Alex Catalogue Widget

I created my first Apple Macintosh Widget today — Alex Catalogue Widget.

Alex Catalogue Widget

The tool is pretty rudimentary. Enter something into the field. Press return or click the Search button. See search results against the Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts displayed in your browser. The development process reminded me of hacking in HyperCard. Draw things on the screen — buttons, fields, etc. — and assocate actions (events) with each of them.

Download it and try it for yourself.

ISBN numbers

I’m beginning to think about ISBN numbers and the Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts. For example, I can add ISBN numbers to Alex, link them to my (fledgling) LibraryThing collection, and display lists of recently added items here:

Interesting, but I think the list will change over time, as new things get added to my collection. It would be nice to link to a specific item. Hmm…

[openbook booknumber=”9781593082277″] On the other hand, I could exploit ISBN numbers and OpenLibrary using a WordPress plug-in called OpenBook Book Data by John Miedema. It displays cover art, a link to OpenLibrary as well as WorldCat

Again, very interesting. For more details, see the “OpenBook WordPress Plugin: Open Source Access to Bibliographic Data” in Code4Lib Journal.

A while ago I wrote a CGI script that took ISBN numbers as input, fed them to xISBN and/or ThingISBN to suggest alternative titles. I called it Send It To Me.

Then of course there is the direct link to

I suppose it is nice to have choice.