8°. .75 

RICHARDS, James, {A. M.) An Address 
delivered June 24, 1812. at the Funeral of 
Mrs. Sarah dimming, consort of the Rev. 
Hooper Cumming, Pastor 2d Presbyterian 
Church in Newark, N.J. Boston: 1812. 
8°. .25 

RICHARDSON, Joseph. A Narrative of the 
Proceedings in the North Parish of Hing- 
ham, from the time of the Rev. Dr. Ware's 
leaving it to the Ordination of the Rev. Jo- 
seph Richardson over the 1st Church. . .and 
of Mr. Henry Colman over the 3d Church. 
By an Inhabitant. Salem: 1807. 8°. Title 
and two leaves of the "Narrative " gone. .50 

. A Vindication of the Proceedings 

of the 1st Church and Parish, in Hing- 
ham, in Settling the Rev. Joseph Richard- 
son, A.M... Boston : 1807. 8°. .50 
{M. A.) A Discourse addressed to 

the 1st Parish in Hingham, on the Day of 
Fasting, April 5, 1 8 1 ... 8°, .25 

— , {A. M.) The Christian Patriot en 

couraged. A Discourse delivered before 
the First Parish in Hingham, on Fast Day, 
Apnl8, 1813. Boston: 1813. 8°. .25 

— -, (A. M.) A Sermon on the Manifes- 

tation of God, delivered Dec. 8, 1822, in the 
First Parish in Hingham. Boston: 1823. 
8°. .25 

... A Sermon delivered to the First 

Parish, in Hingham, Aug. 1, 1824. Bos- 
ton: 8°. .25 

. An Oration in the South Parish, in 

Weymouth, July 4, 1828. Being the 52d 
Anniversary of American Independence. 
Hinffham : 1828. 8°. pp. 23. .25 

. A Sermon on Conversion, delivered 

to the 1st Parish, in Hingham, July 20, 
1828. Hingham: 1828. 8°. .25 

Duty of Minister and People. A 

Sermon delivered March 6, 1836, to the 1st 
Parish in Hingham... Hing.: 1836. 8°. .25 
A Sermon in two parts, delivered 

June 28, 1856. The close of the 50th year 
of his Ministry, as Pastor of the 1st Church 
and Parish in Hingham. Hingham: 1856. 
8°. .25 

RICHARDSON Luther. An Address be- 
fore the Roxbury Charitable Society, Sept. 
17,1804. Boston: 1804. 8°. .25 

RICHARDSON, William H. Journal of a 
Private Soldier in the Campaign of New 
and Old Mexico, under the command of 
Colonel Doniphan, of Missouri. 3d edn. 
New York: 1848. 8°. .50 

RICHELIEU, Marechal, Due de, Memoirs 
du. Pour servir a l'Histoire des Cours de 
Louis XIV, de la minorite et du Rigne de 
Louis XV., etc. etc. Avec des Cartes, 
Plans et Portraits gravis en taille-douce. 
2d edn. 4 tomes. A Paris : 1793. 8°. 2.00 

RICHMOND, Edward, {Minister of Stough- 
ton.) A Sermon preached April 15, 1807, 
to the Scholars of Derby Academy, in 
Hingham ; at a Lecture founded by Madam 
Derby. Boston: 1807. 8°. .25 

RICHMOND, Edward, A.. M.) A Sermon 
preached at Stoughton, May 22, 1808. The 
last time of assembling in the Old Meeting 
House. Boston: 1809. 8°. .38 

RIDLEY, Nicholas. The Life of Dr. Nich- 
olas Ridley. [Wanting title, preface, 
though perfect from p. 1.] 4°. .75 

RILEY, James, {Capt.) Sequel to Riley's 
Narrative ; being a Sketch of interesting 
incidents in the Life, Voyages and Travels 
of Capt. James Riley, from the period of 
his return to his native land from captivity 
...until his death. Compiled from the 
Original Journal and Manuscript. . .in pos- 
session of his son, W. Willshire Riley. 
Columbus: 1851.8°. Numerous plates. 1.25 

RIPLEY, Dorothy, {Citizen of the World, but 
going Above to the New Jerusalem. The 
Bank of Faith and Works United. . .Phila- 
delphia: 1819. 12°. pp. 204. [Poetry and 
Prose.] 1.50 

Contains her travels and experiences among the North 
American Indians. 

Letters addressed to, from several 

Africans and Indians, on subjects of Christ- 
ian Experience. 2d edn. Bristol, (Eng.,) 
n. d. 12°. .50 

RIPLEY, Ezra, {Rev.) Sermon delivered 

Nov. 22, 1809, at the Ordination of Rev. 
Samuel Ripley. . .at Waltham. . . .Boston : 
1809. 8°. .38 

RIPLEY, George. A Letter Addressed to 
the Congregational Church in Puichase St. 
By its Pastor. Printed, not published. . . . 
Boston : 1840. 12°. .38 

ROBBLMS, Chandler, {D. D.. Pastor First 
Church, Plymouth.) A Sermon preached at 
the General Convention of Congregational 
Ministers, in Boston, May 29, 1794. 8°. .38 

. A Sermon preached at Plymouth, 

Dec. 22, 1793; being the anniversary of 
the landing of our Ancestors in that place, 
in 1620. . .Boston : 1794. 8°. .50 

26 Bromfield Street, Boston. 


ROBBINS, Chandler, {Rev.) A Discourse in 
Commemoration of the Life and Character 
of Rev. Henry Ware, Jr., D. D. Printed for 
the American Unitarian Association. Bos- 
ton : 1843. 12°. .20 

. A Sermon before the Proprietors of 

the Second Church, Sept. 17, 1845, at the 
Dedication of their New House of Worship. 
Boston: 1845. 8°. pp.40. .25 

A History of the Second Church, or 

Old North, in Boston. To which is added, 
a History of the New Brick Church, with 
engravings. Published by a Committee of 
the Society. Boston: 1852. 8°. Five fine 
steel portraits of Ministers. 1 .00 

ROBBINS, Nathaniel, (A. M.) A Sermon 
preached at the Ordination of the Rev. Mr. 
Peter Tliacher, to the pastoral care of the 
First Church in Maiden, Sept. 19, 1770. 
Boston: 1771. 8°. .38 

ROBERTS, Robert. The House Servant's 
Directory, or a Monitor for Private Families 
. . . With friendly advice to Cooks and heads 
of families, and complete directions how to 
burn Lehigh Coal. Boston and New York : 
1827. 12°. . .50 

ROBERTSON, William. The History of 
America. In 2 vols. New edition — cor- 
rected. New York: 1797. 8°. Portrait 
inserted. 1.50 

. A History of North and South 

America: including the celebrated work by 
Dr. Robertson. Continued by a complete 
History of the United States to the present 
time. London : George Virtue, n. d. r. 
8°. 3.00 

An immense volume of near 1200 pages, fine type, double 
column. Fine portrait and many views, scenery, &c. 

History of the Reign of the Empe- 

ror, Charles V. 4 vols. London : 8°. [No 
title pages, otherwise damaged.] 1.50 

ROBINSON, John, {Pastor of the Pilgrim 
Fathers.) Works of. With a Memoir and 
Annotations. By Robert Ashton, secretary 
of the Congregational Board, London. In 
3 vols. Boston: 1851. 12°. 4.00 

, {A. M.) Proofs of a Conspiracy 

against the Religions and Governments of 
Europe, carried on in the Secret Meetings 
of Free Masons, Illuminati, and Reading 
Societies. 4th edn. To which is added a 
Postscript. New York: 1798. 8°. .75 

-, Rev. John, {D. D.) Hume and Smol- 

lett's celebrated History of England, from 
its first Settlement to the year 1760, abridged 
and continued to the Coronation of George 
IV., 1821. New York: 1826. 12°. Au- 
merous engravings. .50 

ROBINSON, William Davis. Memoirs of 
the Mexican Revolution: including a Nar- 
rative of the Expedition of Gen. Xavier 
Mina... Philadelphia: 1820. 8°. 1.00 

ROCCHIETTI, Joseph. Lorenzo and Oona- 
laska. By J. R., from Casal. Winchester, 
Va.: 1835. 8°. .50 

ROCKWOOD, E. L. A Historical and Gen- 
ealogical Record of the Descendants of 
Timothy Rockwood. Born in Medway, July 
5, 1727, died in Holliston, Feb. 21, 1806. . . 
Boston: 1856. 12°. 1.25 

ROGERS, John, {D.D.) The Necessity of 
Divine Revelation, and the Truth of the 
Christian Revelation asserted ; in Eight 
Sermons... London: 1727. 8°. LOO 

ROLAND, {Madame.) An Appeal to Impar- 
tial Posterity. By Madame Roland, wife of 
the Minister of the Interior: or a collection 
of Tracts written during her imprisonment. 
1st Amer. edn. Corrected. 2 vols. N. York : 
1798. 8°. 2.00 

Autograph — " Anthony Bleecker, 1798." 

ROLLIN, C. De La Maniere D'enseigner et 
D'etudier les Belles-Lettres, par raport a 
l'esprit au cceur. Nouvelle edition. In 2 
vols. A Paris: 1765. 12°. .75 

Autograph— "John Norman to Francis W. P. Greenwood, 
March 21, 1813 " 

ROMAINE, W., [A. M.) The Knowledge 
of Salvation precious in the Hour of Death, 
proved in a Sermon. Jan. 4, 1759, upon the 
Death of the Rev. James Hervey, Rector 
of Weston-Favell, in Northamptonshire. 
4th edn. Boston: 1760. 8°. .25 

. Twelve Discourses upon the Law 

and the Gospel. Preached, at St. Dunstan's 
Church, in the West, London. Fourth edn. 
London : 1793. 8°. .75 

ROSCOE, William. The Life of Lorenzo 
De Medici, called the Magnificent. First 
American from the 4th London edn. Cor- 
rected. In 3 vols. Philadelphia: 1803. 8°. 
Splendid Portrait, fine calf binding. 3.00 

ROUSSEAU, Jean Jaques. Julie ou La 
Nouvelle Heloise, ou Lettres de deux 
Amants. . .Paris : 1827. 3 vols. 8°. 1.50 

ROXBURY. The History of Roxbury Town. 
By Charles M. Ellis. Boston: 1848. 8°. 1.00 

ROY, Rammohun, (of Calcutta.) The Pre- 
cepts of Jesus. The Guide to Peace and 
Happiness. . .To which are added the Final 
Appeal. . .in Reply to. . .Dr. Marshman, of 
Serampore. From the London edn. Bos- 
ton : 1828. 8°. Portrait. 1.00 

sophical Transactions of the [For the years 
1777, 1778, 1779, and 1780. 4 vols. 4°. 
Vols. 67-70.] each 1.00 

ROYS, Auren. A Brief History of the Town 

of Norfolk, [Ct.,] from 1738 to 1844 

N.York: 1847. 8°. .75 

RUMFORD, Benjamin, (Count of.) Essays, 
Political, Economical, and Philosophical. 
1st American, from the 3d London edn. 
3 vols. Boston: 1798-1804. 4.00 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

RUSH, Benjamin, (M. D.) An account of 
the Bilious remitting Yellow Fever, as it 
appeared in the City of Philadelphia in the 
year 1793. 2d edn. Philadelphia. 1794. 
8°. .50 

, (M. D.) An Inquiry into the Effects 

of Ardent Spirits upon the Human Body 
and Mind. . .7th edn., with additions. Bos- 
ton : 1812. 18°. .25 

RUSH, Richard. Memoranda of a Residence 
at the Court of London. From 1817 to 
1825. Philadelphia: 1833. 8°. 1.50 

RUSSELL, William, ( LL. D.) The History 
of Ancient Europe, with a View of the Re- 
volutions in Asia and Africa. In a Series 
of Letters to a young Nobleman. 2 vols. 
Philadelphia: 1801. 8°. 3.00 

RUSSIA, the Resources of, in the event of a 
War with France ; with a short description 
of the Cozaks. 2d edn. With Appendix, 
containing a Sketch of the Campaign in 
Russia. Boston: 1813. 12°. .50 

SABINE, James. (Pastor of the Congrega- 
tional Church, Essex Street, Boston.) An 
Ecclesiastical History, from the commence- 
ment of the Christian Era to the Present 
Time. Boston: 1820. 12°. 1.00 

SACO AND BIDDEFORL), History of, with 
Notices of other Early Settlements, and the 
Proprietary Governments in Maine, includ- 
ing the Provinces of New Somersetshire 
and Lygonia. By George Folsom. Saco : 
1830. 12° pp. 327. A List of Subscribers 
and Plates. 1.50 

SAGE, Sylvester, {A. M.) A Sermon at the 
Installation of the Rev. Reuben Emerson, 
A. M., over the First Church. . .in Reading 
Mass. Oct. 17, 1804. 8°. .25 

SALMON [Thomas] [Mr.) The Modern 
Gazetteer: or, a Short View of the Several 
Nations of the World.. 7th edn. London: 
1762. 12°. Maps, .50 

Autograph, " Eben'r Hunt's Book. 1768." 

SALZMANN, C. G. Gymastics for Youth: 
or a practical Guide to healthful and amus- 
ing exercises Philadelphia: 1803. 8°. 

Plates. .75 

SAMPSON, William, Memoirs of. Including 
several Original Letters. . .A short Sketch 
of the History of Ireland. . .and a few Ob- 
servations on the state of manners, &c, in 
America. N York: 1807. 8° 1.00 

SANBORN, Nathan, [M. D.) Genealogy of 
the Sanborn Family. From the New Eng- 
land Historical and Genealogical Register, 
185(5. Boston: 1856. 8°. .50 

SANDERS, Daniel Clark, (D. D.) A Sermon 
preached in Medfield, 5th January, 1817, 
near the 16(5th Anniversary of the Incor- 
poration of the Town Dedham: 1817. 
8°. .50 

SARGENT, John T. A Discourse preached 
at the Dedication of Suffolk' Street Chapel, 
Feb. 5, 1840. Boston: 1840. 8°. .25 

SARGENT, Lucius M. Ctelii Symposii 
Aenigmata. Hauc novam editionem, juxta 
Lexiones optimas diligenter congestam cu- 
ravit. Boston: 1807. 12°. .50 

The Culex of Virgil ; with transla- 

tion into English Verse. Boston : 1807. 
8°. .50 

'■ Licensed Houses." An Examina- 

tion of the License Law of the Common- 
wealth of Massachusetts. First published 
in the Boston Courier, Dec. 1832. By 
M. L. V. Boston : 1833. 8°. Pp. 52. 50. 

Autograph.— ' N. G. Snelling, Esq.. with the regards of 
M. L. V." 

. Dealings with the Dead. By a 

Sexton of the Old School. In two volumes. 
Boston; 1856. 12mo. 2.00 

SARGENT, Winthrop. The History of an 
Expedition against Fort Du Quesne, in 
1755; under Maj. Gen. Edward Braddock. 
Edited from the Original Manuscripts. 
Philadelphia: 1855. 8°. Plates, plans of 
marches, battles, dfc. 2.50 

SARMIENTO, D. F. Viajes en Europa, 
Africa i America. Santiago : 1849. 8°. .75 

. Recuerdos de Provincia, por el Au- 

tor de Civilizacion i Barbarie, Viajes por 
Europa, Africa i America i Educacion Pop- 
ular. . .Santiago: 1850. 8°. .75 

Curious folding family pedigree. 

SAUNDERS, Daniel, Jr. Journal of the 
Travels and Sufferings of Daniel Saunders, 
Jr., a Mariner on board the ship Commerce, 
of Boston, Samuel Johnson, commander, 
which was cast away near Cape Morebut, 
on the coast of Arabia, July 10, 1792. 3d 
edn. Salem: 1824. 12°. One leaf tvant- 
ivg. .38 

SAUNDERS, William, [M. D.) A Treatise 
on the Structure, Economy, and Diseases of 

the Liver Walpole, N. H.: 1810. 

12°. .25 

SCHOOLCRAFT, Henry R. A View of the 
Lead Mines of Missouri; including some 
Observations on the Mineralogy, Geology, 
Geography, Antiquities, Soil, Climate, Pop- 
ulation of Missouri and Arkansas and the 
West. With engravings. New York : 
1819. 8°. 1.50 

. Narrative of an Expedition through 

the Upper Mississippi ; to Itasca Lake, the 
actual source of the River,. . .made in 1832. 
New York: 1834. 8°. 1.25 

Notes on the Iroquois ; or Contribu- 

tions to American History, Antiquities, and 
general Ethnology. Albany : 1847. 8°. 
Plates, colored. 1.50 

26 Bromjield Street, Boston. 


SCHOONER HANNAH, Benjamin Disfhton, 
master. [Statement of the case of; she 
having been seized by the French, in 1800.] 
8°. .38 

Autograph— From " George Law." 

SCOTT, Jonathan. The conquest of the last 
enemy ; or, complete Victory over Death. 
A Discourse, March 9, 1807, at the Funeral 

of the Rev. Samuel Foxcroft, A. M 

Charlestown: 1808. 8°. Pp.44. .38 

SCR ANTON, Erastus. A Genealogical 
Register of the Descendants of John Scran- 
ton of Guilford, Ct., who died in the year 
1671. Hartford: 8°. 1855. .75 

SCRIPTURE Truths and Precepts. A Short 
Catechism, with Proofs. Designed for the 
Assistance of such Persons as wish to 
Search the Scriptures for a consistent View 
of the Doctrines and Duties contained in 
them. With an Appendix concerning 
Baptism. . .And the Lord's Supper. Bos- 
ton: 1791. 8°. .50 

["SE<\COMB, Joseph, Mr. of Kingston?'] 
Some Occasional Thoughts on the Influence 
of the Spirit. With Seasonable Cautions 

against Mistakes and Abuses Boston: 

1742. 8°. .63 

Autographs— " John Pike's, 1792. Nicholas Tike." 

SEA MEM, Valentine. A Dissertation on 
the Mineral Waters of Saratoga. Including 
an Account of the Waters of Ballston. 
Second edn., enlarged. New York: 1809. 
12°. Map. .38 

SEARS, Edmund H. Pictures of the Olden 
Time, as shown in the fortunes of a family 
of the Pilgrims. With a Genealogy. Pri- 
vate edn. Boston: 1857. 12°. 1.50 

SEARS, Robert. Two Hundred Pictorial 

Illustrations of the Holy Bible 3d edn. 

New York: 1841. 8°. .75 

SEAVER, James E. Life of Mary Jemison, 
Deh-He -Wii-Mis. 4th edn., with Geo- 
graphical and Explanatory Notes. New 
York and Auburn: 1856. 12°. .75 

SEAWEEDS from the Shores of Nantucket. 
Boston: 1853. 12°. [Poems.] .50 

SEDGWICK, Theodore, Jun. A Memoir of 
the Life of William Livingston, Member of 
Congress in 1774, 5 and 6 ; Delegate to 
Federal Convention, 1778, and Governor of 
New Jersey from 1776 to 1790. With ex- 
tracts from his Correspondence, and notices 
of various members of his family. New 
York: 1833. 8°. Portrait. 1.75 

SEDGWICK, Theodore. Public and Private 
Economy. New York : 1836. 12°. .50 

SELFRIDGE, Thomas O. {Attorney at Law.) 
Trial for killing Charles Austin, on the 
Public Exchange in Boston. Aug. 4th, 1806. 
Taken in short hand by T. Lloyd and Geo. 
Caines. Boston: 1807. 8°. pages 175. 
Boards. 1.50 

SEMINOLE WAR. Debate, in the House 
of Representatives of the United States on 
the Seminole War, in Jan. and Feb. 1819. 
Washington: 1819. 12°. Vert) scarce. 3.00 

Autograph—" Henry H. Fuller, Efq. from his brother 
Timothy Fuller Bosion, 12 Oct., 1819 " The Speech of 
the donor is in the volume 

SENECA INDIANS, (Case of the.) In the 
State of New York. Illustrated by facts. 
Printed for the Information of the Society 
of Friends... Philadelphia: 1840. 8°. 1.75 

SENECA'S MORALS, by way of Abstract. 
To which is added a Discourse under the 
title of an After Thought. Adorned with 
Plates. By Sir Roger L'Estrange, Knt. 
Boston: 1800. 12°. .50 

SEVVALL, Joseph, [M.A.) The Duty of a 
People to stand in Awe of God, and not sin, 
when under his terrible Judgments. A 
Sermon preached at the South Meeting 
House, in Boston, the Evening after the 
EARTHQUAKE, which was in the night, 
between the 29th and 30th of October, 
1727. Boston: 1727. 8vo. 1.00 

SEWALL, Joseph, [D. D.) A Sermon... at 
the Thursday Lecture in Boston, Sept. 16, 

1762. Before the Great and General Court 
of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, in 
New England. On the Joyful News of the 
Reduction of the Havanna. Boston ; New 
England: 1762. 8°. L00 

. ...A Sermon at the Old South 

Church, in Boston, on the Lord's Day after 
the Funeral of the Reverend Mr. Alexander 
Cumming, Late Colleague Pastor of said 
Church. Who departed this Life, Aug. 25, 

1763. .Etat. 37... Boston: 1763. 8°. pp. 
22. Damaged and stained. .38 

Autograph — " The property of Deborah Nye." 

SEWALL, Samuel, {M. A.) Phcenomena 
quffidam Apocalyptica ad Aspectum NOVI- 
ORBIS configurata. Or, some few Lines 
towards a description of the New HEAVEN 
as it makes to those who stand upon the 
New Earth. The Second Edition. MAS- 
SACHVSET ; Boston, 1727. 4°. One leaf 
supplied by manuscript. Very rare. 5.00 

[I'ortrnitof the Author, and exten>ive folding Pedigree 
of the fam ly of Sewall inserted.] 

SEYBERT, Adam. Statistical Annals... of 
the United States of America : founded on 
Official Documents.. .From 4 March, 1789 
to 20 April, 1818. Philadelphia: 1818. 
4°. 3.00 

SHALER, William. Sketches of Algiers, 
Political, Historical, and Civil ; containing 

an account of the Geography Tribes, 

Manners. Languages and Political History 
of that Country. Boston : 1826. 8°. .75 

SHALLUS, Francis. Chronological Tables 
for every day in the year. Compiled from 
the most authentic Documents. 2 vols. 
Philadelphia: 1817. 12°. 5.00 

Exceedingly valuable to Editors, &c. 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

SHARP, Daniel, {Rev.) A Sermon at the 
Funeral of his Excellency, William Eustis, 

Esq., late Governor of Massachusetts 

Feb. 11th, 1825. Boston: 1825. 8°. .38 

 . A Tribute of Respect to the Char- 
acter and Memory of Mr. Ensign Lincoln. 
Who died Dec. 2, 1832. Boston. 8°. .20 

SHARPE, Samuel. The History of Egypt 
under the Ptolemies. Lond. : 1838.4°. 1.00 

SHATTUCK, L. History of the Town of 
Concord, Middlesex Co., Mass., from its 
earliest settlement to 1832; and of the ad- 
jacent towns, Bedford, Acton, Lincoln and 
Carlisle ; containing various notices of 
County and State history not before pub- 
lished. Boston: 1835. 8°. 2.25 

. Memorials of the Descendants of 

William Shattuck, the progenitor of the 
families in America that have borne his 
name ; including an Introduction, and an 
Appendix containing collateral information. 
Boston: 1855. 8°. Portrait of Author. 2.50 
Blank Book forms for Family 

Registers, devised and constructed upon a 
new, simple, and comprehensive plan ; con- 
taining Suggestions and Directions for an 
improved System of Family Registration. . . 
Boston: 1856. 4°. 2.00 

SHAW, Samuel, [M. A.) The Works of. 
In two vols. First American from the Eng- 
lish Editions, corrected and improved. Bos- 
ton: 1821. 12°. Portrait. .75 

SHEPARD, Thomas. The Works of, first 
Pastor of the 1st Church, Cambridge, Mass. 
With a Memoir of his Life and Character. 
In three vols. Boston: 1853. 12°. 3.00 

SHERBURNE, Andrew. Memoirs of An- 
drew Sherburne. A Pensioner of the Navy 
of the Revolution. Written by himself. 
Utica: 1828. 12°. 1.00 

SHERIDAN, Thomas. A General Diction- 
ary of the English Language. One main 
object of which is, to establish a plain and 
permanent Standard of Pronunciation. To 
which is affixed a Rhetorical Grammar. 
London : 1780. 2 vols. 4°. 3 00 

SHERIDAN, Thomas, {A. M.) A Course of 
Lectures on Elocution. 2d American edn. 
Troy: 1803. 12°. .50 

SHIRLEY, William. A Letter from Wil- 
liam Shirley, Esq., Governor of Massachu- 
setts Bay, to his Grace the Duke of New 
Castle : with a Journal of the Siege of 
Louisburg, and other Operations of the 
Forces, during the Expedition against the 
French Settlements on Cape Breton. . .ap- 
proved and attested by Sir Wm. Pepperell, 
and other principal Officers who commanded 
in the said Expedition. Published by au- 
thority. London: 1746. Boston in New 
England: Reprinted [1746.] 4°. Fine 
Binding.) 3.00 

SHEW, Joel, {M. D.) Handbook of Hydro- 
pathy ; or, a popular Account of the Treat- 
ment and Prevention of Diseases, by means 
of Water. New York : 1844. .50 

SHOBERL, Frederic, Narrative of the most 
remarkable events which occurred in and 
near Leipzig, immediately before, during, 
and subsequent to, the sanguinary series of 
engagements between the allied Armies 
and the French, from the 14th to the 19th 

of October, 1813 From the 8th London 

edn. New York: 1814. .50 

SHURTLEFF, William, [A. M.) Gospel 
Ministers. . .In a Sermon at the Ordination 
of Mr. Nathaniel Gookin to the Pastoral 
Office of a Church at North Hill, in the 
Town of Hampton, Oct. 31, 1739. Boston : 
1739. 8°. -50 

ical Account of the, from actual observations. 
"United we stand." 3d edn. New York: 
1831. 8°. Portraits. .25 

SIBLEY, John Langdon, {Rev.) A History 
of the Town of Union, in the County of 
Lincoln, Maine, to the middle of the nine- 
teenth century ; with a Family Register of 
the Settlers before the year 1800, and of 
their Descendants. Boston : 1851. 12°. 
Portrait of the Author. 1.52 

SIGOURNEY, Henry A. W. A Genealogy 
of the Sigourney Family. Boston and Cam- 
bridge : 1857. 8°. .75 

[SIGOURNEY, Lydia H.] Traits of the 
Aborigines of America. A Poem. Cam- 
bridge: 1822. 12°. .75 

SILLIMAN, Benjamin. A Journal of Trav- 
els in England, Holland and Scotland, and 
of two Passages over the Atlantic in the 
years 1805 and 1806. In 2 vols. 2d edn 
Boston: 1812. 12°. 2nd vol. wanting. .50 

. Remarks made on a Short Tour 

between Hartford and Quebec, in the 
Autumn of 1819. By the Author of a Jour- 
nal of Travels in England. New Haven: 
1820. 12°. Plates. .75 

SIMONDS, Thomas C. History of South 
Boston; formerly Dorchester Neck, now 
Waru XII. of the City of Boston. Boston: 
1857. 12°. Plates. 1.00 

SINCLAIR, John, (Sir.) The Correspond- 
ence of the Right Hon Illustrated by 

fac similes of 200 autographs. 2 vols. Lon- 
don : 1831. 8°. 3.00 

SINCLAIR. John, {Sir.) The Correspondence 
of the Right Hon. Sir John Sinclair, Bart. 
....Illustrated by 200 facsimiles of Auto- 
graphs. In 2 vols. Vol.11. London: 1831. 
8°. Plates. 1.50 

SINGLETON, Arthur. [Henry C. Knight.] 
Letters from the South and West. Boston. 
1824. 8°. .50 

26 Bromfield Street, Boston. 


SIX MILITIA MEN, {The.) Official Record 
from the War Department, of the Proceed- 
ings of the Court Martial which tried, and 
the Orders of Gen. Jackson for shooting. . . . 
Washington : 1828. 8°. .75 

Answer to. exposing its Falsehoods and 
manifold Absurdities. By the Lady Supe- 
rior. With some Preliminary Remarks. 
Boston: 1835. 8°. pp. 104. .50 

 . Review of the Lady Superior's Re- 
ply to Six Months in a Convent, being a 
Vindication of Miss Reed. Boston: 1835. 
8°. pp.51. .50 

SLATOR, Lionel. Instructions for the Cul- 
tivating and Raising of Flax and Hemp: 
In a better manner than that generally 
practis'd in Ireland. By Lionel Slator of 
Cabragh, in the County of Cavan, Flax and 
Hemp Dresser to the Hon. Thomas Coote of 
Cnote Hill, in the said County. Printed at 
Dublin in the year 1724. And now pub- 
lished for the Benefit of the Inhabitants of 

New England Boston: N. E. 1735. 8°. 

A few leaves damaged. .50 

Autograph — '• Thomas Fayerweather's." 

SMALLEY, John. (D. D.) Sermons on a 
number of connected Subjects Hart- 
ford: 1803. 8°. .75 

SMITH, Arnasa. (Major of Artillery in the 
Militia of Mass.) A Short Compendium of 
the duty of Artillerists. Worcester: 1800. 
12°. .50 

SMITH, Archibald. Peru as it is : A Resi- 
dence in Lima, and other parts of the Peru- 
vian Republic 2 vols. London : 1839. 

12°. 1.50 

SMITH, Daniel D. The Universalist and 
Ladies' Repository. Vol. II. [Vol. one is 
by S. Streeter.] from June, 1833, to May, 
1834. Boston: 1833-4. 8°. .50 

SMITH, Ethan, (A. M.) A Dissertation on 
the Prophecies relative to Antichrist and 
the Last Times; exhibiting the over- 
throw of that Terrible Power: and a Trea- 
tise on the Seven Apocalyptical Vials. 2d 
edition. Boston: 1814. 8°. 1.00 

SMITH, Ethan. A Lecture on Infant Bap- 
tism; delivered at Boston, (N. Y.) Aug. 3, 
1818.... 2d edition. Poultney, (Vt ) 1824. 
12°. .38 

SMITH, Ethan, [Pastor of a Church in Poult- 
ney, Vt.) View of the Hebrews; or the 
Tribes of Israel in America.. . .2d edition, 
improved and enlarged. Poultney : Vt., 
1825. 12°. 1.00 

SMITH, E. Vale, [Mrs.) History of Newbu- 
ry port ; from the earliest settlement of the 
country to the present time. With a Bio- 
graphical Appendix. Newburyport: 1854. 
8°. Plates. 1.50 

SMITH, James Edward, (M. D., F. R. S.) 

An Introduction to Physiological and Sys- 
tematic Botany. First American from 2d 
English edition. With Notes by Jacob 
Bigelow, M. D. Boston: 1814. 8°. 1.50 

SMITH, Jerome V. C. Turkey and the 
Turks : or Travels in Turkey. . .with Illus- 
trations. . .Boston: 1852. 8°. Paper. .38 

SMITH, lohn, (Captaine.) The Trve Trav- 
' els, Adventvres and Observations of, in Eu- 
rope, Asia, Africke, and America ; beginning 
about the yeere 1593, and continued to this 
present 1029. Vol. I. From the London 
edition of 1629. Richmond: 1819. 8°. 
Portrait and Maps. — Uncut. 2.00 

. The Trve Travels, Aduentvres and 

Observations of Captaine lohn Smith, in 
Europe, Asia, Africke, and America: be- 
ginning about the yeere 1593, and contin- 
ued to this present 1629. [In 2 vols.] 
From the London edition of 1629. Rich- 
mond: 1819. 8°. All the Engravings. 5.00 

SMITH, Robert. The Friend. A Religious 
and Literary Journal. Vols. IX and X. 
Philadelphia: 1836-7. 4°. 1.00 

SMITH, Samuel Stanhope, (D. D.) Sermons, 

corrected and revised by the Author 

Newark, N. Jersey: 1799. 8°. Extensive 
List of Subscribers' Names. 1.25 

SMITH, Samuel Stanhope. An Essay on the 
Causes of the Variety of Complexion and 
Figure in the Human Species. To which 
are added Animadversions on the Remarks 
of Mr. Charles White on the first edition 
of this Essay. Also, Strictures on Lord 
Karnes' Discourse on the Original Diversity 
of Mankind, and an Appendix. Second 
edition, enlarged and improved. New 
Brunswick: 1810. 8°. 1.50 

SMITH, Samuel Stanhope, (D. D., LL. D.) 
The Lectures, corrected and improved, 
which have been delivered for a series of 
years in the College of New Jersey ; on 

Moral and Political Philosophy 2 vols. 

Trenton: 1812. b°. 3.00 

SMITH, T. Southwood, (M. D.) Illustra- 
tions of the Divine Government. Appen- 
dix by Thomas Whittemore. Boston: 1831. 
12°. " .50 

SMITH, William. Journal of a Voyage in 
the Missionary ship Duff, to the Pacific 
Ocean, in the years 1796, 7, 8, 9, 1800, 1, 
2, &c New York: 1813. 12°. .50 

SNELL, Thomas, (Rev.) The Consolation of 
the pious Widow. A Sermon at the North 
Parish in Brookfield, Oct. 30, 1808, the 
Sabbath after the death of Capt. Skerry. 
Salem: 1809. 8°. .25 

[SNELLING, William J.] Six Months in a 
House of Correction, or the Narrative of 
DoraMahony. Boston: 1835. 18°. .38 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

SNOW, Caleb H., (M. D.) A History of 
Boston, the Metropolis of Massachusetts, 
from its origin to the present period; with 
some Account of the Environs. Em- 
bellished with engravings. 2d edition. 
Boston: 1828. 8°, 4.00 

The Publisher's (Abel Bowen) copy, with his MS. addi- 
tions and corrections. 

SOTHEBY, William. Saul; a Poem, in 
two parts. London: 1807. 4°. pp. 190. .50 


and General Commercial Advertiser 

Charleston, S. C. : 1854. 8°. .75 

SOUTHEY, Robert. Madoc. 2 vols. Bos- 
ton: 1806. 8°. 1.50 

SOWER, Samuel. The Federal or New 

Ready Reckoner The first edition. 

Chesnut Hill. [Pa.] 1793. 12°. .38 

SPAFFORD, Horatio Gates, {A. M.) A Ga- 
zetteer of the State of New York; carefully 
written from original and authentic mate- 
rials with an accurate map of the State. 

Albany: 1813. 8°. .75 

SPAIN AND PORTUGAL. Travels through 
Spain and part of Portugal. First American 
edition. Boston: 1808. 12°.' .50 

SPALDING, Joshua, {Salem, Mass., Minister 
of the Gospel.) The Divine Theory ; a 
System of Divinity, founded wholly upon 
Christ. In 2 vols. Elizabethtown, (N. J.) 
1808. 8°. Vol. 2d ivanling. .50 

SPARKS, Jared, (LL. D.) Address at the 
Inauguration of, as President of Harvard 
College, June 20, 1849. Cambridge : 1849. 
8°. pp. GO. .38 

. A Reply to the Strictures of Lord 

Mahon and others, on the mode of editing 
the Writings of Washington. Cambridge : 
1852. 8°. .38 

. A Collection of Essays and Tracts 

in Theology, from various Authors, with 
Biographical and Critical Notices. Vols. 5 
and 6. Boston : 1825-6. 12°. each, .38 
The Life of Gouverneur Morris, 

with Selections from his Correspondence 
and Miscellaneous Papers... .3 vols. Bos- 
ton: 1832. 8°. Portrait. 3.00 
Letters on the Ministry, Ritual, 

and Doctrines of the Protestant Episcopal 
Church, addressed to the Rev. William E. 
Wyatt, D. D., Associate Minister of St 
Paul's Parish, Baltimore, and Professor of 
Theology in the University of Maryland. In 
reply to a Serm. . . . Baltim. : 1820. 8°. 1.00 

SPECTATOR, (The,) in ten volumes. New 
York: 1809-10. Ten finely engraved Por- 
traits — one in each volume. Full bound in 
olive calf. 3.00 

SPEECHES on the Passage of the Bill for 
the removal of the Indians, delivered in 
Congress, April and May, 1830. Boston : 
1830. 12°. 1.00 

1795. Philadelphia: 1795. 12°. .50 

SPOONER, William Jones. An Address de- 
livered at Cambridge, before the Society of 
Phi Beta Kappa, at their Annual Meeting, 
Aug. 29, 1822. Boston: 8°. .25 

SPRAGUE, Charles. An Oration delivered 
on Monday, 4th of July, 1825, in commem- 
oration of American Independence, before 
the Supreme Executive of the Common- 
wealth, and the City Council and Inhab- 
itants of the City of Boston. Boston: 1825. 
8°. .38 

. Curiosity: a Poem, delivered at Cam- 
bridge, before the Phi Beta Kappa Society, 
Aug. 27, 1829. Second edition. Boston: 
1834. 8°. .25 
An Address delivered before the 

Massachusetts Society for the Suppression 
of Intemperance, May 31, 1837. Boston: 
1827. 8°. .25 

An Ode : pronounced before the 

Inhabitants of Boston, Sept. 17, 1830, at the 
Centennial Celebration of the Settlement of 
the City. Boston: 1830. 8°. .38 

SPRAGUE, John T. The Origin, Progress 
and Conclusion of the Florida War. [Con- 
taining a list of all who were killed in battle 

or died of disease.] New York : 1848. 

8°. • 2.00 

SPRAGUE, Peleg, {Hon.) Remarks at Fan- 
euil Hall upon the Character and Services 
of Gen. William H. Harrison, of Ohio, the 
Whig Candidate for the Presidency of the 
United States. Boston: 1839. 8°. .25 

SPRAGUE, William B., {D. D.) An Ad- 
dress delivered at West Springfield, Aug. 
25, 1856, on occasion of the 100th Anniver- 
sary of the ordination of the Rev. Joseph 
Lathrop, D. D. With an Appendix. Spring- 
field, Mass.: 1856. 8°. .50 

SPRING, Gardiner, [D. D.) A Tribute to 
the Memory of the late Jeremiah Evarts, 
Esq. . . . New York : 1831. 8°. .25 

SPRING, Samuel, {A. M.) The Exemplary 
Pastor, a Sermon preached at the Ordin;ition 
of the Rev. Azel Washburn, in Royalton, 
September 3, 1789. Windsor, Vt.: 1791. 
8°. .38 

, {A. M.) A Sermon before the Mas- 
sachusetts Missionary Society, at their An- 
nual Meeting, May 25, 1802 Newbury- 

port : 1802. 8°. pp. 56. .50 

A Discourse, in consequence of the 

late Duel, addressed to the North Congre- 
gational Society of Newburyport: Aug. 5, 
1804. 8°. .50 

-. A Discourse preached in Bradford, 

Sept. 11, 1804, before the Essex Middle 
Association, at the Ordination of Charles 
Coffin, Jun. Vice Pres. Grenville College, 
Tennessee. Newburyport: 1804. 8°. .25 

26 Bromjield Street, Boston. 


SPRING, Snmuel, {A. M.) An Address to 
the Members of the Merrimack Humane 
Society, September 1, 1807. Newbury - 
port: 1807. 8°. .25 

, (D. D.) A Discourse delivered March 

13, 1808, on the death of Deacon Thomas 
Thompson, who departed March 7th, in the 
66th year of his age. Newburyport: 1808. 
8°. .38 

SPRINGS. The New Mirror for Travellers ; 
and Guide to the Springs. By an Amateur. 
New York : 1828. 12°. .38 

SPURZIIEIM, G. (M. D.) Phrenology, or 
the Doctrine of the Mental Phenomena. In 
2 vols. First American, greatly improved 
from the third London edition. Boston: 
1832. 8°. 1.50 

SPURZHEIM, J. G. Phrenology, in con- 
nection with the study of Physiognomy. 
Illustration of Characters. With 35 plates. 
First Amer. edition, improved. To which 
is prefixed a Biography of the Author? by 
Nahum Capen. Boston : 1833. 8°. 1.00 

SPURZHEIM, J. G., (M.D.) Outlines of Phre- 
nology ; being also a Manual of Reference 
for the Marked Bust. Second edition. 
Boston: 1833. 12°. .38 

SPURZIIEIM, J. G., {M. D.) Phrenology, 
in connexion with the study of Physiogno- 
my. Illustration ot Characters. With 25 
plates. Third Amer. edition. To which is 
prefixed a Biography of the Author, by 
Nahum Capen. Boston : 1836. 8°. 1.00 

SPURZHEIM, G., [M. D.) Outlines of Phre- 
nology. 4th edition. Boston: 1830. 18°. .25 

STANSBURY, Arthur J. Elementary Cate- 
chism on the Constitution of the United 
States. Boston: 1831. 12°. .25 

STAPLES, Stephen M'L., {A. M.) Gramatica 
Completa de la Lengua Inglesia, para uso 

de los Espafioles ; con un Suplemento 

Philadelphia: 1825. 12°. .50 

STAPLES, William R. Annals of the Town 
of Providence, from its first settlement, to 
the organization of the City Government, 
in January, 1832. Providence: 1843. 8°. 


STATE PAPERS. A Collection of, relative 
to the War against France now carrying 
on by Great Britain and the several other 
European powers. 3 vols. London : 1794. 
8°. 3.00 

STEARNS, Charles, [D. D.) A Sermon he- 
fore the Convention of Congregational Min- 
isters in Massachusetts, at their Annual 
Meeting in Boston, June 1, 1815. Boston: 
1815. 8°. pp. 35. .25 

STEARNS, Jonathan F. Respect for the 
Dead. An Address delivered at the Con- 
secration of Oak Hill Cemetery in Newbu- 
ryport, July 21, 1842 Newburyport: 

1842. 8°. .25 I 

STEARNS, Jonathan F., [D. D.) The Res- 
urrection of the Just, a Sermon at the 
Funeral of Rev. John E. Emerson. New. 
buryport: 1851. 8°. .25 

STEARNS, Oliver. A Sermon preached to 
the Third Congregational Church in Hing- 
ham, Dec. 12, 1852, on reopening their 
Meetinghouse. Boston: 1853. 8°. .25 

STEARNS, Samuel, {A. M.) Sermon at 

Milton, [Mass.] Feb. 18, 1807, at the Ordi- 
nation of the Rev. Samuel Gile to the 

Church and Society in that place 

Boston: 1807. 8°. .25 

, (A. M.) A Sermon at the Funeral of 

the Rev. EUab Stone. . . .of Reading, Sept. 
3, 1822. 8°. .38 

STEBBINS, Rufus P., {Rev.) The Minister 
and the Age. A Sermon preached at the 
Ordination of Rev. F. R. Newell, as an 
Evangelist, in the Meetinghouse of the 
Cambridgeport Parish, Aug. 1, 1847. By 
Rev. Rufus P. Stebbins, of Meadville, Pa. 
Boston: 1847. 8°. .25 

STEEL, Doctor John H. An Analysis of 
the Mineral Waters of Saratoga and Ball- 
ston, with practical remarks on their use in 
various diseases. Containing Observations 
on the Geology and Mineralogy of the 
surrounding country, with Geological Map. 
2d edition, enlarged and improved. Alba- 
ny : 1819. 18°. .38 

STETSON, Caleb, {Rev.) The Kingdom of 
God. A Sermon... at the Ordination of 
J. Pierpont, Jr., as pastor of the Second 
Congregational Church in Lynn, Oct. 11, 
1843.... Lynn: 1843. 8°. .25 

STEWARD, James, {Rev., D. D.) History 
of the Discovery of America, of the Land- 
ing of our Forefathers at Plymouth, and of 
their most remarkable Engagements with 

the Indians Brooklyn, (L. I.): n. d. 

8°. Folding Plate. Title neatly supplied. 


STEWART, C. S., {A. M.) A Visit to the 
South Seas, in the United States ship Vin- 
cennes, during the years 1829 and 1830; 
with Scenes in Brazil, Peru, Manilla, the 
Cape of Good Hope and St. Helena. 2 
vols. New York: 1831. 12°. 1.50 

STILLMAN, Samuel, {D. D.) A Discourse 
before the Members of the Boston Female 
Asylum, Sept. 25, 1801 ; being their First 
Anniversary. Boston: 1801. 8°. .25 

STODDARD, Solomon, {A. M.) A Guide to 
Christ, or, The Way of directing Souls that 
are under the work of Conversion. With 
an Epistle prefixed, by the Rev. Dr. Increase 
Mather. Boston: 1735. 18°. Wanting a leaf 
at the end. Autograph of Isaiah Thomas, 
the Founder of the American Antiquarian 
Society. Author of the History of Printing, 
4rc. 1.00 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

STODDARD, Solomon. The safety of ap- 
pearing at the Day of Judgement, in the 
Righteousness of Christ, opened and ap- 
plied. Edinburgh: 1792. 12°. .75 

STODDARD. A Genealogy of the Family 
of Anthony Stoddard, of "Boston. [By 
Charles Ewer.] Boston : 1849. 8°. .50 

STONE, Edwin M. Hist, of Beverly, [Mass.] 
Civil and Ecclesiastical, from its settle- 
ment in 1630 to 1842. Boston : 1843. 12°. 
Plates. 1.25 

STONE, William Leete. The Poetry and 
History of Wyoming, containing Campbell's 
Gertrude, and the History of Wyoming, 
from its Discovery to the beginning of the 
present century. Second edition, enlarged. 
New York: 1844. 12°. 1.00 

STORRS, Richard S., (Rev.) A Sermon 
delivered at N. Bridgewater, Oct. 31, 1821, 
at the Ordination of the Rev. Daniel Temple, 
and Rev. Isaac Bird, as Evangelists and 
Missionaries to the Heathen. Boston : 
1822. 8°. Thick pamphlet. .25 

. A Sermon delivered at the Installa- 
tion of Rev. Josiah W. Powers, over the 
Evangelical Church in Kingston, Mass., 
June 15, 1831. Boston: 1831. 8°. .25 

STORY, Joseph, (LL. D.) Sketch of the 
Life of Samuel Dexter, LL. D., by the 

Hon. Joseph Story, LL. D as delivered 

at the opening of the Court in Boston, May 
15, 1816. Boston: 1816. 8°. .38 

, (Judge.) A Discourse pronounced at 

the request of the Essex Historical Society, 
on the 18 Sept. 1828, in commemoration of 
the first settlement of Salem, in the State of 
Massachusetts. Boston: 1828. 8°. .75 

A Discourse upon the Inauguration 

of the Author, as Dane Professor of Law in 

Harvard University, on the 25th of Aug. 

1829. Boston: 1829. 8°. pp.60. .50 

. The Constitutional Class Book : be- 

m<y a brief Exposition of the Constitution of 
the United States. Boston: 1834. 12°. .50 
-, (LL. D.) A Discourse upon the Life, 

Character, and Services of the Hon. John 

Marshall, LL. D pronounced Oct. 15, 

at the Request of the Suffolk Bar. Boston: 
1835. 8°. pp. 74. .50 

STOW, Baron, [Rev.] A Discourse delivered 
at the One Hundredth Anniversary of the 
organization of the Baldwin Place Baptist 
Church, [Boston, Mass.] July 27, 1843. 
With an [Historical] Appendix. Boston: 
1843. 18°. .38 

STRONG, Caleb, (Gov.) Patriotism and 
Piety. The Speeches of his Excellency 
Caleb Strong to the Senate and House of 
Representatives of the Commonwealth of 
Masssachusetts ; with their Answers. From 
1800 to 1807. Newburyport: 1808. 12°. 
Portrait. .75 

STRONG, Jonathan, (A. M.) A Sermon, 
Oct. 27, 1813, at the Dedication of the 
Meetinghouse in the Third Society, Abing- 
ton. Boston: 1813. 8°. .38 

STRONG, Titus, (Rev.) A Sermon in St. 
Paul's Church, Boston, to the Episcopal Mis- 
sionary Society, June 15, 1825. With the 
3d An. Report.. . .Boston : 1825. 8°. .25 

STUART, Moses. A Letter to W. E. Chan 
ning, on the subject of Religious Liberty. 
Third edition. Boston : 1830. 8°. .50 

. Essay on the Prize Question. New 

York: 1830. .50 

 . A Letter to William E. Channing, 

D. D., on the subject of Religious Liberty. 
Fourth edition. Boston: 1831. 8°. .38 

Autograph — •' II. II. Fuller, Esq., with the respects of 
S. T. Armstrong." 

. Review of Mr. Whitman's Letters 

to, on Religious Liberty. 2d edn. With 
an Appendix, not before published. Bos- 
ton: 1831. 8°. .50 

. Hints on the Interpretation of Proph- 
ecy. Andover: 1842. 12°. .50 

STURBRIDGE. An Historical Sketch of 
Sturbridge, Mass. From its settlement to 

the present time. By Joseph S. Clark 

Brookfield : 1838. 8°. .50 

Autograph— "Hon. Nahum Mitchell. With thb ee- 


STURGIS, William. The Oregon Question. 
Substance of a Lecture, before the Mercan- 
tile Library Association, delivered Jan. 22, 
1845. Boston: 1845. 8°. Map. .25 

STR YK ER, James. The American Quarterly 
Register and American Magazine. 5 vols* 
New York: 1848-51. 8°. 2 vols, hound, 3 
in paper. 4.00 

SUGDEN, Edwd. Bustenshaw, (Esq.) A Se- 
ries of Letters to a man of property, on the 
Sale, Purchase, Lease. Settlement, and De- 
vise of Estates. Philadelphia: 1811. 8°. 
pp. 127. .50 

SULLIVAN, William. An Oration before 
the Washington Benevolent Society of 
Massachusetts, April 13, 1812, being the 
Anniversary of the First Inauguration of 
Washington. Boston: 1812. 8°. .25 

The Moral Class Book, or the Law of 

Morals Boston: 1831. 12°. Presentation 

Copy, with Autograph of the Author. .75 
Historical Causes and Effects, from 

the Fall of the Roman Empire to the Refor- 
mation. Boston: 1838. 1.00 

SUMMER MONTH, (A); or Recollections 
of a Visit to the Falls of Niagara, and the 
Lakes.... Philadelphia: 1823. 12°. .75 

SUMNER, Bradford. An Oration delivered 
Friday, July 4, 1828, in Commemoration of 
American Independence, before the Supreme 
Executive of the Commonwealth and the 
City Council and Inhabitants of the City ot 
Boston. Boston: 1828. 8°. .25 

26 Bromfield Street, Boston. 


SUMNER, Charles. The True Grandeur of 
Nations : an Oration delivered before the 
authorities of the City of Boston, July 4, 
1845. 2d edition. Boston : 1845. 8°. .25 
-,(Hon.) Freedom National; Slavery 

Sectional. — Speech on his Motion to repea 
the Fugitive Slave Bill, in the Senate of 
the United States, Aug. 26, 1852. Boston : 
1852. 8°. .38 

A Finger-Point from Plymouth Rock 

Remarks at the Plymouth Festival, on the 
1st of Aug. 1853. In Commemoration of 
the Embarkation of the Pilgrims. Boston : 
1853. 8°. .25 

-, (Hon.) The Landmark of Freedom. — 

A Speech of, against the Repeal of the 
Missouri Prohibition of Slavery North of 
36°, 30'. In the Senate of the U. States, 
Feb. 21, 1854. Boston: 1854. 8°. .25 

The Crime against Kansas. — The 

Apologies for the Crime. — The True Rem- 
edy. — Speech of Hon. Charles Sumner in 
the Senate of the United States, 19th and 
20th May, 1856. Boston : 1856. 12°. Por- 
trait. .75 

SUMNER, Charles Pinckney. A Letter on 
Speculative Masonry. Being an Answer 
to a Letter addressed to him on that subject 
by the Suffolk Committee. Boston : 1829. 
8°. .25 

SUMNER, Wm. H., {Gen.) Reminiscences 
of Gen. Warren and Bunker Hill. Reprint- 
ed from the New England Hist, and Gen. 
Register, Vol. 12. Boston: 1858. 8°. pp. 
i6. .25 

SWAN, James, (of Boston.) An Address to 
the President, Senate and House of Repre- 
sentatives of the United States, on the 
means of creating a National Paper by Loan 
Offices, which shall replace that of the dis- 
credited Banks, and supersede the use of 
gold and silver coin. Boston: 1819. 8°. 
pp. 24. .50 

SWINBURNE, Henry, (Esq.) Travels in 
the Two Sicilies, in 1777—1780. 2d edi- 
tion. 4 vols. London: 1790.8°. 3.00 

Autograph — " Ludwig Gaultek." 

SYxMMES, Thomas, (A. M. and V. D. M.) 
The People's Interest in one article consid- 
ered and exhibited ; or, a Sermon, showing 
that it is the Interest of the People of God, 
to do their duty, toward the subsistence of 

such as preach the Gospel to them 

Boston in N. E. 1724. 8°. Two leaves gone 
at the end. .38 

SYMMES, Mr. Thomas. A Particular Plain 
and Brief Memorative Account of the Rev- 
erend Mr. Thomas Symmes. Chiefly taken 
from his own Sayings and Writings, par- 
ticularly his Diary and Church Records. 
Boston: 1726. 8°. 1.50 

TALLEYRAND, (Citizen.) Memoir concern- 
ing the Commercial Relations of the U. S. 
with England. Read at the National Insti- 
tute, the 15th Germinal, in the year V 

Boston: 1809. 8°. .50 

TAINTOR, Charles M. The Genealogy and 
History of the Taintor Family, from the 
Period of their Emigration from Wales, 
to the present time. Greenfield : 1847. 
18°. .50 

TANNER, S. H. View of the Valley of the 
Mississippi, or the Emigrant's and Travel- 
ler's Guide to the West Philadelphia: 

1832. 12°. Many fine Maps. .75 

. The American Traveller; or Guide 

through the United States. .. .4th edition. 
Philadelphia: 1839. 18°. JYumerous En- 
gravings — Plans of Cities, large Map of the 
United States, fyc. .75 

TAPPAN, David A Discourse delivered 

to the Third Church and Congregation in 
Newbury. On occasion of his intended 
removal from them to the University at 
Cambridge.... Portsmouth: 1793. 8°. .38 

, (D. D.) A Discourse delivered in 

the. Chapel of Harvard College, Sept. 16, 
1794. Designed chiefly for the younger 

members of the University Boston: 

1794. 8°. .25 

Autograph — " I. Cushing, 1796." 
-, (D. D.) A Sermon before the An- 

nual Convention of the Congregational Min- 
isters of Massachusetts, in Boston, June 1, 
1797. Boston: 1797. 8°. .38 

Autograph — " John S. Popkin." 

-, (D. D.) A Discourse, delivered to 

the Religious Society in Brattle Street, 
Boston, and to the Christian Congregation 

in Charlestown, on April 5, 1798. the 

day of the Annual Fast. . . .Boston: 1798. 
8°. .38 

,(D. D.) A Discourse in the South 

Meetinghouse, Andover, before the Gover- 
nor, Council, and House of Representatives, 
of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, at 
the Funeral of his Honor Samuel Phillips, 
Esq., late Lieut. Governor of said Com- 
monwealth, Feb. 15, 1802. Boston : 1802. 
8°. .38 

-, (D. D.) Lectures on Jewish An- 

tiquities ; delivered at Harvard University 
in Cambridge, A. D. 1802 and 1803. Cam- 
bridge: 1807. 2 vols. 8°. 2.00 

TAUNTON, The Ministry of, with incidental 
notices of other Professions. By Samuel 
Hopkins Emery, Pastor of one of its 
Churches. With an Introductory Notice by 
Hon. Francis Baylies. In 2 vols. Boston : 
1853. 12°. Many Engravings. 2.00 

TAYLOR, Chas. B., (M. A.) Social Evils, 
and their Remedy. New York: 1834. 
18°. .25 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

TAYLOR, Jane. The contributions of Q Q. 
to a periodical work : with some pieces not 
before published. In 2 vols. New York : 
1826. 12°. 1 00 

TAYLOR, J. Sidney. Selections from the 
Writings of the late J. S. T. (M. A.) Bar- 
rister at Law : with Sketch of his Life. 
London: 1843. 8°. 1.00 

TEIGNMOUTH, John, [Lord.) Memoirs of 
the Life and Correspondence of. By his 
son, Lord Teignmouth. In 2 vols. London : 
1843. 8°. Portrait. 2.00 

TELLAIMED; or the World Explained: 
containing Discourses between an Indian 
Philosopher and a Missionary, on the dimi- 
nution of the Sea — the formation of the 
Earth — the origin of Men and Animals. . . . 
— A very curious work. — Baltimore: 1797. 
8°. .75 

TEMPERANCE. An Address, to the Church- 
es and Congregations of the Western Dis- 
trict of Fairfield County. New Haven : 
1813. 8°. .38 

TEMPLE, J. Howard, [Rev.) Early Eccle- 
siastical History of Whately : being the 
Substance of a Discourse delivered Jan. 7, 
1849. With an Appendix, containing Fam- 
ily Records. Northampton: 1849. 8°. pp. 
40. .38 

TENNEY, Caleb J., [D. D.) A Sermon at 
Wethersfield, Jan. 1st, 1832, on the death 
of the Rev. Alfred Mitchell, of Norwich 
City. Hartford: 1832. 8°. .25 

TESTIMONY (The) of Christ's Second Ap- 
pearing; containing a general Statement of 
all things pertaining to the Faith and Prac- 
tice of the Church of God in this Latter Day. 
.. .2d edition. Albany: 1810. 12°. Water 
stained. .75 

THACHER, James, [M. D.) The American 
Orchardist.... Boston: 1822. 8°. .50 

THACHER,, Moses. An Address delivered 
before the Members of the Anti-Masonic 
State Convention: assembled at Augusta, 
Maine, July 4, 1832. Hallowell: 1832. 
8°. .38 

THACHER, Peter, [Jl. M.) That the Pun- 
ishment of the finally Impenitent shall be 
eternal. . .attempted to be proved and illus- 
trated in Three Sermons, preached at Mai- 
den, Oct. 1782. Salem: 1783. 8°. .50 

THACHER, Peter, [D. D. Pastor of a Church 
in Roston.) A Sermon preached at Lynn, 
Aug. 13, 1794, at the ordination of the Rev. 
Mr. Thomas Cushing Thacher. . . .to the 
First Church in that town. Boston: [1794.] 
8°. Some gone at tlie end. .25 

. A Sermon preached to the Church 

and Society in Brattle Street, Boston, Dec. 
29, 1799, and occasioned by the completion 
of a century from its first establishment. 
Boston: 1800. 8°. Title torn. .50 

[To be Co 

THACHER, Peter. An Address to the Mem- 
bers of the Massachusetts Charitable Fire 
Society, at their Annual Meeting, in Bos- 
ton, May 31, 1805. Boston: 1805. 8°. 
pp. 24. .38 

Autograph — ''Rev. Thos. [cut off] from his sincere 
friend P. Thacher." 

THACHER, Samuel Cooper. A Discourse 
at the Dedication of a New Church on 
Church Green, Summer Street, Boston. To 
which are added Notes and Illustrations. 
Boston: 1815. 8°. .38 

THACHER, Thomas, [A. M.) A Discourse 
on the Errors of Popery, delivered in the 
Chapel of the University in Cambridge, 
May 8, 1805, at the Dudleian Lecture. 
Cambridge: 1805. 8°. pp.26. .38 

TH ACH ER, Thomas. A Discourse delivered 
on the day of Public Fast, April 9, 1812. 
Dedham: 1812. 8°. .25 

THATCHER, B. B. Memoir of Rev. S. 
Osgood Wright, late Missionary to Liberia. 
Boston: 1834. 18°. Portrait. .38 

THAYER, Ehsha. Family Memorial. Part 

I. Genealogy of Fourteen Families 

Alden, Adams, Arnold, Bass, Hillings, 
Capen, Copeland, French, Hobart, Jackson, 

Paine, Thayer, Wales and White 

Part II. Genealogy of Ephra. and Sarah 
Thayer, with their fourteen Children. .... 
Hingham: 1835. 8°. 1.25 

THAYER, John, [Catholic Missioner, Rev.) 
A Discourse delivered at the Roman Catho- 
lic Church in Boston, on the 9th of May, 
1798, a day recommended by the President 
[of the United States] for Humiliation and 

Prayer throughout the United States 

Boston: 1798. 8°. .38 

THAYER, Nathaniel. A Sermon at the In- 
stallation of the Rev. William Emerson to 
the Pastoral Care of the First Church in 
Boston, on the 16th of October, 1799. 
Boston: 1799. .38 

THAYER, Nathaniel, D. D. The Good Man. 
A Sermon at Harvard, Feb. 16, 1820, at the 
Funeral of Henry Bromfield, Esq., who died 
Feb. 9, 1820, in the 93d year of his age. 
Andover: 1820. pp. 16. .38 

THELLER, E. A. (Brig. Gen. in the Cana- 
dian Repub. Service,) Canada, in 1837-38. 
In 2 vols. Philadelphia: 1841. 12°. 1.00 

Synopsis of Modern Religious Sentiment. 
On a new plan. 2 vols. New York : 1796- 
7. 8°. 2.50 

TIONS. .. .Also a Dissertation upon the 
Harmony of Style. Boston: 1812. 18°. .38 

THERON AND ASPASIO, a Defence of, 
against the Objections contained in a late 
Treatise, entitled "Letters on Theron and 

Aspasio." London: 1760. 8°. .50 


13 Brow field Street, Boston. 


THACHER, Peter, (D. D.) A Sermon, June 

12, 1799, before Gov. Gill and at the 

interment of His Excellency Increase Sum- 
ner, Esq., who died June 7, 1799, aged 53. 
Boston: 8°. pp. 18. .38 

THACHER, Peter O. A Charge to the Grand 

Jury of the County of Suffolk at the 

opening of the Municipal Court of the City 
of Boston, Dec. 1831. 8°. pp. 20. .25 

THINGS AS THEY ARE: or, Notes of 
a Traveller through some of the Middle 
and Northern States. New York: 1834. 
12°. .63 

THOMAS, Ebenezer S. Reminiscences of 
the last 65 years, commencing with the 
Battle of Lexington. Also, Sketches of 
his own Life and Times. In 2 vols. Hart- 
ford: 1840. 8°. 2.50 

THOMAS, Gabriel. An Historical and Geo- 
graphical Account of the Province and 
Country of Pensilvania; and of West New- 
Jersey in America As also a Touch 

upon George Keith's New Religion, in his 
second Change since he left the Quakers. 
With a Map of both Countries. London : 
1698. 1.50 

A copy of the fac-simile edition by Henry Austin Brady, 
Esq., who was lost in ttie Arctic, in September, 1854. 

THOMAS, Isaiah. An Account of the 
American Antiquarian Society, incorpo- 
rated Oct. 24, 1812.... Boston: 1813. 8°. 
pp.28. .50 

. Communication from the President 

of the American Antiquarian Society to the 
Members, Oct. 24, 1814. Together with 
the Laws of the Society, as revised. Wor- 
cester: [1814.] 8°. pp.20. .25 

THOMAS, Marcia A. Memorials of Marsh- 
field and Guide Book to its Localities at 
Green Harbor. Boston: 1854. 12°. Plates. 


THOMPSON, Benj. F. History of Long 
Island ; containing an Account of the Dis- 
covery and Settlement ; with. . .to the pres- 
ent time. New York : 1839. 8°. 1.50 

. Same, greatly enlarged. 2 vols. 

8°. New York: 1843. Plates. 4.00 

THOMPSON, John Samuel. The Christian 
Guide to a right understanding of the Sa- 
cred Scriptures, designed as a Select Com- 
mentary on the Four Evangelists 

Utica, N. Y. : 1826. 8°. .75 

THOMPSON, Pishey. The History and An- 
tiquities of Boston, and the Villages of 
Skirbeck, Fishtoft, Freiston, Butterwick, 
Benington, Leverton, Leake, and Wrangle: 
comprising the Hundred of Skirbeck, in the 

County of Lincoln Illustrated with 100 

engravings. Boston, London, and Boston, 
Ms. 1856. Folio. ' 20.00 

. Same in 8°. 9.50 

THOMPSON, Samuel, (Dr.) Report of the 
Trial of, for an alleged Libel on. . . .Paine 
D. Badger. . .Boston, April Term, 1839. . . 
Boston: 1839. 8°. .38 

THOMPSON, Zadock, A. B. A Gazetteer 
of the State of Vermont ; containing a Brief 
General View. . . Historical and Topograph- 
ical. „ .with Map and several other engrav- 
ings. Montpelier: 1824. 12°. 1.00 

" Bo't at Montpelier, June 5th, 1827. Saml. P. Gard- 
ner " 

THORBURN, Grant, [Seedsman.) Men and 
Manners in Britain ; or, A Bone to Gnaw 
for the Trollopes, Fidlers, &c. Being Notes 
from a Journal, on Sea and on Land, in 
1833-4. New York: 1834. 12°. .63 

THORNTON, Henry, {Esq. M. P.) An In- 
quiry into the nature and effects of the 
Paper Credit of Great Britain. Philadel- 
phia : 1807. 8°. .50 

THORNTON, J. Wingate. The Landing at 
Cape Anne; or the Charter of the first per- 
manent Colony on the territory of the Mas- 
sachusetts Company. Now discovered and 
first published from the original manu- 
script Boston : 1854. 8°. .75 

THURSTON, Benjamin, (A. M.) Four Ser- 
mons at North Hampton, to the people of 
his charge there. . . .Portsmouth: 1791. 8°. 
pp. 71. .25 

TIB BITS, George. Essay on the Expedien- 
cy and Practicability of improving or 
creating Home Markets for the sale of 
Agricultural Productions and Raw Mate- 
rials. . . .Philad. : 1827. 8°. pp. 56. .50 

TICKNOR, George, [Smith Prof. H. U.) 
Remarks on Changes lately proposed or 
adopted in Harvard Universitv. Boston : 
1825. 8°. pp. 48. .38 

TICKNOR, George. The Remains of Na- 
thaniel Appleton Haven. With a Memoir 
of his Life. 2d edition. Boston: 1828. 
8°. .75 

TIDD, Jacob. A Discourse containing Re- 
marks upon the Primitive and Present State 
of Man, with his future Destiny. . .Boston: 
1832. 8°. pp. 28. .25 

TILY, Joseph, (Sir, Kt.) Select Orations upon 
the Liberty and Peace of Europe. Trans- 
lated out of Latin. London: 1704. 8°. 1.00 

Autograph — " Nahum Mitchell." The author of the 
History of Bridgewater. 

TIPPECANOE: A Legend of the Border. 
[Providence :] 1840. 8°. pp. 64. .25 

TIZZARD, Samuel. The New Athenian 
Oracle; or, Ladies' Companion. . .Carlisle, 
[Pa.] 1806. 8°. .75 

TOCQUEVILLE, Alexis de. Democracy in 
America, translated by Henry Reeve, Esq., 
with an original Preface and Notes, by 
John C. Spencer. 2d American edition. 
New York: 1838. 8°. 1.00 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

TODD, John, {Rev.) The Rights of the Con- 
gregational Churches of Massachusetts. 
The Result of an Ecclesiastical Council, 
at Groton, Mass., July 17, 1826. 8°. pp. 
63. .38 

. Review of his Rights of the Con- 
gregational Churches of Massachusetts. 
From the Christian Examiner. 2d edition. 
Boston: 1827. 12°. pp.36. .25 
— . Religious Teachers tested. A Ser- 

mon at the Dedication of the Union Meet- 
inghouse, in Groton, Ms., Jan. 3, 1827. 
Cambridge: 1827. 8vo. pp.46. .38 

TOPLIFF, Nathaniel, (A Farmer of Dorches- 
ter.) Poems, Moral, Descriptive, and Polit- 
ical. Boston: 1809. 12°. .50 

TORREY, William T. A Sermon in Plym- 
outh, Dec. 23, 1821, on the Lord's Day 
after the Anniversary of the Landing of the 
Fathers. Boston: 1822. 8°. .38 

TOULMIN, Joshua, (D. D.) The Practical 
Efficacy or the Unitarian Doctrine consid- 
ered, in a Series of Letters to the Rev. 

Andrew Fuller 2d edition. London: 

1801. 12°. .50 

TOURIST, (The,) or Pocket Manual for 
Travellers on the Hudson River, the West- 
ern Canal, and Stage Road New York : 

1830. 18°. Extensive Map of the region 
described. .38 

TOUR (The) of Holland, Dutch Brabant, the 
Austrian Netherlands, and part of France ; 
in which is included a Description of Paris 
and its Environs. A new edition, corrected 
and improved. . .London: 1780. .50 

From the library of the late Lt.-Gor. T. L. Winthrop. 

TOWNE, George W. A Candid Enquiry 
into the Divine Properties and Character of 
God, in conjunction with the Properties and 
Character of Man. Salem : 1816. 8°. .38 

TOWNSEND, Jesse, (A. B. Rev.) The His- 
tory of the Church of Christ, from the Days 
of the Apostles, to the year 1551, abridged 
from Milner's History. Utica: 1816. 8°. 


TRAVIS, George, (A. M.) Letters to Ed- 
ward Gibbon, Esq., author of the History of 
the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. 
3d edition. London: 1794. 8°. 1.50 

TRUE CATHOLIC, (The): Reformed, Prot- 
estant, and Free. Edited by Members 
of the Protestant Episcopal Church, with 
the Approbation of the Bishop of Maryland. 
Vol. I. From May, 1843, to April, 1844. 
Baltimore: 1843-4. .75 

TRUMBULL, Henry. History of the Dis- 
covery of America, of the Landing of our 
Forefathers at Plymouth, and of their most 
remarkable Engagements with the Indians, 

in New England Also, the defeat of 

Gens. Braddock, Harmer, and St. Clair.. . . 
Norwich: 1812. 12°. Plates. Soiled. 1.50 

TRUMBULL, Henry. History of the Indian 
Wars.... A new edition, with an entire 
new arrangement, essential corrections and 
large additions. Boston: 1841. 8°. Plates. 


TRUMBULL, John. Autobiography, Rem- 
iniscences of. From 1756 to 1841. New 
York: 1841. 8°. Portrait and other Plates. 


. M'Fingal : a modern Epic Poem, in 

Four Cantos. With Explanatory Notes. 
Boston: 1799. 18°. Pnme copy of an early 
edition. Original leather binding. 1.00 

Catalogue of Paintings, by Colonel 

Trumbull ; including nine subjects of the 
Revolution, with near 250 Portraits of per- 
sons distinguished in that important period. 

Painted from the Life New York : 1831. 

8°. pp. 35. .50 

-, LL. D. The Poetical Works of, con- 

taining M'Fingal, a modern Epic Poem, 
revised and corrected, with copious explan- 
atory Notes ; the Progress of Dullness ; 
and a Collection of Poems on various sub- 
jects, written before and during the Revo- 
lutionary War. In 2 vols. Hartford : 1820. 
8°. Fine Engravings. 2.00 

TUCKER, John, D. D. A Sermon delivered 
at Newburyport, Aug. 14, 1788,. . . .In the 
choice and settlement of a colleague-pastor 
with the Rev. Thomas Cary. Newbury- 
port: 1788. 8°. .50 

Autograph — " For the Reyd. Samuel West — from his 
humble seryt. Theop. Parsons." 

TUDOR, William. Letters on the Eastern 
States. Second edition. Boston: 1821. 
8°. 2.00 

[TUDOR, William.] Gabel Teir. Boston : 
1829. 12°. .50 

TUDOR, William, Jun. A Discourse deliv- 
ered before the Humane Society, at their 
Anniversary, May, 1817. Boston: 1817. 
8°. .25 

TUKE, Henry. The Principles of Religion, 
as professed by the Society of Christiins 

called Friends New York: 1819. 12°. 


TURNER, Dawson, (Esq., F. R. S., F. A. S., 
6(c) The Stranger's Guide to the Roman 
Antiquities of the City of Treves, from the 
German of Professor John Hugh Wytten- 
bach London: 1839. 8°. Plates. ' .75 

TURNER, Edward. A Discourse delivered 
at Charlestown, Mass., on Thanksgiv- 
ing Day, Dec. 3, 1818. Charlestown: Dec. 
1818. 8°. .25 

TURNER, Jacob, (Esq.) Genealogy of the 
Descendants of Humphrey Turner, with 
Family Records. In Two Parts. Boston : 
1852. 4°. .50 

13 Bromjield Street, Boston. 


TWEDDELL, Robert. Remains of John 
Tweddell, late Fellow of Trinity College, 
Cambridge, being a Selection of his Cor- 
respondence. A republication of his Prolu- 
siones Juveniles. An Appendix, contain- 
ing The Author's Collections, MSS., 

Drawings, &c, and of their extraordinary 
Disappearance Second edition. Lon- 
don: 1816. 4°. Many fine Portraits and 
other Plates. 3.00 

TWO LETTERS to a very eminent and 
learned Gentleman ; attempting to subvert 
the Doctrine of the Arians. Being Ani- 
madversions on a very famous Arian Manu- 
script,. . .By a Country Gentleman. Third 
edition. Boston: 1756. 8°. .50 

TYERMAN, Daniel, (Rev.) and Bennet, 
George, (Esq.) Journal of Voyages and 
Travels by T. and B., deputed from the 
London Missionary Society, to visit their 
various stations in the South Sea Islands, 
China, India, &c, between the years 1821 
and 1829. Compiled from original Docu- 
ments, by James Montgomery. In 3 vols. 
From the first London edition, revised by an 
American Editor. Boston: 1832. 12°. .75 

TYLER, Bennet. Strictures on the Review 
of Dr. Spring's Dissertation on the Means 
of Regeneration, in the Christian Spectator 
for 1829. Portland, [Me.]: 1829. 8°. .38 

. A Letter from Rev. Nathl. W. 

Taylor, on the subject of his late Discus- 
sion with Rev. Dr. Tyler. First published 
in the Christian Spectator for September, 
1833. New Haven : [1833.] 8°. .38 

TYLER, John. Life of John Tyler, Presi- 
dent of the United States, up to the close 
of the 2d Session of the 27th Congress. . . . 
New York : 1843. 8°. Portrait. .50 

TYLER, Thomas P. A Discourse delivered 
in the First Church, Boston, before the 
Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, 
June 5, 1848, being the CCXth Anniversary. 
Boston: 1848. 8°. .25 

TYMMS, Samuel. The Family Topogra- 
pher: being a Compendious Account of 
the Ancient and Present State of the Coun- 
ties of England. — [With Maps of each Coun- 
ty.'] London : 1832-1837. 6 vols, crown 
12 A . 5.00 

TYNG, Dudley Atkins, {Esq.) Reports of 
Cases argued and determined in the Su- 
preme Judicial Court of Mass. during the 
year 1806. Newburyport: 1807. 8°. .50 

TYNG, Dudley Atkins ... A Sermon preached 
in the Church of the Epiphany, Philadelphia, 
June 29, 1856 ...Boston: 1856. 8°. .25 

UMFREVILLE, Edward. The Present State 

of Hudson's Bay Description of that 

Settlement, adjacent Country, and the Fur 
Trade.... London: 1790. 8°. Last leaf 
supplied. 1-00 

a Gentleman in Boston to a Unitarian Cler- 
gyman of that City. Boston: 1828. 12°. 

. Reply of a Unitarian Clergyman to 

the " Letter of a Gentleman of Boston." 
4th edition. Boston : 1828. 12°. 

Review of a " Letter from a Gentle- 

man in Boston to a Unitarian Clergyman of 
that City." Boston: 1828. 12°. 

The three Tracts, .50 

UNITARIANISM tried by Scripture and 
Experience : a Compilation of Treatises and 

Testimonies By a Layman. London: 

1840. 12°. .25 

UNITARIAN, (The.) Vol. I. January 1, 
1834, to Sept. 1834. Boston. 8°. .50 

UNITED STATES. Address and Recom- 
mendations to the States by the United 
States in Congress assembled. Philadel- 
phia: 1783. Boston: Re-pr. 1783. 8°. 1.00 
Laws of the. With a copious Index. 

Vol. I. Comprising the Federal Constitu- 
tion, the Acts of the three Sessions of the 
First Congress, and the Treaties...... 

Philadelphia: 1791. 8°. 1.00 

(The) and England: Being a Reply 

to the Criticism on Inchiquin's Letters. 
Contained in the Quarterly Review for 
Jan. 1814. [By James Paulding.] New 
York: 1815. 8 6 . .75 

. Acts passed at a Congress of the 

United States of America .in the City of 

New York, in the year 1789 Hartford : 

1791. 8°. 1.00 

Autographs—" Samuel P. Gardner— John Lowell." 

. Census of the, for 1820. 8°. .50 

(The) Literary Gazette. Vol. I. From 

April, 1824, to April, 1825. Boston: 1825. 
4°. 1.25 

Sketch of the Claims of Sundry 

American Citizens on the Government of 
the United States for Indemnity, for Depre- 
dations by the French, prior to Sept. 1800. 
By a Citizen of Baltimore. Baltimore : 
1826. 8°. , .50 

Foreign Conspiracy against the Lib- 

erties of. The Numbers of "Brutus," orig- 
inally published in the New York Observer. 
Revised by the Author, with Notes. New 
York: 1835. 18°. .50 

and 3. Washington: 1838. 8°. 3.00 

UPDIKE, Wilkins, Esq. Memoirs of the 
Rhode Island Bar. Boston : 1842. 8°. 1.50 

Autograph— "Rev. Mr. Ackman, with the respects op 
the Author." 

UPHAM, Charles W., {Rev.) Principles of 
the Reformation. A Sermon preached Nov. 
16, 1826, at the Dedication of the House of 
Public Worship of the 1st Cong. Society in 
Salem. Salem : 1826. 8°. pp. 62. .50 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

UPHAM, Charles W., [Rev.) A Discourse 
on the Sabbath after the decease of the 
Hon. Timothy Pickering. Salem: 1829. 
8°. pp. 45. Privately printed. .50 

With an Appendix of his Revolutionary 

UPHAM, Charles W. An Oration delivered 
before the New England Society in the 
City of New York, Dec. 22, 1846. Second 
edition. Boston: 1847. 8°. .38 

Showing its influence in sustaining Life, 
and producing Disease ; with Remarks on 
the Ventilation of Houses. In Two Parts. 
New York: 1848. 12°. .38 

USHER, Bridget, [Dame.) The Character of 
Anna, the Prophetess, considered and Ap- 
ply'd. — In a Sermon after the Funeral of 
Dame Bridget Usher; who deceas'd at 
Boston, New England, May 25th, 1723. 
Being a Widow of a great Age. By 
Thomas Foxcroft, M. A. Boston : 1733. 
12°. pp. 62. Title and last leaf gone. .50 

VANDERHOFF, G. The Clay Code: or, 

Text Book of Eloquence Gathered from 

the Public Speeches of Henry Clay. New 
York: 1844. 12°. .50 

•VANS, William., An Appeal to the Public, 
by William Vans, native citizen of Mas- 
sachusetts, against the Slanders circulated 
by Stephen Codman. . .Who have defraud- 
ed Vans of 450,000 dollars. Salem: 1827. 
12°. -50 

RAILROAD. Brief Statement of Facts 
relative to the proposed Road from Fitch- 
burg to Brattleborough. Boston: 1844. 

8°. - 25 

VESPUCIUS, Americus. Researches re- 
specting. By the Viscount Santarem. . . . 
Translated by E. V. Childe. Boston: 1850. 

12°. -50 

VINDICATION (A) of Mr. Randolph's 

Resignation. Philadelphia: 1795. 8°. MS. 

title. '25 

VISIONS. 1. Of the Catchpole Possest. 2. 
Of Death and her Empire. 3. Of the Last 
Judgement. 4. Of Loving Fools. 5. Of the 
World. 6. Of Hell. 7. Of Hell Reformed. 

Title wanting. Preface "As to the 

ordinary mode and pretence of Prefaces, 
the Translator desires to be excused : for 
he makes a conscience of a lye, and it were 
a damn'd one, to tell ye, that he has pub- 
lisht this, either to gratifie the importunity 
of Friends, or oblige the Public". . . 1.00 
VOLTAIRE, M. De. The Philosophical 
Dictionary, for the Pocket. Translated 
from the French edition. Corrected by the 
Author. New York: (n. d.) 12°. Vignette 
Portrait. -75 

VINTON, John Adams. Geneal'cal Sketches 
of the Descendants of John Vinton of Lynn, 
1648 ; and of several allied Families. 

Boston. 8°. pp. 236. 2.00 

VINTON, John Adams, [Rev.] The Vinton 
Memorial, comprising a Genealogy of the 
Descendants of John Vinton of Lynn, 1648 ; 
also, Genealogical Sketches of several al- 
lied families, namely, Alden, Adams, Allen, 
Boylston, Faxon, French, Hayden, Hol- 
brook, Mills, Niles, Penniman, Thayer, 
White, Richardson, Baldwin, Carpenter, 

Safford, Putnam, and Green Boston: 

1858. 8°. pp.534. Many portraits. 3.00 

VOLUNTEER, (The.) Devoted to the Pro- 
motion of Revivals, Evangelical Doctrines 
and Congregationalism. Conducted by an 
Association of Gentlemen. 2 vols. Boston : 
1832-3. 8°. (2 Vols, in one.) 1.50 

WADSWORTH, Benjamin, [A. M.) A Dis- 
course delivered in the Brick Meetinghouse 
in Danvers, [Mass.], before the Society in 
that town for Suppressing Intemperance 
and other vices Salem: 1815. 8°. .25 

, [D. D.) Youth a Flower A Dis- 
course delivered 19 Nov. 1820 on the 

late death of Bethiah Shelden, Nov. 3, a?t. 
24. And of Benj. Hezekiah Flint, Nov. 9, 
in the 17th year of his age. Andover: 
1821. 8°. pp.80. .25 

-,(D.D.) The pious Dead blessed.. 

A Discourse, July 30, 1823, in Hamilton, at 
the Interment of the Rev. Manasseh Carter, 
LL. D., who died July 28, 1823, in the 81st 
year of his age, and 52d of his Ministry. 
Andover: 1823. 8°. .38 

WAGSTAFF, William R. A History of 
the Society of Friends : compiled from its 
standard records, and other authentic sour- 
ces.. . .N. York and Lond.: 1845. 8°. 1.25 

WALDO, S. Putnam. The Tour of James 
Monroe, President of the United States, in 
the year 1817, through the States to- 
gether with a Sketch of his Life Hart- 
ford : 1818. 12°. Portrait. .75 

. The Life and Character of Stephen 

Decatur, late Commodore and Post-Captain 

in the Navy of the United States Mid- 

dletown, (Conn.): 1822. 12°. Portraits and 
other Plates. 1.00 

. Biographical Sketches of Distin- 
guished American Naval Heroes. . . .Hart- 
ford : 1823. 8°. Plates. 1.00 

WALKER, James. A Discourse in Harvard 
Church, Charlestown, July 14, 1839, on 
taking leave of his Society. . . .Cambridge : 
1839. .25 

WALKER, Jonathan. Trial and Imprison- 
ment of Jonathan Walker, at Pensacola, 
Florida, for aiding Slaves to escape from 
bondage. With an Appendix containing a 
Sketch of his Life. Boston: 1845. 12°. .50 

13 Bromfield Street, Boston. 


WALN, Robert, Jr. Biography of the Sign- 
ers to the Declaration of Independence. 
[Only Vols. 3, 6, 7, 8 and 9.1 Boards. 

Each, .75 

[WALSH, Robert, Jr.] A Letter on the 
Genius and Dispositions of the French 
Government, including a View of the Tax- 
ation of the French Empire. Addressed to 
a Friend, by an American recently returned 
from Europe. Second edition. Boston : 
1810. 8°. .50 

. Another copy. [First edition.] 

Bound, .50 

[WALSH, Robert.] The American Review 
of History and Politics, and General Re- 
pository of Literature and State Papers. 
In 4 Vols. [Bound in two.] Philadelphia: 
1811-12. 8°. [Accompanied by a Vol. of Ap- 
pendixes.] 2.50 

WALSH, Robert, Jr. An Appeal from the 
Judgments of Great Britain respecting the 
United States. Philadel.: 1819. 8°. 1.50 

WALTER, Nathaniel, {A. M.) The Char- 
acter of a Christian Hero. A Sermon 
preached before the Ancient and Honora- 
ble Artillery Company, June 2, 1746. 

Boston: 174G. 8°. .50 

WALTER, Richard, M. A. Voyage round 
the world, in the years 1740, 1, 2, 3 and 4. 
By George Anson, Esq., now Lord Anson. 
2 Vols, [in one.] Ayr: 1790. 12°. Chart of 
the World. 1.00 

WALTER, William, {D. D.) A Discourse 
before the Humane Society of. . . Massachu- 
setts, at the Semi-Annual Meeting, 12 of 
June, 1798. Boston : 1798. 4°. pp. 48. .50 

WAR. An Impartial and Correct History of 
the, between the United States of America 
and Great Britain; declared June 18, 1812. 
. . .2d edition, revised and corrected. New 
York: 1815. 12°. Soiled. .75 

WAR IN DISGUISE; or the Frauds of the 

Neutral Flags. 2d American edition. New 
York: 1806. 12°. "Said to be written by 
A. Stephens, author of Wars of the French 
Revolution." MS. on the title-page .50 

WARD, Andrew Henshaw. Ward Family ; 
Descendants of William Ward, who settled 

in Sudbury, Mass., in 1639 Boston: 

1851. 8°. Steel plate of Gen. Ward and the 
Author. 2.00 

. History of the Town of Shrewsbury, 

Mass Including an extensive Family 

Register. Boston: 1847. 8°. 2.50 

WARD, H. G.,{Esq.) Mexico. Second edi- 
tion, enlarged, with an Account of the 
Mining Companies, and of the Political 
Events in that Republic, to the present 
day. 2 Vols. London: 1829. 8°. Plates. 


WARD, Malthus A. [M. D.) An Address 
before the Massachusetts Horticultural So- 
ciety, in Commemoration of its Third An 
nual Festival. Sept. 21, 1831. Boston: 
8°. pp. 56. .38 

WARD, Milton, (Rev., M. D.) Discourses on 
Christian Faith and Practice. Boston : 
1840. 12°. .25 

WARD, Nathaniel. The Simple Cobler of 
Aggawam in America. Edited by David 
Pulsifer. Boston: 1843. 12°. .50 

WARDEN, William. Letters, written on 
board his Majesty's ship the Northumber- 
land, and at St. Helena ; in which the 
Conduct and Conversations of Napoleon 
Bonaparte and his Suite are described. 
New Haven: 1817. 12°. .50 

WARDLAW, Ralph, (D. D.) A Disserta- 
tion on the Scriptural Authority, Nature, 
and Uses of Infant Baptism. First Ameri- 
can edition. Boston: 1832. 12°. .38 

WARE, Henry A Sermon delivered Feb. 

19, 1795; being a Day appointed for a 
Thanksgiving by the President of the United 
States. Boston: 1795. 8°. .25 

A Sermon occasioned by the Death 

of George Washington who died at 

Mount Vernon, Dec. 14, 1799, in the 68th 
year of his age. Delivered in Hingham, Ms. 
Boston: 1800. Last leaf gone. .25 

, (A.M.) A Sermon delivered Sept. 

1, 1802, on the Death of the Rev. Daniel 
Shute, D. D. of the Second Church in 
Hingham, who died 30 Aug. 1802, in the 
8 1st year of his age and 56th of his min- 
istry. Boston: 1802. 8°. pp. 28. .38 
The Service of God A Sermon 

delivered at Scituate, Oct. 31, 1804. Bos- 
ton : 1804. 8°. pp. 20. .25 
A Sermon delivered at Hingham, 

May 5, 1805, occasioned by the dissolution 
of his Pastoral relation to the First Church 
of Christ in Hingham, and removal to the 
office of Professor of Divinity in the Uni- 
versity at Cambridge Boston: 1805. 

go 25 

' -,(D.D.) An Eulogy, 20 July, 1810, at 

the interment of the Rev. Samuel Webber, 
D. D., President of Harvard University, 
who expired suddenly on the evening of 
July 17, in the 51st year of his age. Cam- 
bridge: 1810. 8°. pp. 19. .38 
A Sermon in Boston, April 14, 

1819, at the Ordination of the Rev. John 
Pierpont to the Pastoral care of Hollis St. 

Church 2d edition. Cambridge: 1819. 

8°. pp.24. .38 

A Sermon delivered at Dorchester 

before the Evangelical Missionary Society 
in Massachusetts, at their semi-annual meet- 
ing, June 7, 1820. Boston: 1820. 8° .25 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

WARE, Henry, [D. D.) A Sermon delivered 
Jan. 17, 1821, at the Ordination of Rev 
Charles Brooks to the Pastoral charge of the 
3d Parish in Hingham. Boston: 1821. 
8°. .25 

. A Sermon delivered Dec. 18, 1821, 

at the Ordination of the Rev. Wm. Ware 
to the Pastoral charge of the 1st Congre- 
gational Church in New York. 2d edition. 
New York: 1821. 12°. .25 

Answer to Dr. Woods' Reply, in a 

second series of Letters addressed to Trini- 
tarians and Calvinists. Cambridge: 1822. 
8°. .50 

. A Postscript to the second series of 

Letters addressed to Trinitarians and Cal- 
vinists, in reply to the remarks of Dr. Woods 
on those Letters. Cambridge: 1823. 8°. .50 

WARE. Henry, Jr. The Vision of Liberty: 
recited before the Phi Peta Kappa Society 
of Harvard University, Aug. 27, 1824. Bos- 
ton: 1824. 8°. .25 

. Discourses on the Offices and Char- 
acter of Jesus Christ. 2d edn. Boston : 
1826. 12°. .50 

Three important Questions Answer- 

ed, relating to the Christian Name, Char- 
acter and Hopes. 4th edn. Boston: 1830. 
12°. .25 

.Introductory Address to the Mem- 

bers of the Theological School in Cam 
bridge, Oct. 18 and 25, 1830. Cambridge : 
1830. pp.28. .25 

,An Address delivered before the 

Cambridge Temperance Society, March 27 
1832. 3d edn. Boston : 1823. 12°. .25 

The Object and Means of the Chris- 

tian Ministry: A Sermon at the Ordination 
of the Rev. Cyrus A. Bartol as Junior 
Pastor of the West Church in Boston, 
March 1, 1837.. . .Cambridge. 8°. pp. 48. 

The Law of Honor: A Discourse 

occasioned by the late Duel in Washington, 
delivered xMarch 4, 183^, at Harvard Col- 
lege, and in the West Church, Boston. 
Cambridge : 1838. 8°. .25 

-. The Personality of the Deity: A 

Sermon in the Chapel of Harvard Uni- 
versity, Sept. 23, 1838. Boston: 1838. 8°. 
pp. 24. .25 

-, {Rev.) A Sermon delivered at the 

Ordination of Rev. Chandler Robbins over 
the Second Congregational Church in Bos- 
ton, Dec. 4, 1833. Boston: 1833. 8°. .25 

-. A Sermon at the Dedication of the 

Second Congregational Church in North- 
ampton, Dec. 7, 1825. Northampton: 1825. 
8°. pp.24. .38 

WARE, William. American Unitarian Bi- 
ography : Memoirs of individuals who have 
been distinguished by their writings, char- 
acter and efforts in the cause of Liberal 
Christianity. 2 vols. Boston: 1850. 12°. 
Portrait. 1.50 

WARNER, Harriot W. Autobiography of 
Charles Caldwell, M. D. With a Preface 
and Notes by H. W. A. Philadelphia : 
1855. 8°. 1.00 

WARREN, John. The Conchologist. Bos- 
ton: 1834. 4°. 1.00 

WARREN, John C. Etherization; with Sur- 
gical remarks. Boston: 1847. 12°. .38 

, [M. D.) Address before the Ameri- 

can Medical Association, at the Anniversary 
Meeting in Cincinnati, May 8, 1850. Bos- 
ton: 1850. 8°. .38 
WARREN, Mrs. Mercy. History of the Rise, 
Progress and Termination of the American 
Revolution. Interspersed with Biograph- 
ical, Political and Moral Observations. In 
3 vols. Boston: 1805. 8°. 5.00 

Mrs. W". was sister of James Otis 

WASHBURN, Emory. An Address com- 
memorative of the part taken by the in- 
habitants of the original town of Leicester 
in the events of the Revolution, delivered 
at Leicester, July 4, 1849. Boston: 1849. 
8°. pp.48. .38 

WASHBURN, James, Jr. A true and con- 
cise Narrative of the Voyage and Suffer- 
ings of, on board the Delphos of Boston, 
John Knight, Commander With a Re- 
port of the Trial of Knight. . . .at Boston, 
Nov. 1821. Boston : 1822. 12°. .75 

The defendant was cast, and ordered to pay Washburn 
$4,000. Knight was defended by James Savage, Esq. 
The case was one of the most unparalleled cruelty on the 
part of Knight. 

WASHINGTON, George, {President.) A 
collection of the Speeches of the President 
of the United States to both Houses of Con- 
gress, at the opening of every session, with 
their Answers. Also, the Addresses to the 

President, with his Answers With an 

Appendix,. . . .Subscribers' names, $"c. Bos- 
ton: 1796. 12°. 1.00 

. Epistles, Domestic, Confidential and 

Official, from Gen. Washington New 

York: 1796. 8°. 1.00 

These are the forged Epistles. 

. An Address in Latin, by Joseph 

Willard, S. T. D., LL. D., President; and 
a Discourse in English, by David Tappan, 
S. P. D., Hollis Professor of Divinity, be- 
fore the University in Cambridge, Feb. 21, 
1800, in solemn commemoration of General 
George Washington. [Boston:] 1800. 8°. 
pp. 44. .50 

13 Bromfield Street, Boston. 


WASHINGTON, George, {President.) Maps 
and Subscribers' names to Marshall's Life 
of Washington. Philadelphia: 1807. 4°. 


. Biographical Memoir of the illus- 
trious Gen. Geo. Washington, late Presi- 
dent of the United States of America 

Barnard, Vt: 1813. 18°. One leaf want- 
ing. .50 

WATERBURY ALMANAC (The) for 1855. 
Also a Sketch of the early History of all 
the Towns in the Valley of the Naugatuck 
River 2d edn. Waterbury. pp.72. .25 

WATERHOUSE, Benjamin, (M. D.) Cau- 
tions to young persons concerning Health, 
in a public Lecture. .. .in the Chapel at 

Cambridge, Nov. 20, 1804 showing the 

evil tendency of the Use of Tobacco 

5th edn. Cambridge: 1822. 8°. .38 

WATERSTON, R. C. An Address on Pau- 
perism, its extent, causes, and the best 
means of prevention, delivered at the 
Church in Bowdoin Square, Feb. 4, 1844. 
Boston: 1844. 8°. .20 

.. . .A Discourse delivered at the Dedi- 
cation of the Church of the Saviour, Wed- 
nesday, Nov. 10, 1847. Boston: 1847. 
8°. .25 

WATERTOWN. Genealogies of the Fam- 
ilies and Descendants of the early settlers 
of Watertown, Mass., including Waltham 
and Weston ; to which is appended the 
early History of the Town. With Illus- 
trations, Maps and Notes. By Henry Bond, 
MD. 2 vols in one. Boston: 1855. 8°. 5.00 

WATSON, Richard, {L.L. B.) Anecdotes 
of the Life of Richard Watson, Bishop of 
Landaff. Written by himself at different 
intervals, and revised in 1814. Published 
by his son, R. W., L.L. B., Prebendary of 
Landaff and Wales. In 2 vols. 2d edn. 
London : 1818. 8°. Fine full calf binding. 


WATTS, Isaac, [D. D.) Miscellaneous 
Thoughts, in prose and verse, on Natural, 
Moral and Divine subjects ; written chiefly 
in younger years. 3d edn. London : 1742. 
12°. Much used. .75 

. Philosophical Essays on various sub- 
jects. . . .with some remarks on Mr. Locke's 
Essay on the Human Understanding. Also 
a brief scheme of Ontology.. . .6th edition, 
corrected. London : 1763. 8°. 1.00 

" Bartholomew Kneeland. Boston, January 1st, 1772." 
MS. on fly leaf. 

WEBSTER, Daniel. Speech in the House 
of Representatives of the United States, on 
on the 14th of Jan. 1814, on a Bill making 
further provision for filling the ranks of 

the regular Army Alexandria: 1814. 

8°. -50 

WEBSTER, Daniel. A Discourse at Plym- 
outh, Dec. 22, 1820, in commemoration of 
the first settlement of New England. 2d 
edn. Boston: 1821. 8°. pp.56. .50 

. Speech on the Greek Revolution. 

1824. 8°. -38 

Address at the laying of the 

Washington : 


corner stone of the Bunker Hill Monument. 
Boston: 1825. 8°. -25 

. Speech at the National Republican 

Convention in Worcester, Oct. 12, 1832. 
8°. -25 

. Speech at Niblo's Saloon, in New 

York, on the 15th of March, 1837. New 
York: 1837. 8°. , -25 

. A Discourse in commemoration of 

the Lives and Services of John Adams and 
Thomas Jefferson, delivered in Faneuil 
Hall, Boston, Aug. 2, 1826. Boston: 1826. 
8°. pp.62. -38 

. Speech in reply to Mr. Hayne of 

South Carolina— the Resolution of Mr. Foot 
of Connecticut, relative to the Public Lands, 
being under consideration. Washington: 
1830. 8°. pp. 93. -50 

. Speeches upon renewing the Char- 
ters of the Bank of the U. States, delivered 
May 25 and 28, 1832. Washington : 1832. 
8°. -25 

. Speech in the Senate of the U.S. 

on the President's veto of the Bank Bill, 
July 11, 1832. Boston: 1832. 8°. .25 

. Speech in answer to Mr. Calhoun, 

March 22, 1833. 8°. .25 

. Remarks on the removal of the De- 
posits, and on the subject of a National 
Bank, delivered in the Senate of the U. S. 
Jan. 1834. Washington: 1834. 8°. .25 

. Speech on moving for leave to in- 
troduce a Bill to continue the Bank of the 
United Stales for six years, delivered in the 
Senate of the U. S. March 18, 1834. Wash- 
ington: 1834. 8°. -25 

. Speech on the Bill imposing addi- 
tional duties commonly called the Sub- 
Treasury Bill, delivered in the Senate of 
the U. S. March 12, 1838; and Speech on 
the 22d March, in answer to Mr. Calhoun. 
Boston : 1838. 8°. pp. 92. .50 

. Second Speech on the Sub-Treas- 

Bill, delivered March 12, 1838. New 
1838. 8°. .25 

. Address delivered at Bunker Hill, 

June 17, 1843, on the completion of the 
Monument. Boston : 1843. 8°. pp. 39. .38 

. Speeches and Forensic Arguments. 

Vol. 3. Boston : 1843. 8°. 1.00 

. Oration delivered at the Bunker 

Hill Celebration, 17th June, 1843. Bos- 
ton: 1843. 4°. -25 



Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

WEBSTER, Daniel. Speech in defence of 
the Christian Ministry, and in favor of the 
religious instruction of the young, delivered 
in the Supreme Court of the U. S. Feb. 10, 
1844, in the case of Stephen Girard's Will. 
Washington: 1844. 8°. pp.60. .50 

. Vindication of the Treaty of Wash- 
ington of 1842, in a Speech delivered in 
the Senate of the U. S. on the 6th and 7th 
of April, 1846. Washington: 1846. 8°. 
Elegant Map. 1.00 

Autograph—" Mr. Buckingham, with Mr. Webster's 

. Another copy. .50 

. Speech in the U. S. Senate, March 

23, 1848, upon the War with Mexico. Bos- 
ton : 1848. 8°. .25 

. Speech at Marshfield, Mass., Sept. 

1, 1848, and his Speech on the Oregon Bill, 
delivered in the U. S. Senate Aug. 12, 
1848. Boston: 1848. 8°. ^ .39 

. Speech to the young men of Al- 
bany, May 28, 1851. 8°. .25 

. Speeches at Buffalo, Syracuse and 

Albany, May, 185L. New York: 1851. 
8°. .38 

Address at the laying of the corner 


stone of the addition to the Capitol, July 4, 

1851. Washington: 1851. 8°. .25 

Reception of, in Boston, July 0, 

Boston: 1852. 8°. .25 

— . The Address and Proceedings of the 

Friends of Daniel Webster, assembled in 

Faneuil Hall Sept. 15th, 1852, in Mass 

Convention. Boston: 1852. 8°. .25 

A Memorial of Daniel Webster from 

the City of Boston. [Prepared for the press 
by G. S. Hillard.] Boston: 1853. 8°. Fine 
Portrait and View of his Marshfield resi- 
dence. 1 -00 

. Life and Memorials of, from the 

New York Daily Times. In 2 vols. New 
York: 1853. 12°. .75 

WEBSTER, John W. Trial for the Murder 
of George Parkman in the Medical College, 

Boston, Nov. 23, 1849 Plates. Boston : 

1850. 8°. pp.92. .75 

WEBSTER, Noah, Jr. (Esq.) Grammatical 

Institute of the English Language In 3 

parts. Thomas & Andrews' 2d edition. 
Boston: 1792. 12°. .50 

. A brief History of Epidemic and 

Pestilential Diseases In 2 vols. Hart- 
ford: 1799. 8°. 3.00 

. A Compendious Dictionary of the 

English Language, in which 5,000 words 
are added to the number found in the best, 

English Dictionaries Hartford: 1806. 

12°. 1.00 

This is the first edition of the Dictionary of the cele- 
brated master of twenty languages. 

WEBSTER, Noah. Elements of Useful 
Knowledge. Vol. 1. Containing a His- 
torical and Geographical Account of the 
United States, for the use of schools. Hart- 
ford : 1806. 12°. .38 

, {Esq.) Elements of Useful Knowl- 
edge. Vol. 3. Containing a Historical and 
Geographical Account of the Empires and 
States in Europe, Asia and Africa, with 

their Colonies For the use of schools. 

New Haven, (Ct. ) : 1 806. 12°. .38 

A Critical Review of Noah Web- 

ster's Spelling-book, first published in the 
Albany Argus in 1827 and 8. By Exam- 
inator. 1828. 12°. 

-, (LL. D.) An improved Grammar of 

the English Language. New York: 1843. 
12°. & .38 

WEEKLY MUSEUM, from Oct. 31st, 1801, 
to May 26th, 1804. New York. 4°. Muti- 
lated. -50 

WEEKS, John M. A Manual, or an easy 

method of managing Bees New edition, 

revised and enlarged. Boston: 1840. 8°. .38 

WELD, Isaac, Jr. Travels through the States 
of North America, and the Provinces of 
Upper and Lower Canada, during the years 
1795, 1796 and 1797. Illustrated and em- 
bellished with sixteen Plates. London : 
1799. 4°. 3.00 

WELLINGTON, Charles, (Rev.) A Sermon 
in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary 
of his Ordination as Pastor of the First 
Congregational Church in Templeton. Bos- 
ton: 1857. 8°. .25 

WELLINGTON, (Marquis and Earl of.) 
The Life of the most noble Arthur, &c. 
The first part by Francis L. Clarke ; the 
second by Wm. Dunlap. New York: 1814. 
8°. Portrait. L50 

[WELLS, Samuel Adams.] Opinion of the 
Supreme Judicial Court of Mass. in the 
case of William Eager, vs. the Atlas In- 
surance Company. With remarks thereon, 
by an Underwriter. Boston : 1833. 8°. .50 

WELLS, William V. Biographical Sketch 

of Gen. Joseph Warren Boston: 1857. 

18°. .38 

WENTWORTH, John, (Hon.) A Genealog- 
ical and Biographical Account of the De- 
scendants of Elder William Wentworth, 
one of the first settlers of Dover, in the 
State of N. H. Reprinted from the N. E. 
Hist, and Gen. Reg. Boston: 1850. 8°. .50 

WESCOTT, Isaac, and Sawyer, T. J. A 
Discussion on the doctrine of Eternal Sal- 
vation. New York: 1854. 12°. .50 

voted to Religion and Literature, from 1836 
to 1841. 4 vols. Louisville: 1837— 1841. 
8°. 3.00 

13 Bromfield Street, Boston. 


ny saw and heard in Kanzas and Missouri. 
New York: 185G. 12°. .75 

Report of the Directors, Act of Incorpora- 
tion, By-laws, &c. Boston: 1836. 8°. 
pp. 24. .38 

WEST, Stephen. The Scripture Doctrine 
of Atonement proposed to careful exami- 
nation. By S. West, A. M., Pastor of the 
Church in Stockbridge. New Haven : 1785. 
8°. .50 

Autograph — " Horace Holley's from James Dana." 

WHATELY, Richard, (D. D.) Historic 
Doubts relative to Napoleon Buonaparte. . . . 
4th American from the 11th London edition. 
With a Postscript. Boston and Cambridge : 
1853. 12°. .38 

WHEELER, N. The Phrenological Char- 
acters and Talents of H. Clay, D. Webster, 
J. Q. Adams, W. H. Harrison and A. Jack- 
son, as given by the most distinguished 

Phrenologists in the United States 

Boston: 1845. 12°. Plates. .38 

WHITEFIELD, George, (A. B.) Ten Ser- 
mons preached on various important sub- 
jects Newburyport: 1795. 12°. Bad 

copy. .25 

. Eighteen Sermons Taken in 

short hand by Joseph Gurney. Revised by 
Andrew Gifford, D. D. Boston: 1820. 
12°. .38 

WHITE, Daniel Appleton. An Address at 
Ipswich, before the Essex County Lyceum, 
at their First Anuual Meeting, May 5, 1 830. 
Salem: 1830. 8°. pp. GO. .38 

. An Eulogy on the Life and Char- 
acter of Nathaniel Bowditch, LL. D., F. R. 
S., delivered at the request of the Corpora- 
tion of the City of Salem, May 24, 1838. 
Salem: 1838. 8°. pp.72. Title damaged. .50 
An Address before the Society of 

the Alumni of Harvard University on their 
Anniversary, Aug. 27, 1844. Cambridge: 
1844. 8°. pp.42. .25 
WHITE, George, {Rev.) Historical Collec- 
tions of Georgia Illustrated by nearly 

100 engravings... N.York: 1855. 8°. Steel 
portraits of many of the eminent men. 3.00 

WHITE, [John, {Rev.)] The Dissenting 
Gentleman's Answer to the Rev. Mr. 
White's Three Letters, in which a separa- 
tion from the establishment is fully justified. 
...5thedn. Boston: 1748. 8°. pp.121. 1.00 

WHITING, William. Application of J. C. 

Tucker and others for a Charter for the 

Mystic River Railroad Speech of Wm. 

Whiting before the Legislative Committee 

...April 17, 1851. Boston: 1851. 8°. pp. 

80. 1.00 

Contains a fine copy of the Map of 1764 of Boston har- 
bor, by Des Barres. 

WHITING, Wm. Memoir of Rev. Joseph 
Harrington. Boston: 1854. 12°. Portrait. .50 

WHITMAN, Benjamin, (Esq.) An Oration 
at Hanover, Mass. on the Anniversary of 
American Independence, July 4, 1803. .. . 
Boston: 1803. 8°. .25 

WHITMAN, Bernard. Two Letters to the 
Rev. Moses Stuart, on the subject of Re- 
ligious Liberty. Boston: 1830. 8°. .50 

. Same work. 1831. 2d edn. .50 

, {Rev.) A Reply to the Review of 

Whitman's Letters to Prof. Stuart, in the 
Spirit of the Pilgrims for March, 1831. 
Boston: 1831. 8°. pp.84. .50 

. A Letter to an Orthodox Minister 

on Revivals of Religion. Boston: 1831. 
12°. pp.64. .38 

WHITMAN, Jason. Memoir of the Rev. 
Bernard Whitman. Boston: 1837. 18°. 
Portrait. .38 

, (Rev.) The Christian Patriarch : a 

Memoir of Dea. John Whitman, who died 
at East Bridgewater, Mass., July, 1842, 

aged 107 years and 3 months Boston: 

1843. 18°. .50 

. Sermon preached at the Induction 

of Rev. C. H. A. Dall to the Pastoral care 
of the First Religious Society in Needham, 
Feb. 7, 1847. Boston : 1847. 8°. .25 

WHITMAN, John W. Report of a Trial 
in the Supreme Judicial Court, holden at 
Boston, Dec. 16 and 17, 1828, of Theodore 
Lyman, Jr., for an alleged Libel on Daniel 
Webster, a Senator of the U. S.. . .Boston: 
1828. 8°. .50 

WHITMAN, Zachariah G. An Historical 
Sketch of the Ancient and Honorable Ar- 
tillery Company, from its formation, in the 
year 1637, to the present time. Compiled 
and arranged from ancient Records. Bos- 
ton : 1820. 8°. .75 

WHITMORE, William Henry. Register of 
Families settled at the Town of Medford, 
Mass. Reprinted from the History of Med- 
ford. ... Boston : 1855. 8°. 1.50 

. A brief Account of the Quincy 

Family of Boston, Mass. Reprinted from 
the N. E. Hist, and Gen. Register. With 
additions and corrections. Boston: 1857. 
8°. .50 

WHITNEY, Peter, (A. M.) Christ's Am- 
bassadors Considered in a Sermon 

preached Feb. 5th, 1800, at the Ordination 
of the Rev. Peter Whitney, Jr.. A. M., to 
the Pastoral care of the Cong. Church and 
Society in Quincy, as Colleague with the 
Rev. Anthony Wibird. Boston : 1800. 8°. 
pp. 26. .38 

A Sermon delivered Aug. 7, 1805, 

at the Ordination of the Rev. Perez Lincoln 
to the care of the First Church of Christ in 
Gloucester, [Ms.] Boston: 1805. 8°. .38 


Catalogue of Books on Sale. 

WHITNEY, Phineas, (A. M.) A Sermon 
delivered Jan. 1st, 1800, at the Ordination 
of the Rev. Nicholas Bowes Whitney to. . . 
2d Church... in Hingham, as Colleague 
Pastor with the Rev. .Daniel Shute, D. D. 
Boston: 1800. 8°. .25 

WHITTEMORE, Thomas. The Modern 
History of Universalism, from the era of 
the Reformation to the present time. Bos- 
ton: 1830. 12°. 1.00 

, (Rev.) A Sermon at the Funeral of 

the Rev. Alfred V. Bassett, Pastor of the 
Universalist Society in Dedham. Boston: 
1832. 8°. .20 

WHITTIER, John Greenleaf. A Sabbath 
Scene. Illustrated by Baker, Smith & An- 
drew. Boston: 1854. 12°. .38 

WHITWELL, Benjamin. An Address to the 
Members of the Massachusetts Charitable 
Fire Society, at their Annual Meeting, May 
27,1814. Boston: 1814. 8°. pp.24. .25 

WIGGLES WORTH, Edward, (D. D.) An 
Enquiry into the Truth of the Imputation 
of the Guilt of Adam's first Sin to his 
Posterity. Being the substance of several 
private Lectures in Harvard College on the 
third article in the sixth chapter of the 
Westminster Confession of Faith. Boston : 
1738. 8°. Some gone at the end. .50 

Autograph — " Edw'd March's Book, Aug 1739 " 

. A Letter to the Rev. Mr. George 

Whitefield, by way of Reply to his Answer 

to the College testimony against him and 

his conduct. To which is added, the Rev. 

President's [Edward Holyoke] Answer to 

the things charged upon him by the said 

Mr. Whitefield.... Boston: 1745. 4°. Last 

pages torn. .50 

Autograph—" The gift of ye Rev. Mr. Storer to J. Dcjns- 
tek. 1745 " 

. Some Thoughts upon the Spirit of 

Infallibility, claimed by the Chh. of Rome, 
offered at the. . . Dudleian Lecture at Har- 
vard College, in Cambridge, May 11, 1757. 
Boston: 1757. 8°. .50 

WIGGLES WORTH, Samuel, (M. A.) and 
John Chipman, (M. A.) Remarks on some 
points of Doctrine, apprehended by many 
as unsound, propagated in preaching and 
conversation, and since published by the 
Rev. William Balch, Pastor of the Second 
Chh. in Bradford.. . .Boston: 1746. 4°. .50 

WIGHT, Danforth Phipps. The Wight 
Family : Memoir of Thomas Wight of 
Dedham, Mass., with Genealogical Notices 
of his Descendants. Boston : 1848. 12°. .75 

WILBUR, Hervey. A Discourse on the Re- 
ligious Education of Youth, delivered at 
Homer, N. Y.. . .Oct. 1 1, 1814. 2d edition. 
Boston: 1814. 8°. pp. 16. .25 

WILBUR, Hervey. The Pilgrims : a Ser- 
mon preached in Wendell, Dec. 22, 1820, 
it being the Second Centennial Anniversary 
of the landing of our ancestors at Plymouth. 
Wendell: 1821. 8°. -38 

WILLARD, Samuel. A compleat Body of 
Divinity in Two Hundred and Ffty Ex- 
pository Lectures on the Assembly's Shorter 
Catechism, wherein the Doctrines of the 
Christian Religion are unfolded.. . .By the 
Rev. and learned Samuel Willard, M. A., 
late Pastor of the South Church in Boston, 
and Vice-President of Harvard College in 
Cambridge, in New England. Prefac'd by 
the Pastors of the same Church. Boston, 
in New England: MDCCXXVI. Folio. 
S 5.00 

The pastors who " Prefac'd " the work were Joseph 
Sewall and Thomas Prince. This is a very valuable por- 
tion of the book. It contains much historical matter, in 
four pages This is succeeded by " The Author's Char- 
acter," in three pages, also very valuable for the facts it 
contains. These are followed by " An Exact LIST of the 
Subscribers according to the Order of the Alphabet." This 
covers three pages, in small type ; amounting to above 450 
names, chiefly of persons of note in New England. 

"James Cushing's Book: 1727." 

WILLARD, Samuel, (D. D.) A Valedictory 
Discourse to the First Church and Society 
in Deerfield, Mass., Sept. 20, 1829. Deer- 
field, Mass.: 1829. 8°.... .38 

WILLARD, Samuel. The Grand Issue: an 
Ethico-Political Tract. Boston: 1851. 8°. 


WILLIAMS, Avery, (Fifth Pastor Church in 
Lexington.) A Discourse delivered at Lex- 
ington, March 31, 1813, the day which 
completed a Century from the incorporation 
of the Town. Boston: 1813. 8°. 1.00 

WILLIAMS, C. R., (Mrs.) The Neutral 
French, or the Exiles of Nova Scotia. 2d 
edn. Providence, R.I. : 1841. 12°. .75 

. Biography of Revolutionary Heroes ; 

containing the Life of Brig. Gen. William 
Barton, and also of Capt. Stephen Olney. 
Providence, R. I.: 1839. 12°. .75 

WILLIAMS, John, (Rev.) The Redeemed 
Captive returning to Zion: or, a faithful 
History of remarkable occurrences in the 
captivity and deliverance of Mr. John Wil- 
liams, Minister of the Gospel in Deerfield. 
. . .To which is added a Memoir of the Au- 
thor, with Appendix and Notes, by Stephen 
W. Williams, A. M., M. D. Northampton : 
1853. 12°. Engravings. 1.00 

WILLIAMS, Samuel, (LL.D.) The Natural 
and Civil History of Vermont. Walpole, 
N. H.: 1794. 8°. Map. First edition of a 
valuable icork. 1.50 

WILLIAMS, Solomon, (Rev.) Historical 
Sketch of Northampton. . .in a Sermon on 
Thanksgiving, April 13, 1815. Northamp- 
ton: 1815. 8°. pp.24. .38 

13 Bromfield Street, Boston. 


WILLIAMS, Thomas, [A. M.) The Official 
Character of Rev. Nathaniel Emmons, D.D., 
in a Sermon on his Life and Death. Boston : 
1840. 8°. pp.80. -38 

A Centurial Sermon on the Re- 
vival of Religion, A. D. 1740. Inscribed 
to the memory of the Rev. Nathan Strong, 
D. D. Deut. xxxii, 21. Hartford: 1840. 
8°. '38 

WILLIAMS, Thomas. A Memorial of the 
Virtues, Talents and Sufferings of the late 
Princess Charlotte. London: 1818. 18°. 
Fine Portrait. -50 

WILLIAMS, [Mrs.) Original Poems, on vari- 
ous subjects. Providence : 1 828. 18°. .50 

WILLIAMS, John D. A Key to Daboll's 
Arithmetic. To which is added a new 
method of solving the irreducible case of 
Cubic Equations ; also 250 curious and ab- 
struse Questions. N.York: 1837. 12°. .50 

WILLIAMSON, William D. The History 
of the State of Maine, from the first dis- 
covery, 1602, to the separation, 1820. In 
2 vols. Hallowell: 1832. 8°. Published 
at $6. 5.00 

WILLICH, A. T. M., [M. D.) Lectures on 

on Diet and Regimen for the use of 

Families, in order to banish the prevailing 
abuses and prejudices in Medicine. The 
1st Boston from the 2d London edition, cor- 
rected and improved, with additions. 2 vols. 
Boston: 1800. 12°. LOO 

Large list of subscribers' names in Boston and adjacent 
places. This copy belonged to Dr. Wm. Pitt Greenwood, 
late of Chamber St., and contains his autograph, who was 
also one of the subscribers. Dr. G. was father of the late 
Rev. F. W. P. Greenwood of King's Chapel. 

WILLIS, William. The History of Port- 
land, from its first settlement, with Notices 
of the neighboring Towns, and the changes 
of Government in Maine. In 2 parts. Part 
2, from 1700 to 1833. Portland : 1833. 8°. 


WILLSON, John, [Rev.) A fair and im- 
partial Testimony, essayed in [the] name 
of a number of Ministers, Elders and Chris- 
tian People of the Church of Scotland 

Pittsburgh: 1808. 12°. .50 

WILSON, Amos. The Pennsylvania Her- 
mit : a Narrative of the extraordinary life 
of A. Wilson, who expired in a cave near 

Harrisburgh Philadelphia: 1839. 8°. 

Cuts. .38 

WILSON, Bird, [D. D.) Address before the 
Trustees, Professors and Students of the 
Gen. Theological Seminary of the Protes- 
tant Episcopal Church in New York, Nov. 
13, 1823. N. York: 1823. 8°. pp. 32. .25 

WINCHELL, James M. An Arrangement 
of the Psalms, Hymns, f&c] of the Rev. 
Isaac Watts, D. D. With Indexes, much 
enlarged. Boston: 1818. 18°. .50 

WINCHESTER, Elhanan. The Three Woe 

Trumpets delivered in London, 1793. 

First American edition. For the benefit of 
the sufferers by the late fire. Boston: 1794. 

8°. -25 

. The Universal Restoration exhibited 

in four Dialogues between a Minister and 
his Friend. . . . Worcester : 1 803. 12°. .50 
The Universal Restoration exhibited 

in four Dialogues between a Minister and 
his Friend. . . . Boston : 1831. 12°. .50 

. Another copy. .50 

WINES, E. C. A Trip to Boston, in a series 
of Letters to the Editor of the U. S. Ga- 
zette. By the author of " Two years and 
a half in the Navy." Boston: 1838. 18°. .50 

WINSLOW, Benj. Davis. Class Poem, de- 
livered in the University Chapel, July 14, 
at the Valedictory exercises of the Class 
of 1835. Cambridge: 1835. 8°. pp.28. .38 

WINSLOW, Hubbard. Christianity applied 
to our Civil and Social Relations. Boston : 
1835. 12°. -25 

. Rejoice with Trembling: a Dis- 
course in Bowdoin St. Church, Boston, on 
the day of Annual Thanksgiving, Nov. 30, 
1837. Boston: 1837. 8°. .25 

. Strictures on Mr. Winslow's Thanks- 
giving Sermon. Boston: 1838. 8°. pp. 
28. -25 
, [Rev.) The importance of sustaining 

the Law : a Discourse delivered in Bowdoin 
St. Church, on Sunday morning, June 16th, 
1839. Boston: 1839. 12°. .25 

WINSLOW, Miron, [Rev.) Memoir of Mrs. 
Harriet L. Winslow, thirteen years a mem- 
ber of the American Mission in Ceylon. 
New York: [1840?]. 18°. Portrait. .75 

WINSOR, Justin. A History of the Town 
of Duxbury, Mass., with Genealogical Re- 
gisters. Boston: 1849. 8°. 1.75 

WINTHROP, John. The History of New 
England, from 1630 to 1649. From his 

original manuscripts. With Notes By 

James Savage. A new edition. In 2 vols. 
Boston: 1853. 8°. 4.50 

CIETY. First Annual Report and Col- 
lections of, for the year 1854. Madison: 
1854. 8°. pp. 160. ' 1.00 

WISNER, Benjamin B. The History of the 
Old South Church in Boston, in four Ser- 
mons, delivered May 9 and 16, 1830, being 
the first and second Sabbaths after the com- 
pletion of a Century from the first occu- 
pancy of the present Meetinghouse. Bos- 
ton: 1830. 8°. -75 

. Influence of Religion on Liberty: 

a Discourse in commemoration of the Land- 
ing of the Pilgrims, delivered at Plymouth, 
Dec. 22, 1830. Boston: 1831. 8°. pp. 
36. -38 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

WITCH (The) of New England ; a Romance. 
Philadelphia: 1824.' 12°. .50 

WOLCOTT. Oliver. An Address to the 
People of the United States on the subject 
of the Report of a Committee of the House 

of Representatives Presented on the 

29th of April, 1802. Boston: 1802. 8°. 
pp. 112. .63 

WOLLSTONCRAFT, Mary. A Vindica- 
tion of the Rights of Woman ; with strict- 
ures on political and moral subjects. Bos- 
ton : 1792. 8°. .50 

WOOD, Benjamin A Sermon delivered at 

Sutton (S. P.), March 18, 1812, as prelim- 
inary to the formation of a Society, in the 
County of Worcester, for the aid of pious 
young men, with a view to the ministry. 
Worcester: 1812. 8°. .25 

WOOD, William B. Personal Recollections 
of the Stage With a Portrait. Philadel- 
phia: 1855. 12°. .75 

WOOD, Nicholas. A Treatise on Railroads 
and interior communication generally ; with 
original experiments and tables Lon- 
don: 1825. 8°. Plales. 1.00 

WOODBURY. History of Ancient Wood- 
bury, Ct., from the rirst Indian deed, in 
1659, to 1854, including the present Towns 
of Washington, Southbury, Bethlem, Rox- 
bury, and a part of Oxford and Middlebury. 
By Wm. Cothren. Waterbury, Ct. : 1854. 
8°. Numerous plates, pedigrees of families, 
ifc. 2.50 

WOODMAN. A List of the Descendants 
of Mr. Edward Woodman, who settled in 
Newbury, Mass., A. D. 1635. Compiled by 
Joshua Coffin. Newburyport: 1855. 12°. .25 

WOODS, Leonard. Envy wishes, then be- 
lieves : an Oration at Commencement, Har- 
vard University, Cambridge, July 20, 1796. 
Leominster. 8°. pp. 16. Damaged. .25 

. A Testimony against the Publica- 
tions of Marcus. In several Letters ad- 
dressed to the Author. Newburyport: 1806. 
12°. pp. 48. Last leaf wanting. .38 
, (Rev.) The Mourning Husband : a 

Discourse at the Funeral of Mrs. Thankful 
Church, late consort of the Rev. John H. 
Church. . .of Pelham, N. H., April 15, 1806. 
Boston: 1807. 12°. .25 
, [A. M. ) A Sermon before the Ancient 

and Honorable Artillery Company, in Bos- 
ton, June 6, 1808, the 170th Anniversary 
of the election of Officers. Boston: 1808. 
8°. pp.23. .38 

, (D.D.) The Usefulness of the Sacred 

Office : a Sermon, March 9, 1819, at the 
Funeral of the Rev. Samuel Spring, D. D. 
Newburyport: 1819. 8°. .38 

A Reply to Dr. Ware's Letters to 

WOODS, Leonard. Letters to Unitarians, 
occasioned by the Sermon of the Rev. 
William E. Channing at the Ordination 
of Jared Sparks. Andover: 1820. 8°. .50 

. A Review of Dr. Woods' Letters to 

Dr. Taylor, on the Permission of Sin. To- 
gether with Remarks on Dr. Bellamy's 
Treatise on the same subject. First pub- 
lished in the Quarterly Christian Spectator 
for Sept. 1830. New Haven: x830. 8°. .50 

. A Letter to Wm. E. Channing, D. D. 

on the subject of Religious Liberty. 3d 
edn. Boston: 1830. 8°. .50 

Essays on Prize Question, Whether 

the use of Distilled Liquors, or traffic in 
them, is compatible, at the present time, 
with making a profession of Christianity ? 
New York : 1830. 8°. .50 

WOODWARD, Augustus B. Considerations 
on the Executive Government of the United 
States of America. Flatbush, N. Y. : 1809. 
8°. pp. 87. -50 

WORCESTER, Joseph E. A Gazetteer of 
the United States, abstracted from the Uni- 
versal Gazetleer of the author Andover : 

1818. 8°. -50 

WORCESTER, J. F. The Worcester Fam- 
ily, or the Descendants of Rev. Wm. Wor- 
cester ; with a brief notice of the Con- 
necticut Worcester Family. Lynn : 1856. 
8°. 1-00 

WORCESTER, Noah, {Rev.) Some Diffi- 
culties proposed for solution ; or, a copy of 
a Letter to the Rev. John Murray, concern- 

incr his Discourse on the Origin of Evil 

Newburyport: 1786. 8°. pp.61. .50 

, (.11. A.) Bible News, or the Father, 

Son and Holy Spirit. In a series of Let- 
ters The whole addressed to a worthy 

Minister of the Gospel. Concord, N. II. : 
1810. 8°. -50 

(A. M.) A Respectful Address to 

the Trinitarian Clergy, relating to their 
manner of treating Opponents. Boston : 
1812. 12°. pp.50. -25 

Bible News, or the Father, Son and 

Trinitarians and Calvinists. Andover: 1821 
8°. .50 

Holy Ghost, as reported by Rev. Noah 
Worcester, A. M., NOT CORRECT, in 
a Letter to a Friend inclined to CREDIT 
THAT NEWS. 2d edn. Boston: 1813. 
12°. -38 

(D. D.) Bible News; or, Sacred 

Truths relating to the living God, his only 
Son, and Holy Spirit. To which is added 
a Respectful Address to the Trinitarian 
Clergy. 3d edn. Boston: 1825. 8°. .50 

. The Atoning Grace, a display ol 

Love— not of Wrath. Cambridge : 1829. 
12°. pp.231. -75 

13 Bromfield Street, Boston. 


WORCESTER, Samuel. Facts and Docu- 
ments, exhibiting- a Summary View of the 
Ecclesiastical Affairs, lately transacted in 
Fitchburg, [Mass.] ; together with some 
Strictures on the Results of a late party 



Council, in said Town Boston: 1802. 

12°. .75 
. {Rev.) A Narrative of the Contro- 
versy with, in Fitchburg, with Comments 
on a Pamphlet entitled Facts and Docu- 
ments. . .Worcester: 1804. 12°. pp. 75. .50 
, {A. M.) Two Discourses, on the Per- 
petuity and Provision of God's Gracious 

Covenant with Abraham and his Seed 

Salem: J 805. 8°. pp. 80. .50 

— , {A. M.) The Messiah of the Script- 

A Sermon in Salem, April 8, 

Also, at Beverly, May 1, 1808 

: 1808. 12°. pp. 23. .25 

, {Pastor Tabernacle Church, Salem.). . . 

A Sermon delivered June 8, 1808, at the 
Installation of the Rev. Joseph Webster. . . 
over the United Church in Hampton, N. H. 
Salem: 1808. 8°. .25 

, {A. M.) The Foundation of God 

sure and sealed A Sermon, July 31, 

1811, at the Installation of Edward D. 
Griffin, D, D. to the Church in Park Street, 
Boston. Boston. 8°. pp. 48. .38 

. The Christian's Confidence. A Ser- 
mon at Wenham, at the Funeral of the 
Rev. Rufus Anderson, A. M., Feb. 15, 1814. 
Boston: 1814. 8°. .38 
—,{D.D.) A Third Letter to the Rev. 

Win, E. Channing, on the subject of Unita- 
rianism. Bo&ton : 1815.8°. pp.80. .50 

, {D. D.) The Drunkard a Destroyer. 

... A Discourse delivered before the Mas- 
sachusetts Society for Suppression of In- 
temperance, at their Anniversary Meeting, 
May 30, 1817. Boston: 1817. 12°. .25 

, {A. M.) A Sermon, preached July 

31, 1811, at the Installation of the Rev. 
Edward D. Griffin, {D. D.) to the Pastoral 
care of the Church in Park Street, Boston. 
Boston: 1811. 8°. .38 

, {A. M.) Two Discourses on the Per- 
petuity and Provision of God's gracious 

Covenant with Abraham and his Seed 

Salem: 1805. 8°. .38 

, {D. D.) Paul on Mars Hill ; or a 

Christian Survey of the Pagan world. A 
Sermon. . .at Newburyport, June 21, 1815, 
at the Ordination of the Rev. S. J. Mills, 
James Richards, Edw. Warren, Horatio 
Bardwell, Benj. C. Meigs, and Daniel Poor. 

Andover: 1815. 8°. .50 

Christian Psalmody, in four Parts ; 

comprising Dr. Watts's Psalms ; Select 
Hymns from other Authors; and Select 
Harmony Boston: 1815. 8°. .50 

WORCESTER, Samuel, {D. D.) A Ser- 
mon preached April 2(>, 1815, at the Ordi- 
nation of the Rev. William Cogswell, to a 
Pastoral Charge in the Second Parish in 
Dedham. Dedham : 1815. 8°. .38 

, [D. D.) A Letter to Wm. E. Chan- 
ning, on the subject of his Letter to the 
Rev. S. C. Thatcher, relating to the Re- 
view in the Panoplist of American Unita- 
rianism. 2d edn. Boston: 1815. 8°. .50 
-,{D.D.) A Second Letter to W. E. 

Channing, on the subject of Unitarianism. 
Second edition. Boston: 1815. 8°. .50 
-. Sermons on various subjects, Prac- 

tical and Devotional. Salem: 1823. 8°. 

WORCESTER, Samuel A. Opinion of the 
Supreme Court of the United States, at 
January Term, 1832, delivered by Mr. 
Chief Justice Marshall, in the case of S. A. 
Worcester, Plaintiff in Error, versus the 

State of Georgia Washington: 1832. 



Autograph — '■ From Nathl. ?u.sbee, V. S. Senate. ' 

WORCESTER, Samuel M. New England's 
Glory and Crown. A Discourse delivered at 
Plymouth, Mass., Dec. 22, 1848. Second 
edition. Boston: 1849. 8°. pp. 5(3. .50 

WORCESTER, Thomas, {A. M.) Divine 
Testimony received without any Addition or 
Diminution. . . . A Discourse in a Religious 
Conference, Oct. 7, 1813. Hanover: 1813. 
8°. pp. 1(5. Autograph of Author. .25 

, {A. M.) The True God but One Per- 
son ; Extract of a Friendly Letter to a 

Trinitarian Brother in the Ministry 

Boston: 1819. 12°. .25 

WORTHINGTON. Secular and Ecclesias- 
tical History of the Town of Worthington, 
from its First Settlement to the present 
time. [By James C. Rice.] Albany: 1853. 

WRIGHT AND BO WEN. Notes of a Voy- 
age around the World, in the United States 
ship Constellation. Boston: 1844. 12°. .50 

WRIGHT, Luther, {A. M.) A Sermon on the 
Death of Capt. Cyrus Bullard, at Medway, 
May 25, 1806. Dedham : 1807. 8°. .25 

Autograph — " Mr. T. Adams, from his sincere friend 
The Author." 

WROE, John. A Guide to the People sur- 
named Israelites, to preach the. . . .Gospel, 

in a number of Sermons Boston: 1848. 

12°. pp. 80. .38 

the Rev. and Learned David Clarkson, B. 
D. Edited for the Wyckliffe Society by 

the Rev. Basil H. Cooper, B. A With 

Historical Notices of the Life and Writings 
of the Author, by the Rev. John Black- 
burn, Claremont Chapel, London. London : 
1806. 8°. 1.50 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

WYNNE, |H.] Mr. _ A General History of 
the British Empire in America:. . . .2 Vols. 
London: 1770. 8°. 3.00 

YALE COLLEGE. Catalogus Senatus Acad- 
emici, et eorum qui manera et officia acad- 
emica gesserunt, queqne abquovis gradus 
exornati fuerent in Collegio Yalense. Novi- 
Portus in Republica Connecticutensis. No- 
vi-Portus: 1817. 8°. pp.59. .50 

YALE, Elihu. The Yale Family, or the 
Descendants of David Yale, with Genea- 
logical Notices of each Family. New Ha- 
ven: 1850. 8°. 1.25 

YOUNG, Alexander, [Rev.) The good Mer- 
chant. A Discourse in the Church on 
Church Green, March 26, 1837, the Sunday 
after the decease of William Parsons, Esq. 
Boston: 1837. 8°. .25 

. A Discourse on the Life and Char- 
acter of the Rev. John Thornton Kirkland, 
D. D., LL. D Late President of Har- 
vard College, delivered May 3, 1840. Bos- 
ton : 1840. 8°. pp. 104. .63 
The Stay and Staff taken away. 

A Discourse on the Death of the Hon. Wil- 
liam Prescott, LL. D., delivered at Church 
Green, Dec. 15,1844. Boston: 1844. 8°. 


YOUNG, Alexander. The varieties of Hu- 
man Greatness. A Discourse on the Life 
and Character of the Hon. Nathaniel Bow- 
ditch, LL. D., F. R. S., in the Church on 
Church Green, March 25, 1838. Boston : 
1838. 8°. pp. 120. .50 

. Congregationalism Vindicated. A 

Discourse at the Dudleian Lecture, at Har- 
vard College, May 13, 1846. Boston: 1846. 
8°. pp.40. .25 

. Chronicles of the First Planters of 

the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay. From 
1623 to 1636.... Boston: 1846. 8°. 2.00 

YOUNG CLERK'S (The) Vade Mecum: or, 

Compleat Law-Tutor New York : 1776. 

8°. .50 

YOUNG, Edward, (D. D.) The Centaur not 
fabulous. In Six Letters to a Friend, on 
the Life in Vogue. Newburyport: 1806. 
12°. .50 

MAGAZINE. 2 Vols. 12°. [n. a\] Fine 
Engravings of Flowers, Plants and Ani- 
mals, beautifully colored. 1.00 

ZSCHOKKE, Henrich and Emil. The His- 
tory of Switzerland, for the Swiss People. 
Translated by Francis George Shaw. New 
York: 1855. 12°. .75 


ADAMS, Amos, [A. M.) The only Hope 
and Refuge of Sinners. . . .In a Sermon at 
Roxbury, Feb. 22, 1767. Boston, N. E. : 
1767. 8°. pp.32. .50 

ADAMS, Charles Francis. An Oration, July 
4, 1843, before the citizens of Boston. 8°. 
pp. 39. .38 

ADAMS, John, [LL. D.) A Defence of the 

Constitution of Government of the United 
States of America. London, printed. Bos- 
ton, reprinted and sold by Edmund Free- 
man, opposite the north door of the State 
House. 1788. Small 12°. 1.00 

A list of subscribers accompanies this edition. 

ADAMS, John Quincy. An Address to the 
members of the Massachusetts Charitable 
Fire Society, at their Annual Meeting, May 
28, 1802. Boston. 8°. pp. 25. .38 

. An Inaugural Oration, delivered at 

the author's Installation as Boylston Pro- 
fessor. . .12 June, 1806. 8°. pp.28. .25 
Report of the Minority of the Com 

mittee on Manufactures, submitted Feb. 
1833. pp.37. .38 

ADAMS, John Quincy. A Letter to Ham- 
son Gray Otis, a member of the Senate of 
Massachusetts, on the present state of our 
National affairs; with remarks upon Mr. 
Pickering's Letter to the Governor of the 
Commonwealth. 2d edn. Boston : 1808. 
8°. pp.32. .50 

. An Address, delivered at the request 

of a Committee of the Citizens of Wash- 
ington, on the occasion of reading the 
Declaration of Independence, on the 4th 
of July, 1821. Washington: 1821. 8°. 
pp. 31. .25 

•, {Esq.) Correspondence between, and 

several Citizens of Massachusetts, concern- 
ing a charge of a design to Dissolve the 
Union alleged to have existed in that State. 
Boston: 1829. 8°. .50 

. An Oration to the Citizens of Quin- 
cy, July 4, 1831, the 55th Anniversary of 
the Independence of the U. S. A. Boston : 
1831. 8°. .38 

. An Eulogy on the Life and Char- 
acter of James Madison, in Boston, Sept. 
27, 1836. 8°. pp. 87. .50 

13 Bromjield Street, Boston. 


ADAMS, John Quincy. An Eulogy on the 
Life and Character of James Monroe, 5th 
President of the United States, delivered 
at the request of the Corporation of the City 
of Boston, on the 25th of Aug. 1831. Bos- 
ton: 1831. 8°. pp. 100. .50 

. Speech [suppressed by the previous 

question] on the Removal of the Public 
Deposits, and its Reasons. Washington: 
1834. 8°. pp.43. .38 

Oration on the Life and Character 

of Gilbert Motier De Lafayette, delivered 
at the request of Congress, Dec. 31, 1834. 
Washington: 1S35. 8°. pp.96. .50 

. The Jubilee of the Constitution: a 

Discourse before the New York Historical 
Society, April 30, 1839. New York: 1839. 
8°. pp. 136. .50 

Address to the Norfolk Temperance 

Society, at their meeting at Quincy, Sept. 
29, 1842. Boston : 1842. 8°. .25 

The Social Compact exemplified in 

the Constitution of the Commonwealth of 
Massachusetts. . .A Lecture at Providence, 
R. I., Nov. 25, 1842. Providence: 1842. 
8°. pp.32. .25 
. Token of a Nation's Sorrow : Ad- 

dress in the Congress of the U. S., and 
Funeral Solemnities on the Death of John 
Q. Adams, who died in the Capitol at 
Washington, Feb. 23d, 1848. Washington : 
1848. 8°. Portrait. .38 

ADAMS, Nehemiah. The Autobiography of 
Thomas Shepard, the celebrated Minister 
of Cambridge, N. E. With additional No- 
tices of his Life and Character. Boston : 
1832. 18°. .50 

. A Letter to Rev. Ezra S. Gannett 

of Boston, occasioned by his Tract on 
Atonement. 3d edition. Boston: 1841. 
pp. 48. .38 

. A Sermon occasioned by the Death 

of Rev. Wm. J. Armstrong, D. D., deliver- 
ed in Park Street Church, Boston, Dec. 9, 
1846. Boston: 1846. 8°. pp.30. .25 

ALDEN, Timothy, Jr., {A. M.) A Discourse 
before the Members of the Portsmouth 
Female Asylum, at a third service, on the 

Sabbath, 16 Sept. 1804 Portsmouth: 

1804. 8°. .50 

Autograph— Rev. J. Smith, Dummer Academy, from his 

T. A, Jr. 

ALEXANDER, Caleb, (A. M.) An Essay on 
the real Deity of Jesus Christ. To which 
are added Strictures on Extracts from Mr. 
Emblyee's Humble Inquiry.. .Boston: 1791. 
8°. pp.68. .75 

ALLEN, Joseph, (D. D.) A Minister's Ac- 
count of his Stewardship : a Sermon in 
Northborough, Oct. 31, 1841, on the com- 
pletion of the 25th year of his Ministry in 
that place. Cambridge: 1842. 8°. .38 

ALLEN, Joseph Henry, {Rev.) The Public 
Man: a Discourse on the Death of Hon. 
John Fairfield, delivered in Washington, 
Dec. 26. 1847. Washington: 1848. 8°. ,25 

ALLEN, Wilkes, {A. M.) An Address before 
the Western Society of Middlesex Hus- 
bandmen, at their Annual Meeting in West- 
ford, Sept. 25, 1819. . . And By-laws of the 
Society. Concord, Mass.: 1819. 8°. pp. 
24. .25 

AMES, Fisher. An Oration on the Sublime 
Virtues of Gen. George Washington, pro- 
nounced at the Old South Meetinghouse in 
Boston, before his Honor the Lt. Governor, 
the Council, and two branches of the Legis- 
lature of Massachusetts, at their request, 
Saturday, the 8th of Feb. 1800. Boston: 
[1800.] 8°. pp.31. .50 

— . Another copy. Title supplied^ .38 

Address to the Members of the — together 
with the Laws and Regulations of the In- 
stitution Worcester: 1819. 8°. .25 

ANALYSIS of the late Correspondence be- 
tween our Administration and Great Britain 
and France. With an attempt to show what 
are the real causes of the failure of the 
Negotiation. Boston, [n. d.] 8°. pp. 52. .25 

ANDREWS, John, {LL. D.) History of the 
War with America, France, Spain and 
Holland ; commencing in 1775, and ending 
in 1783. In 4 vols. With Portraits, Maps 
and Charts. London : 1785. 8°. A fine 
copy, full bound in calf, whole and perfect. 


ANDREWS, John, [A. M.) A Sermon, Nov. 
26, 1808, at the Interment of the Rev. 
Thomas Cary, A. M. of Newburyport. 8°. 
pp. 47. .38 

APPLETON, Jesse, {D. D.) An Address 
delivered before the Massachusetts Society 
for Suppressing Intemperance, at their An- 
niversary Meeting, May 31, 1816. Boston: 
1816. 12°. .25 

APPLETON, Nathaniel, [M. A.) A Thanks- 
giving Sermon on the total Repeal of the 
Stamp Act, preached in Cambridge, New 
England, May 20th, in the afternoon pre- 
ceding the public Rejoicings of the evening 
upon that great occasion. Published by the 
desire of the audience, and at the expense 
of the Hon. Brig. Gen. Brattle. . . . Boston : 
1766. 8°. Slightly damaged, bid perfect. .75 

APPLETON, Nathan. Remarks on Currency 
and Banking, having reference to the pres- 
ent derangement of the Circulating Me- 
dium in the United States. Boston: 1841. 
8°. pp. 73. .50 

. Correspondence between, and John 

G. Palfrey, intended as a Supplement to 
Mr. Palfrey's pamphlet on the Slave Power. 
Boston: 1846. 8°. pp.20. .25 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

ARIANS.. . .Two Letters to a very eminent 
and learned Gentleman, attempting to sub- 
vert the doctrine of the Arian? ; being ani 
mad versions on a very famous Arian MS. 
Boston: reprinted, 1756. 8°. pp. 83. .50 

Autograph — " Jacob Norton." 

ARTHUR, William, (M A.) An Etymologi- 
cal Dictionary of Family and Christian 
Names ; with an Essay on their derivation 
and import. New York: 1857. 12°. 1.00 

AUSTIN, Ivors James. An Oration, delivered 
by request of the City authorities of Boston. 
July 4th, 1839. 2d edition. Boston: 1839. 
8°. .25 

Autograph— u IIon. Solomon Strong, with the respects 
of t ie Author." 

AUSTIN, James T. An Oration on the 4th 
of July, 1829, in Boston. 8°. pp. 26. .38 

AUSTIN, Samuel, (A. M.). . . . A Sermon at 
the Tabernacle Church, in Salem, April 20, 
1803, on the occasion of the Installation of 
the Rev. Samuel Worcester.. .Salem: 1803. '■ 
8°. pp.27. .25 j 

AVERY, Ephraim K., (Rev.) The Correct, 
Full and Impartial Trial of. . . .at Newport, 
R. I., May 6, 1833, for the Murder of Sarah 
M. Cornell. Providence: 1833. 12°. pp. 
178. .63 

AWFUL CALAMITIES, or the Shipwrecks 
of December, 1839; being a full Account 
of the dreadful Hurricanes of Dec. 15, 21 
and 27, on the Coast of Massachusetts, in 
which were lost more than ninety vessels. 
....Boston: 1840. 8°. pp.24. .25 

BACON, John, [Esq.] Conjectures on Pro- 
phecies, written in the fore part of the year 
1799. Boston: 1805. 8°. pp.31. .25 

BACON, Leonard. The Social and Civil 
Influence of the Christian Ministry: a Ser- 
mon at the 6th Anniversary of the Auxiliary 
Education Society of the Young Men of 
Boston, Feb. 6, 1825. Boston: 1825. 8°. .25 

BAILEY, E. Review of the Mayor's Re- 
port on the subject of Schools, so far as it 

relates to the High Schools for Girls 

Boston: 1828. 8°. pp.54. .38 

BAKER, Richard, [Sir, Knight.) A Chronicle 
of the Kings of England, from the time of 
the Romans Government unto the Death 
of King James the First Faithfully col- 
lected out of Authors Ancient and Modern, 
and digested into a method. Whereunto 
is added, the Reign of King Charles the 
First and King Charles the Second. All 
which additions are revised in this ninth 
impression, and freed from many errors and 
mistakes of the former editions. London : 
1696. Folio. Prime copy, binding broken. 


Autographs— " 0. Angier's.— Zephaniah Whlis*s Book." 

BALDWIN, Luke, (Esq.) Thoughts on the 
Study of Political Economy. . .Cambridge: 
1809. 8°. pp. 75. .50 

BALDWIN, Thomas, (D. D.) A Discourse 
before the Members of the Boston Female 
Asylum, Sept. 26, 1806. Being their Sixth 
Anniversary. Boston: 1806. 8°. .38 

, (A. M.) The Eternal Purpose of 

God, the Foundation of Effectual Calling. — 
A Sermon before the First Baptist Society in 
Boston, Feb. 19, 1804. Second edition. 
Boston: 1804. 8°. .38 

, (A. M.) A Sermon, Feb. 15, 1802, 

before the [General Court] on the day of 
Interment of His Honor Samuel Phillips, 
Esq., who d. Feb. 10, 1802, ae. 50. Boston : 
1802. 8°. pp.21. .25 

BALLOU, Hosea, (Rev.) The Universalist 
Pulpit. A Valedictory Discourse. Boston: 
1851. 8° pp.53. Fine Portrait. .25 

BANCROFT, Aaron, (D. D.) The Nature 
and Worth of Christian Liberty. Illustrated 
in a Sermon before the Second Congrega- 
tional Church and Society in Worcester, 

on the 23d of June, 1816 Worcester: 

1816. .25 

, (D. D.) A Discourse on Conversion. 

Worcester: 1816. 8°. pp. 40. .25 

, (D. D.) A Discourse delivered be- 
fore the Second Congregational Society in 
Worcester, on the 8th day of April, 1827, 
the Lord's Day following the Ordination of 
Rev. Alonzo Hill. Worcester: 1827. 8°. 


, (D.D.) A Sermon at the Dedication 

of the Second Congregational Church in 
Worcester, Aug. 20, 1829. Worcester: 
1829. 8°. pp.24. .25 

, (D. D.) A Sermon delivered in Wor- 
cester, Jan. 31, 1836, at the termination of 
50 years of his Ministry. Worcester : 
1836. 8°. .38 

tion of Facts and Arguments in support of 
a Memorial to the Legislature of Massachu- 
setts by Citizens of Boston and Vicinity in 
favor of a Bank of Ten Millions. Boston : 
1836. 8°. pp.90. .50 

and the Skeleton of a Project for a National 
Bank. By a Citizen of Boston. Boston : 
1840. 8°. pp.62. .50 

BAPTISM. Nine Discourses. By John 
Crane, D. D., Rev. Jedediah Chapman, and 
Elijah Parish. To which is added, Mrs. 
Elizabeth Jackson's Confession. Boston : 
1806. 12°. pp. 156. .50 

BARKER, Joseph, (A. M.) A Sermon at the 
Ordination of the Rev. Otis Thompson to 
the Pastoral Care of the Second Congrega- 
tional Church in Rehoboth, Sept. 24, 1800. 
Providence: 1801. 8°. .25 

(To be Continued.) 

13 Bromfield Street, Boston. 


ABBOT, Abiel. The Mariners' Manual.— 
A Sermon in Beverly, Maich 4th, 1804. 
Salem: 8°. pp. 16. .25 

ADAMS, Josiah. The Genealogy of the 
Descendants of Richard Haven, of Lynn, 
Ms., who emigrated from England about 
200 years ago Boston : 1843. 8°. pp. 54. 

In the same volume. — Continuation of 

the same work. 1849. pp. 50. Also, John 
C. Park's Address at a meeting of the De- 
scendants, 29 Aug. 1844. 8°. pp. 27. .50 

ADAMS, Moses, [A. M.) A Sermon in Bol- 
ton, Dec. 30, 1802, at the Funeral of Rev. j 
Phineas Wright, Pastor of the Church in 
that town. To which is added, the charac- i 
ter of the deceased, by the Rev. Daniel ( 

Chaplin of Groton Boston : 1803. 8°. i 

pp. 24. .25 

House, a short history of the, erected in 
Providence, R. I., in 1819-21 ; with Rules 
for its future government. Providence : 
1821. 8°. pp.32. .38 

AGE OF INQUIRY, (The), or Reason and 
Revelation in harmony with each other; 
operating against all tyranny and infidelity : 
intended as a clue to the present Political 
Controversy in the United States. To 
which is [are] added, some Remarks upon 
the Report of the Committee of the Legis 
lature of Connecticut, upon the Baptist Pe- 
tition, presented May, 1802. By a True 
Baptist. Hartford: 1804. 8°. pp.96. 75. 

AMORY, Thomas, [D. D.) Daily Devotions. 

in four Sermons 2d ed., with Forms of 

Prayer London ; Boston : rep. 1772. 

8°. pp. 86. .75 

[ ] A Dialogue on Devotion, after the 

manner of Xenophon. . . .To which is pre- 
fixed a Conversation of Socrates on the 
Being and Providence of God. Translated 
from the Greek. [London.] no date. 8°. pp. 
49. .50 

ANDREWS, John, [A. M.) A Sermon, Nov. 
26, 1808, at the interment of the Rev. Thos. 

Cary, A. M Newburyport : 1808. 8°. 

pp. 48. .38 

BADGER, Sarah, {Mrs.) A Report of the 
Evidence in the case, John Atkins, appel- 
lant, vs. Calvin Sanger, et al., Executors 
relative to the Will of the late Mrs. Badger 

of Natick Dedham : [1823.] 8°. pp. 

84. .50 

Statement of Facts relative to the last 

will of Mrs. Badger of Natick, by the Leg- 
atees. Dedham: 1824. .50 

BALLOU, Hosea, 2d. Opinions and Phrase- 
ology of the Jews concerning the Future 
State : from the time of Moses to their dis- 
persion by the Romans. Philad. : 1844. 
8°. pp.26. .25 

BANCROFT, Aaron, {D. D.) A Vindication 
of the Result of the late Mutual Council 
convened in Princeton. Worcester: 1817. 
8°. pp. 63. .50 

BARKER, Joseph, [A. M.) A Discourse 
delivered in Middleboro', Mass., Aug. 20, 
1812, beimr the day of the National Fast. 
Boston: 1812. 8°. .25 

BARNARD, John, {A. M.) The Lord Jesus 
Christ, the only and supreme Head of the 

Church. A Sermon to the Assembly 

of Ministers, at their Annual Convention in 

Boston, . June 1, 1738 Boston : 

1738. .50 

, {A. M.) A Zeal for Good Works Ex- 

cited and Directed ; in a Sermon at the 
Publick Thursday Lecture, in Boston, March 
25th, 1742 Boston: 1742. 8°. .50 

BARNARD, Thomas, {D. D.) A Sermon on 
the Day of National Thanksgiving, Feb. 
19, 1795. Salem: 1795. 8°. .25 

, [D. D.) A Sermon, Jan. 15, 1801, in 

Chelsea, before the Interment of the Rev. 

Phillips Payson, D. D who died Jan. 

11th, 1801. Charlestown: 1801. 8°. .38 
-, (D. D.) A Sermon before the Salem 

Female Charitable Society, in the First 
Church in Salem, July 6th, 1803. Salem : 
1803. 8°. pp. 22, and 8 of Subscribers' 
Names. -38 

BARNEY, Mary, [Mrs.) Letter to President 
Jackson. Baltimore: 1829. 8°. .25 

BARRETT, Samuel. " What thinkst thou?" 
A Sermon in the 12th Congregational 
Church, Boston, March 5, 1843. 8°. .25 

BARTOL, C. A. Public causes for Grati- 
tude. A Sermon on Thanksgiving Day, 
Nov. 25; 1847, in the West Church, Boston. 
Boston: 1848. 8°. .25 

BASSETT, Francis. An Oration, July 5, 
1824, in commemoration of American Inde- 
pendence, in Boston. Boston : 8°. pp. 24. 


BATCHELDER, William. A Discourse at 
Haverhill, Jul), 1816, on a Baptismal occa- 
sion. 2ded. Exeter: 1823. 8°. pp.20. .25 

BATES, Joshua, {A. M.) Two Sermons on 
Temperance on the Annual Fast, April 8, 
1813. 2ded. Dedham: 1814. 12°. pp. 
36. .38 

(A. M.) A Discourse delivered Mar. 

4, 1814, at the Interment of the Rev. Thos. 
Prentice, D. D., Pastor of the Church in 
Medfield. Dedham: 1814. 8°. pp.24. .38 
-, [S. T. D.) A Sermon at the Ordina- 

tion of Rev. Wm. Bates in Northbridge, 
Mass., Nov. 5, 1845. Andover: 1846. 8°. 
pp. 26. .25. 
BEECHER, C. E. [Miss.) The Evils suffered 
by American Women and American Chil- 
dren : The Causes and the Remedy 

New. York : n. d. pp. 36. .38 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

BAYARD, James A. Speech on the Bill 
received from the Senate, entitled "An Act 
to Repeal certain Acts respecting Organiz- 
ing the Courts of the U. S.," delivered Feb. 
19th and 20th, 1802. Worcester, Mass., 
April. 180-2. 8°. .25 

BAYLIES, Francis. Eulogy on the Hon. 
Benjamin Russell, delivered before the 
Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Ma- 
Eons of the State of Mass., March 10, 1845. 
Boston: 8°. pp.66. .50 

BAYLEY, Kiah, (The Rev.) A Discourse 
on the Necessity and Importance of Wis- 
dom and Knowledge, delivered at the open- 
ing of the Lincoln Academy in New-Castle, 
Oct. 1st, 1805. VViscasset: 1805. 8°. .38 

BEECHER, Lyman, (A. M.) The Remedy 
for Duelling. A Sermon before the Pres- 
bytery of Long Island, at the opening of 
their Session at Aquebogue, April 16, 1806. 
Republished by subscription. Annexed are 
Resolutions and Addresses of the Anti-Du- 
elling Association of New York. New 
York: 1809. 8°. pp.48. .50 

, (A. M ) The Bible a Code of Laws. 

A Sermon in Park Street Church, Boston, 
Sept. 3. 1817, at the Ordination of Sereno 

Edwards Dwight Andover : 1818. 8°. 

pp. 72. .50 

-, (D. D.) The Memory of our Fathers. 

A Sermon at Plymouth on the 22d Dec 
1827. 2d edition. Boston: 1828. 8°. pp. 
30. .38 

BELKNAP, Jeremy, (A. M.) The History of 
New Hampshire. Vol. I. Comprehending 

the events of one complete Century 

Philadelphia: 1784. 8°. This is the 1st edi- 
tion of the invaluable Belknap, and was con- 
ducted through the press by Ebenezer Hazard, 
Esq. 2.00 

Autograph— "Nath. Gorham, 1793." 

, (Minister of the Federal Street Church, 

Boston.) Dissertations on the Character, 
Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, 
and the Evidence of his Gospel ; with Re- 
marks on the "Age of Reason." Bos- 
ton : 1795. 12°. Portrait inserted 2.00 
, (D. D.) Sacred Poetry ; consisting of 

Psalms and Hymns, adapted to Christian 

Devotion in Public and Private 5th 

edition. Boston: 1808. 18°. .50 

BELLOWS, Henry W. (Rev.) A Discourse 
on the Death of W. E. Channing, D. D., 
before the Unitarian Societies of New York 
and Brooklyn, in the Church of the Mes- 
siah, Oct. 13th, 1842. New York : 1842. 
8°. -25 

BELSHAM, Thomas, (Rev.) American Uni- 
tarianism ; or a History of the Progress and 
present Btate of the Unitarian Churches in 
America, .... 5th edition. Boston: 1815. 
8°. pp. 48. .50 

BENEDICT, David, (A.M.) A Sermon be- 
fore the Warren Association in Newport, 
Sept. 11, 1821. Providence: 1821. 8°. 
pp. 23. .38 

BENJAMIN, Park. Infatuation: A Poem 
spoken before the Mercantile Library Asso- 
ciation of Boston, Oct. 9, 1844. Boston: 
1844. 8°. pp 31. .38 

BENTLEY, Richard, (A. M.) A Sermon de- 
livered July 2, 1806, at the Ordination of 

Joseph Richardson, A. M over the 1st 

Parish in Hingham. Boston : 1806. 8° .25 

BENTLEY, William, (A. M.) A Funeral 
Discourse, at Salem, on the Death of Maj. 
Gen. John Fiske, who died Sept. 28, 1797, 
©. 53. Salem : 1797. 8°. .38 

BIGELOW, Timothy. An Oration at Cam- 
bridge, before the P. B. K., July 21, 1796. 
.... Boston: 1797. 8°. pp. 15. .38 

BIGELOW, Timothy. An Oration before 
the Municipal Authorities of Boston, July 
4, 1853. 8° pp. 80. .38 

BIGGS, William, (Late Volunteer in the Mili- 
tary Transactions Abroad and at Home.) 
The Military History of Europe, &c, from 
the commencement of the War with Spain 
in 1739, to the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle 
in 1748; Also, a History of the Re- 
bellion in Scotland. 2d edition, corrected, 
with large Additions and Improvements. 
London: 1756. 8°. 1.50 

BINGHAM, Hiram, (A. M.) A Residence of 
twenty-one years in the Sandwich Islands ; 
or the Civil, Religious, and Political Histo- 
ry of those Islands 3d edition, revised 

and corrected. Hartford: 1849. 8° En- 

BLAGDEN, George W. Great Principles 
associated with Plymouth Rock. An Ad- 
dress delivered before the Pilgrim Society 
of Plymouth, Dec. 22, 1834. Boston: 
1835. 8°. pp. 30. .38 

, (Rev.) An Address to the Associate 

Choirs of the Evangelical Churches of Bos- 
ton, in the Bowdoin Street Church, Oct. 24, 
1840. Boston: 1840. 8°. .25 

BOARDMAN, John, (Rev.) The presence 
of Christ the Glory of his House. A Ser- 
mon delivered at the Dedication of the New 
Brick Meetinghouse in West Boylston, Aug. 
22,1832. Salem: 1832. 8°. .25 

BOND, Henry, (M. D.) An Address deliver- 
ed before the New England Society of Phil- 
adelphia; at its Semi-Annual Meeting, in 
May, 1824. Philadelphia: 1824. b°. pp. 
23. -38 

Autograph— Wm. White, Esq., »rom hib friend, th* 


of the Rise, Progress and Present State, 
Act of Incorporation, By-Laws and List of 
Members. Boston: 1810. 18°. pp.40. .38 

13 Bromfield Street, Boston. 


BOND, Henry, {M. D.) Family Memorials. 
Genealogies of the Familes and Descend- 
ants of the Early Settlers of Watertown, 

Massachusetts Boston: 1855. 8°. pp. 

1094. Fine Portraits, Autographs and Maps. 


BOSTON. Names of the Streets, Lanes and 
Alleys in the Town of Boston. With an 

Index [Containing also a description 

of the Toivn.] Boston : Printed by Benja- 
min Edes & Son, Temple-Street, J £00. 
18°. 1.50 

tion and Laws of the. Instituted in the 
year 1742. Incorporated in the year 1754. 
Boston: 1809. 18°. pp.47. .50 

Contains a full list of Members from the beginning. 

port of the Committee of Investigation ap- 
pointed by the Stockholders of the Boston 
and Maine Railroad, at a Meeting at Exe- 
ter, N. H., May 28, 1849. Boston: 1849. 
8°. pp. 79. Elegant Maps. .50 

BOSTON. Plan of the Inner Harbor of, to 
accompany Senate Document, No. 25. .38 

BOYD, William. An Oration on the Death 
of Mr. John Russell, senior sophistor at 
Harvard University. Delivered, Nov. 25, 
in the College Chapel. Boston : 1795. 12°. 
pp. 18. .25 

BOYLE, Isaac. Apostolic Origin of Episco- 
pacy. A Sermon, in St. Paul's Church, 
Boston, June 18, 1823, before the Annual 
Convention of the Protestant Episcopal 
Church in Massachusetts. Boston : 1823. 
8°. pp.24. .25 

BOYLSTON, Ward Nicholas. The Will of 
Thomas Boylston, Esq., late of London. 
[Boston.] 8°. pp. 16. .25 

BRACKENRIDGE, H. M. Voyage to South 
America, performed by order of the Ameri- 
can Government, in the years 1817 and 
1818, in the frigate. Congress. In 2 vols. 
Baltimore: 1819. 8°. Map. 2.50 

. Recollections of Persons and Places 

in the West. Philadelphia: 1834. 12°. 1.00 

BRADFORD, Ebenezer, [A. M.) The Duty 
of a Minister .... illustrated. A Sermon 
at the Installation of the Rev. John H. 
Stevens in the Church in Stoneham, Sept. 
11, 1795. Newburyport: 1795. 8°. pp. 
31. .38 

BRADFORD, S. D., [Esq.) Letters to the 
Hon. Wm. M. Meredith on the Advan- 
tages of Free Trade. Boston : 1850. 8°. 
pp. 36. .25 

BRAMAN, Milton P. {Ren.) and Thomas 
Whittemore. A Report of the Discussion 
at Danvers, Mass., between [them] on the 
Question, " Is the doctrine of endless mis- 
ery revealed in the Holy Scriptures ?" Nov. 
6,1833. Boston: 1833. 12°. pp.36. .25 

BRAZER, John, {Rev.) A Discourse in the 
North Church, Salem, April 4, 1829, at the 
Interment of Edward Augustus Holyoke, 
M. D., LL.D., A. A. S. &c. Salem: 1829. 
8°. ' .38 

BRITISH SPY, (The) or, Letters to a Mem- 
ber of the British Parliament, written dur- 
ing a tour through the United States. By 
a Young Englishman of Rank. Newbury- 
port : 1804. 12°. .50 

BROOKS, J. Tyrwhitt, (M. D.) Four months 
among the Gold-finders in California: be- 
ing the Diary of an Expedition from San 
Francisco to the Gold Districts. New York : 
1849. 8°. pp. 94. .50 

BROWN, John, {D. D.) An Estimate of the 
Manners and Principles of the Times. 7th 
ed. Boston: Repr. 1758. 8°. pp.110. .50 

BROWN, Samuel, {M. B ) A Treatise on 
the Nature, Origin and Progress of the 
Yellow Fever, with Observations on its 
Treatment particularly as it has pre- 
vailed in BOSTON. Boston: 1800. pp. 
112. 1.00 

BUCHANAN, James, {Esq ) Sketches of 
the History, Manners and Customs of the 
North American Indians. With a Plan for 
their Melioration. In 2 vols. New York: 
1824. 12°. 1.50 

An uncut copy of this now rare work. 

BRADY, N. [D. D.) and Tate, N. [Esq.) A 
New Version of the Psalms of David, fitted 
to the tunes used in Churches. Boston : 
1793. 12°. .75 

BRYANT, William Cullen. The Embargo ; 
or, Sketches of the Times. A Satire. 2d 
ed. corrected. Together with the Spanish 
Revolution and other Poems. Boston: 
1809. 12°. pp.36. .50 

BUCKINGHAM, Joseph T. An Address 
delivered before the Mass. Charitable Me- 
chanics Association, at the public celebra- 
tion of their Third Triennial Festival, Dec. 
21, 1815. Boston: 1815. 8°. .25 

Autograph — ''Joseph Lewis" 

Trial of, for a Libel 1822. Bos- 
ton : 1822. 8°. pp. 60. .50 

Address before the Mass. Char. Me- 
chanics Ass'n, Oct. 7, 1830. Bost. 8°. .25 

Specimens of Newspaper Literature; 

with Personal Memoirs, Anecdotes, and 
Reminiscences. 2 vols. Boston: 1850.12°. 
Portraits. 1.50 

BUCKMINSTER, Joseph, {D.D.) A Dis- 
course at the Ordination of the Rev. J. S. 
Buckminster to the Pastoral Charge of the 

Church in Brattle St., Boston Boston: 

1805. 8°. .38 

A Sermon del'd before the Members 

of the Female Char. Soc. in Newburyport, 
May 22, 1809, it being their 6th anniver- 
sary. Newburyport: 1809. 8°. pp.30. .25 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

BUCKMINSTER, Joseph S.{Rev.) A Sermon 
at the Church in Brattle St., Boston, Dec. 
18, 1808, the Lord's Day after the public 
funeral of his Excellency James Sullivan, 
Gov. of Mass. Boston : 1309. 8°. .38 

A Sermon at the Interment of the 

Rev. Wm. Emerson, Pastor of the First Ch. 
Boston, who died May 12, 1811, in the 43d 
year of his age. Boston: 1811. 8°. .38 

BURDICK, William. The Massachusetts 
Manual ; or Political and Historical Regis- 
ter from June, 1814, to June, 1815 

Boston: 1814. 12°. pp.219. Portrait of 
Gov. Strong. .50 

BURKE, Edmund. Reflections on the Rev- i 
olution in France, and on the proceedings ] 
in certain Societies in London relative to i 
that event. In a Letter intended to have ; 
been sent to a gentleman in Paris. New 
York: 1791. 8°. pp. 196. Paper. Splendidly 
printed. " By Hugh Gaine, at the Bible in 
Hanover Square." 1.00 

BURR, Aaron, {A.M.) The Watchman's 
Answer. ... A Sermon preached before the 
Synod of New York, convened at Newark 
in New Jersey, Sept. 30, 1756. 2d ed. N. 
York : Boston rep. 1757. 8°. .75 

Autograph — " Nehemiah Uaskeli/8 Book, Feb 19th, 1757. 

BUSEY, Samuel C. [M. D.) Immigration ; 
its Evils and Consequences. New York : 
1856. 12°. .50 

BUSHNELL, Horace. Barbarism the first 
Danger : a Discourse for Home Missions. 
New York : 1847. 8°. pp. 32. .25 

BUTLER, John. A Sermon, April 28, 1817, 
before the Association for the Suppression 
of Intemperance in the town of Hanoven^ 
Ms. Boston : 1817. 8°. pp. 16. .25 

CALHOUN, John C. Measures, not Men. 
Illustrated by some Remarks on the Public 
Conduct of John C. Calhoun. By a Citizen 
of New York. 1823. 8°. pp. 49. .38 

CALLENDER, John, {M. A.) An Historical 
Discourse, on the Civil and Religious Af- 
fairs of the Colony of Rhode Island With 
a Memoir of the Author, and Historical 
Notes. By Romeo Elton, (.17. A., F. S. U. S.) 
Providence: 1838. 8°. Also vol. iv. of the 
Colls, of the R. 1. Hist. Soc. 1.50 

CALVIN AND HOPKINS versus the Bible 
and Common Sense. The Trial. By a 
Lover of the Truth. 2d edition, enlarged. 
To which are added, Some Remarks on the 
Andover Institution. Boston: 1819. - 8°. 
pp. 39. .38 

CAPEN, Lemuel. A Discourse on the Char- 
acter of Mr. John Hawes, preached before 
the Hawes Place Society, at S. Boston, Feb. 
1, 1829... Boston: 1832. 8°. pp.24. .38 

. An Exposition of* Facts relating to 

the Administration of the Hawes Charity at 
South Boston. 1844. 8°. pp. 25. .25 

CAREY, Mathew. Debates and Proceedings 
of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania, 
on the Memorial praying a Repeal or Sus- 
pension of the Law Annulling the Charter 
of the Bank. Philadelphia : 1786. 8°. pp. 
132. 1.00 

. A Short Account of the Malignant 

Fever lately prevalent in Philadelphia, with 
a Statement of the Proceedings that took 
place on the Subject in different parts of the 
United States. 2d edition. Philadelphia : 
1793. 8°. pp. 112. .50 

-, {Esq.) Address before the Philadel- 

phia Society for promoting Agriculture, at 
its Meeting, July 20, 1824. 5th edition, re- 
vised and corrected. Philadelphia: 1827. 
8°. pp. 71. .50 

CARRIQUE, Richard. A Review of a Ser- 
mon by Rev. Ebenezer Gay of Stoughton, 
Aug. 20, 1820, designed to refute the doc- 
trine of Universal Salvation: More particu- 
larly a Sermon in Stoughton in June last, 
by Rev. Joshua Flagg of Scituate. Boston : 
1820. 8°. .38 

CARY, Samuel, {A.M.) A Sermon delivered 
July 20, 1796, at the Interment of the Rev. 
Samuel Webster, D. D., of Salisbury. New- 
bury port : 1796. 8°. pp. 32. .38 

. A Sermon in King's Chapel, Boston, 

Jan. 1, 1809; being the Sabbath after the 
Author's Ordination as one of the Ministers 
of that Society. Boston: 1800. 8°. pp. 
42. .25 

CARY, Thomas G. An Oration, July 4, 1847, 
before the Authorities of Boston. 8°. pp. 
38. .25 

CARY, Thomas, {A. M.) A Sermon to the 
1st Church and Society in Newburyport, 
Sept. 27, 1801 ; being the last Lord's day 
of their assembling in the Old Meeting- 
house. Newburyport: 1801. 8°. pp. 28. .25 

CARY, Virginia, {Mrs.) Letters on Female 
Character ; addressed to a Young Lady on 
the Death of her Mother. 3d edition. Hart- 
ford: 1831. 12°. .50 

CHANNING, Edward T. Inaugural Dis- 
course, delivered in the Chapel of the Uni- 
versity at Cambridge, Dec. 8, 1819. Cam- 
bridge : 1819. 8°. pp.31. .25 

CHANNING, Win. E. Remarks on the Rev. 
Dr. Worcester's Letter to Mr. Channing, on 
the " Review of American Unitarianism," 
in a late Panoplist. 2d edition. Boston : 
1815. pp.39. .38 

. A Sermon at the Ordination of John 

Emery Abbot to the North Church in Sa- 
lem; April 20, 1815. Salem: 1815. 8°. 
pp. 39. .25 

Review of " Letters to, containing 

Remarks on his Sermon, recently preached 
and published at Baltimore." .... Boston : 
1819. 8°. pp.20. .25 

13 Bromjield Street, Boston. 


CHANNING, Wm. E. A Discourse.... 
before the University in Cambridge, at the 
Dudleian Lecture, March 14, 1821. Bos- 
ton: 1821. 8°. .38 

[ .] Observations occasioned by the 

Remarks, on the Character of Napoleon 
Bonaparte, published in the Christian Exam- 
iner, Vol. iv., No. 5. By a Citizen of Bos- 
ton. Boston: 1828. 8°. pp.56. .38 

A Discourse at the Installation of 

the Rev. Mellish Irving Motte, as pastor of 
the South Congregational Society in Boston, 
May 21, 1828. 2d edition. Boston: 1828. 
12°. pp. 22. .25 

The Future Life. A Sermon on 

Easter Sunday, 1834, in the Federal Street 
Church. Boston. 8°. pp 24. .25 

The Ministry for the Poor. A Dis 

course before the Benevolent Fraternity of 
Churches in Boston, on their 1st anniversa- 
ry, April 9, 1835. 8°. pp. 48. .25 

. A Sermon at the Ordination of the 

Rev. Ezra Stiles Gannett, as Colleague 
Pastor of the Church in Federal Street, 
Boston, June 30, 1834. Boston : 1834. 8°. 


. A Sermon on War, delivered Jan. 

25, 1835. Boston. 8°. .25 

. A Discourse at the Dedication of 

the Unitarian Congregational Church in 
Newport, R. I. Boston : 1836. 8°. pp. 44. 

A Tribute to the Memory of the 

Rev. Noah Worcester, D. D., in a Discourse 
in Boston, Nov. 12, 1837. Boston : 1837. 
8°. pp.28. .25 

CHAPIN, Seth, {A. M.) Duty and Depen- 
dence of Sinners. A Sermon Boston : 

1819. 8°. .15 

CHAUNCY, Charles, {D. D.) Enthusiasm 
described and cautioned against. A Ser- 
mon at the Old Brick Meetinghouse in Bos- 
ton, the Lord's day after Commencement, 
1742. With a Letter to the Rev. Mr. 
James Davenport. Boston: 1743. 8°. pp. 
35. .50 

, (D. D.) A Discourse occasioned by 

the Death of the Rev. Dr. Jona. Mayhew, 
.... who departed this life July 9, 1766, a. 
46. One leaf gone at the end. Boston: 
1766. 8°. pp.40. 

CHECKLEY, Samuel, [A.M.) Little Children 
brought to Jesus Christ. A Sermon preach- 
ed in private, May 6, and afterwards in pub- 
lick, June 14, 1741, upon a sorrowful occa- 
sion ; and published at the desire of one 

that heard it Boston: 1741. 12°. pp. 

24. .50 

"Mary Hill her Book god give her grace thaierin to look 
for when the hell for her shall tole the lord may have mer- 
cy on her sole." 

Mary Hill's pedigree is given in the book, in MS. 

[CHEEVER, Ezekiel.] A Short Introduction 
to the Latin Tongue : for the use of the 
Lower Forms in the Latin School, being 
the Accidence, abridged and compiled in 
that most easy and accurate method, wherein 
the famous Mr. Ezekiel Cheever taught — 

70 years Boston : 1785. 18°. 1.00 

Autograph — " Jason Clap ejus Liber A.domini, 1791." 

CHEEVER, George B. The Course and 
System of Unitarians plainly and solemnly 
surveyed. A Letter to the Conductors of 
the Christian Examiner. With an Appendix 
and Notes. Boston: 1834. 8°. pp.60. .50 
— . The Hierarchical Despotism. Lec- 

tures on the mixture of Civil and Ecclesi- 
astical Power in the Governments of the 
Middle Ages. In illustration of the Nature 
and Progress of Despotism in the Romish 
Church. New York : 1844. 12°. pp. 120. .38 
Company. Eighth General Report of the 
President and Directors of the. [Philadel- 
phia.] June 4, 1827. 8°. pp. 28. Splendid 
map of the route of the Canal. .50 

CHICK ERING, John W. {Rev.) God's Dis- 
criminating but Mysterious Treatment of 
his own people. A Discourse at the Fu- 
neral of Rev. Joseph Bennett, Woburn, 
Nov. 22, 1847. Boston: 1847. 8°. .25 
CHILD, David Lee. Trial of the case of the 
Commonwealth versus D. L. C. for a Libel 
on the Hon. John Keyes, .... Co. Middle- 
sex, Oct. 1828. Reported by John W. 
Whitman. Boston: 1829. 8°. pp.119. .75 
CHILDE, E. V. Researches respecting 
Americus Vespucius, and his Voyages. By 

the Viscount Santarem Translated by 

E. V. Childe. Boston: 1850. 12°. .50 

CHILD, Josiah, [Sir.) A New Discourse of 

Trade : wherein are recommended several 

weighty Points, relating to Companies of 

Merchants Fourth edn. London : n. 

d. 12°. 1.50 

Autograph — " Samuel Gardner," and Arms and Book- 
plate of Samuel P. Gardner. 

CHOLERA [in Boston.] Report of the Com- 
mittee of Internal Health on the Asiatic 
Cholera, together with a Report of the City 
Physician of the Cholera Hospital. Boston: 
1849. 8°. pp. 182. Paper. 1.00 

Numerous engravings of Localities ; Map of the City. &c- 

CHURCH, John Hubbard, {A. M.) The First 
Settlement of New England. A Sermon in 
the South Parish, Andover, April 5, 1810 ; 
being the Annual Fast in Massachusetts. 
Boston: 1810. 12°. pp.24. .25 

of the Debate in the General Assembly of 
the Church of Scotland, May 25, 1779. 
Occasioned by apprehensions of an intend- 
ed repeal of the Penal Statutes against Pa- 
pists. Edinburgh : 1780. 8°. pp. 79. .50 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

CLAP, Thomas, (A. M.) A Brief History 
and Vindication of the Doctrines received 
and established in the Churches of New 
England, with a Specimen of the New 
Scheme of Religion beginning to prevail. 
Second edition. New Haven : 1757. 8°. 
pp. 41. 1.00 

CLAPP, Otis. A Letter to the Hon. Abbot 
Lawrence and the Hon. Robert G. Shaw on 
the present condition and future growth of 
Boston. Boston: 1853. 8°. pp. 16. .25 

CLARKE, A. {A. M.) A Summary of the 
Evidence of Natural and Revealed Reli- 
gion. Boston: 1814. 12°. pp.24. .25 

CLARK, Jefferson. Address at the Anniver- 
sary Celebration of the Franklin Typo- 
graphical Society, Jan. 17, 1826. Boston: 
1826. 8°. .25 

CLARKE, James Freeman. The Church, 
.... as it was, as it is, as it ought to be. 
A Discourse delivered at the Dedication of 
the Chapel, built by the Church of the Dis- 
ciples, March 15, 1848. Boston : 1848. 8°. 
pp. 36. .38 

CLARKE, John, [A.M.) A Sermon deliver- 
ed at the Church in Brattle Street, Jan. 2, 
1784, at the interment of the Rev. Samuel 
Cooper, D. D., who expired, Dec. 29, 1783. 
Boston: 1784. 8°. .50 

, [Minister of a Church in Bostoii.) An 

Answer to the Question, Why are you a 
Christian ? The 6th edition. Boston, Oc- 
tober, 1797. 12°. .50 

Autograph — " Nah'm Mitchell's. Price, 50." 

CLARKSON. Thomas, (Jlf. A.) A Portrait- 
ure of Quakerism. Taken from a View of 

the Education and Discipline, of the 

Society of Friends. New York : 1806. 3 
vols., 8°. Full bound. 3.00 

, [M. A.) Memoirs of the Private and 

Public Life of William Penn. In two vols. 
Philadelphia: 1813. 12°. Fine Portrait. 2.00 

CLARY, Timothy Farrar. Honorable Old 
Age. A Discourse occasioned by the Cen- 
tennial Anniversary of Hon. Timothy Far- 
rar, LL.D. At Hollis, N. H., July 11th, 
1847. Andover: 1847. 8°. .25 

CLAY, Joseph, [A. M.) A Discourse deliver- 
ed in the First Baptist Meetinghouse in 
Boston, on 19 Aug. 1807, on the occa- 
sion of his Installation Boston: [1807.] 

go 25 

CLEAVELAND, John, Jr., (V. D. M.) A 
Sermon at Stoneham, Oct. 26, 1794, occa- 
sioned by the Dismission of the Minister 
from his People in that Town. Salem : 
1795. 8°. pp. 31. Wanting last leaf. .25 

COBB, Alvan. God's culture of his Vine- 
yard. A Sermon delivered at Plymouth 
before the Robinson Congregation, on the 
22d December, 1831. Taunton : 1832. 8°. 
pp. 24. .38 

COBBETT, William, {Esq.) The Pride of 
Britannia Humbled ; or, the Queen of the 
Ocean Unqueen'd, "'by the American Cock 
Boats." .... Illustrated in four Letters to 
Lord Liverpool New edition. Phila- 
delphia: 1815. 12°. .75 

COBB, Lyman. A critical Review of the Or- 
thography of Dr. Webster's Series of Books 

for Systematic Instruction New York: 

1831. 8°. .38 

CODMAN, John. Home Missions. A Ser- 
mon before the Massachusetts Christian 
Knowledge Society, in Park Street Church 
Boston, 31 May, 1826. Boston. 8°. .25 

COFFIN, John G. [M. D.) An Address be- 
fore the Contributors of the Boston Dispen- 
sary, at their 17th Anniversary, Oct. 21, 
1813. Boston: 1813. 8°. .25 

COFFIN, William, and Gardner, Abert, 
(Esqs.) A Narrative of the Robbery of the 
Nantucket Bank. Compiled from original 
Documents. Nantucket : 1816. 8°. pp. 
69. .50 

COGSWELL, William, {A. M.) A Sermon 
before the Auxiliary Education Society of 
Norfolk County, 14 June, 1826. Boston: 
1826. 8°. pp.41. .25 

COLBURN, Samuel W. The purifying In- 
fluence of a Christian's Hope. A Sermon, 
[at Abington, Mass.,] June 6, 1819. Bos- 
ton: 1820. 8°. pp.24. .25 

. A Sermon at the Funeral of Deacon 

Josiah Torrey of Abington, who died May 
14, 1822, in the 68th year of his age. Bos- 
ton: 1822. 8°. .25 

COLLECTIONS of the Maine Historical So- 
ciety. Vol. V. Portland: 1857. 8°. 1.50 

COLMAN, Benjamin, {D. D.) The Great 
God has magnified his Word to the Children 
of Men. A Sermon at the Lecture in Bos- 
ton, April 29, 1742. Boston: 1742. 8°. .50 

, (D. D.) Jesus weeping over his dead 

Friend, and with his Friends in their Mourn- 
ing. A Sermon, the Lord's day after the 
Funeral of the Rev. Mr. William Cooper, 
one of the Pastors of the Church in Brattle 
Street, Boston, who died Dec. 13, 1743, 
a? tat. 50. Boston: 1744. 8°. pp.45. Title 
supplied. .50 

COLMAN, Henry. A Discourse in the Chapel 
Church Boston, before the Humane Society 
of Massachusetts, 9 June, 1812. Boston: 
1812. 8°. pp. 32. .25 

. A Sermon in Hingham and Quincy, 

20 Aug. 1812, the day of the National Fast 
on account of the War with Great Britain. 
Boston: 1812. 8°. .25 

A Sketch of the Character of John 

Adams, delivered in the Church in Barton 
Square, Salem, 9th July, 1826, the Lord's 

day after his interment Salem : 1826. 

8°. .38 

13 Bromfield Street, Boston. 


COLMAN Henry. Sermons on various Occ- 
sions. Boston: 1820. 8°. 1.50 

. Agricultural Address delivered at 

New Haven, Norwich, and Hartford, Ct, at 
the County Cattle Shows, in the year 1840. 
Boston: 1840. 8°. pp.72. .50 

Autograph — "Hon. John Wells with the respects of 

n c." 

COr GREG ATIONALIST, Letter from a, to 
a Friend on the subject of joining the New 
Episcopalian Church. Boston: 1820. 8°. 
pp. 32. .25 

Historical Sketch of the Convention of the, 
in Massachusetts ; with an account of its 
friends ; its connection with the Mass. Cong. 
Char. Society; and its Rules and Regula- 
tions. Cambridge: 1821. 8°. pp.32. .38 

CONGRESS. Extracts from the Votes and 
Proceedings of the American Continental 
Congress, held at Philadelphia on the 5th of 
Sept. 1774 ; containing the Bill of Rights, 
a List of Grievances, Occasional Resolves, 
the Association, an Address to the People 
of Great Britain, and a Memorial to the In- 
habitants of the British American Colonies. 
Philadelphia, printed ; Boston, reprinted : 
1774. 8°. Jin excellent copy. 1.50 

COOK, Zebedee, Jr. An Address before the 
Massachusetts Horticultural Society in com- 
memoration of its 2d Annual Festival, 10 
Sept. 1830. Boston: 1830. 8°. pp.54. .50 

Autograph — " Daniel Tuttle, Esq , from his brother and 
friend the Author " 

Mr. Cook died in May, 1858. 

COOKE, Parsons, (Rev.) A Reply to a Let- 
ter in the Christian Examiner addressed to 
[him.] Boston: 1829. 12° pp.38. .25 

COOPER, Samuel, (D. D.) A Discourse . . . 
Sept. 1st, 1773, at the Lecture founded by 
the Hon. Paul Dudley, Esq. Boston: 1774. 
8°. .50 

COUTHOUY, Joseph P. Remarks upon the 
Coral Formations in the Pacific ; with sug- 
gestions as to the causes of their absence 
in the same parallels of latitude on the 
coast of South America. Boston: 1842. 
8°. .50 

Autograph — " Hon. John PickeriDg with respects of the 

CRITO'S Letters, to the Electors of the 
United States, on the Commercial Repre- 
sentations ; and the Seat of Government. 
Philadelphia: 1807. 8°. pp.26. .50 

CUSHING, Caleb. The claims of the United 
States on Denmark, examined. First pub- 
lished in the Boston Monthly Magazine. 
Boston: 1826. 8°. .25 

. . A Eulogy on John Adams and 

Thomas Jefferson, pronounced in Newbury - 
port, July 15, 1826, at the request of the 
Municipal Authorities of the Town. Cam- 
bridge: 1826. 8°. .38 

CUSHING, Abel. Historical Letters on the 
First Charter of Massachusetts Government. 
Boston: 1839. 18°. .50 

CUSHMAN, Robert. The Sin and Danger 
of Self Love described in a Sermon preach- 
ed at Plymouth in New England, 1621, with 
a Mem. of the Author. Bost. : 1846. 8°. .25 

CUSTIS, George Washington Park. An 
Address occasioned by the Death of Gen- 
eral Lingan, who was murdered by the mob 
at Baltimore. Delivered at Georgetown, 
Sept. 1, 1812. Boston: 1812. 8°. .38 

CUTLER, Samuel. The Origin, Progress, 
and Present Condition of St. Andrew's 
Church, Hanover, Mass. A Sermon deliv- 
ered in Hanover, on the 22d Sunday 

after Trinity, 8 Nov. 1846. 8°. .25 

[DAGGETT, John {Esq.)] Remarks and 
Documents concerning the Location of the 
Boston and Providence Railroad through 
the Burying-ground in East Attleborough. 
Boston: 1834. .25 

DAMON, David, [A. M., Min. Ch. Lunen- 
burg, Ms.) A Sermon at Concord, Mass., 
May 15th, 1823, at the Semi-an. Meeting 
of the Evan. Missionary Society in Mass. 
Boston: 1823. 8°. .20 

. A Sermon at Lunenburg, Dec. 2, 

1827, at the close of his Ministry in that 
town. Lancaster: 1828. 8°. pp. 22. .25 

DANA, Daniel (D.D.) A Sermon in New- 
bury port, before the Merrimack Bible Soc, 
July 27, 1815. Newbury't: 8°. pp. 21. .25 

. A Sermon in Commemoration of 

William Bartlett, Esq., an Associate Found- 
er of the Theological Seminary in Andover, 

delivered April 19, 1841. Andover: 

1841. 8°. .25 

, (A. M.) Sermons on John vi. 29 and 

Ephesians iv. 30, del'd March 24th, 1799. 
Newburyport: 1800. 8°. pp.33. .25 

Two Sermons, April 25, 1799— 

recommended by the President of the U. S. 
.... Newburyport: 1799. 8°. pp.56. .38 

DANA, James, (D.D.) A Sermon on the 
much-lamented death of Mr. Eben'r Grant 
Marsh, Tutor in Yale College, who died 
Nov. 16, 1803, in the 27th year of his age. 
.... Hartford: 1803. 8°. .25 

DANA, Joseph, [A. M.) A Sermon del'd at 
Newburyport, Dec. 19, 1794, at the Ord. of 
the Rev. Daniel Dana .... in that town. . . 
Newburyport: 1795. 8°. .25 

, (D. D.) Observations upon Baptism, 

del'd at Ipswich, South Parish, June 22, 
1806; with a View of Introductory Circum- 
stances, and Proceedings in the said Ch'h. 
Newburyport: 1806. 8°. pp. 24. .37 

A Sermon at Ipswich, So. Parish, 

Nov. 6, 1825; being the day which com- 
pleted the 60th year of his ministry in that 
place. Salem: 1825. 8°. pp.20. ' .37 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

DANFORTH, Thomas, (Dr.) An Oration, 
July 4, 1804, at the request of the Select- 
men of the Town of Boston 8°. pp. 

23. .38 

. A Discourse before the Humane So- 
ciety of the Commonwealth of Massachu- 
setts, Boston, June 14, 1808.* Boston : 8°. 
pp. 21. .25 

DARBY, William. View of the United 
States, Historical, Geographical and Statis- 
tical With 14 fine Maps. 18°. pp. 

622. .75 

DAVENPORT, Rufus. The Right Aim. 
First, aim to get First Principles of Right ; 
then trust prevailing with progressive Light ; 
while Freedom. A:t, Trade, Debt, take first 
the Ground, all things for General Good, 
the Right Aim found. Boston: 1829. 8°. 
pp. 32. .38 

DAVIS, A. A Lecture on the Discovery of 
America by the Northmen, 500 years before 

Columbus New York and Boston : 

1840. 8°. ipp. 24. .25 

DEARBORN, Henry {Gen.) Massachusetts 

Election ! American Nomination — 

Maj. General Henry Dearborn, for Gover- 
nor; Hon. Wm. King for Lieut. Governor. 
Boston: 18—. 8°. pp.24. .25 

DEARBORN, Henry Alex'r Scamel. An 
Address on the 8th of Oct. 1830, the Sec- 
ond Centennial Anniversary of the Settle- 
ment of Roxbury. Roxbury : 1830. 8°. 
pp. 40. .50 

. A Sketch of the Life of the Apos- 
tle Eliot, prefatory to a Subscription for 
erecting a Monument to his Memory. Rox- 
bury : 1850. 8°. pp. 32. .25 

DEARBORN, Nath'l, Guide through Mount 
Auburn, 4th ed., with 54 engravings of the 
monuments .... with a Plan of the Ceme- 
tery .... Boston : 1850. 12°. .25 

DEBATES of the Convention of. . .Mas- 
sachusetts, convened at Boston, 9 January, 
1788 ... to ratify the Constitution of the U. 
States... Boston: 1808. 12°. Scarce. 1.00 

DEDHAM PULPIT: or Sermons by the 
Pastors of the First Church in Dedham, in 
the 17th and 18th centuries; with a Cen- 
tennial Discourse by the present Pastor, 
[Eben'r Burgess, D. D.] Boston: 1840. 
8°. 1.50 

This volume comprises 24 accurate reprints of historical 
and other sermons, dating back to 1671; making in all 
about 5"J0 pages. 

DENNIE, Jas. Remarks on Judge Thatch- 
er's Sentence in the case of the Common- 
wealth vs. Dennie, with a Report of the 
Evidence. Boston: 1841. 8°. pp. 32. .50 

New Political Aspects of Public Affairs in 
the United States of America, since the 
commencement of the year 1799. N. York : 
1800. 8°. .50 

DEXTER, Franklin. An Oration, July 4, 
1819, at the request of the Selectmen of the 
Town of Boston, in Commemoration of the 
anniversary of American Independence. — 
Boston : 8°. pp. 19. .25 

DICKENS, Charles. American Notes for 
general circulation. - New York: 1842. 8°. 
pp. 92. .38 

DICKINSON, Jonathan, (A. M.) The True 
Scripture Doctrine concerning some im- 
portant points of Christian Faith .... With 
a Preface by Mr. Foxcroft. Boston: 1741. 
12°. pp.253. .75 

. Reflections upon Mr. Wetmore's 

Letter in Defence of Dr. Waterland's Dis- 
course of Regeneration. With a Vindi- 
cation of the received Doctrine of Regen- 
eration Boston : 1744. 8°. pp. 38. .50 

[DICKINSON, John.] Letters from a Far- 
mer in Pennsylvania to the Inhabitants of 
the British Colonies. Boston: 1768. 8°. 
pp. 80. Wanting title page. .75 

RICKINSON, Rodolphus. A Geographical 
and Statistical VIEW of Massachusetts 
Proper. Greenfield: 1813. 8°. pp.80. .75 

DODD, Stephen, (Rev.) Revolutionary Me- 
morials, embracing Poems by the Rev. 
Wheeler Case, published in 1788, and an 
Appendix N.York: 1852. 12°. .50 

DOOLITTLE, Mark, {Hon.) Hist'l Sketch 
of the Cong. Church in Belchertown, Mass., 
from its organization, 114 years, with no- 
tices of the Pastors and Officers, and list of 

Communicants and Early History of 

the place. Northampton, Mass.: 1852. 
12°. .75 

DORCHESTER. Proceedings of the Sec- 
ond Church and Parish in Dorchester, ex- 
hibited in a Collection of Papers. Published 
agreeably to a vote of the Church. Boston : 
1812. 8°. .50 

DOUGLASS, William, [M. D.) A Summa- 
ry, Historical and Political, of the first plant- 
ing, progressive improvements, and present 
state of the British Settlements in North 
America, Vol. II. Boston, New England: 
Printed and sold by D. Fowle in Ann St., 
facing the Town-Dock. 1753. 8°. 2.00 

Autograph.— Nahom Mitchell, Sept. 25th, 1824 " 
DOW, Joseph, (A.M.) An Historical Ad- 
dress, at Hampton, N. H., 25 Dec. 1838, in 
commemoration of the Settlement of that 
town; 200 years having elapsed since that 

event Concord: 1839. 8°. pp.44. .38 

DOW, Moses, (A. M.) A Sermon preached 
in Beverly, Aug. 20, 1812, the day of the 
National Fast on account of the war with 

G.Britain Salem: 1813. 8°. pp. 16. .25 

DRAKE, Daniel, (M. D.) An Introductory 
Lecture at the opening of the 30th session 

of the Medical College of Ohio Nov. 5, 

1849. Cincinnati : 1849. 8°. pp. 16. .25 

13 Bromjield Street, Boston. 


[DUDLEY, Paul, {Esq.)] An Essay on the 
Merchandise of Slaves and Souls of Men. 
Rev. xviii. 13. With an application thereof 
to the Church of Rome. To which is ad- 
ded, an Exeratation on Numb, xxxii. ]0, 
11, 12, with an occasional Meditation on 
I. Sam. xxiii. II, 12. By a Gentleman. 
Boston: 1731. 4°. pp.G3. 2.50 

A very early exposition of Slavery, and, as far as known, 
the only work of the learned Hon Vaul Dudley 

Autographs— Joseph Williams, 1771— For the Hon. 
Adam Winthrop, Esq. 

DUNCAN, John M. (A. B.) Travels through 
part of the United States and Canada, in 
1818 and 1819. In 2 vols. N. York and N. 
Haven: 1823. 12°. 1.50 

DUNLAP, Andrew, (Esq.) An Oration at 
Salem, July 5, 1819, at the request of the 
Essex Reading Room Association. Salem : 
1819. 8°. pp. 15. .25 

— . An Oration, del'd at the request of 

the Washington Society, at the City of 
Boston, July 4, 1832. Bos.: 1832. 8°. .25 

Autograph—" 11. H. Fuller, Esq., with the respects of 


DUPONCEAU, Peter Stephen, (Esq.) Pro- 
ceedings at a meeting in Philadelphia, Nov. 
4, 1824, to commemorate the Landing of 
William Penn on the shore of America, on 
the 24th of Oct. 1682, being the 142d anni- 
versary of that memorable event. Philad. : 
1824. 8°. pp. 23. .38 

DWIGHT, Sereno Edwards. The Greek 
Revolution. An Address in Park Street 
Church, Boston, April 1, and at the request 
of the Greek Committee, in the Old South 
Church, April 14, 1824. Boston : 8°. pp. 
34. .25 

DWIGHT, Timothy, (Rev., D. D.) The Na- 
ture and Danger of Infidel Philosophy ex- 
hibited in two Discourses, addressed to the 
Candidates for the Baccalaureate in Yale 
College, Sept. 9, 1797. N. Haven : 1798. 
8°. pp. 95. * .50 

EASTBURN, Manton, (Rev., D. D.) A Ser- 
mon Feb. 18. 1843, on the Interment 

of the Rt. Rev. Alexander Viets Griswold, 
D.D Boston: 1843. 8°. .26 

EASTON, John, (of Rhode Island.) A Nar- 
rative of the Causes which led to Philip's 
Indian War, of 1675 and 1676; with other 
documents concerning this event in the 
Office of the Secretary of State of N. York. 
Prepared from the originals, with an Intro- 
duction and Notes. By Franklin B. Hough. 
Albany, N. Y. : 1758. 4°. pp. 208. Large 
folding Map. Paper, uncut. One hundred 
only printed. 8.00 

ECKLEY, Joseph, (D. D.) A Discourse, de- 
livered on the Public Thanksgiving Day, 
Nov. 29, 1798. Boston: 1798. 8°. pp. 
23. .25 

ECKLEY, Joseph, (D. D.) A Discourse be- 
fore the Members of the Boston Female 
Asylum, Sept. 24, 1802, being their Second 
Anniversary. Boston : 1802. .25 

EBERLE, Frederick. Trial of F. E. and 
others, at Philadelphia, July, 1816 .... for 
illegally conspiring together by all means 
lawful and unlawful, " with their bodies 
and lives," to prevent the introduction of 
the English Language into the service of 

St. Michael's and Zion's Churches in 

Philadelphia. Taken in short hand by 
James Carson. Philad. : 1817. 8°. pp. 240. 
Boards. 1.25 

ECHO, The, with other Poems. [New York] : 
1807. 8°. 2.50 

EDWARDS, Jonathan, {Rev.) A Faithful 
Narrative of the Surprising Work of God 
in the Conversion of many Souls in North- 
ampton and neighboring towns and villages 
.... in the Province of Massachusetts Bay 
in New England. In a Letter to the Rev. 

Dr. Benj. Column of Boston 3d ed. 

Boston, N. E.: 1738. A leaf or two gone 
at the end. .50 

Autograph — " Ben;. Kneeland," 1760. 

, (A. M.) A Farewell Sermon, preach-. 

ed at the First Precinct in Northampton, 
after the people's public rejection of their 

minister. ... on June 22, 1750 Boston: 

1751. 8°. pp. 36. 1.00 

. A* Treatise concerning Religious 

Affections, in three parts. . . .Boston: 1794. 
12°. pp. 406. .75 

EDWARDS, Justin. A Sermon delivered at 
the Installation of Rev. Frederick Freeman 
as Pastor of the Third Congregational Ch. 
and Society in Plymouth, Mass., Nov. 3, 
1824. Andover: 1825. 8°. pp.47. .38 

, (Rev.) Joy in Heaven over the Pen- 
itent. A Sermon in Park Street Church, 
before the Penitent Females' Refuge Soc, 
Dec. 18, 1825. Boston : 1826. 8°. .25 

ELIOT, John,'(A. M.) A Sermon delivered 
on the day of Annual Thanksgiving, Nov. 
20,1794. Boston : 1794. 8°. pp. 26. .25 

ELLIOT, Samuel. An Humble Tribute to 
my Country ; or, Practical Essays .... in- 
cluding an account of the Life and memo- 
rable Visit of Gen. Lafayette .... Boston : 
1842 18° 50 

ELLIOTT, Jesse D. (Capt.) A Review of a 
Pamphlet, purporting to be Documents in 
relation to the Differences which subsisted 
between the late Com. O. H. Perry and 
Capt. J. D. Elliott. By a Citizen of Mas- 
sachusetts. Boston: 1834. 8°. pp.55. .63 

ELLIS, Ferdinando, (A. M.) A Discourse 
adapted to the present situation of our Na- 
tional Concerns, preached at Marblehead, 
Mass., July 23, 1812. [Fast-day.] Salem : 
1812. 8°. ' .25 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

ELLIS, Rufus, {Rev.) Memoir of the Hon. 
Samuel Hnwe, with other Notices. Pub. by 
the Americ -in Unitarian Association. Bos- 
ton: 1850. 18°. pp.72. .20 

ELY, Alfred. A Sermon on Constituting a 
Church at Ware Factory Village, April 12, 
1826. Brookfield: 1826. 8°. pp.23. .38 

EMERSON, Brown, {Rev.. A.M.) Dying 
Recollections of a Faithful Minister. A 
Sermon at Salem, Sept. 25, 1814, on the 
Sabbath after the Interment of the Rev. 
Dan'l Hopkins, D. D. Salem : 1815. 8°. .38 

— , {J}. M.) Importance of Right Views 

of Christ. A Sermon at the Third' Church, 
Beverly, 22 Dec. 1822. Salem : 1823. 8°. 
pp. 20. .25 

EMERSON, Geo. B. Address at the Open- 
ing of the Boston Mechanics' Institution, 
Feb. 7, 1827. Boston: 8°. pp.24. .25 

EMERSON, Ralph Waldo. An Address be- 
fore the Senior Class in Divinity College, 
Cambridge, Sunday Evening, 15 July, 1838. 
Boston: 1838. pp.31. .25 

— — — . An Oration before the Phi Beta 
Kappa Soc. at Cambridge, Aug. 31, 1837. 
2ded. Boston: 1838. 8°. pp.32. .38 

. The Method of Nature. An Ora- 

tion before the Society of the Adelphi, in 
Waterville College, Me., August 11, 1841. 
Boston: 1841. 8°. pp.30. .38 

EMERSON, William, [Rev.) A Discourse 
delivered before the Roxbury Charitable 
Society, at their annual meeting, Sept. 15, 
1800. Boston: 1800. 8°. .38 

— . Discourse before the Members of 

the Boston Female Asylum, Sept. 20, 1805, 
their fifth anniversary. Boston : 1805. 8°. 
pp. 30. .25 

A Sermon to the First Church, Bos 

EMMONS, Ebenezer, {Prof.). PEABODY, 
W. O. B. {Rev.), and STORER, D. H. 
(M. D.) Reports of the Commissioners of 
the Zoological Survey of the State [of 
Mass.] Boston: 1838. 8°. pp. 107. .63 

ERSKINE, Thomas, {Hon.) A View of the 
Causes and Consequences of the present 
War with France. From the 24th London 
edition. Boston: [1797.] 8°. pp. 100. .75 

Autograph — '■ Geo. Blake, June, 1797." 

ESSEX, Declaration of the County of, in the 
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, by its 
Delegates, assembled in Convention at Ips- 
wich, on the 21st of July, 1812. Salem : 
1812. 8°. .25 

EVERETT, Edward. An Oration, delivered 
at Plymouth, Decern. 22d, 1824. Boston: 
1825. 8°. pp. 73. .50 

An Oration, pronounced at Cambridge, 

before the Society of Phi Beta Kappa, Aug. 
27, 1824. pp. 67. .50 

Speech in the House of Reps. U. S., 

ton, after the calamitous Death of Mr. 

Charles Austin .... which happened Aug. 

4, 1806 Boston : 8°. pp. 21. .38 

EMMONS, Nathaniel, D. D. A Discourse 

on the Annual Fast in Massachusetts, April 

9, 1801. Salem: 1802. 8°. pp.38. .38 
. The Giver more blessed than the 

Receiver. A Discourse addressed to the 

Congregation in Franklin. Boston: 1809. 

8°. .25 
. A Discourse addressed to the Nor- 

folk Auxiliary Society for the education of 
Pious Youth for the ministry .... June 11, 
1817. 2ded. Providence: 1825. 8°. .20 
-, {A. M.) A Candid Reply to the Rev. 

Mr. Heinmenway's Remarks on a Disserta- 
tion on the Scriptural Qualifications for ad- 
mission and access to the Christian Sacra- 
ments. Worcester: 1795. 8°. pp.88. .50 
EVERETT, David, [Esq.) A Report of the 
case of Belchertown Election, with the 
Documents, and minutes of the arguments 
in the case. Boston: 1811. 8°. pp.48. .38 

March 9, 1826, to amend the Constitution. 
Boston : 1826. 8°. pp 38. .38 

An Oration at Cambridge, on the 50th 

anniversary of the Declaration of Indepen- 
dence of the U. S. A. Boston : 1826. 8°. 
pp. 51. -38 

An Address at Charlcstown, August 

1, 1826, in Commemoration of John Adams 
and Thomas Jefferson. Boston: 1826. 8°. 
pp. 36. -38 

Speech on the subject of Retrench 

ment. In the House of Reps, of the U. S., 
Feb. 1, 1828. 8°. pp. 31. .38 

An Oration at Charlestown, on the 

52d anniversary of the Declaration of Inde- 
pendence .... Charlestown : 1828. 8°. pp. 
43. -38 

Speech on the Bill for Removing the 

Indians from the east to the west side of the 
Mississippi, delivered in the House of Reps. 
19 May, 1830. Bost.: 1830. 8°. pp.46. .50 

Autograph— u II. H. Fuller, Esq., with the bist respecta 
of K Everett." 

Address before the American Insti- 
tute of the City of New York, at their 4th 
annual Fair, Oct. 14, 1831. New York : 
8°. pp. 50. Autograph. .50 

Another copy. .38 

Speech on the proposed adjustment of 

the Tariff. In the House of Reps, of the 
U. S., 25 June, 1832. Washington : 8°. 
pp. 38. .38 

An Address as the Introduction to the 

Franklin Lectures in Boston, 14 Nov. 1831. 
8°. pp. 24. .25 

Remarks on the French Question, in 

the House of Reps. U. S., on the 7th Feb. 
and 2d March, 1835. With Reports of the 
majority and minority .... Boston : 1835. 
8°. pp. 31. .38 

13 Bromjield Street, Boston. 


EVERETT, Edward. Address of His Ex- 
cellency to the two branches of the Legis- 
lature, on the organization of the Govern- 
ment, for the year commencing January 3, 
1838. 8°. pp. 27. .25 

Same for 1839. 8°. pp. 24 .25 

An Address before the Mercantile 

Library Association, at the Odeon in Bos- 
ton, Sept. 13, 1838. 8°. pp. 40. .38 

Address at the Inauguration of the 

Hon. Edward Everett, LL.D., as President 
of the University at Cambridge, 30 April, 
1846. Boston: 1846. 8°. pp.66. .50 

A Eulogy on the Life and Character 

of John Quincy Adams, delivered at the 
request of the Legislature of Massachusetts 
in Faneuil Hall. 25 April, 1848. Boston: 
1848. 8°. pp. 71. .50 

— Greek Grammar, translated from the 

German of Philip Buttmann. Boston : 1822. 
8°. 1.50 

Same, 2d edition, 1826. 8°. 1.00 

Speech at the Dinne r given in honor 

of George Peabody, Esq., of London, by the 
Citizens of the Old Town of Danvers [Ms.], 
Oct. 9, 1856. Boston: 1857. 8°. .25 

An Address delivered at Lexington, 

on the 19th (20th) April, 1835. Charles- 
town : 1835. 8°. .75 
- A Letter to John Lowell, Esq., in re- 

ply to a publication entitled Remarks on a 
pamphlet, printed by the Professors and 
Tutors of Harvard University, touching 
their right to the Executive Government of 
that Seminary. Boston: 1824. 8°. pp. 
102. .63 

- and Winthrop, Robert C. Transac- 

tions of the Society of Middlesex Husband- 
men and Manufacturers .... including the 
Speeches of E. and W. [Boston.] 1852. 8°. 
pp. 57. .25 

EXETER. Review of the Result of an Ec- 
clesiastical Council, convened at Exeter, 

N. H., Aug. 31 1842. Exeter : 1842. 

8°. .38 

EXPERIENCE, Old, (Pseud.) The final 
tendency of the Religious Disputes of the 
Present Day, impartially considered. Bos- 
ton: 1829. 12°. pp.29. .25 

FAIRBANKS, Gerry. An Oration, 4th 
July, 1821, at the request of the Republi- 
cans of the town of Boston Boston : 

1821. 8°. .25 

FAIRBANKS, John. An Address delivered 
before the Massachusetts Charitable Mech. 
Association, Dec. 17, 1812; being the an- 
niversary for the choice of officers, and the 
2d triennial celebration of their public fes- 
tival. Boston: 1812. 8°. .50 

Autograph—" Thomas Barrt." Father of the Historian 
of Massaahusetts, &c. 

FAIRCHILD, Joy H. The South Boston 
Unitarian Ordination. Boston: 1841. 8°. 
pp. 64. .38 

, {Rev.) Iniquity Unfolded.— An Ac- 

count of the Treatment of Mr. F. by the 
Deacons in S. Boston, and others. Written 
by himself. Exeter: 1844. 8°. pp.84. .38 
The Truth Revealed. Statement and 

Review of the whole case of the Rev. J. H 
F., from its commencement to its termina- 
tion, compiled from original documents. 
By a member of the Suffolk Bar Bos- 
ton : 1845. 8°. pp.104. .50 

FARMER, John, [The Genealogist.] An 
Historical Sketch of Amherst, in the Coun- 
ty of Hillsborough, in New Hampshire. 
From the First Settlement to the Present 
period. Amherst: 1820. pp.35. 3.00 

The New Hampshire Annual Regis- 
ter and United States Calendar. 1828. 
Concord: 1829. 18°. pp.144. Autograph 
of the Author. LOO 
— Same for 1829. .50 
A Genealogical Register of the First 

Settlers of New England collected 

from ancient records, manuscripts and 
printed books ..... Lancaster, Mass. : 
1829. 8°. pp.352. 10.00 

Prime uncut copy without blemish. 

FAY, Richard S. An Argument before the 
Committee of the House of Reps, upon the 
petition of Benedict Fenwick and others, 
with a portion of the documentary testimo- 
ny. Boston: 1835. 8°. pp.75. 1.00 

Geologist.) A Geological Report of an 
Examination made in 1834, of the elevated 
country between the Missouri and Red 
Rivers. Washington: 1835. 8°. .50 

FEDERAL LANDS. An Explanation of 
the Map which delineates that part of the 
Federal Lands, comprehended between 
Penn. West Line, the Rivers Ohio and Si- 
oto, and Lake Erie; confirmed to the Unit- 
ed States by sundry Tribes of Indians, in 
the treaties of 1784 and 1786, and now 
ready for settlement. Salem: 1787. 8°. 
pp. 24. .50 

FELT, Joseph B. The Annals of Salem, 
from its first settlement. Salem : 1827. 8°. 
pp. 611. 4.00 

Fine unout copy in numbers as originally published, 
with MS. corrections by the Author. 

History of Ipswich, Essex, and Ham- 
ilton. Cambridge: 1834. 8°. 1.50 

An Historical Account of Massachu- 
setts Currency. Boston: 1839. 8°. 1.00 

Annals of Salem. Second Ed. In two 

volumes. Vol. I. 1845, Vol. II. 1849. Sa- 
.lem. 12°. 4.50 

Who was First Governor of Massa- 
chusetts? Boston: 1853. 8°. .25 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

FELT, Joseph B. Did the First Church of 
Salem originally have a Confession of Faith 
distinct from their Covenant ? Boston : 
1856. 8°. .25 

The Ecclesiastical History of New 

England ; comprising not only Religious, 
but also Moral and other relations. Vol. 
Boston: 1855 8°. 2.50 

The Customs of New England. Bos- 
ton : 1853. 8°. .75 

FESSENDEN, Guy M. ( Gen.) A Genealogy 
of the Bradford Family. [From the pages 
of the New Eng. Hist, and Gen. Register.] 

BO p-r 

FESSENDEN, John M. {Esq.) Report 'of 
the Directors of the Boston and Worcester 
Railroad Corporation to the Stockholders, 
with the Report of J. M. F. Esq., Civil En- 
gineer. With a plan and profile of the lo- 
cation of the Road. Boston: 1832. 8°. 
pp. 40. .50 

FIDFADDY, Fred. Augustus, (Esq.) {Pseud) 
The Adventures of UNCLE SAM, in 
search after his lost honor Middle- 
town [Ct.] : 1816. 12°. JVeatly interleav- 
ed. 2.50 

A comical History of the War of 1812, in Scripture style, 
written with much ability. 

FISHER, Nathaniel, {A. M.) A Sermon at 
Salem, Jan. 14, 1796, on the Execution of 
Henry Blackburn for the inurder of George 
Wilkinson. Boston: 1798. 8°. .38 

, (Rev., A. M.) Sermons preached in 

St. Peter's Church, Salem. Salem: 1818. 
12°. 1.00 

FITZ, John, {Esq.) Modern Presbyterianism 
unmasked, and arrant bigotry and rank fa- 
naticism exposed, in a review of the admin- 
istration of Church Government in the 
Session of the First Presbyterian Church 

in Newburyport Boston : 1830. 8°. 

pp. 72. .50 

FOLLEN, Eliza L. Life in the Sick-Room, 
Essays, by Harriet Martineau. With an 
Introduction to the American edition. Bos- 
ton: 1844. 12°. pp.204. 

Autograph — " To Mary L. Greenwood. From her friend 
Miss Lucy G Parsons." 

FOSTER, G. G. [Esq.) The Gold Mines of 
California ; and also a Geographical, Topo- 
graphical and Historical View of that 
Country. With a Map. New York : 1848. 
8°. pp. 80. .50 

FLAGG, Wilson. The Tailor's Shop : or, 
Crowns of Thorns and Coats of Thistles. 
Designed to tickle some and nettle others ; 
intended chiefly for Politicians .... [A Po- 
em.] Boston: 1844. 18°. .25 

FOOTE, Wm. Henry, {D.D., Pastor of the 
Presbyterian Ch., Roundy, Va.) Sketches 
of Virginia, Historical and Biographical. 
2d series. Philadelphia: 1855. 8°. 1.50 

FLINT, James, (D. D.) The Deceased Pas- 
tor still speaking to his Flock. — A Dis- 
course, March 14, 1846, in the North Ch., 
Salem, after the decease of the Rev. John 
Brazer. Salem : 1846. 8°. .25 

FOLSOM, George. History of Saco and 
Biddeford, with Notices of other early Set- 
tlements, and the Proprietary Governments 
in Maine, including the Provinces of New 
Somersetshire and Lygonia. Saco: 1830. 
12°. 1.50 

FOLSOM, Nathaniel S. {Rev.) The Scrip- 
tural Doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ, 
and the Holy Spirit, in their relations to 
God the Father. Boston: 1840. 12°. .25 

FORBES, Abner, and Greene, J. W. The 
Rich Men of Massachusetts: containing a 
statement of the Reputed Wealth of about 
1500 persons, with brief sketches of more 
than one tbousand characters. Boston : 
1851. 8°. 1.00 

FORMA N, J. G {Pastor Univ. Church, Dover, 

JY. H.) .... Two Sermons, delivered on the 

19th and 26th April, 1848. Boston: 1848. 
go 25 

FOSDICK, David, Jr. Scriptural Temper- 
ance. A Sermon in Hollis Street Meeting- 
house, Boston, on Thanksgiving day, Nov. 
26, 1846. Boston : 1846. 8°. .25 

FOSTER, Festus, {A. M.) An Oration at 
Hardwick, July 4th, 1812. Brookfield : 
1812. 8°. pp. 17. .25 

FOSTER, John, (A. M) A Sermon preached 
before the Roxbury Charitable Society, at 
their anniversary meeting, Sept. 16, 1799. 
Boston: 1799. 8°. .25 

A Sermon to the First and Third So- 

cieties in Cambridge, on the Anniversary 
Fast in Mass. 4 April, 1805. Cambridge : 
1805. 8°. pp. 26. .38 

FOX, Thomas 3. Need of the Sanctuary in 
the City. A Sermon at the Dedication of 
the Indiana Street Congregational Church, 
12 Dec. 1847. Boston: 1847. 8°. .20 

FOXCROF T, Thomas, {M. A.) The Char- 
acter of Anna the Prophetess, consider'd 
and apply'd — in a Sermon after the Funeral 
of Dame Bridget Usher ; who deceas'd at 
Boston, N. E., May 25th, 1723. Being a 
Widow of great age. Boston: 1733. 12°. 
pp. 62. Title and last leaf gone. .50 

FRANCIS, Convers, {Rev.) A Sermon at the 
Ordination of the Rev. Oliver Stearns . . . 
to the Second Congregational Society in 
Northampton, Nov. 9, 1831. Northampton: 
1831: 8°. pp.36. .38 

FREEMAN, F. {Pastor 3d Ch. in Plymouth.) 

A Discourse at Hanson [Ms.] on the 

4th of July, 1832. Plym'h : 1832. 8°. .25 

FROST, Barzillai, {Rev.) A Sermon at the 
Funeral of the Rev. Ezra Ripley, D. D. 
Boston: 1841. 8°. .38 

13 Bromfield Street, Boston. 


FRISBIE, Levi, {A.M.) The Nature and 
Effects of the Works of Darkness detected 

and displayed, in two Discourses in 

Ipswich, April 4, 1799. . . Fast Day. . New- 
bury port: 1799. 8°. pp.42. .38 

An Eulogy on the Illustrious Charac- 
ter of the late Gen. George Washington, 
who died on Saturday, the 14 Dec. 1799, 
delivered at Ipswich, on the 7th day of Jan. 
1800. To which is added, Washington's 
parental Address. Newburyport : 1800. 
8°. pp. 61. .50 

FROTHINGHAM, N. L. Funeral Sermon 
on the death of the Rev. Joseph McKean, 
D. D., LL.D., delivered Sunday, April 19, 
1818. Boston: 1818. 8°. .25 

The Ruffian Released. ... A Sermon 

to the First Church, on Feb. 21, 1836. Bos- 
ton : 8°. pp. 15. .25 

, {Rev.) Sermon on the death of Jo- 
seph P. Bradlee, 25 Feb. 1838. Boston : 
1838. 8°. .25 

Recollections of Rev. F. W. P. Green- 
wood, D. D. A Sermon after his death, 
and Selections from his Writings. Printed 
for the American Unitarian Association. 
Boston: 1845. 12°. ,.20 

FURNESS, William H., {Pastor Unit. Socie- 
ty, Philad.). ... A Discourse at Cambridge- 
port Parish, May 30, 1847. Boston : 1847. 
8°. .20 

GALLATIN, Albert. Peace with Mexico. 
New York: 1847. 8°. pp.17. .25 

GANNETT, Ezra S. The Arrival of the 

Britannia A Sermon in the Federal 

Street Meetinghouse, Boston, July 19, 1840. 
Boston: 8°. pp.23. .25 

The Object, Subjects and Methods of 

the Ministry at Large A Discourse 

before the Benevolent Fraternity of Church- 
es, April 9, 1848. 8°. pp. 36. .25 

GARDINER, John Sylvester J., {A. M.) A 
Sermon preached at Trinity Church, Dec. 
9, 1804, on the Death of the Rt. Rev. Sam'l 
Parker, D. D Boston: 1804. 8°. .38 

A Sermon at Trinity Church, in Bos- 
ton, on Fast Day, April 7, 1808. Boston : 
1808. 8°. .25 

A Sermon delivered at Trinity Church, 

Sept, 22d, 1809, before the Members of the 
Boston Female Asylum, being their 9th 
Anniversary. Boston: 1809. 8°. .38 

-, {Rev.) A Sermon at Trinity Church, 

March 25, 1810, on the decease of Doctor 
James Lloyd. Boston: 1810. 8°. .38 

GAULT, William. Boston Gas Light Com- 
pany versus W. G., containing the Argu- 
ments of Counsel and the Charge of the 
Judge. Boston: 1848. 8°. .75 

GAY, Ebenezer, {A. M.) Thanksgiving Ser- 
mon, Dec. 6, 1770. Boston: 1771. 8°. pp. 
Leaf wanting at the end. .25 

GAY, Ebenezer. The Old Man's Calendar. 
A Discourse in the First Parish of Hing- 
ham, Aug. 26, 1781, the Birth-day of the 
Author. Hingham : 1846. 8°. pp. 32. .38 

Another copy. Salem : 1822. 8°. 

soiled. .25 

GERRISH, Andrew, {Physician.) A Synop- 
sis of the Prevention and Cure of Disease. 
Boston: 1841. 12°. pp.208. .38 

GILMAN, Samuel. A Sermon on the Intro- 
duction to the Gospel of St. John. 2d edn. 
Boston : 1828. 12°. .25 

GORDON, William. The separation of the 
Jews after the Death of Solomon accounted 
for, and applied to the Present Day, in a 
Sermon before the General Court, July 4, 
1777, being the Anniversary of the Declar- 
ation of Independence. Boston : 1777. 8°. 
pp. 37. * 1.00 

The first Fourth of July Discourse commemorative of 
the Declaration of Independence. 

GOODRICH, Charles A. {Rev.) Origin and 
Progress of the late Difficulties in the First 
Church in Worcester, Mass., containing all 
the Documents to the Subject. To which 
is added the Result of a mutual Council, 
convened May, 1820, to investigate certain 
Charges exhibited to the Church against 
Rev. C. A. Goodrich. Worcester: 1820. 
8°. pp. 88. .63 

Remarks on the above. Worcester : 

1821. 8°. pp. 103. .63 

GRAY, Francis C. Letter to Gov. Lincoln, 
in relation to Harvard University. Boston : 
1831. 8°. pp. 48. .38 

Autograph— "Hon. Geo. Blake with Mr G.'s respects." 

Oration before the Legislature of Mas- 
sachusetts, at their request, on the 100th 
Anniversary of the Birth of George Wash- 
ington. Boston: 1832. 8°. pp.80. .38 

GRAY, Thomas. The Value of Life and 
Charitable Institutions. A Discourse be- 
fore the Humane Society of the Common- 
wealth of Massachusetts, at their semi-an- 
nual meeting, June 11th, 1805. Boston: 
1805. 8°. pp.46. .25 

GRAY, Frederick Turell, {Rev.) A Sermon 
on the Death of the Rev. Henry Ware, Jr., 
D. D., in Bulfinch Street Church, Oct. 1, 
1843. Boston : 1843. 8°. pp. 16. .20 

GRAY, Thomas, Jr. {M. D.) Change: A 
Poem pronounced at Roxbury, Oct. 8, 1830, 
in commemoration of the first Settlement of 
that Town. Roxbury: 1830. 8°. pp. 25. .38 

GREENE, Sam'l S. A Genealogical Sketch 
of the Descendants of Thomas Greene of 
Maiden, Ms. Boston: 1858. 8°. pp. 80. .75 

GREENWOOD, F. W. P. A Funeral Ser- 
mon on the late Hon. Christopher Gore, for- 
merly Governor of Massachusetts. Preach- 
ed at King's Chapel, Boston, March 11, 
1827. Boston : 1827. 8°. pp. 19. .25 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

GREENLEAF, Jonathan, {Pastor of a Church 
in Wells.) Sketches of the Ecclesiastical 
History of the State of Maine Ports- 
mouth : 1821. 12°. 2.00 

Fine copy of a very rare book. 

GRIEVOUS, Peter, Jr. [Pseudo.) A Con- 
gratulatory Epistle to the redoubtable " Pe- 
ter Porcupine " on his " Complete Triumph 
over the once towering but fallen and des- 
picable faction in the United States:" A 

Poem Philadelphia : 1796. 8°. pp. 

44. .50 

GRIFFIN, Edward D. (D. D.) A Farewell 
Sermon preached May 28, 1809, at Newark, 
N.J. 2dedn. Newburyport: 1809. 8°. .25 

A Sermon preached Jan. 10, 1810, at 

the Dedication of the Church in Park Street, 
Boston. Boston: 1810. 8°. pp.34. .38 

Strictures on a Sermon by By a 

Friend to Revivals. New York : 1832. 8°. 


GRIMKE, Thomas S. Argument of, in the 
Case of the State, Ex Relatione McCrady 
vs. Hunt, 1834. Charleston, S. C, 1834. 
8°. pp. 28. Autocrrnph of Author. .38 

GRISWOLD, A. V.{Rrv. D.D.) A Pastoral 
Letter, addressed to the Members of the 
Protestant Episcopal Church in the Eastern 
Diocese. Boston: 1821. 8°. pp.68. .38 

GROTON. The Rights of the Congrega- 
tional Churches of Massachusetts. The 
Result of an Ecclesiastical Council, con- 
vened at Groton, Mass., July 17, 1826. 
Boston : 1827. 8°. pp. 63. .38. 

. .... Review [of the above.] From 

the Christian Examiner. 2d edn. Boston : 
1827. 12°. pp.36. .25 

GUILLOTINA, (The) or a Democratic Dirge, 
a Poem, by the Author of the Democratiad. 
.... Philadelphia : [n. d.} 8°. .38 

HADDOCK, Charles B. An Oration before 
the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Dartmouth 
College, Aug. 25, 1825. Concord: 1825. 
8°. pp.35. .25 

HALE, Jonathan L. A Sermon, Feb. 23, 
1825, at the Dedication of the new Cong. 
Meeting-house in Campton, N. H. Plym- 
outh [N. H.] 8°. pp. 24. .25 

HALE, Moses, (M. A.) A Sermon at the Or- 
dination of the Rev. Mr. Joseph Woodman, 
to the pastoral care of the Church and 
Congregation in Sanborntown, in N. Hamp- 
shire, Nov. 13, 1771. Salem: 1772. pp. 
32. .38 

HALL, Joseph. An Oration, July 4, 1800, 
at the request of the Inhabitants of the 
Town of Boston 8°. pp. 24. .38 

HALL, Robert, {M. A.) A Sermon, occa- 
sioned by the death of her late Royal High- 
ness the Princess Charlotte of Wales, 
preached at Harvey-Lane, Lancaster, Nov. 
16,1817. Boston: [n.d.] 12°. pp.48. .25 

HAMILTON, Alexander. Report on the 
Subject of Manufactures, made in his ca- 
pacity of Secretary of the Treasury, on the 
5th of Dec. 1791. 6th ed. To which are 
prefixed, two Prefaces by the Editor, [Mat- 
thew Carey.] Philadelphia: 1827. 8°. pp. 
80. .75 

HAMILTON, Frank Hastings, {M. D.) Eu- 
logy on the Life and Character of Theodrick 
Romeyn Beck, M. D., LL.D., before the 
Medical Society of the State of New York. 
Albany : 1856. 8°. pp. 90. Fine Par. 
trait. ' .50 

HARRIS, J. Morrison. Discourse on the 
Life and Character of Sir Walter Raleigh 

before the Maryland Historical Society. 

Baltimore: 1848. 8°. pp.71. .63 

HARRIS, Thaddeus Mason. A Sermon at 
the Ordination of the Rev. John Pierce to 
the pastoral care of the Church and Chris- 
tian Society in Brookline, March 15, 1797. 
Boston: 1797. 8°. .50 

, {Rev.) A Discourse at Dorchester, 

March 29th, 1813, at the Funeral of Moses 
Everett, Esq. Boston: 1813. 8°. .25 

HARRIS, Thomas, [M. D.) The Life and 
Services of Commodore Wm. Bainbridge, 
U. S. Navy. Philad. 8°. Portrait. 1.00 

HARRIS, Walter, {A. M.) A Discourse at 
Dunbarton, New Hampshire, on Thanks- 
giving day, Nov. 12, 1812. Concord: 1812. 
8°. pp. 18. .25 

HARRISON, William Henry. Sketch of 
the Life and Public Services of. N. York: 
1839. 8°. pp. 32. .25 

HARVARD COLLEGE. Documents relat- 
ing to. To which are added, a few Curso- 
ry Remarks. Boston: 1820. 8°. pp.12. .25 

Report of a Committee of the Over- 
seers on the Memorial of the Resident In- 
structors. 1825. 8°. .25 
Proceedings of the Overseers of, the 

Report accepted, and the Resolutions 
adopted by them, 25 Aug. 1834, relative to 
the late disturbances in that Seminary. 
Boston: 8°. pp.67. .50 

A Memorial concerning the recent 

History and the Constitutional Rights and 
privileges of; presented by the President 
and Fellows to the Legislature, Jan. 17, 
1851. Cambridge: 1851. 8°. pp.56. .50 

of the Members of, in Harvard University. 
Instituted 1795. Cambridge: 1829. 8°. 
pp. 13. .25 

HAVEN, Samuel, {D. D.) The Validity of 

Presbyterian Ordination Illustrated in a 

Discourse at the Dudleian Lecture of Har- 
vard College, Sept. 5, 1798. Boston: 1798. 
8°. pp.24. .25 

13 Bromjield Street, Boston. 


HAVEN, Samuel F. An Historical Address 
before the Citizens of the Town of Ded- 
ham, Sept. 31, 1836, being the 2d Centen- 
nial anniversary of the Incorporation of the 
town. Dedham: 1837. 8°. pp.79. .75 

ams. Three tracts in one vol. 1843-9. 8°. .50 

HAWES, Joel, (D. D.) "A Looking-glass 
for Ladies," or the formation and excellence 
of the female character. An Address at 
Hartford, Aug. 24, 1845. Boston: 1845. 
12°. pp.28. .15 

HAWES, Elizabeth, Mrs. The Harp of 
Accushnet: Poems. Boston: 1838. 12°. .50 

HAWLEY, William, {Rev.) A Letter to the 

Right Rev. James Kemp, D.D Bishop 

of Maryland. . . .occasioned by the appoint- 
ment of a Unitarian Chaplain to Congress. 
Washington City : 1822. 8°. pp. 12. .25 

HAYNE, Robert Y. Speeches of Messrs. 
Hayne and Webster, in the U. S. Senate, 
on the Rosolution of Mr. Foot, Jan. 1830. 
New Haven: 1849. 8°. pp.85. .50 

HAY WARD, James. Report on the pro- 
posed Railroad between Boston and Og- 
densburgh. Boston : 1831. 8°. pp. 4(5. 
Map. .50 

HEDGE, Frederic H Sermon at the Ded- 
ication of the Church presented to the town 
of Stetson, by the Hon. Amasa Stetson of 
Dorchester, Mass., Feb. 22, 1844. Bangor: 
1844. 8°. ' .25 

HEDGE, Levi, (A. M.) Eulogy on the Rev. 

Joseph McKean, D. D., LL.D before 

the University, Cambridge, April 22, 1818. 
Cambridge: 1818. 8°. .25 

HENRY, C. S. (D. D.) The Gospel a formal 
and sacramental Religion. . . . A Sermon in 
the Church of the Advent, Boston, on Sun- 
day after Christmas, 1845. 8°. pp. 30. .25 

HERIOT, George, [Esq.) Travels through 
the Canadas, containing a description of 
the Picturesque Scenery on some of the 
Rivers and Lakes .... Philadelphia: 1813. 
12°. .75 

HERVEY, Frederic, [Esq.) and others. The 
Naval History of Great Britain ; from the 
earliest times to the rising of the Parlia- 

ment in 1779 In five volumes. London : 

1779. 8°. Full calf gilt. 4.00 

Fine copper plates of all the distinguished Admirals, 
views of engagements, maps, &c, with very correct details 
of the war of the Revolution in America. 

HILDRETH, H. Two Discourses on the 
most important Duties of Townsmen. Ex- 
eter: 1824. 12°. pp.23. .25 

HILDRETH, Richard. A Letter to his Ex- 
cellency Marcus Morton, on Banking and 
the Currency. Boston: 1840. 8°. 

HILLlARD, William. Address before the 
Massachusetts Char. Mechanics' Assoc'n, 
Oct. 4, 1827. 8°. Boston. .25 

HILL, Alonzo, (Rev.) A Discourse on the 
Life and Character of the Rev. Aaron Ban- 
croft, D. D Aug. 22, 1839. 8°. .38 

A Discourse on the Life and Charac- 

ter of the Rev. Nathaniel Thayer, D. D., of 
Lancaster, delivered at his interment, June 
29,1840. Worcester: 1840. 8°. pp.40. .38 

HILL, John B. History of the Town of Ma- 
son, N. H- From the first grant in 1749, to 
the year 1858. Boston (Bangor, Me.): 
1858. 8°. pp.438. Many engravings. 2.00 

HINMAN, Royal R. [Secretary of Slate of Ct.) 
Letters from the English Kings and Queens 
. . .to the Governors of the Colony of Con- 
necticut, with Answers. 1(535 to 1749. . . . 
Hartford: 1836. 12°. Plates. 1.50 

HITCHCOCK, Edward. An Essay on Al- 
coholic and Narcotic Substances. . . .It be- 
ing the Essay to which a premium was 
awarded. Amherst: 1830. 12°. pp.48. .25 

HITCHCOCK, Edward, {A.M.) Report of a 
Geological Survey of Massachusetts. Part 
I. Economical Geology. Amherst: 1832. 
8°. pp.70. .50 

Report on a Re-Examination of the 

Economical Geology of Mass. Boston : 
1838. 8°. .50 

HITCHCOCK, Gad, (A.M.) A Sermon in 
the 2d Precinct in Pembroke, N. E., before 
a Company of Volunteers formed for the 
revival of military skill, &c, Oct. 10, 1757. 
Boston : 1757. 8°. Eight lines gone at the 
end. .25 

HOLMES, Abiel, (D. D.) A Sermon at the 
Inauguration of the Rev. Ebenezer Porter, 
A. M., to the office of Bartlett Professor of 
Sacred Rhetoric in the Theological Semi- 
nary at Andover, April 1, 1812. Boston: 
1812. 8°. .25 

Two Discourses on the Completion of 

the Second Century from the Landing of 
the Forefathers of New England at Plym- 
outh, 22 Dec. 1620, delivered at Cambridge, 
24 Dec. 1820. Camb.:1821. 8°. pp.28. .50 
Controversy between the First Parish 

in Cambridge and the Rev. Dr. Holmes, 
their late Pastor. Cambridge: 1829. 8°. 
pp. 103. .50 

An Account of the Controversy in the 

First Parish in Cambridge. 1827-9. Bos- 
ton: 1829. 12°. pp.58. .58 

HOLT, Edwin. Historical Sketch of the 
North Church. A Discourse at the Re- 
opening and Dedication of the North Ch. 
in Portsmouth, January 31, 1838. 8°. pp. 
30. .38 

HOMER, James Lloyd. An Address before 
the Massachusetts Char. Mech. Association, 
at the 10th triennial festival, Oct. 6, 1836. 
go ^5 

HOPKINS, Mark, (D.D.) A Serm. at Plym- 
outh, Dec. 22, 1846. Boston: 1847. 8°. .38 


Catalogue of Books on Sale. 

HOPKINS, John H. [Rev.) A Sermon in the 
Old South Church, Boston, Jan. 18, 1832, 
before the Howard Benevolent Society. 
Boston: 1832. 8°. pp.20. .25 

fence of Truth and Character against Ec- 
clesiastical Intolerance. . .Extracts of some 
letters occasioned by proceedings of the 
Hopkinton Association, and of the N. H. 
Gen. Association. Concord, N. H. : 1812. 
12°. pp.24. • 

HOOSAC TUNNEL, (The). A brief Re- 
port of the hearing of the Troy and Green- 
field Railroad Company Petitioners for a 
loan of #2,000,000, before the Legislature 
of Mass. Boston: 1853. 8°. pp.78. .50 

HOWARD, Simeon, {A. M.) A Discourse 
on the Death of Airs. Elizabeth Howard, 
who died April 13, 1777-, aged 43 ; deliv- 
ered the day after her decease, by her be- 
reaved Consort. Boston: 1777. 8°. Last 
leaf gone. .25 

(D. D.) A Sermon in Boston, Nov. 

18, 1791, at the Ordination of the Rev. 
Thomas Adams, as Pastor of a Church in 
Camden, S. C. Boston: 1791. 8°. pp. 
36. .38 

HUMPHREY, Heman, {D. D.) An Address 
at the Collegiate Institution in Amherst, 
Mass., on occasion of his Inauguration to 
the Presidency of 'that Institution, Oct. 15,- 
1823. Boston: 1823. 8°. pp.40. .38 

HUNTINGTON, Asahel, [A. M.) A Dis- 
course designed to comfort the Afflicted, 
delivered Feb. 28, 1806, at the Interment of 
the Rev. Levi Frisbie, A. M. Salem : 
1806. 8°. .38 

HUNTINGTON, F. D. The Famine and 
the Sword .... A Sermon in the South Con- 
gregational Church, Feb. 21, 1847. Boston : 
8°. pp. 15. .25 

HUNTINGTON, Susan, {Mrs) Memoirs of; 
of Boston, Mass. Designed for the Young. 
By an early Friend. New Haven: 1831. 
18°. .75 

HUNTT, Menry, {M. D.) A Visit to the 
Red Sulphur Spring of Virginia, during the 
summer of 1837, with observations on the 
waters. With an introductory notice of 
Routes, &c, by an Annual Visitor. Bos- 
ton: 1839. 8°. pp. 40. View of the 
Spring. .38 

HUTCHINSON, H. {Esq.) Report of the 
President and Directors of the Connecticut 
River Company. With the Report of H. H. 
Esq., Jan. 3d, 1826. Hartford. 8°. pp. 
54. .38 

HYDE, Alvan, {D. D.) The Nature and 
Danger of Heresy. A Sermon before the 
Convention of the Clergy of Massachusetts, 
May 29, 1817. Boston: 1817. 8°. pp. 
22. .25 

{To be Continued.) 

HUTCHINSON, Thomas. Copy of Letters 

t sent to Great Britain, by his Excellency 
Thomas Hutchinson, the Hon. Andrew Ol- 
iver, and several other persons born and 
educated among us. Which Original Let- 
ters have been returned to America 

Salem: 1773. 8°. pp.30. 3.00 

Another copy. Boston : 1773. 8°. pp. 

40. With MS. title. 2.50 

INDIANS. Affecting History of the dread- 
ful distresses of Frederic Manheim's Fam- 
ily ; to which are added, the Sufferings of 
John Corbly's Family. . . .Peter Wilkinson, 
Jackson Johonnot, [&c. from the Indians.] 
Philad. Printed for Matthew Carey, 1800. 
8°. pp. 48. Curious copper-plate frontis- 
piece representing burning at the stake. 2.00 

Speech of Mr. Sprague of Maine, in 

the Senate of the U. S., 16 April, 1830 . . . 
on the subject of the Removal of the In- 
dians. Washington: 1830. 8°. pp.36. .38 

Speech of Mr. Frelinghuysen of New 

Jersey, in the Senate of the U. S., April 6, 

1830. on the subject of the Removal of 

the. Washington: 1830. 8°. .38 

INQUIRER, A Serious. A Candid and 
Conciliatory Review of the late Correspond- 
ence of the 'Rev. Dr. Worcester with the 
Rev. W. E. Channing, on the subject of 
Unitarianism. Boston: 1817. 8°. pp.88. .63 

INTERCOURSE (The) of Nations: being a 
Collection of short, correct and easy Rules 
for reducing thirteen different Coins and 
Currencies into each other, with a concise 
method of calculating Federal Money .... 
a complete system of Decimal and Vulgar 
Fractions. New York : 20th year Amer- 
ican Independence. 8°. pp. 125. .75 

IS SIN an Infinite Evil ? The question test- 
ed by Reason and Scripture. By an Or- 
thodox Clergyman of Massachusetts. Bos- 
ton: 1813. 12°. .20 

JACKSON, James, {M. D.) An Eulogy on 

the Character of John Warren, M. D 

Boston: 1815. 8°. .38 

JACKSON, William. A Lecture on Rail- 
roads, delivered Jan. 12, 1829, before the 
Mass. Charitable Mechanics' Association. 
2d ed. Boston : 1829. 18°. pp. 36. .25 

JAY, William. Remarks on the Character 
and Narrative of the Rev. John Clark. In- 
terspersed with Brief Sketches from the 
Narrative by way of illustration, by Another 
Hand. Boston: 1821. 8°. pp.91. .38 

[JEFFERSON, Thomas.J A Summary View 
of the Rights of British America. Set forth 
in some Resolutions intended for the inspec- 
tion of the present Delegates of the People 
of Virginia now in Convention. By a Na- 
tive, and Member of the H. of Burgesses. 
Williamsburg: Philad. reprinted: 1774. 
8°. pp.23. 1.00 

13 Bromfield Street, Boston. 


JEFFERSON, Thomas. Notes on the State 
of Virginia. With an Appendix relative 
to the Murder of Logan's family. Trenton: 
1803. 12°. Large list of subscribers names. 


JOHNSON, Richard M. Speech on a pro- 
position to abolish Imprisonment for Debt, 
submitted by him to the Senate of the U. 
States, Jan. 14, 18Q3. Boston: 1823. 8°. 
pp. 24. .25 

KFLLEY, Hall J. {A. M.) A Geographical 
Sketch of that pan of North America called 
Oregon ; containing an account of the In- 
dian titl«J, [&c, &c] No Map. Boston : 

1830. 8°. pp. 80. .50 

. Same. With Map. .75 

. A General Circular to all persons 

of good character who wish to Emigrate 
to the Oregon Territory. . . .and all neces- 
sary directions for becoming an emigrant. 
....Charlestown: 1831. 8°. pp.28. .50 

KELLY, John, {A. M.) Additional Reasons 

* against Universalism,. . .containing Strict- 
ures on the Writings of Hosea Ballou. 
Haverhill, Ms.: 1815. 8°. pp.24. .25 

KEMPELEN, M. De. The History and 
Analysis of the supposed Automaton Chess 
Play er.... Boston: 1 826. 8°. pp.24. .25 

KENDALL, James, {A. M.) An Occasional 
Sermon at Plymouth, the Sabbath after the 
Interment of Dea. Ephraim Spooner, who 
died March 22, 1818, in the 83d year of his 
age. Boston. 8°. .38 

KENDAL, Samuel, {A. M.) Religion the 
only sure basis of Free Governments: illus- 
trated in a Sermon preached before his 
Excellency Caleb Strong, Esq., Governor, 

May 30, 1804, the day of General 

Election. Boston: 1804. 8°. .38 

, (D. D.) A Discourse at Mendon, 

June 14, 1810, at the interment of the Hon. 
Samuel Dexter, Esq., who died June 10, 
1810, in the 85th year of his age. Boston: 
1810. 8°. pp.24. .38 

KIDDER, Frederic. The Adventures of 
Capt. Lovewell. [Reprinted from the N. 
E. Hist, and Gen. Register, vii., 61, &c] 
Boston: 1853. 8°. pp. 10. .25 

KIMBALL, David T. The Moral Power of 
the Sanctuary : The first Sermon in the 
new Meetinghouse of the First Parish in 
Ipswich, at its Dedication, Feb. 4, 1847. 
Boston: 1847. 8°. pp.26. .38 

KINGSLEY, James L. {A. M.) An Eulogy 

on Alexander Metcalf Fisher, A. M 

who perished in the wreck of the Albion, 
April 22d, 1822, delivered in Yale College, 
June 26, 1822. N. Haven: 1822. 8°. .25 

KIRKLAND, John Thornton. An Oration 

at the request of the Society of P.B.K., in 

the Chapel of Harvard College, July 19, 

1798. Boston: 1798. 8°. pp.24. .38 


KIRKLAND, John Thornton, (D.D.) A Ser- 
mon before the Mass. Society for the Sup- 
pression of Intemperance, in Boston, 

May 27, 1814. 8°. pp.25. .25 

A Discourse in the Stone Church, 

Summer St., the day after the Interment 
of the Hon. Geo. Cabot, who died April 
18th, 1823. Boston: 1823. 8°. .38 

LADD, William, {Esq.) Address at the Tenth 
Anniversary of the Mass. Peace Society, 
Dec. 25, 1825. Boston. 8°. .25 

LANE, W. H. Description and Historical 
Sketch of the Massachusetts State Prison. 

With the Statutes thereof. Published 

by order of the Board of Directors. Charles- 
town: 1816. 8°. pp. 83. .50 

LANGDON, Samuel, {D. D.) A Summary 

of Christian Faith and Practice Boston: 

1768. 8°. pp. 61. .50 

Autograph — John Tucker's, From Mr. N. Carter, 1768. 

LATHBURY, Thomas, (M. A., Rev.) The 
Spanish Armada, A. D. 1588, or the attempt 
of Philip II. and Pope Sextus V. to re- 
establish Popery in England. London : 
1840. 18°. pp. 154. .75 

LATHROP, John, (D. D., A. A. S.) A Dis- 
course on the Errors of Popery, at the Dud- 
leian Lecture in Harvard College, Sept. 4, 
1793. Boston: 1793. 8°. .38 

A Discourse before the Members of 

the Boston Female Asylum, Sept. 21, 1804, 
their 4th anniversary. Boston : 1804. 8°. 
pp.23. ' • .25 

A Sermon at the Interment of the 

Rev. Joseph Eckley, D. D.. . .who departed 
this life April 30, 1811, in the 61st year of 
his age. Boston: 1811. 8°. pp.20. .38 
A Sermon preached at Weymouth, 

Oct. 29, 1814, at the Interment of Miss 
Mary P. Bicknell, who died Oct. 26, in the 
20th year of her age. Boston: 1814. 8°. .20 
A Discourse, in two Parts, preached 

at the commencement of the Nineteenth 
Century. Boston: 1801. 8°. pp.40. .50 

LATHROP, Joseph. {D. D.) Steadfastness 
in Religion, explained and recommended 
in a Sermon in the First Parish in West 
Springfield, on the 25th Aug. 1796, the day 
which closed the 40th year of his Ministry, 
and the year which completed a century 
from the incorporation of said Parish. West 
Springfield: 1797. 8°. .50 

God's Challenge to Infidels to defend 

their cause: illustrated and applied in a 
Sermon, delivered in West Springfield, 
May 4, 1797, being the day of General 
Fast. 2d edition. Cambridge: 1803. 8°. 
pp. 28. .25 

A Half Century Sermon, delivered 

in West Springfield, Aug. 26, 1806. Spring- 
field : 1806. 8°. .38 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

LATHROP, Joseph, (D. D.) A Church of 
God described ; the Qualifications for Mem- 
bership stated, and Christian Fellowship 
illustrated — in two Discourses. 3d edition. 
Charlestown : 1804. 12°. pp. 60. .50 

 The Prophecy of David relating to 

the time of the end. In two Discourses on 
a Public Fast, April 11, 1811. Springfield, 
(Ms.) 8°. pp.32. .25 

LAWRENCE, Joshua, {Rev.) A Patriotic 
Discourse, delivered at the Old Church in 
Tarborough, N. C. on Sunday, the 4th of 
July, 1830. 8°. pp. 23. .25 

LAYMAN (A). The Language of Scripture 
respecting the Saviour, in relation to God 
the Father. Boston: 1815. 8°. pp.24. .25 

Are you a Christian or a Calvinist ? 

....Boston: 1815. 8°. pp.72. .38 

LEECHMAN, William, {Dr.) The Wisdom 
of God in the Gospel Revelation: a Ser- 
mon preached at the opening of the Gen- 
eral Assembly of the Church of Scotland, 
in May, 1758. Philadelphia: 1759. 8°. pp. 
42. Printed by WUliam Bradford. .50 

LIGHTFOOTE, J. Horse Hebraic® and 
Talmudicae, impersesa in Evangelium S. 
Lucse....Cantabrigi8e: 1674. 4°. 1.00 

Autograph — " William Emerson's-" 

LITTLE, R. Deism examined by Reason 

and Morality Brooklyn: 1814. 12°. pp. 

24. .25 

LIVERMORE, Samuel, {Counsellor-at-Law.) 
Dissertation on the questions which arise 
from the Contrariety of the Positive Laws 
of different States and Nations. No. I. 
Containing two Dissertations. N. Orleans : 
1828. 8°. pp. 172. 1.00 

LORING, Charles G. Report of the Com- 
mittee relating to the destruction of the 
Ursuline Convent, Aug. 11th, 1834. Bos- 
ton. 8°. pp. 16. .50 

{Esq ) Argument at the hearing on 

the Petition of O. Pettee and others. . . .for 
a Railroad from Boston to Woonsocket. . . . 
Boston: 1847. 8°. pp.61. Map. .38 

LOTHROP, S. K. {Rev.) The Nature and 
Extent of Religious Liberty : a Sermon in 
Brattle Square Church, Boston, June 17th, 
1838. 8°. pp. 19. .25 

The Christian Name and Christian 

Liberty : a Sermon at the Church in Brattle 
Square, on Oct. 30, 1842. Boston : 1843. 
8°. pp.39. .25 

The Good Man : a Sermon at the 

Church in Brattle Square, the Sunday after 
the Interment of George Bond, Esq., Mav 
29, 1842. Boston : 1842. 8°. .25 

LOVEWELL, John, {Capt.) Adventures of. 
Reprinted from the New England Hist, 
and Gen. Register. Boston: 1853. 8°. 
pp. 10. .25 

LOWELL, John, Jr. An Oration, July 4, 
1799, at the request of the inhabitants of 
Boston, in commemoration of the Anniver- 
sary of American Independence. Boston. 
8°. pp.27. .37 

[LOWELL, John.] Mr. Madison's War : a 
dispassionate Inquiry into the reasons al- 
leged by Mr. Madison for declaring an 
offensive and ruinous War against Great 

Britain By a New England Farmer. 3d 

edition. Boston: 1812. pp.63. .50 

An Address before the Massachusetts 

Agricultural Society, at the Brighton Cattle 
Show, Oct. 13, 1818. 8°. pp. 22. .38 

LOWELL, Charles. Theology, and not Re- 
ligion, the source of division and strife in 
the Christian Church : a Sermon, preached 
May 14, 1829, at the Ordination of Mr. 
John L. Sibley as Minister of the Church 
in Stow. Boston: 1829. 8°. pp.24. .38 

Autograph — " Hon. Samuel Dana, with the respects 
of John L Siblly. Stow, June 26. 1829" 

LOWELL. Proposals by the Proprietors of 
the Locks and Canals on Merrimac River 
for the sale of their mill power and land 
at Lowell, Ms. Boston : 18'^6. 8°. pp. 
18. .25 

MACCARTY, Thaddeus. {A. M.) The most 
heinous Sinners capable of the saving 
Blessings of the Gospel. A Sermon at 
Worcester, Oct. 25, 1770, on the execution 
of William Linsey, for Burglary. Boston: 
1770. 8°. .38 

M'LEAN, Alexander, {Minister of the Gospel.) 
An Appeal to the Public, or an Exposition 
of the conduct of Rev. Isaac Jennison and 
others, in Ludlow, in the months of Februa- 
ry and March, 1828. Also, An Address to 
the Local Preachers of the Methodist Epis- 
copal Church ; with Remarks on the Gov- 
ernment, Discipline, and Monied system 
of said Church. Belchertown : 1828. 8°. 
pp. 56. .38 

M'CLURE, David, {D. D., S. H. S.,) and 
Parish, Elijah, D. D. Memoirs of the Rev. 
Eleazar Wheelock, D. D., Founder and 

President of Dartmouth College New- 

burvport: 1811. 8°. pp. 336. Portrait. 


MALDEN. Oration. Poem, Speeches, Chron- 
icles, &c, at the Dedic?tion of the Maiden 
Town Hall, on Thursday evening, Octo- 
ber 29, 1857. Maiden: 1857. 8°. pp. 52. 


MANN, Horace. An Oration at Dedham. 

July 4, 1823, on the 47th Anniversary of 

American Independence. Dedham. 8°. 

pp. 25. .25 
An Oration before the Authorities of 

Boston, July 4, 1842. 8°. pp. 31. .25 

13 Bromfield Street, Boston. 


MANN, Joel, [Colleague Pastor of the Catho- 
lic Congregational Church.) 'A Discourse 
delivered in Bristol, Dec. 22, 1820, on the 
Anniversary of the Landing of our An- 
cestors at Plymouth. Warren: 1821. 8°. 
pp. 19. .25 

Autograph — From his friend the Author. 

MANSFIELD, Joseph. Hope, a Poem, de- 
livered in the Chapel of Harvard Universi- 
ty, July 8, 1800. Cambridge: 1800. 8°. 
pp. 15. Damaged. .25 

MARCUS, (Joseph Dana, D. D.) A Reply 
to the Vindication of the Result of the late 
Council at Ipswich. Newburyport : 1800. 
12°. pp. 48. .38 

MARSH ALL, John, [Chief Justice.) Opinion 
of the Supreme Court of the United States, 
at the January Term, 1832, delivered by 
Chief Justice Marshall, together with the 
Opinion of Mr. Justice McLean, in the 
Case of S. A. Worcester vs. the State of 

Georgia Washington: 1832. 8°. pp. 

39. .38 

MASON, Jeremiah, [Hon.) Proceedings in 
Massachusetts and New Hampshire, on the 
Death of. Boston: 1849. 8°. .38 

ings of the Council, and the House of Rep- 
resentatives of the Province of, relative to 
the Convening, Holding and Keeping the 
lege in Cambridge : and the several Mes- 
sages which passed between His Honor the 
Lieut. Governor and the two Houses, upon 
the subject. Published by Order of the 
House of Representatives. Boston: 1770. 
pp.83. Title supplied. 1.00 

hibition of the, at Quincy Hall, Boston, 
Sept. 21, 1841. 8°. pp. 140. .50 

 The Second Exhibition, pp. 134, and 

Austin's Address appended, pp. 36. Bos- 
ton: 1839. 8°. .50 
The Fifth Exhibition of the, at Fan- 

euil and Quincy Halls, Boston, Sept. 1847. 
8°. pp.208. .50 

Incorporation and Members, with brief 
Sketch of its Origin, Progress and Pur- 
poses. Boston : 1815. 8°. pp. 20. .25 

TY, Acts of Incorporation, By-Laws and 
Orders of the. Boston : 1816. 8°. pp. 54. 
List of Members. .50 

sisting of Communications made to the. 
Boston : 1806. 8°. pp. 90. .50 

Inquiries by the Mass. Ag. Society. 

Boston: 1800. 8°. pp.29. .38 

count of the, for the promoting Christian 
Knowledge. Cambridge : 1806. 12°. pp. 
34. .25 

MATHER, Cotton, [A. M.) Magnalia Christi 
Americana; or, the Ecclesiastical History 
of New England, from its first planting in 
the year 1620, until the year of our Lord, 
1698. In Seven Books. . . . London: 1702. 
Folio. Portrait inserted. Fine clean copy, 
half bound in morocco. 23.00 

Autograph — " Charles Wiseman, Darlington, 1806." 

MATHER, Cotton, [D.D.) Corderius Ameri- 
canus. — A Discourse on the good Educa- 
tion of Children, &c, &c, delivered at the 
Funeral of Ezkl. Cheever, Principal of the 
Latin School in Boston; who died, Aug. 

1708, in the 94th year of his age 

Somewhat abridged Boston : 1828. 

8°. pp. 20. Imperfect. .25 

MATHER, Cotton. Magnalia Christi Ameri- 
cana ; or, the Ecclesiastical History of New 
England .... With an Introduction and 
Notes by Thos. Robbins, D. D. ; and 
Translations of the Hebrew, Greek and 
Latin quotations, by L. F. Robinson. To 
which is added a Memoir of the Author, by 
Samuel G. Drake, M. A. Also, an Index, by 
another hand. In 2 vols. Hartford: 1855. 
8°. Portrait. 

MAY, Saml. J., [Rev.) A Sermon, at Hing- 
ham, March 19, 1837; being the Sunday 
after the Death of Mrs. Cecilia Brooks. 
Hingham: 1837. .38 

MAYHEW, Jonathan, [D. D.) Striving to 
enter in at the Strait Gate explained and 
inculcated ; and the connexion of Salvation 
therewith proved from the Holy Scriptures. 

In two Sermons Boston : 1761. 8°. 

pp. 88. Two leaves gone at the end. .50 

I. On the Humanity of Christ. II. The 
Extensiveness of God's Good Design in 
selling Joseph Boston : 1748. .38 

MELLEN, John, [A. M.) The Duty of Min- 
isters to preach Doctrines of Practice. A 
Sermon at Norton, Jan. 3, 1753, at the 
Ordination of the Rev. Mr. Joseph Palmer. 
Boston: 1753. 8°. .38 

MELLEN, John, Jr. A Discourse on Nat- 
ural Religion, delivered in the Chapel of 
Harvard University, in Cambridge, Sept. 
4, 1799, at the Lecture founded by the Hon. 
Paul Dudley, Esq. Boston : 1799. 8°. pp. 
24. .38 

MEMORIALS. Account of, presented to 

Congress Praying that the Mails 

may not be transported, nor Post-Offices 
kept open on the Sabbath. Boston : May, 
1829. 8°. pp.32. .25 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

MIDDLEBOROUGH. Catalogue of the 
Members of the First Church, Middlebor- 
ough, Mass. Boston: 1854. »8°. .25 

MILLARD, David, (Minister.) The True 
Messiah Exalted, or Jesus Christ really the 
Son of God, Vindicated ; in Three Letters 
to a Presbyterian Minister. First published 
at Canandaigua, N. Y. For the Author. 
12°. pp.36. .25 

MILTIMORE, James, (A. M.) An Oration, 
commemorative of the Independence of 
Federate America, delivered in Stratham, 
July 4, 1806. 8°. pp. 16. .25 

MINER, A. A., (Rev.) A Discourse in School 
Street Church, Boston, at the Funeral of 
the Rev. Hosea Ballou, Senior Pastor. 
Boston: 1852. 8°. .25 

An Oration before the Authorities of 

the City of Boston, July 4, 1855. 8°. pp. 
38. .25 

MINOT, George Richards. An Address to 
the Members of the Massachusetts Charita- 
ble Fire Society, at their Annual Meeting, 
May 29, 1795. Boston: 1795. 8°. pp. 
23. . .38 

, (A. M.) An Eulogy on George 

Washington, who died Dec. 14, 1799, be- 
fore the Inhabitants of Boston. Boston. 
8°. .25 

MOORE, Asher, [Rev.) A Memoir of the 
late Rev. Savillion VV. Fuller. To which 
are added original Lectures, Sermons, &c. 
.... Philadelphia: 1840. 18°. .50 

MOORE, H. N. Life and Services of Gen 
Anthony Wayne. Founded on Document- 
ary and other Evidence, furnished by his 
son, Col. Isaac Wayne. Philadelphia: 1845. 
18°. Many Engravings. .50 

MOORE, Josiah, (Rev.) An Address at 
Pembroke. Ms., Feb. 23, 1836, on occasion 
of the simultaneous meeting of Temperance 
Societies in the United States. Plymouth: 
1836. 8°. .25 

MOORE, Martin, [Rev.) Memoir of Eliot, 
Apostle to the North American Indians. 
2d edition, revised and corrected. Boston : 
1842. 18°. .25 

MORGAN, Thomas. A Defence of the two 
Letters to Mr. Tong, Mr. Smith, Mr. Rob- 
inson and Mr. Reynolds, against Mr. 
Fancourt's Enthusiasm Retorted. London : 
1723. 8°. 1.00 

Autograph — " NATHAN PRINCE." 

MORSE, Jedidiah, (A. B.) Geography Made 
Easy. Being a short but comprehensive 
System of that very useful and agreeable 

Science Calculated particularly for 

the Use and Improvement of Schools in 
the United States.. . .New Haven: 1784. 
18°. 1.00 

The first edition of Dr. Morse's afterwards famous Ge- 

MORSE, Jedidiah, (D. D.) Sermon atCharles- 
town, April 17, 1796, on the Death of the 
Hon. Thomas Russell, Esq., who died in 
Boston, April 8, 1796, aged 56. Boston: 
1796. 4°. pp.31. .50 

A Sermon before the Ancient and 

Honorable Artillery Company, in Boston, 

June 6, 1803, being the Anniversary of 

their Election of Officers. Charlestown : 

•1803. 8°. pp.32. .38 

A Discourse at the African Meeting- 

house in Boston, July 14, 1808, in grateful 
Celebration of the Abolition of the African 
Slave Trade, by the Governments of the 
United States, Great Britain and Denmark. 
2d edition. Boston : 1808. 8°. pp. 28. .50 
Annals of the American Revolution ; 

or a Record of the Causes and Events 
which produced, and terminated in the 
Establishment and Independence of the 

American Republic Hartford: 1824. 

8°. Fine clean copy. All the plates. 2.00 

MORTON, Daniel O., (A. M., Rev.) Memoir 
of Rev. Levi Parsons, late Missionary to 

Palestine Poultney, Vt. : 1824. 12°. 


MOUNT AUBURN, The Picturesque Pock- 
et Companion, and Visitors' Guide through. 
Illustrated with upwards of 60 Engravings 
on Wood. Boston: 1839. 8°. .75 

Catalogue of the Proprietors of the 

Cemetery of. .... With a large [folding] 
Plan of the Grounds, and other Engravings. 
Boston : 1846. 8°. pp. 69. .50 

ter and West Roxbury, with the Exercises 
at the Consecration, Thursday. June 24, 
1852. Boston. 8°. pp. 40. .38 

MUNSEL, Joel. Catalogue of a Bibliographi- 
cal Library offered for sale complete at 
the prices affixed. Albany : 1856. 8°. pp. 
41. .25 

[MUSSEY, Benjamin B.] Letter to Rev. 
Frederick T. Gray. Being Strictures on 
Two Sermons, preached by him Nov. 29, 
1841, at the "Bulfinch Street Church," 
[Boston.] By a Proprietor of said Church. 
Boston: 1842. 8°. pp.62. .38 

MUSSEY, Reuben D., (M. B.) An Oration, 
together with an Address to the Ipswich 
Light Infantry, pronounced in the Second 
Parish of Ipswich. Ms., July 4, 1807. Sa- 
lem: 1807. 8°. pp.24. .25 

letin of the Proceedings of the, for the 
Promotion of Science, Washington, D. C, 
March, 1841, to Feb. 1842. Boston: 1842. 
8°. pp. 220. Folding Plates. .50 

NEWCOMB, Harvey. The Wyandot Chief, 
or the History of Barnet, a Converted In- 
dian, and his two sons. 2d edition. Bos- 
ton: 1839. 18°. .25 

13 Bromfield Street, Boston. 


NARRATIVE (A) of the State of Religion 
within the bounds of the General Assembly 
of the Presbyterian Church, and of the 
General Assembly of Connecticut and Mas- 
sachusetts and the General Convention of 
Vermont. Philadelphia: 1822. 8°. pp.8. .25 

marks on the Rights of Inventors Bos- 
ton: 1807. 8°. pp.23. .38 

COMPANY. Articles of Association and 
Agreement constituting the, as amended 
March 12, 1798, Feb. 19, 1802, and June 
15, 1814. 8°. .25 

NEW ENGLAND. A Defence of the Legis- 
lature of Massachusetts, or the Rights of 
New England Vindicated. Boston : 1804. 
8°. pp. 38. Last leaf wanting. .25 

NEWSPAPERS. Massachusetts Mercury, 
from April 15, 1800, to 30th Dec. 1800. 
Boston. Neatly bound in half binding and 
lettered. 3.00 

Columbian Centinel, from April 12, 

1800, to April 14th, 1802. 2 vols. Boston. 
Neatly half bound and lettered. 6.00 

NICOLLET, J. N. (Esq.) Essay on Meteor- 
ological Observations. Washington: 1839. 
8° 25 

NIGHTINGALE, Crawford, {Rev.) A Dis- 
course at the Funeral of Caleb Butler, who 
was born at Pelham, N. H., Sept. 13, 1776, 
and died at Groton, Ms., Oct. 7, 1854, aged 
78. Boston: 1855. 8°. .25 

NILES, Samuel, {A M.) A Sermon before 
the Massachusetts Missionary Society, at 
their Annual Meeting in Boston, May 26, 

1801. Cambridge: 1801. 8°. pp.52. .50 
NOBLE, Oliver, (M. A.) Some Strictures 

upon the sacred story recorded in the Book 
of Esther.... in a Discourse at Newbury- 
port. March 8, 1775, in commemoration of 
the Massacre at Boston, March 5, 1770.. . . 
Newburyport: 1775. 8°. pp.31. Damaged, 
but readable. .38 

NORTON, Andrews. Speech before the 
Overseers of Harvard College, Feb. 3, 1825, 
in behalf of the Resident Instructors of the 
College. With an Introduction. Boston : 
1825. 8°. pp.48. .38 

Inaugural Discourse before the Uni- 
versity in Cambridge, Aug. 10th, 1819. 
Cambridge: 1819. 8°. pp.48. .38 

A Discourse on the latest form of 

Infidelity Cambridge: 1839. 8°. pp. 

64. .50 

- (Prof.) Remarks on his "Statement 

of Reasons." Boston: 1834. 8°. pp. 77. .50 
Remarks on a pamphlet entitled " The 

latest form of Infidelity Examined." Cam- 
1839. 8°. pp.72. .50 


NORTON, Jacob, (M. A.) Faith on the Son 
of God necessary to Everlasting Life : a 
Sermon before the Massachusetts Mission- 
ary Society, at their 11th Annual Meeting 
in Boston, May 29 1810. 8°. pp.30. .25 

(A.M.) A Tribute of conjugal affec- 
tion and respect to the memory of his be- 
loved Wife, who died Jan. 25, 1811, in the 
48th year of her age. In a Discourse at 
Weymouth, Feb. 3, 1811, the Lord's day 
after her Interment. Containing, also, 
"God's Voice crying to the Inhabitants of 
Weymouth, and the neighboring Towns." 
An Elegy written in the year 1752. Bos- 
ton: 1811. 8°. .38 
Things as they are, or Trinitarianism 

developed, in answer to a Letter of the 
Rev. Daniel Thomas of Abington.. . .Bos- 
ton: 1815. 8°. pp.70. .38 

[NORWOOD, Abraham, (Rev.)] *The Acts 
of the Elders, commonly called the Book 
of Abraham ; to which is appended a Chap- 
ter from the Book of Religious Errors 

For the meridian of Rhode Island, but will 
answer for the New England States. Re- 
vised ed. Boston : 1845. Sm. 4°. pp. 160. .50 

NOT, Eliphalet, (D.D.) A Discourse on the 
Death of Gen. Alex. Hamilton, delivered 
in the North Dutch Church, Albany, July 
29,1804. 4th edition. Boston: 1805. 8°. 
pp. 24. .38 

NOYES, George R. The Gospel Exhibited : 
a Discourse before the Second Congrega- 
tional Society in Brookfield, Nov. 7, 1831. 
Brookfield: 1831. 12°. .20 

O'CONNELL, James F. A Residence of 
Eleven Years in New Holland and the 
Caroline Islands ; being the Adventures of 
James O'Connell.... Boston: 1836. 18°. .50 

O., J. R. Letters to a Churchman New 

Haven: 1808. 8°. pp.24. .25 

OGDEN, Geo. W. Letters from the West, 
comprising a tour through the Western 
Country and a residence of two summers 
in the States of Ohio and Kentucky; origi- 
nally written in letters to a brother. . .New 
Bedford: 1823. 12°. 1.00 

ONDKRDONK, Benj. T. (Rt. Rev. Bishop 
of Neio York.) Proceedings of the Court, 
Dec. 1844, for the Trial of, in N. York.. . . 
New York : 1845. 8°. pp.330. 1.00 

OSGOOD, Daniel, (M. D.) Cautions to Sea- 
men and other Voyagers for shunning the 
Yellow Fever. Boston: 1821. 8°. pp. 20. .25 

OSGOOD, Joseph Otis, (A. M.) An Oration, 
commemorative of American Independence, 
pronounced at Salisbury, July 4, 1810. 
Newburyport: 1810. 8°. pp.16. .25 

OTIS, Harrison Gray. Remarks and Criti- 
cisms on the Hon. John Quincy Adams's 
Letter to H. G. Otis. Boston: 1808. 8°. 
pp. 62. .50 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

OTIS, Harrison Gray. Speech in Congress 
on the Sedition Law, with Remarks by the 
"Examiner" on this important subject. 
Boston : [n. d.] 8°. pp. 35. .25 

OTIS, William Foster. An Oration before 
the "Young Men of Boston" on the 4th 
of July, 1831. 8°. .25 

Review of " An Oration" [by W. F. 

Otis,] July 4th, 1831. .25 

OUR CHRONICLE of '26. A Satirical 
Poem. Boston : 1827. 8°. pp. 40. .50 

OUR COUNTRY; its Capabilities, its Perils 
and its Hope....N. York: 1842. 12°. .25 

PAINE, Thomas, [after, Robert Treat,] (A. M.) 
The Ruling Passion: an Occasional Poem. 
Written, by the appointment of the Society 
of the P. B. K., and spoken on their Anni- 
versary, at Cambridge, July 20, 1797. Bos- 
ton: 1797. 4°. pp. 32. .63 

An Oration, written at the request of 

the young men of Boston, and delivered 
July 17, 1799, in commemoration of the 
dissolution of the Treaties and the Consular 
Convention between France and the U. S. 
of America.. . .Boston: 1799. 8°. pp.30. .50 

An Eulogy on the Life of Gen. Geo. 

Washington, who died at Mount Vernon, 
Dec. 14, 1799, in the 68th year of his age, 
delivered in Newburyport, Jan. 2, 1800. 
Newburyport: 1800. 8°. .38 

The Decline and Fall of the English 

System of Finance. Philadelphia : 1796. 
8°. pp. 33. .50 

PALMER, Stephen, (A. M.) A Sermon, Oct. 
22, 1812, at the Interment of the Rev. 
Thomas Thacher, A. M., A. A. S , who died 
Oct. 19, 1812, in the 56th year of his age, 
and 33d of his Ministry. Boston: 1812. .38 

PARISH. Elijah, {A.M.) A Sermon before 
the Massachusetts Missionary Society, at 
their Annual Meeting in Boston, May 26, 
1807.... Newburyport: 1807. 8°. .25 

(D. D.) Ruin or Separation from 

Anti-Christ : a Sermon at Byfield, April 7, 
1808, on the Annual Fast.. . .Newburyport: 
1808. 8°. pp. 24. Wants one leaf. .25 

A Discourse at Byfield, on the Public 

Examination of the passages in the 
New Testament, quoted from the Old, and 
called Prophecies concerning Jesus Christ. 
To which is added an Essay on Dreams.. . . 
New York: [n. d.] 8°. pp.56. .50 

PALFREY, JohnG. {A.M.) A Sermon to 
the Society in Brattle Square, June 8, 1823, 
the Lord's day after the Interment of the 
late Hon. John Phillips. Boston: 1823. 
8°. .38 

An Oration, July 4, 1831, before the 

Citizens of Boston 8°. pp. 42. .38 

A Discourse in the Church in Brattle 

Square, Boston, Aug. 9, 1802, [a Fast] on 
account of the approach of Cholera. Bos- 
ton : 1832. 8°. pp. 26. .25 

A Discourse at Barnstable, Sept. 3, 

1839, at the celebration of the Second Cen- 
tennial Anniversary of the settlement of 
Cape Cod. Boston: 1840. 8°. pp.71. .38 

A Discourse on the Life and Char- 
acter of the Rev. J. T. Kirkland, D. D., 
LL.D., in the New South Church, Boston, 
June 5, 1840.. . .Cambridge: 1840. .38 

(Rev.) A Discourse on the Life and 

Character of the Rev. Henry Ware, D. D., 

A. A. S With an Appendix. Printed 

for the American Unitarian Association. 

Boston: 1846. 12° 




Fast, April 7, 1814. Newburyport. 8°. pp. 
24. .25 

PARK, Edwards A. A Discourse at the Fu- 
neral of Prof. Moses Stuart. Boston: 1852. 
8°. pp.56. .38 

PARK, Harrison G. The Death of the Godly 
an incentive to Prayer : a Sermon on the 
Death of the Rev. George Cowles and Mrs. 
Elizabeth R. Cowles, Nov. 12, 1837. Salem : 
1 837 8° 38 

PARKER, Isaac, (Esq.) A Sketch of the 
Character of the late Chief Justice Parsons, 
exhibited in an Address to the Grand Jury 
at Boston, 23d of Nov. 1813 Bos- 
ton: 1813. 8°. pp.32. .50 

PARKER, Theodore. The Idea of a Chris- 
tian Church : a Discourse at the Installation 
of T. Parker to the 28th Cong. Church in 
Boston, Jan. 4, 1846, delivered by himself. 
Boston: 1846. 8°. pp.39. .25 

PARKMAN, Francis. The Providence of 
God displayed. .. .A Sermon in the New 
North Church, Sept. 19, occasioned by the 
recent revolutions in the Government of 
France. Boston: 1830. 8°. pp. 18. .25 

PARSONS, Theophilus. An Address deliv- 
ered before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of 
Harvard University, Aug. 27, 1835, on the 
Duties of Educated Men in a Republic. 
Boston: 1835. 8°. pp.23. .25 

Autograph — N. P. Snelling. From the Author. 

PARSONS, Tyler. Mormon Fanaticism Ex- 
posed: a Compendium of the Book of Mor- 
mon, or Joseph Smith's Golden Bible 

Argued before the Free Discussion Society 
in Boston, July, 1841, between Elder Free- 
man Nickerson, a Mormon, and the Author. 
Boston: 1841. 8°. pp. 102. .50 

PARSONS, Usher, (M. D.) The Descend- 
ants of Peter Hill of York Co, Me., with 
Incidents relating to the Indian and French 
Wars.... Boston: 185ti. 8°. pp.16. .38 

PAYSON, Edward. An Address to Seamen, 
delivered at Portland, Oct. 28, 1821, at the 
request of the Portland Auxiliary Marine 
Bible Society. Portland: 1821. 8°. pp. 
16. -25 

13 Bromfield Street, Boston. 


PAZOS, Douxinceute. Letters on the United | 
Provinces of South America, addressed to 
the Hon. Henry Clay. .. .Translated from 
the Spanish, by P. H. Crosby, Esq. New 
York: 1819. 8 6 . pp.260. Map. 1.50 

PEABODY, Andrew P. Anti-Supernatural- 
ism : a Sermon before the Senior Divinity 
Class in Harvard University, July 13, 1845. 
Cambridge: 1845. 8°. pp.26. .25 

PEABODY, Everett. The Literary Remains 
of the late William B. O. Peabody, D. D. 
Boston: 1850. 8°. Portrait. .75 

PEAK, John. A Sermon on the subject of 
Sanctification. Newburyport : 1808. 8°. 
pp. 'Si. .25 

(Rev.) Memoirs of Mrs. Gale, relict 

of the late Col. Jacob Gale of East Kings- 
ton. N. H. Newburyport: 1814. 8°. 20 

PEARSON, Eliphalet, (LL D.) A Public 
Lecture, occasioned by the Death of the 
Rev. Joseph Willard, S. T. D., LL. D., | 
President of the University in Cambridge. | 
Cambridge: 1804. 8°. pp.21. .25 

(of Waltham.) A Letter 'to the Can- 
did, occasioned by the publications of Rev. 
Bernard Whitman. Boston. 12°. .25 

— Constitution and Address of the Ameri- 

can Society for Educating Pious Youth. 
Boston : 1816. 8°. pp. 20. .25 

PECK, J. M. (Author ofaGuidefor Emigrants, 
etc.) A Gazetteer of Illinois.. . .Jackson- 
ville: 1834. Square 12°. .63 

Mr Peck (lied at Kock Spring, 111., 15 Mar. 1858, a. 68. 

PERKINS, Benjamin Douglas, (A. M.) The 
Influence of Metallic Tractors on the Hu- 
man Body in removing various painful In- 
flammatory Diseases, ... .lately discovered 
by Dr. Perkins, of North America, and 
demonstrated in a series of experiments 
and observations, by Profs. Meigs, Wood- 
ward, Rogers, &c By B. D. P., A. M., 

son to the discoverer. London : 1798. 8°. 
pp. 100. 3.00 

PHILLIPS, S. C. An Oration, at the request 
of the young men of Salem, July 4, 1831. 
8°. pp. 40. .25 

PICKELL, John. A New Chapter in the 
Early Life of Washington, in connection 
with the Narrative History of the Potomac 
Company. New York: 1856. 8°. .75 

PICKERING, John, Jr. An Oration, July 
4th, 1804, at St. Peter's Church, Salem, 
Ms., in commemoration of the Independence 
of the U. S. Salem: 1804. 8°. pp.24. .50 

PERKINS, Thomas H. Report of the Case 
of John Dodge, Executor of the Will of 
Unite Dodge, deceased, vs. T. H. P.... 
Boston: 1830. 8°. pp.136. .75 

PICKERING, David. Lectures in Defence 
of Divine Revelation, delivered at the Uni- 
versalist Chapel in Providence, R. I. Provi- 
dence : 1830. 12°. .75 

PICKERING, John. A Lecture on Tele- 
graphic Language, before ihe Boston Marine 
Society, Feb. 5, 1833. Boston: 1833. 8°. 
pp. 32. .38 

PIERPONT, John, (Esq.) The Portrait. A 
Poem before the Washington Benevolent 
Society of Newburyport, Oct. 27, 1812. 8°. 
pp. 36. .38 

The Burning of the Ephesian Letters: 

a Sermon in Hollis Street Church, Dec. 8, 
1833. Boston. 8°. pp. 16. .25 

New Heavens and a New Earth : a 

Discourse in Hollis Street Church, Jan. 1, 
1837. Boston. 8°. pp. 18. .25 

Airs of Palestine, and other Poems. 

Boston: 1840. 12°. 1.00 

PIKE, John, (Rev.) A Discourse in the Cong. 
Church, Rowley, on the 8th Anniversary of 
his settlement, Nov. 19, 1848. 8°. pp. 14. .25 

POLYANTHOS (The). A Periodical edited 
and published by Joseph T. Buckingham. 
5 vols. 1806-7. 18°. Numerous Plates— 
not uniform. 2.00 

PORTER, Ebenezer, (D. D.) A Sermon, 
Sept. 22, 1818, at the Dedication of the 
new edifice erected for the Theological 
Seminary in Andover. Andover: 1818. 8°. 
pp. 30. .25 

PORTER, John, (A. M.) The Absurdity and 
Blasphemy of substituting the personal 
Righteousness of Men, [&c.]. . .A Sermon 
at the South Precinct in Braintree, Dec. 25, 
1749.... Boston: 1750. 8°. pp.31. .50 

PORTER, William S. Historical Notices of 
Connecticut. Tivo JYos. No. 1, containing 
Hartford : No. 2, Hartford and West Hart- 
ford. Hartford: 1842. 12°. pp.72. .38 

PRENTISS, Thomas, (A. M.) Death, the 
last Enemy, destroyed : a Discourse to the 
1st Religious Society in Dedham, May 29, 
1803, being the second Lord's day after the 
Interment of their Senior Pastor, Rev. Jason 
Haven, who died 17 May, in his 71st year, 
and 48th of his ministry. Dedham: 1803. 
8°. pp.35. .50 

PRESCOTT, William H. Memoir of Hon. 

John Pickering, LL. D Cambridge: 

1848. 8°. .38 

PRINCE, John, (LL. D.) A Discourse at 
Salem, on the National Fast, May 9, 1798, 
appointed by President Adams on account 
of the difficulties subsisting between the 
United States and France. 2d ed. Salem : 
1798. 8°. pp.30. .38 

Charity recommended from the social 

state of Man : a Discourse before the Salem 
Female Charitable Society, Sept. 17, 1806. 
Salem: 1806. 8°. pp.39. .25 

PRINCE, Thomas, (Rev.) Catalogue of the 
Library of, presented by him to the Old 
South Church and Society. Boston : 1847. 
8°. pp. 112. 1.00 


Catalogue of Books on Sale, 

PRYNNE, William. Anti-Arminianisme ; 
or, the Chvrch of England's Old Antithesis 

to New Arrninianisme 2d ed. enlarged. 

Imprinted, 1G30. 4°. Stained and mended. 


Autograph — " Wm. Cole Coll: Regal: Cantabr A: M : et 
Societat: Antiquar I.ondini Socius. Bought this Book at 
Carlisle Aug: 30 1749." 

Cole was an eminent antiquary, and left many MSS. at 
his decease. 

God no Impostor nor Delvder; or, an 

Answer to a Popish and Arminian Cavill, 
in the defence of Free-Will, and vniver- 

sall Grace Printed, 1630. 4°. In the 

same vol. ivith (he last. 

PUTNAM, George. Spiritual Renewal the 
great work of the Christian Church and 
Ministry: a Sermon at the Ordination of 
Rev. Fred. D. Huntington as Pastor of the 
South Congregational Church in Boston, 
19 Oct. 1842. 8°. pp. 40. .25 

A Discourse at the Installation of 

Rev. David Fosdick as Pastor of the Hollis 

Street Church, Boston, March 3, 1846 

Boston. 8°. pp.72. .38 

Remarks upon the above. Boston: 

1846. 8°. pp.34. .38 

(D. D.) An Address before the City 

Government and Citizens of Roxbury, at 
the Consecration of the Cemetery at Forest 
Hills, June 28, 1848. 8°. pp. 28. .25 

God and our Country : a Discourse 

Fast Day, April 8, 1847. 2d ed. Boston. 
8°. pp.29. .25 

QUINCY, Josiah. Address of the Board of 
Trustees of the Massachusetts General 
Hospital to the Public. Boston: 1814. 8°. 
pp. 14. .25 

An Oration, pronounced July 4, 1798, 

at the Request of the Inhabitants of the 
Town of Boston, in commemoration of 

American Independence Boston. 8°. 

pp. 31. .50 

An Oration, July 4, 1826, in Boston. 

8°. pp. 30. .38 

The History of the Boston Athenaeum, 

with Biographical Notices of its deceased 
Founders. Cambridge: 1851. 8°. 1.50 

[Pres. H. C.) Considerations relative 

to the Library of Harvard University, sub- 
mitted/* to the Legislature of Massachu- 
setts. Cambridge : id33. 8°. .25 

QUINCY, Josiah, Jr. Letter to the Share- 
holders of the Vermont Central Railroad, 
March 12, 1852. Boston. 8°. pp. 26. .25 

RAILROAD to San Francisco, Proceedings 
of the Friends of, at their public meeting, 
at the United States Hotel, in Boston, 

April 19, 1849 showing that P. P. F. 

Degrand's plan is the only feasible one 

Boston. 8°. pp. 24. .25 

RAMSAY, David, {M. D.) The History of 
the Revolution of South Carolina, from a 
British Province to an Independent State. 
2 vols. Trenton: 1785. 8°. Maps and 
Plans. 6.00 

RAND, Asa. The New Divinity Tried. Be- 
ing an Examination of a Sermon by the 
Rev. C. G. Finney, on Making a New 
Heart. . . . Boston: 1832. 8°. pp. 16. .25 

RAY, John, {Fellow of the Royal Society.) 
Same work- above described. 2d edition. 
London: li93. 8°. pp.406. 1.00 

Autographs— Cl: Windham.— Saml H. Wallet, 1793. 

RAY, John, {late Fellow of the Royal Society.) 
Three PhysicoTheological Discourses, 
concerning the Primitive CHAOS, and 
Creation of the World ; the General DEL- 
UGE; and the Dissolution of the World. 
Illustrated with Copper Plates. 4th edition. 
London: 1721. 8°. pp. 456. 1.00 

Autograph — Joseph Ballard. 

READING. The Result of an Ecclesiasti- 
cal Council convened at Reading, Mass., 
June 15, 1847. Boston. 8°. pp. 94. .38 

REED, Silas. Letters on the subject of a 
Line of Railroad from Boston to the Mis- 
sissippi. Boston: 1839. 4°. .25 

REGISTRATION. First Annual Report 
of the Secretary of the Commonwealth 
of the Returns of Births, Marriages and 
Deaths in Massachusetts. Feb. 1843. Bos- 
ton. 8°. .50 

REYNOLDS, E. W., {Rev.) An Argument 

for Universal Salvation Warren, Pa. : 

1847. .25 

RICHARDSON, James. An Oration, de- 
scribing the influence of Commerce on 
Nations. At the request of the society of 
P. B. K. Delivered at Cambridge, Sept. 1, 
1808. 8°. pp.20. .38 

RICHARDSON, Joseph, {A. M., Rev.) A 
Vindication of the Proceedings of the First 
Church and Parish in Hingham, in settling. 
Boston : 1807. 8°. pp. 80. .50 

RICHARDSON, Wm. M., {LL.D.) Life of, 
late Chief Justice of the Superior Court in 
New Hampshire. Concord: 1839. 18°. pp. 
90. -38 

RIPLEY, George, {Rev.) A Letter, addressed 
to the Congregational Church in Purchase 
Street. By its Pastor. [Not published.] 
Boston: 1840. 12°. pp.31. .25 

RITCHIE, Andrew, Jr., {Esq.) An Oration, 
July 4, 1808, pronounced at the request of 

the Selectmen of the Town of Boston 

8°. pp. 20. -25 

ROBBINS, Chandler. A Pebble against the 
Tide. ... A Sermon to the Second Church, 
on Nov. 6, 1836. 8°. pp. 21. .25 

RUSSELL, Benj. An Address before the 
Mass. Char. Mechanic Association, Dec. 
21, 1809 Boston: 1809. 8°. .25 

13 Bromfield Street, Boston. 


ROBINSON, Isaac, [A. M.) A Candid Re- 
ply to a late Publication, entitled " A Doc- 
trinal Controversy between the Hopkinto- 

nian and Universalist Keene, N. H. : 

1809. 8°. pp. 60. .38 

SABINE, James. Universal Salvation Inde- 
fensible on Mr. Balfour's Grounds A 

Reply to " An Inquiry into the Scriptural 
Import of the words Sheol, Hades, Tartarus, 
and Gehenna ..." In a series of Lectures. 
.... Boston : 1825. 8°. pp. 132. .50 

SAGE, Sylvester, {A. M.) A Sermon, at the 

" Installation of the Rev. Reuben Emerson, 

A. M., over the First Church in Reading, 

Ms., Oct. 17, 1804. Salem: 1805. 8°. pp. 

31. -25 

SARGENT, L. M., [Sigma.) Notices of the 
Histories of Boston. Boston : 1857. royal 
8°. pp. 7. .25 

SAVAGE, James. Report on the Expedien- 
cy of celebrating in future the Landing of 
the Pilgrims on the 21st day of December, 
instead of the 22d of that month. By a 
Committee of the Pilgrim Society. Boston: 
1850. 8°. pp. 12. .25 

SAY, Jean-Baptiste. Catechism of Political 
Economy ; or, Familiar Conversations on 
the manner in which Wealth is produced, 
distributed and consumed in Society. Trans- 
lated from the French. By John Ritcher. 
London: 1816. 8°. pp. 128. .50 

SAVAGE, James, {Esq.) An Oration, July 
4, 1811, at the request of the Selectmen of 
Boston, in Commemoration of American 
Independence. Boston. 8°. pp. 21. .38 

the Convention at Philadelphia, in 1787, 
for forming the Constitution of the United 
States of America. From the Notes taken 
by the late Robert Yates, Esq Wash- 
ington, [D. C] : 1836. 8°. pp. 308. 1.50 

SELFRIDGE, Tho. O. A correct Statement 
of the whole preliminary Controversy be- 
tween T. O. Selfridge and Benj. Austin ; 
also, a brief account of the Catastrophe in 
State Street, Boston, on the 4th of August, 

1806 Charlestown : 1807. 8°. Leaf 

at the end wanting. .25 

SEWALL, Thomas, {M. D.) A Lecture at 
the Opening of the Medical Department of 
the Columbian College, in the District of 
Columbia, March 30, 1825. Washington 
City: 1825. 8°. pp.80. .38 

SHACKFORD, Charles C. Citizens' Appeal 
in regard to the War with Mexico. A 
Lecture, at Lyceum Hall, Lynn, Jan. 16, 
1848. Boston : 1848. 8°. pp. 40. .25 

SHEFFIELD, John, {Lord.) A Brief Ex- 
amination of Lord Sheffield's Observations 
on the Commerce of the United States of 
America. Philadelphia: 1791. 8°. pp.39. 


SHARP, James. An Account of the Prin- 
ciple and Effects of the Air-Stove Grates, 
(which warm rooms, &c, by a continual 
introduction and exchange of dry, fresh 
air,) commonly known by the name of 
AMERICAN STOVES. ... 12th ^edition. 
London : [n. d., probably about 1787.] Ob. 
4°. Numerous plates of Early Stoves. 1.00 

SHERBURNE, Andrew. Memoirs of a Pen- 
sioner of the Navy of the Revolution. 
Written by Himself. Utica: 1828. 12°. 


SILK, A brief Treatise on the Culture of. 
From the Naturalist. Boston: 1831. 8°. 
pp. 16. -25 

SMITH, Matthew Hale. Reply to the Se- 
quel of Hon. Horace Mann, being a Sup- 
plement to the Bible, the Rod, and Re- 
ligion, in Common Schools. Boston : 1847. 
8°. pp. 36. -25 

The Blessings yet left us A Ser- 
mon at the First Church in Nashua, N. H., 
Nov. 14, 1844. Boston. 8°. pp. 27. .25 
-, {Rev.) The Bible, the Rod, and Re- 

ligion, in Common Schools. — The Ark of 
God on a New Cart. — Review of W. B. 

Fowle's Sermon Boston: 1847. 8°. 

pp. 59. .38 

SMITH, Samuel B. Renunciation of Popery. 
6th edition. Philadelphia : 1833. 12°. pp. 
64. .38 

SMITH, Samuel Stanhope, {D. D.) A Dis- 
course on the Guilt and Folly of being 
ashamed of Religion. Preached in Bos- 
ton, Oct. 17. 1790. Boston: 1791. 8°. pp. 
25. .25 

A Sermon on Slander, delivered at 

the Church in Brattle Street, Oct. 24, 1790. 
Boston: 1791. .25 

A Discourse. The Nature and Dan- 

ger of Small Faults, delivered in the Old 
South, Oct. 24, 1790. 8°. pp. 22. .25 

SMYTH, Alexander. An Explanation of the 
Apocalypse, or Revelation of St. John. 
Washington City : 1825. 12°. pp. 59. .25 

SNELL, Thomas. No trust in dying Man. 
A Sermon at Oakham, Sept. 7, 1810, at the 
Funeral of Mr. Daniel Tomlinson, Jr., ®. 
23 years, eldest son of the Rev. Daniel 

Tomlinson Worcester: 1811. 8°. pp. 


SNELL, Thomas, [D. D.) A Sermon on the 
last Sabbath in June, 1838, which com- 
pleted the 40th year of his Ministry ; con- 
taining a Brief History of the Town 

Brookfield: 1838. 8°. pp.55. .50 

SOUTH CAROLINA.— Proceedings of the 
Convention of South Carolina upon the 

subject of Nullification Boston : 1832. 

8°. pp. 52. .38 


Catalogue of Books on Sale. 

[SNELLING, William Joseph.] Six Months 
in a House of Correction, or the Narrative 

of Dorah Mahony, A burlesque on 

" Six Months in a Convent." Boston : 1835. 
18°. pp. 201. .50 

SPAFFORD, Horatio Gates, {LL. D.) A 
Pocket Guide for the Tourist and Traveller 
along the line of the Canals, and the interior 
Commerce of the State of New York. New 
York: 1824. 18°. .38 

SPARKS, Jared, {LL. D.) Addresses at the 
Inauguration of, as President of Harvard 
College, June 20, 1849. 8°. pp. 60. .38 

SPIRIT of the Public Journals (The): or, 
Beauties of the American Newspapers, 
from 1805. Baltimore : 1806. 12°. 1.00 

SPIRIT of Contemporary Poetry. No. I. 
Boston : 1827. 8°. pp. 43. .38 

SPRAGUE, Charles. An Oration, July 4, 
1825, in commemoration of American Inde- 
pendence, in Boston. Boston : 1825. 8°. 
pp. 31. .38 

-i An Address before the Mass. Society 

for the Suppression of Intemperance, May 
3 1,1 827.... 2d edition. Boston: 1827. 12°. 
pp. 24. .25 

SPRAGUE, Joseph E. {Esq.) An Oration in 
Salem, on the 5th of July, 1813, in com- 
memoration of our Naval Victories and 
National Independence. Salem: 1813. 8°. 
pp. 17. .25 

An Address before the Salem Char. 

Mechanic Association, on their 4th Anni- 
versary, July 4,1821. Salem: 1821. 8°. 
pp. 21. .25 

Report of the Committee [of the House 

of Representatives, Mass.] appointed to 
inquire into the facts relative to the Am- 
herst College Institution, Jan. 8, 1825. 8°. 
pp. 39. .25 

SPRING, Samuel. A Discourse preached 
in Bradford, Sept. 11, 1804, before the 
Essex Middle Association, at the Ordina- 
tion of Charles Coffin, Jr., Vice-President 
of Greenville College, Tenn. Newburv- 
port: 1804. 8°. pp.47. .38 

Two Discourses on Christ's Self- 
resistance, addressed to the Second Cong. 
Society in Newburyport, March 3, 1805. 
Newburyport: 1805. 8°. pp.59. .38 

SQUIER, E. G. {A. M.), and Davis, E. H. 
{M. D.) Ancient Monuments of the Miss- 
issippi Valley ; comprising the results of 
extensive original surveys and explorations. 
City of Washington : published by the 
Smithsonian Institution, 1748. Royal 4°. 


STANIFORD, Daniel, {A.M.) A Sermon 
at the East Meetinghouse in Boscawen, 

March 3d, 1805 Concord: 1805. 8°. 

pp.33. .25 

STETSON, Caleb. A Discourse on the State 
of the Country, in the 1st Church in Med- 
ford, on the Annual Fast, April 7th, 1842. 
Boston. 8°. pp.24. .25 

STODDARD, John, {Hon.) Journal of an 
Embassy to Canada, in 1713, for the re- 
demption of Captives taken from the frontiers 
of New England by the Indians and French. 
From the N. E. Hist, and Gen. Register. 
Boston : 1849. 8°. pp. 42. .50 

STONE, Eliab. A Discourse at Reading, 
North Parish, May 19, 1811— Half Century 
Sermon. Salem: 1811. 8°. pp.24. .25 

Same. 2d ed. Boston: 1811. .25 

STORY, Joseph, {Esq.) An Oration pro- 
nounced at Salem, on the 4th day of July, 
1804, in commemoration of our National 
Independence. Salem: 1804. 8°. pp.36. 


A Discourse before the Phi Beta 

Kappa Society, at the Anniversary Cele- 
bration, on the 31 Aug. 1826. Boston. 8°. 
pp. 58. .50 

STUART, Moses. Letters to the Rev.Wm. 
E. Channing, containing remarks on his 
Sermon recently preached and published at 
Baltimore. 3d edition, corrected and en- 
larged from the 2d. Andover: 1819. 12°. 
pp. 156. 1.00 

SULLIVAN, George, {Hon.) Speech at the 
Rockingham Convention, with the Me- 
morial and Resolutions. .. .2d ed. Exeter: 
1812. 8°. pp. 30. .38 

SULLIVAN, Richard, {Hon.) Address at 
the 7th Anniversary of the Mass. Peace 
Society, Dec. 25, 1822. Cambridge : 1823. 

go nc 

SULLIVAN, William. A Discourse before 
the Pilgrim Society, at Plymouth, on the 
22d Dec. 1829. Boston: 1830. 8°. pp. 
60. .50 

SUMNER, Charbs. The True Grandeur of 
Nations: an Oration, July 4, 1845, before 
the Authorities of Boston. 8°. pp. 96. .38 

S WANTON, Hannah. The Casco Captive ; 
or, the Catholic Religion in Canada, and 

its influence on the Indians in Maine 

2d ed. Boston : 1839. 18°. .25 

TAPPAN, David, [A. M.) A Minister's 
solemn Farewell to his People: a Discourse 
to the 3d Church and Congregation in New- 
bury, on occasion of his intended removal 
from them to the University at Cambridge. 

Portsmouth, [N. H.] : 1793. 6°. pp. 

35. .25 

A Sermon to the_ 1st Congregation 

in Cambridge, and the Religious Society in 
Charlestown, April 11, 1793, on occasion 
of the Annual Fast. Boston: 1793. 8°. 
pp. 31. .38 

13 Brom field Street, Boston. 


TAPPAN, David, (A. M.) A Discourse at 
Harvard College, June 17, 1794, at the 
request of the Senior Class of Students, on 
occasion of their approaching departure 

from the University Boston : 1794. 8°. 

pp. 16. .25 

[D. D.) A Discourse in the S. Meet- 
inghouse in Andover, before his Excellency 

the Governor at the Funeral of his 

Honor, Samuel Phillips, Esq., late Lt. Gov. 
of Massachusetts, Feb. 15, 1802. Boston : 
1802. 8°. pp.27. .25 

TAPPAN, Benj. (A. M.) A Sermon at the 
Interment of the Rev. Jesse Appleton, D. D., 
A. A. S., President of Bowdoin College, in 
Brunswick, Me., who died 12 Nov. 1819, 
aged 47. Hallowell: 1819. 8°. pp. 39. .50 

TEXAS, The War in. ' A View of Facts and 
Circumstances, showing that this contest is 
the result of a long premeditated crusade 
against the government, set on foot by 

slaveholders, land speculators, &c By 

a Citizen of the U. S. Philadelphia : 1836. 
8°. pp.56. .50 

THAYER, Nathaniel, (D. D.) Means by 
which Unitarian Christians may refute mis- 
representations of their Faith : a Discourse 
at Townsend, Mass., Feb. 10, 1811. Lan- 
caster. 8°. pp. 15. .25 

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Catalogue of Books on Sale. 

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This is the first edition by this editor, and is far prefer- 
able, in several respects, to his last (second) edition. 

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{D. D.) The Objections to the In- 

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pp. 6. .25, 


This book is 

under no circumstances to be 
en from the Building 









'.;•' | ;^: : ( 




 ' '*'*■:**'■ ' Hiti 

-j!''. 11 : 






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