Poor man’s restoration

This posting describes a poor man’s restoration process.

Yesterday, I spent about an hour and a half writing down a work/professional to-do list intended to span the next few months. I prioritized things, elaborated on things, and felt I like had the good beginnings of an implementable plan.

I put the fruits of my labors into my pocket and then went rowing around in my boat. After my swim and on the way back to the dock I realized my to-do list was still in my pocket. Sigh. After pulling it out I and seeing the state it was in, I decided to try to salvage it. Opening it up was difficult. Naturally, the paper tore, but I laid it down as flat as I could. I went home to get a few pieces of paper to support and sandwich my soaked to-do list. For the next few hours, as the paper dried in the hot weather we are experiencing, I continually flipped and turned the to-do list so it would not stick to its supports.

Page #1

Page #2

This morning, after the list was was a dry as it was going to be, I photographed both sides of it, did my best color-correct the image, converted the whole thing into a PDF file, and printed the result. While the it looks like heck, the time I spent salvaging my intellectual efforts were much shorter than the time I would have spent recreating the list. Like a blues, such recreations are never exactly the same as the originals. But it would have been a whole lot better if I hadn’t gone swimming with my to-do list in the first place.

I might not have done this restoration process in the “best” way, but that does not detract from the effort itself. I really do enjoy all aspects of library work.

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